causes of the erosion of the stomach


  • Symptoms of gastric erosion
  • Treatment of gastric erosion
  • Diet for gastric erosion

The erosion of the stomach - a disease that strikes the surface of the stomach wall tissue, without affecting its muscular layer. The disease is diagnosed in 10-15% of patients who undergo endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal tract. The main indicator of health in general - is the gastric environment. It plays an important role. In the body there are a large number of different barriers, but in the event of one of them suffers primarily stomach. This is not surprising, since the gastric juice performs complex and important role in breaking down food. At the same time the food which enters the stomach, sometimes better quality. Nobody thinks that after such action can damage the mucous membrane and thus buy yourself a disease as the erosion of the stomach.

First we need to analyze the concept of erosion.

Erosion - a mucosal damage, sometimes called erosion of the stomach wall.

It is expressed as ulcers located on the bottom or walls of the stomach. Often, the disease occurs as a result of chronic diseases in the body. Accordingly, the cause of the erosion can be determined only after a full examination.

The erosion of the stomach is divided into 3 types. After identifying the particular type is determined by further treatment. It is the primary stage of light erosion (independent disease). A more complex secondary erosion occurs on a background of other pathologies. And the worst thing that can be confirmed - is oncology (malignancy). Also, the erosion of the stomach occurs in acute or chronic form.

Symptoms of this disease are identical, but there is always the risk of developing ulcers. Often, a stomach ulcer develops symptoms, even without feeling acute pain. The patient feels heartburn, discomfort, nausea, but when taking a simple cure everything passes quickly. Such symptoms even easily repay diluted soda solution. Many with them are always antacid medications steps to remove the attacks. A disease in these moments only progresses and the patient becomes aware of it at the time when being much worse.

 signs of erosion
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Symptoms of gastric erosion

It is difficult not to notice the symptoms of the erosion of the stomach, when there is a strong pain that causes the patient to curl up with a constant frequency. The erosion of the stomach is treated not as easy at times very difficult to restore the damaged mucosa in some places. Sometimes you have to spend a few months in order to free the patient from the constant pain.

In chronic symptoms of the erosion of the state may not be as obvious and regular. But the rate of chronic diseases may make the bleeding and it can talk about that will affect not only the stomach, but the duodenal mucosa. The erosion of the gastrointestinal tract requires immediate intervention of a specialist, regardless of its form. If time to start the treatment of acute erosion, then within 14 days it has successfully healed.

It should be wary if the pain occur at night, on an empty stomach, or when symptoms of anemia. These symptoms may indicate that there is erosion of the gastric mucosa lesions. It is important to realize that the disease can be treated well only when it is detected in time. If the detection of diseases not treated in time, then soon it spread to adjacent organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

 proper diet for gastric erosion
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Treatment of gastric erosion

To cure the erosion of the stomach, does not need to spend one day as tissue scarring depends upon several factors, including the reasons for the formation of erosion. If the disease did not arise independently, the treatment should begin by identifying the causes. The most common disease of the liver acts as a provocateur or vessels. Therefore, treatment is always assigned to the complex: it helps to achieve maximum effect. But if any condition of the patient treatment process and observation takes place under complete control with the help of endoscopy.

Once confirmed that the erosion in the stomach caused by the infection, then antibiotics are prescribed. But this happens very rarely. Much more often the primary erosion caused by drugs that by sucking damaging its structure wall of the gastric mucosa. But is not subject to a strict diet, medication treatment will not bring results. The patient stomach must provide gentle treatment, otherwise excluded healing erosions.

The most important condition - it is to maintain food temperature conditions. Eat the food is just as warm. Take a hot meal, cold fruit drinks and teas prohibited. Especially you can not eat hot meals during the acute erosion. Since after eating hot meals or tea is a high probability of opening of stomach bleeding.
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Diet for gastric erosion

With the erosion of the stomach, as with any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to always follow a diet. It is necessary to completely eliminate fried, smoked, meat dishes and spicy food. At the time of treatment will need to give up coffee, strong tea, natural juices. Before you eat something, you need to make sure that this does not lead to the activity of gastric acid. At the same time there is a list of foods that should be consumed on a mandatory basis: it is low-fat milk, sour cream and cheese. Such products contribute to the regeneration of the gastric mucosa. Catering for such patients is divided into several times a day, in small portions, so that the food is easily digested and does not cause stomach irritation.

In addition to traditional medicines, is also used in the treatment of alternative medicine. Thus, an effective folk remedy in the treatment of gastric erosion is considered to be an infusion of celandine. It helps and promotes healing of erosion. But before you start treatment with folk remedies, be sure to consult a gastroenterologist. Because the body can react negatively to self. Immediately he celandine can cause poisoning of the body if taken without the consent of a doctor.

It is also sometimes used in the erosion of the stomach so good folk remedy: an empty stomach every morning to eat a teaspoon of honey. During severe pain effective propolis. Any traditional remedies from erosion of the stomach is recommended by experts to combine traditional medicine with medication and diet.

Before you start treatment with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

 Symptoms, treatment and diet for stomach ailments

 causes inflammation of the bladder


  • Signs of inflammation of the bladder
  • The main causes of cystitis
  • Cystitis in men and children
  • The main types of cystitis
  • Treatment and prevention of cystitis

Inflammation of the bladder - a disease that is most common in women. Men also can get sick cystitis, but this is much less common. Since the beginning of the disease is sudden, sharp flow and pronounced symptoms, it creates serious discomfort. Because of the inflammation of the bladder disrupted the normal rhythm of life, reduced physical and mental activity, limited freedom of movement. Cystitis is one of the first places for urological diseases, which may cause temporary disability.
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Signs of inflammation of the bladder

The main sign of inflammation of the bladder - increased frequency of urination. Often there is pain during urination, which may be accompanied by blood. The symptoms of acute cystitis are fever, pain in the abdomen. With the development of cervical form of inflammation of the bladder and possibly incontinence.

Symptoms of the disease to determine

However, we must distinguish between cystitis from urethritis. Urethritis - an inflammation of the urethra, which is accompanied by a sharp pain, a burning sensation and pain. These diseases may accompany each other, but not always. At elevated temperatures, immediately seek urologist to avoid kidney disease. The disease can be determined by the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain and a burning sensation when urinating frequently and scant and after.
  • The feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.
  • If there are strong urge to urinate, possibly incontinence.
  • The temperature may rise to 37-37, 5 °.
  • The possible presence of blood urine.

If you present the above symptoms, you should immediately start treatment.

 symptoms of cystitis
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The main causes of cystitis

In most cases, the appearance of inflammation of the bladder associated with infections of the vagina. Microflora of the vagina, women account for bifidobacteria and lactobacilli with a number of other microorganisms. These components are controlled by the equilibrium and do not block any other microorganisms.

But this balance can be broken due to various factors. When imbalance can cause discharge, pain, burning, or itching. If time does not begin treatment, the vaginal bacteriosis move to the stage of inflammation of the vagina, and then to cystitis.

Often the source of inflammation of the bladder - is E. coli, Staphylococcus, which can get both outside and inside.

In fact, the cause of the inflammation may be different: hypothermia, exhausting diet, stress, and severe fatigue.

And the beginning of the disease occurs when it is tested discomfort. Cystitis can cause kidney stones, improperly conducted surgery or drugs. Since the urethra in women is a little long, bladder inflammation occurs in them more often than men.

 Diagnosis of the disease

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Cystitis in men and children

In men, the primary bladder infection is very rare. Most often it develops a second, that is a complication of urological diseases. Cystitis in men appears on the 2nd reason: if he is hungry or present kidney stones. Fasting can be a normal vitamin deficiency C, A or protein deficiency. Early, regular and persistent sign of exhaustion - urination disorders. In lean years cystitis predominantly affects young men. In other cases, inflammation of the bladder in men - is a secondary process, which has developed against the backdrop of urological diseases.

Children suffer from inflammation of the bladder frequently. Girls in their teens suffer from cystitis due to dysbiosis vagina. Boys inflammation occurs due to narrowing of the foreskin. But mostly cystitis occurs when it enters the bladder infection. Treatment of children inflammation of the bladder does not differ from the treatment of inflammation in adults. But it is worth noting that children cystitis can go to the kidneys. So you need to take the treatment seriously.

 treatment of cystitis
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The main types of cystitis

With the sudden overcooling or transferred infectious disease may be acute cystitis. It is characterized by:

  • dysuria - frequent urination, pain, burning, urinary incontinence;
  • hematuria;
  • pyuria.

Optionally, the presence of all 3 symptom. Most often it is the union of dysuria and leykotseturii. In acute cystitis urination occur at intervals of 5-15 minutes, which releases a small amount of urine. One of the regular and mandatory signs of acute cystitis - leukocyturia. Sometimes it is possible gross hematuria in which urine contains blood.

In chronic cystitis symptoms can go from minor discomfort to the imperative urgency and pain when urinating. In chronic inflammation observed the same symptoms as in acute, but they are less expressive character. Urination is not too painful and rarely urge that allows normal life. Chronic cystitis occurs when degenerative changes in tissues. Chronic cystitis conditionally divided into 2 types:

  • Undulating course of the disease, which is characterized by periodic exacerbations.
  • Stable active chronic disease in which pronounced leukocyturia and weakly expressed dysuria.

The chronic form of the come due to degenerative changes in tissues. Acute cystitis can never be repeated. If after some time there will relapse, it's a recurrent cystitis. It may arise due to:

  • characteristics of the organism,
  • genetic predisposition,
  • infections
  • non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

To diagnose a bladder infection, you must pass a complete urinalysis, urine culture, blood test. In the case of acute cystitis cystoscopy and biopsy.

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Treatment and prevention of cystitis

The first step to treatment - a lifestyle change, or more precisely, diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet all too salty and spicy food. For the relief of pain when urinating should take a warm bath, soar feet. To give the urine to pass more easily, it is recommended to take medications, relaxing internal organs. In acute symptoms need to take antibiotics prescribed by the doctor that after the testing.

In chronic inflammation is required to establish its cause. The treatment mainly consists of:

  • antibiotic therapy;
  • anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • analgesic and antispasmodic therapy;
  • correction hygiene factors;
  • Immunotherapy;
  • phytotherapy.

When cure cystitis eliminated urinary disorders, restores normal rhythm of life. To prevent inflammation of the bladder, you must follow the rules of prevention:

  • Observe good personal hygiene.
  • Avoid stress and hypothermia.
  • Restrict the diet spicy and salty foods.
  • To live an active lifestyle.
  • Drink daily at least 2 liters of liquid.
  • Regularly empty the bladder.

Also useful exercise and maintain an active lifestyle. It is better not to use, or to reduce consumption to a minimum: smoking, salting, seasoning. Women preventing urinary tract infections should be carried Vaginal.

 Symptoms of inflammation of the bladder