sweating in children


  • Possible diseases
  • Other reasons for sweating
  • How to help your child?
  • The problem in adolescents

Excessive sweating plagues not only adults - pediatricians often have to deal with this problem. Increased sweating in children occur very often. However, not all parents and did not immediately notice it, because kids sweat has no odor. Therefore, this fact is detected, usually by accident - by constantly wet T-shirt and / or a cap.

It's no secret that the health of children - the most precious thing that can be. That is why parents often panic when they see the sweat on the skin of their children. However, do not be afraid too much - mostly children profusely sweating simply because they spend too much energy during his active play.

Possible diseases

But does leave the problem unattended in any case it is impossible, since in some cases, heavy sweating in children may in fact be a signal of health problems. Fortunately, this happens infrequently. In any case, parents need to talk about this pediatrician, who examined the child and establish the cause of perspiration.

More often accompanied by sweating the following diseases:

  • Cardiovascular disease

Almost all of these diseases are accompanied by excessive sweating. And most often it occurs at night and in the morning the parents discover that the pillowcase on the pillow wet. Yes, and the pot is quite specific - it is cold and clammy. Ignore a sweat in no case can not - reveal the child's doctor as soon as possible.

  • Vegetative dystonia

If the violation sweating makes itself felt primarily when the baby moves actively. To distinguish it from a normal physiological perspiration which occurs due to physical inactivity, it is not so simple.

  • Rickets and even a simple lack of vitamin D

With a shortage of vitamin D, and even more so with rickets sweating - perhaps the most first sign of disease. Most likely, the cause of rickets is the first that the doctor rule out or confirm.

  • Hyperthyroidism

If you have problems with the thyroid gland increased sweating of the child can be observed even when the child is at absolute rest, and the ambient temperature is low.

  • Banal colds

A rare cold the child does without fever. A in its background profuse sweating naturally - firstly thus regulates body temperature, and secondly, to then toxins. However, after the recovery of the child sweating for some time can be saved. This is perfectly normal, just the body needs some time to get back to normal life. This usually takes three to seven days.

  • Pharmacological preparations

Furthermore, in some cases too heavy sweating may occur due to the fact that the mother during pregnancy and / or lactation taking certain pharmacological agents.

 excessive sweating of the child

Other reasons for sweating

Fortunately, in most cases, causes severe sweating in children have no relation to the state of health of your crumbs. So, to deal with this problem parents will be able to. The main thing - to prove observation.

  • Environmental temperature

The first reason is to be excluded - this is unnecessarily high temperatures, either outdoors or indoors. And remember that the child perceives the temperature a little bit differently than adults. For example, the optimum temperature for a child - is 18-20 degrees. Agree, for an adult not so much.

  • Clothing baby

Too many parents are always afraid that the child will catch a cold. As a result - he always try to dress warmly. And sometimes too much of Kuta. As a result - increased sweating, even when indoors or outdoors cool enough. So first check, is not too warmly dressed child. Especially if it is sufficiently active - moving children sweat more often.

Also, do not be amiss to note what materials made clothes. Synthetic materials for the child is highly undesirable, as they violate the normal heat, do not miss the air. Ideally, all clothing must be made of natural materials - cotton or linen.

  • Emotional background

Sometimes parents say that sweat on the skin after the child has an emotional outburst. And it does not matter, it's positive or negative emotions - the result is always the same. Doctors say that there is no reason to worry about it. The only exception - are cases where in addition to sweating your child has blue lips and / or fingernails, nasolabial triangle, hand tremors and / or chin. Such symptoms may indicate the presence of heart disease or nervous system.

 excessive sweating in children

How to help your child?

If the cause of excessive sweating of your child - a medical problem, then solve it should be a doctor. No self in this case is unacceptable. But if health is OK, then simply right care:

  • Change clothes baby

Once the child sweat, immediately change their clothes it. First, the child is not very comfortable in wet clothes, and secondly, the child can easily catch a cold. And from the point of view of hygiene baby clothing must be clean.

  • Watch the hygiene

Of course, the hygiene need to carefully monitor in any case, regardless of whether or not the baby sweats. But for a child, prone to excessive sweating, it takes a little longer. First, wash the baby's skin whenever he sweated heavily. Secondly, do not forget about the therapeutic tubs.

  • Therapeutic baths

A good tool that can help reduce sweating - a therapeutic bath. For example, a bath with a decoction of oak bark. Bring to a boil a liter of water, sprinkle in it three tablespoons of chopped oak bark, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Then cover the pan with a lid, wrap a thick towel or blanket and allow to stand for three hours. Be sure to strain the broth! In the evening, add the broth into the bath - even if the child is in it for about 10 minutes.

A decoction of sage also perfectly solves the problem of excessive sweating. In a small saucepan, place two tablespoons of dried sage, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Then make a smaller fire and boil for 15 minutes. When the broth has cooled, strain it must be by means of a gauze fabric. Bath is also preparing, as in the previous recipe.

But remember - before this you should consult with a pediatrician. In addition, the need to closely monitor the reaction of the baby's skin to prevent possible allergic reactions. But in fairness it should be noted that this happens very rarely.

In most cases the problem is solved by itself, without any external interference. And it happens when the child is a little older.

The problem in adolescents

Of course, teenagers - not quite children. But it not the adults! Therefore we can not fail to mention them as well. Especially as profuse sweating for a teenager - practically normal. The reasons for this phenomenon are simple - hormonal changes, which is typical of adolescence.

And the main task of parents - to teach a child the rules of personal hygiene. Waxing armpits, the use of deodorants will solve this problem. Well, if you sweat excessively pathologically, show the child the doctor-endocrinologist. In some cases, such sweating may indicate the presence of a particular disease.

 Sweating in children: causes of its occurrence

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 pimples on the face of the newborn

  • Hormonal factors
  • Formation of the sebaceous glands and ducts
  • Sudamen
  • Reaction to cold
  • Allergic reaction
  • Treatment of Acne

There appear many new parents to worry about - GAZ cars, cramps, vomiting, and even acne on the face of the newborn. Yes, you heard right - the crumbs pimples are very common. And not surprisingly, most of the moms are very scared to find on the delicate skin of your crumbs strange pimples.

But in most cases, specific reason for unrest there. Of course, you must show the child's doctor. But it does not need to call "ambulance" at three o'clock in the morning or cause urgently dad from work to fly to the hospital, scaring grannies sitting on a bench near the entrance, and using the bumper cars reducing poultry and cats comes in your path.

Hormonal factors

In most cases, acne neonatorum result from the effects of certain hormones. Typically, these spots appear in the first three weeks after birth - a period of so-called hormonal crisis. In some cases, acne appears because of the fact that during fetal development produce excess amounts of the hormone estrola.

For reference - the hormone crisis occurs in every newborn child. There it is due to the fact that female hormones gets mother and child. Therefore, in the first few weeks after the birth of a child may be swollen mammary glands, and the girls even neobilnye observed bleeding from the vagina. Although, of course, the intensity of this process, all children are different - someone is expressed more clearly, someone is almost imperceptible.

Formation of the sebaceous glands and ducts

Very often on the face can be seen babies closed comedones and / or whitehead - formations resembling pearls - small and mobile. Such eruptions are not a child absolutely no danger, and after some time pass without any outside interference was.

Doctors believe that these eruptions occur as a result of incomplete formation of the sebaceous glands. And as soon as this is the formation of the end, acne disappear and no longer appear. Well, at least as long as your dear child reaches puberty.

 Acne in newborns


Sudamen - this is the most frequent reason why babies appear acne. Although in fairness it should be noted that a heat rash on the face is quite rare - often localized spots in the skin folds - armpits, groin, around the neck, on elbows and knees folds. But at the advanced stage prickly heat spots appear on the stomach, back and face. In addition, when running prickly heat acne can begin fester.

Therefore, we must try to prevent prickly heat. And there it is often in the hot season. Or if the child's clothes are too warm and he sweats. Strictly speaking, it hence the name "prickly heat." Well, if you avoid the appearance of prickly heat was not possible, we must show the child's doctor as soon as possible and start treatment.

Reaction to cold

Very often, parents report that acne on the face of kids there after walking outside in winter time. Doctors say that these acne are merely adaptive response of the skin that adapts to changes in temperature. Just a few days the rash will disappear on their own.

But in order to avoid the appearance of new lesions, it is very important to protect the baby's skin with a special protective cream for sensitive skin of newborns. If, despite the sunscreen, you notice the appearance of new acne from walking in cold weather you have to abandon, at least temporarily.

Allergic reaction

Sometimes acne in a child are nothing more than an allergic reaction to breast milk or formula. So first of all it is necessary to eliminate the allergy. If the child is breastfed, mother should review your diet and eliminate all foods that can lead to the development of an allergic reaction. If the baby is bottle-fed, you need to change the mixture on hypoallergenic.

It is best not to experiment on their own, so as not to worsen the situation. Contact your pediatrician to help correct diet nursing women or find a suitable artificial mixture. Typically, the problem quickly disappears. But the parents of these children can not be vigilant - and probably later the child will have a tendency to allergies.

 acne neonatorum

Treatment of Acne

Of course, no mother would not tolerate in silence with acne on the face of the crumbs. Of course, no self-medication used in any case impossible - only on prescription! And remember that you do not need to go to the clinic - the doctor should come to your home.

As mentioned above, in most cases, no specific treatment is required - the doctor will tell you everything. But there are some rules that are relevant in all cases, without exception:

  • Adjust your diet

If you - a nursing mother, refuse sharp, fatty and fried foods, foods containing artificial colors and preservatives, fruit and vegetables with a high content of red pigment, sweets, soft drinks and coffee, and - most importantly - the whole milk. Incidentally, such a diet is not only prevent an allergic reaction, and flatulence.

  • Arrange air baths

In that case, if the pimples appear in the groin or armpit folds, make sure that your child as much as possible the time spent without clothes - air baths are very useful for him. Of course, they can carry only if enough heat in the room - by the thermometer should be less than 22 degrees.

  • Watch the hygiene

It is very important to follow the skin hygiene - time to wash away the crumbs, carefully wipe up any wrinkles. You must wipe the skin cotton swab dipped in pure boiled water - at least five - six times a day.

And most importantly - be patient! Very soon, pimples and acne newborn disappear without a trace.

 Acne on the face of the newborn. No need to panic!

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