Swelling during pregnancy: how to be?

Today, almost one in two women during pregnancy faced with the problem of edema. Thus, many of which are visible to the naked eye. While others find it only when they can not remove the ring from swollen finger or starts to reap a favorite pair of shoes, which until recently was at the time.

Swelling during pregnancy - this is the norm or still a pathology?

First of all, try to understand what are the swelling?

Swelling divided into two types: physiological and pathological. The first of these is found in virtually every women in "interesting position". Most often this type of swelling occurs under certain conditions, such as when too hot weather, physical overload or errors in diet. As a rule, they do not pose a health risk and do not require treatment, since the elimination of the factors which have caused or at rest, they disappear on their own.

As mentioned above, the swelling can be both obvious and hidden. While the former can easily be recognized by slight marks on the body that emerged from the gums socks when pressed with your finger on the lower leg, as well as swelling of the face, arms and anterior abdominal wall. What are the symptoms of edema hidden as excessive weight gain, and polyhydramnios.

It is considered normal if during pregnancy the woman is gaining an average of 10 kg. However, depending on the weight and height before pregnancy, vibrations can be plus or minus 2 kg.

Starting from 20 weeks of pregnancy, the rate of gain - 50 grams per day or 700 grams in 2 weeks. However, follow these rules, unfortunately, it is not that at all. Even a minor deviation in weight is a cause for seeking medical attention, since it is possible not only the weighting of the pregnant woman, but also the danger of developing serious complications.

Causes of edema

Edema in the first half of pregnancy is a clear sign of a disease (kidney, heart, or manifestations of diabetes).

Swelling occurring in the second half of pregnancy are considered a manifestation of varying degrees of severity of preeclampsia, which is quite common in modern obstetrics.

The main symptoms of preeclampsia, complicating about 20-25% of pregnancies: the appearance of protein in the urine, edema, increased blood pressure. A pregnant woman at a time can be present as one, two, or even three of these attributes.
Dropsy (edema) is considered an early sign of preeclampsia in pregnant women. When nausea, vomiting, protein in the urine, headaches and persistent increase in blood pressure can talk about pre-eclampsia. When along with the above complaints appear spasms of skeletal muscles, this is the most severe stage of preeclampsia - eclampsia.

Diagnosis edema

How to determine whether or not there swelling? First of all, it is necessary:

  • Regularly monitor the dynamics of weight gain. If weight gain per week is more than 350-400 grams - this is a sign of edema.
  • Every day a comparison of the amount of fluid consumption and emissions. Normally considered if a pregnant woman allocate ¾ of drunk liquid. Rate excretory function of the kidneys can be using samples of Zimnitsky.
  • Regularly measuring the circumference of the legs. An increase of 1 cm and a circumference of the ankle during the week indicate a fluid retention.
  • To reveal hidden edema is necessary to make a test of the ICE (McClure-Aldrich). When administered subcutaneously 0, 2 mm saline pinpoint the time during which resolves formed by injection blister. If it disappears very quickly (up to 1 hour), it is usually indicative of hidden edema.

How to cope with the swelling?

Avoid edema balanced diet will help. The diet of pregnant women should be rich in nutrients. It should include meat, fish, eggs, bread, fats of different origin, potatoes, pasta and, of course, rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium raisins and dried apricots. Ideal Power - split meals (eating at least 5-6 times a day in small portions).

It should limit the consumption of pickled, spicy, smoked products and various sauces and fast food. Prefer steamed or boiled foods.

  • Limit your salt intake.
  • Try to avoid prolonged stay in one position.
  • Avoid cramped and uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

We hope that these tips will help you cope with edema. If these measures proved to be ineffective, should consult a doctor.

 Swelling during pregnancy: how to be?

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 Superstition pregnant

Superstitions in pregnant women can be many. The most exciting and the most important period in the life of every woman - is, of course, when she is carrying his baby. The woman in this period transformed, unborn child takes all of her thoughts and becomes the center of everything. Everything would be wonderful, would not it be so terrible at this crucial moment.

As you know, the basis of all the fear of the unknown. If a woman is going to give birth to her first child, no book can not give her what is it really. The body is undergoing great changes. Women are particularly vulnerable. But what they do is often around? Do you think they shield the woman awaiting baby from all fear? Unfortunately, it is often quite the opposite. They aggravate her condition, tumbling to a poor heap of superstitions and myths. This strong people - envelop the mystery of momentous events prejudices.

For centuries, having no medical knowledge, people have tried to fill the void with their speculations and guesses. It sounds folk wisdom sometimes is so unthinkable that you wonder how it is possible to follow such advice.

For centuries, people were afraid of "evil eye." The fear that the "evil eye" can spoil any undertaking and lead to terrible consequences and resulted in the myth that it is better not to tell anyone about their interesting position. However, I would venture to make, and yet another version of the origin myth, but more on that later. In principle, the myth of a harmless, if your daily life is not related to physical overload. Otherwise, he may do a disservice. It would be better if your colleagues will not be too much pressure on you and your work load.

Expectant mothers, besides, it is important to protect against stress. It should be noted that this myth may be just punishment for the management of enterprises. One woman so skillfully concealed from all the interesting position, masking it under well-chosen clothes, that the director was stunned and did not know what to replace valuable employee when she put the statement on the table and went on maternity leave.

Grandmothers do not cease to repeat that you can not sew, you can not knit, it is impossible to know the baby's sex, taking a bath and even a bunch of meaningless things that will make life in anticipation of the child into a nightmare.

For example, national set of rules prohibits pregnant women to get a haircut. Ostensibly, scissors shorten the child age. But changing the structure of the hair requires care. So haircut can only benefit. A beautiful woman will feel much better psychologically, that will have a beneficial effect on her physical condition.

Myth buy things in advance - also has no reason to. Systematic preparation for the big event will be a big plus when pipsqueak appears in the house. All the attention - the baby in the house quiet, and no one panicked rush to the shops, trying to restock rapidly disappearing diapers.

There is a misconception that the sex of the baby can be determined by eating habits. In fact, this choice affects only the urgent need for certain vitamins.

Eat everything "for two", as advised by the people, it is also not necessary. Food should be beneficial, and it should not be much. You just get so run the risk of complications during childbirth. Large fruit - not a guarantee of the baby's health, and the complexity of the process of birth can lead to injury, as the mother and child. You do not have to torture yourself to strict dieting.

But there are among the myths and quite rational. For example, the myth that you can not sit leg to leg - are not so stupid. The truth is the reason why the popular rumor has added it to the set of rules - no good. The myth says that because of this child may become clubfoot. In fact, this posture is bad, because it prevents good circulation. Myth prohibiting sleeping on your back, too intelligent wave. Large fruit presses on the spinal column, especially in the last trimester, which also violates the circulation.

Do not blindly believe everything they tell you, look for a grain of truth in everything else risk becoming a nervous lady. Otherwise, maybe it makes sense to take advantage of the myth, with which we began this story. Do not talk about her pregnancy for those who are extremely superstitious to your head rained hail "People's Wisdom". Perhaps this myth was invented by quacks, to shield them from the mothers in the process of waiting? Make a wonderful child waiting period memorable. Listen to your inner voice and heart of their baby. You are a whole and all your fears will give it. Do not scare your baby!

 Superstition pregnant

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