the causes of yeast infection in children


  • What is thrush? Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment of the disease

Thrush in children is very common, every third rib baby suffers from this disease. But not every mother is well aware that this disease so and how to deal with it properly.
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What is thrush? Causes

Candidiasis (thrush in people) - a fungal inflammatory disease, which is excited by the yeast Candida.

It usually occurs in infants, but may be at an older age. In an infant this fungus most often affects the oral mucosa, and less sexual organs.

All caring mothers immediately appear the following questions: where does this disease? that is a hotbed of infection?

Ways of infection, of course, can be a lot. But the important thing to note is that if my mother was sick during pregnancy candidiasis of genitals, that is a high probability that the disease during childbirth will go to the child. Even if the child vomits frequently, the oral cavity is formed acidic environment is very favorable for the growth and reproduction of the fungus Candida. So be sure to remember the rules of hygiene. Dirty pacifier or toy, raised off the floor, which the child took in the mouth can trigger yeast expression.

Thrush in children can also occur against the background of other ailments, such as after taking antibiotics. Fungi of the genus Candida is present in limited amounts in the body of each person. But it is, figuratively speaking, sleep lifestyle, as long as there was a favorable environment for its existence. He immediately felt a weakened immune system in humans and begins to carry out its violent activities, multiply and manifest in the form of such an unpleasant disease, as thrush in children.

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Symptoms of thrush in children more. The first sign of the disease - small red dots in the mouth of the child, who soon becomes cheesy. These rashes also can be very painful for the baby, so the baby can become restless, refuse to eat. Later white coating can be covered with all the mouth, lips and even the throat. And if the parents just do not react to these symptoms, candida can go to the genitals or even develop into intestinal candidiasis, which, of course, can be very dangerous for the health of the child.

Before treatment necessarily need to show the child experienced pediatrician, who accurately diagnose and prescribe treatment. However, it is important to identify and eliminate all the factors that triggered the disease, in order to avoid re-infection. At constant regurgitation note feeding technique. Do not forget to hold the baby after eating vertically to could get all of the air, which he swallowed while eating.

 treatment of the disease
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Treatment of the disease

If thrush has begun on the background of reduced immunity or some other disease such as acute respiratory infections, it is necessary to make every effort to improve the immune system and fight the common cold or cough. Well, if you notice problems with a chair at the crumbs, it too can cause thrush. It is recommended to examine the baby's intestines and, if necessary, seeking treatment for dysbiosis.

In general, if possible remove the cause of the disease, it is easier to cope with the aftermath.

It is important not to forget that the child is still very small, and many of the medications are contraindicated to him. And remember that candidiasis - is a fungal disease and treat it should be anti-fungal drugs.

One drug in the fight against thrush will not be enough. It is necessary after each feeding to give the child a drink of water to wash away the leftover food in the mouth. It is necessary to regularly wipe the baby's mouth. For wiping rotika can be accessed as a drug that is usually prescribed by doctors, but you can use folk remedies, such as a weak solution of soda or an infusion of marigold flowers. Wipe your mouth should be as often as possible, using gauze moistened with a solution.

 Symptoms and treatment of yeast infection in the baby

 Motor development

The first years of baby's life - this is the first tentative steps, first word, first achievements. And, of course, from a very young age of the child accompanies the game. She had a way of expression, and the method of understanding reality, and the "dress rehearsal" of relations with people, and an indispensable tool in the development.

When your child turns six years old, you can with him to build turrets and build interesting buildings out of blocks, experimenting with different combinations of shapes and colors. These classes not only contribute to the development of fine motor skills, but also to get acquainted with the surrounding world. Some sets are composed so that they have different characters, animals and more for baby items. At first, the baby in the game need your help, but eventually it will be able to build their own cubes.

 Game Designer

In April 2014 you have the opportunity to receive the LEGO set ®   DUPLO ®   for free, buying diapers well-known manufacturer in the network of shops "Detsky Mir". Cubes of this set fit perfectly in the children's pen, so it can be for your child's first designer.

 At what age can begin to play designer?

 how to drive a car


  • Transmission - what is it and why is it necessary?
  • Smooth starting - the key to the "health" of the engine
  • Tips correct driving

Certainly the question of how to drive a car, to get up in front of every woman who wants to learn all the nuances of a complex science driving. Of course, today there are all possibilities in order to make learning more accessible and quality, such as driving school instructor and personal services during the first independent trips. But there are so-called proper driving technique. And often it has to learn from personal experience. What you need to know to make as little mistakes?

Before you get behind the wheel, you should be guided perfectly in a large number of traffic signs, because they indicate the direction of movement, speed limit and warn of the dangers. The road does not love those drivers who ignore traffic regulations in the study of traffic flows. Only when you understand the value of a sign, you can begin to learn the practical skills to drive a car.

It is worth noting that people who can control their emotions, as well as those who are by nature endowed with the speed of reaction, it will be easier to get used to the role of the driver. Excessive courage - this is more a minus than a plus, in that case, as to assess the situation can only be a person with a healthy sense of danger. If you are afraid to drive a car, do not worry - it's a matter of habit. The main thing - keep calm and not to panic at the wheel. So, the correct lead those who are not at risk for nothing, so do not neglect the safety belt. Such levity, as the statistics show, it is the main cause of deaths in road accidents. So take care of your life and money.

Transmission - what is it and why is it necessary?

Under the transmission or gearbox is a set of mechanisms responsible for the process of transition torque from the engine to the wheels of cars. It can be either manual or automatic type. And here it should be noted that one of the most difficult moments in the process of learning to ride properly, for both men and women, is the smooth start of movement. This is a little bit easier, if the car has an automatic transmission, but the car smoothly on the mechanics budge many possible not the first or even the fifth time.

Indeed, the novice is difficult to deal with both the gas and brake pedals, include the transfer, at the same time squeeze the clutch, but still perform all smoothly, almost automatically. Of great importance here is the synchronization in the movement of arms and legs novice drivers - without soft start drive fail. You can bring the algorithm to automatic when train cars with the engine off. This method will get rid of excessive nervousness and help it clear workflow.

To learn the art of smooth way from a place, it is important to understand exactly what is happening with the car engine when you perform the above steps. What is a box of mechanical and automatic transmission? Why in the first case, in addition to gas and brake pedals there is one?

This is due to the fact that in the automatic transmission main role is given to the torque converter, and a mechanical - linkage. In the converter driver is not required to act by additional manipulation: the gear shift takes place with the participation of the brake band and clutch, and the direct control of the electronic control system is carried out. Work mechanical box depends on the difference between the two serrated wheels, which determines the level of transmission: increase, decrease or neutral. Process Control manual transmission entirely depends on the driver.

 how to drive a car

Smooth starting - the key to the "health" of the engine

Now that the principle of work all became more or less clear, try to master the smooth starting for cars with manual transmission. Here is the algorithm required for this manipulation:

  1. The left leg should depress the clutch pedal.
  2. The gear lever must be converted into the position corresponding to the first speed, and squeeze the hand brake.
  3. Slowly release the clutch should be trying to capture the moment the so-called "curing". This will help the arrow on the tachometer display - shake it gently.
  4. As soon as the time of "setting" come, you need to move your right foot on the gas pedal and slowly add momentum to the car began to move.
  5. Feeling like a car starts a move on, the clutch can be slowly released and added gas, moving the gear lever to position the second speed.

What to do, you should not:

  • dramatically throwing the clutch pedal, since, instead of a smooth movement will ryvkoobraznym;
  • too early and apply pressure to the gas - it immediately affect the operation of the engine - hear a hoarse roar;
  • slowly gaining momentum and at the same time very let grip - it can lead to a situation where the engine "stall".

Certain nuances of the issue of how to start moving there and the automatic transmission. For example, in this case the motor should be run in a parking position (P). If this is done in a neutral position (N), it is desirable to use the handbrake. The basic algorithm is as follows:

  1. Right foot presses the brake pedal.
  2. The gear lever is moved to the motion (D).
  3. At the same time slowly released "hammer" and the brake pedal.
  4. When the car is in motion, momentum is added using the accelerator.

This embodiment, of course, easier, since the transfer switch automatically, without the driver in the process. However, this apparent simplicity, because in one and in another case should be strictly defined sequence. Just then the car will begin to move from place smoothly, and you, as a driver and the immediate "culprit" of this, feel joy and pride. But do not worry if the first time something does not work out. The main thing - do not leave attempts show persistence - and then you are sure to reach the desired.

 car drive

Tips correct driving

In order not to spend a lot of time on the road and not to become a frequent visitor service centers, you need to remember a few basic rules governing car. After all, they adhere to the people who drive for a long time and successfully.

  1. Do not hesitate to stick on the back window of his car sign "New Driver" or "The Apprentice." This will allow other traffic participants adequately treat you.
  2. To parking was the most convenient and departure - hassle-free, carry it in reverse.
  3. If you have a car with front wheel drive, the extra load on the flexible suspension components may damage them. To avoid such do not enter into a turn, the way to removing the wheel.
  4. Parking is, including the transfer. This will allow not pull the hand brake, which in turn will increase the life of the cable.
  5. "Speed ​​bumps" to move, braking with a margin of a few meters, releasing the brake is in the immediate vicinity. Your car can easily overcome an obstacle, and the suspension is not affected.
  6. If you like speed, then during braking or turn off the transmission, so as not brought, especially in icy conditions on the asphalt.
  7. In case of sudden braking and lack of auto ABS, strong, but intermittent, depress the brake pedal. Such a process helps to avoid the uncontrolled skidding.
  8. Adhere to the required distance while driving.

Remember that proper riding is primarily a safe. If you are driving, be careful, be careful on the road and not be distracted by conversation. Novice drivers is better to stick to speed not exceeding 60 km per hour. This will continuously monitor your car. When changing lanes, do not forget to include the turn signals and look in the rearview and side view.

Drive a car, so that as little as possible to repair it, can learn only those people who adhere to a correct driving style and do not forget that courtesy and punctuality has never stopped anyone, especially when it comes to roads. No nails, no wand you, dear avtolyubitelnitsy!

 How to drive a car: grasp the intricacies of this art

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