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  • Where are the ends and illness begins norm
  • What other types of sweating distinguished doctors
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  • What diseases are accompanied by excessive sweating
  • Endocrine diseases and excessive sweating
  • Increased sweating in oncology
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  • Local hyperhidrosis treated dozens of ways

How to deal with hyperhidrosis (sweating)? And in general - whether it is necessary to wage a ruthless fight him? After all the sweat, in some situations, and no one considers it a disease. In an extreme case - the characteristics of the organism, even if unpleasant, but not to such an extent as to run on doctors.

And this is where many accept a big mistake. Profuse sweating can indicate dozens of problems in the body! Of course, sweating - it is a natural function of the human body, which helps rid the body of "toxins". At the kidney sweat glands are involved in the regulation of fluid volume and its excess is excreted through the urinary tract, as well as through sweating.

Remember, how you respond to the heat - it would be desirable in a toilet less often, but the pot, so to speak, pouring stream. Or take another situation when you have eaten a large quantity of watermelon, or drink plenty of water. Here sweating may increase slightly, but the main burden falls on the kidneys - you will often want the toilet "in a little."

Where is the end norm and becomes sick?

About hyperhidrosis say in cases where excessive sweating prevents live and perform daily activities. This also applies to everyday life and work. People who have a strong palmar hyperhidrosis, can not even work in the field: a musician, the work with documents (lawyer, accountant). Any activity that is associated with the touch of hands to objects available for these people.

In addition, there is a purely psychological barrier - with the ever-wet and cold hands a person begins to feel embarrassed stretching his hand for a handshake. This leads to the fact that he was dismissed from his job, locked in his house. The terms of communication dramatically narrowed, the patient develops a neurosis, and later - depression.

And we dismantled giperpotlivosti only one case when one sweats zone - palm. The reasons for sweating of the palms, scientists are interested in a long time. Often the disease is hereditary. But it is not the fact that, if the Pope is suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis, the same fate awaits her son.

What other types of sweating distinguished doctors

It must be said that the types of excessive sweating a lot. There are two main features by which doctors shared giperpotlivost - a local (LAN) and general. Local, in turn, is divided according to localization copious sweating:

  • palmar-plantar form;
  • axillary hyperhidrosis;
  • craniofacial (from the Latin words - "head" and "person"), in this case sweating scalp or the entire face. But may be covered with sweat some parts of the face: nose, forehead, cheeks, or the area above the upper lip.
  • inguinal-perineal hyperhidrosis;
  • giperpotlivost back;
  • hyperhidrosis abdomen.

Each type of local hyperhidrosis is treated in different ways, the scheme is chosen individually for each patient.

 profuse sweating

What should I tell the doctor for proper diagnosis

Dermatologists - precisely those specialists who are engaged in treatment of skin diseases, are more likely to meet named pathology. The first thing the doctor must find out what helped cause sweating. To do this, first going to a full medical history (history of the disease: when the first manifestations of the disease, how often attacks occur, whether there are similar cases in the family).

Next, the doctor prescribes the preliminary general tests: blood, urine. Sometimes the analysis is done with sweat. In case of deviation is assigned to advanced blood test, X-ray, ultrasound of internal organs. This is done to rule out other diseases that could lead to excessive sweating.

What diseases are accompanied by excessive sweating

There is a whole list of diseases in which increased sweating - one of the symptoms, but not the leading symptom. In these cases cure the underlying disease, and sweating diminishes gradually, and then returns to normal. One example is the well-known dreaded disease tuberculosis. Sometimes it is accompanied by a cough, but there are also hidden forms in which the only signs of problems in the body are the general weakness and sweating.

The reason for excessive sweating can be an infection, and it is not immediately detected. Required laboratory tests of blood, urine, sputum. In addition to tuberculosis, there are many chronic infections accompanied by severe sweating.

With regard to the acute infectious diseases, almost all of them are with increasing temperature and excessive sweating. The examples are not far to seek - a flu and other common illnesses transmitted through the air (droplet infection).

 profuse sweating

Endocrine diseases and excessive sweating

Many diseases of the endocrine system is accompanied by profuse sweating. First of all, the increased function of the thyroid gland, the so-called "crop" (or "exophthalmia"). From these names it is clear that the main symptoms of increased hormone "thyroid" is an unusually prominent eyes, the formation of the neck, resembling a bird goiter (this is the increase in size of the thyroid gland).

An increase of the thyroid gland into the blood is thrown too many hormones it produces. This leads to excessive sweating, palpitations, mental instability (these patients then laugh, then cry). The disease is treated by a doctor - an endocrinologist. In most cases the condition of the person manages to bring back to normal, and sweating becomes normal.

Endocrine diseases include diabetes and for which there is also excessive sweating of hands, armpits and upper body. If the patient meets all requirements of a doctor, time splits insulin (or pill) on a diet, it is possible to normalize the state, while sweating is reduced.

Increased sweating in oncology

The reason for excessive sweating can be oncology. Many tumor processes proceed with high temperature and sweating. This is especially true for tumors of the intestines, certain tumors of female genital mutilation.

Unfortunately, neoplastic processes in the early stages can be difficult to find, but if it fails, then surgery is often saves the life of a patient. Therefore, when the temperature jump obscure and excessive sweating is necessary to examine the entire body, so as not to miss a serious illness.

Increased sweating Pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain of excessive sweating, which was not observed before pregnancy. This is due to changes in hormonal levels. With this sweating is very difficult to fight because the majority of pregnant women should not take drugs to herbal infusions, too, should be treated cautiously. Effective antiperspirant, which include aluminum, is also undesirable in this period.

It so happens that the excessive sweating persists after birth, during the entire period of breastfeeding. Here you can only advise frequent hygienic measures - Shower, wiping sweaty places. Typically, a few months after stopping breastfeeding hormones normalized and perspiration returned to normal.

 causes profuse sweating

Other common causes of giperpotlivosti

There are many diseases that cause the increase in sweating. These include certain hereditary diseases, acute poisoning, acute urgent conditions such as shock or heart attack.

And in a separate group highlighted cases of hyperhidrosis without a specific reason. Giperpotlivost body brings great inconvenience, but a comprehensive survey does not reveal any pathology. Then we are talking about "essential" hyperhidrosis, that is, it is considered as a single disease, not associated with any other.

Local hyperhidrosis treated dozens of ways

Local (local) giperpotlivost often an independent disease. If the disease reaches the moderate or severe stage in which the sweat dripping or even "pouring stream," there shall be a special treat.

These include sedatives, and receive, because it has a negative impact on the state of mind and physical therapy, and the use of antiperspirant (deodorants).

In some cases, well help injections of Botox or Dysport preparations. They are used for hand-foot, axillary, and inguinal-perineal even forms of the disease.

With a strong sweating of palms makes the operation - through a small incision in the neck is introduced endoscope with a miniature instruments. The surgeon has a special clamp pinched nerve segment, which is responsible for sweating hands. After such an operation, the effect remains for life, which is very pleasing patients who had previously suffered for years.

What is compensatory hyperhidrosis

The word "compensation" speaks for itself. Compensatory - in this case means "instead of another". Here is an example. A short time after surgery on the palmar giperpotlivosti a person begins to sweat spin. Hands recovered, palms become dry, but the back-sweat so that it is necessary several times a day to change clothes.

In this situation, patients are sometimes asked to do a second operation and remove the clip from the nerve to the back again dry.

So we dismantled most of the causes sweating, but we must remember that it is not necessary to self-medicate. Today, doctors will help to choose the method of treatment in virtually any form giperpotlivosti.

 Sweating: Causes and treatment characteristics