Beach Fashion 2012

Soon will come the summer, and with it the long-awaited time for vacations. Many ladies are already thinking about what they are going to the beach. So you can look fashionable and attractive, Beach Fashion 2012 prepared a set of incredibly beautiful and stylish things without which you can not do on vacation.

To fully prepared to meet the new beach season, when it does not spring, it is necessary to do the selection and purchase of fashionable beach accessories?

 trends in beach fashion 2012

Fashion beach season 2012

Swimsuit is arguably the most important component of women's beach attire. Given this, the fashion designer included in their collection of beachwear incredible patterns that affect their elegant and unique views. Hit of the season - outdoor sexy swimsuit strapless straps, ribbons and laces, allowing others to demonstrate their gorgeous body. Also relevant and Fused swimwear, characterized this year's neckline and the most unexpected finish in the form of lace, shnurovok, fringe and laces.

Drawings and prints on fashionable swimsuits 2012 also astonishingly varied. The new beach season will take place in the soft, gentle, romantic and cheerful colors. The most relevant of them - pink. Behind him are white, cream, coffee with milk, beige, lilac, light blue, silver and gold. Subjects of drawings for every taste: the African, tropical, exotic, animal prints and abstract, as well as stripes and polka dots. The favorite of the season promises to be a swimsuit pattern which occurs only after contact with water.

 beachwear trends 2012

Everyone knows what a pareo, but how many people are thinking about the possibilities of beach accessories? Try to buy this year, a beach kit - swimsuit, dress or tunic with original sarongs, and see how many functions it can perform. It can be worn as a sarong or skirt, and can be used as a scarf, or build it from the top.

The main trends of beachwear 2012 - is not only bright and flowing sarongs swimwear, but also dresses, sundresses, tunics, hats, sunglasses, handbags, shoes and more.

Upcoming summer, designers are advised to go to the beach in a spacious light tunics, dresses and sundresses, cotton fabrics with a variety of ornaments and flowers. Another excellent option for a holiday can be a beach dress, made of the same fabric as the swimsuit. This outfit will help solve the problem of what to appear for breakfast or dinner on site. And even if from under him will be visible strap or other part of a bathing suit, it will look quite decent.

 Swimwear Summer 2012

Clothing is chosen, it remains only to pick shoes to create the image of the beautiful beach. The trend platform sandals or heels. Also suitable flip flops or shale. Ideal - shoes with the same pattern as in a bathing suit or dress, the effect of such a kit will exceed all your expectations.

Do not forget about the headgear: hats, Panama hats, and fashion this season, wide-brimmed hats, reliably protecting the head and face from the sun. But hiding his eyes behind dark sunglasses you are unlikely, as in fashion model with glass, through which should be visible to the eye. Finishing touches will beach bags. The most fashionable - wicker beach bags made of leather and vines and patterns of translucent and colored plastic.

After examining trends in beach fashion in 2012, every woman can easily fill up your wardrobe with fashionable and stylish things that will look perfect on any resort or on a cruise.

 Swimwear 2012: trends of the new season

 Pants for obese women

Many girls and women, trying on another outfit, asking: "Do not be complete me these clothes? ". And it concerned not only complete, but also slim the fair sex, and all because every person has its own disadvantages, which would like to hide. Today we tell about how to choose the right pants for obese women, and how to combine them with other clothes to look perfect.

Choosing a model for the full of girls and women

While selecting any clothes to women with curvy figure it is worth remembering the three main rules:

  • maximum simplicity
  • perfect silhouette
  • non-aggressive sexuality.

Many believe that they fit pants or any other clothing only cut free, and this is a major mistake, because the large things give even greater volume. So try to choose clothes as much as possible close-fitting, the figure, emphasizing its decorative details.

Full ladies better to abandon the light and transparent fabrics such as chiffon, as well as dry, such as flax. Shimmering fabric reflects light and visually add you extra weight. Everything is very well aware of that black has a neat feature is slim, but if your pants will be stitched satin, you will get the opposite effect. Here, for example, is completely matte fabric absorbs light and thus conceals an extra volume. If the pants are made for larger women simultaneously fabric light pastel colors with bright accents - you can not put them in any case.

Pants for obese women, whose photos you see are made of smooth thick knitwear, which is an ideal solution for these styles. Remarkably fit costume soft cloth or jersey.

Color range

Lush ladies perfect deep dark shades. They will give your figure a maximum slenderness, but that does not mean you have to wear only black things. An excellent option would be burgundy and scarlet color, dark green, dark blue, gray, brown and plum.

Remember the cardinal rule: pastel, bright, warm colors always give the excess amount. Forget about white, blue, mint, rose, lemon and cream shades. In principle, from the colored fabrics is immediately abandoned, as well as figures from the division into two parts by a combination of black pants and white blouse.

Right styles

  • Pants for full ladies should be as straight as possible. It is best if they are made from heavy fabrics such as gabardine plaschёvki or quality.
  • There are very good, saves the secret - to iron creases in the pants: it is visually lengthen your legs.
  • Also perfect trousers with a low waist, but tight pants at the hips and waist should be avoided.
  • At any figure look very favorably slightly flared trousers down.
  • Owners of magnificent forms fit jeans or pants with zippers, pockets and patches. They visually narrow the figure. Young girls will approach baggy trousers, which are called "reperskimi."
  • It is not necessary to acquire short or short pants, even if they are very trendy and are made of the best fabric. Such models in all cases be complete and visually shorten the leg, and a full ladies such methods completely useless.
  • It is best to choose those pants that will cover up to half of the shoes. If a woman has moderate fullness, you can tuck jeans into boots or just boots. Also, forget the pants and leggings bananas.

Do not choose styles that emphasize the waistline, even if you have a beautiful and slim. If you have wide hips and narrow waist, wearing a belt, which is different in color with pants, you visually increase the volume of your thighs. Do not wear wide belts and jewelry, and avoid the hips.

 Pants for obese women photos

Pick up pants on a figure

If you do not have severe waist (ie, a figure straight line), it is best suited narrowed dark trousers with a broad belt dark.

Girls and women of small stature is best to choose large hips pants. Feel free to give up too loose or tight-fitting models that visually shorten legs even more, try to find a "middle ground".

If you are the owner of wide hips, you need elegant, flared from the hip fashions. This can be jeans, slightly worn in the middle leg, and at the dark side seams.

Maximum suitable for lush ladies is the length of the floor, but in this case it is necessary to wear shoes with high heels. Of course, the shoes with a small heel or without it will also work, but do not forget that visually reduces the fullness of growth, so it is best to pay attention to shoes with platform or guideshoe.

Pick pants, paying attention to the way they sit on the buttocks. Forget about long, it can always be changed, but in the groin creases should not be - if they are present, or the model you great or tailored wrong.

Jeans - perfect for lush ladies

The dense texture of the fabric can hide flaws and highlight the merits. Do not choose a wide model. If you have a tummy, better to choose a style with a special sculpting belt. To make legs more slender - choose jeans with side seams, which are slightly shifted forward, it visually reduces the leg.

If you decide to purchase denim styles, you should pay attention to the material from which they are sewn. Such clothing is made of natural fabrics, but there are options with the addition of synthetic fibers. In order to give full and perfect model with the addition of a stretch.

What and how to wear pants?

Under pants for girls and women with magnificent forms best suited cardigans and jackets with the smell. If you need to buy a business pantsuit, you should pay attention to the options or double-breasted three-piece suits. Shirts to wear trousers and a sweater with an overlap. Belts and belt the same color as the clothes, help as much as possible to conceal the stomach. A model that creates a contrast with your pants immediately exclude from the wardrobe. Also pay attention to the clothes without a belt - they are also perfectly cope with excess weight. Throw pullovers and shirts that are refueled before you in the pants.

In conclusion, I would say that the most important thing - it's confidence. Without it, any clothing, even the one you picked up all the rules, will not look nice and advantageous.

 Pants for obese women: make the right choice!

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