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On the street in full sun shines gentle warm and happy almost all the skin substitute sunlight. Some people prefer to sunbathe in the country, someone in the village with my grandmother, and someone tries to go closer to the sea. However, no matter where you prefer to spend summer days, in any case, do not forget about the rules of safe tanning. Otherwise, you run the risk of sunburn. Too many people do not take seriously sunburn, do not start treatment. But this attitude often turns serious enough complications to human health. Help for sunburn is essential to preserve the health of the affected person. This is what will be discussed in this article.

The first thing you need to know what to avoid sunburn, this is exactly what factor is their appearance. Many believe that there are burns due to strong heat that we feel on your skin. However, this is not true - sunburn, unlike thermal, do not occur due to exposure to excessive heat, the skin, and as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

That is why quite often there are cases of sunburn skiers who spend a long time under the rays of the winter sun. With one more confirmation for sure each of us has ever experienced - is the appearance of sunburn after a long stay on the beach on a cloudy day, when the sun is not visible. The point TOI that the clouds do not give to get on the ground the sun's rays, but are not an obstacle to ultraviolet rays.

And what to say about those cases when women come on holiday to the sea? Of course, every woman just wants to go back to rest, becoming the owner of the luxurious bronze tan that will cause admiration and envy of all her friends. Both women try to hold the maximum amount of time on the beach, making a fatal mistake.

When such a line of conduct very quickly instead of the expected bronze tan you notice redness of the skin and pain to touch, you can feel the fever or chills, since the most important function of the skin, which provides a full and proper heat transfer is broken.

If you notice at such displays, immediately eliminate any contact with the skin to sunlight and start treatment. In no case do not ignore the symptoms do not continue to burn and sunbathing, as it is largely worsen the skin condition. Begin treatment of sunburn immediately, without delay, because it is not a harmless scratch. Sunburn can prematurely age the skin, causing the appearance of fine lines, trigger the development of a human chronic allergy to sunlight. In severe cases, often repeated sunburn can even start the mechanism of the appearance of skin cancers.

Treatment of sunburn

Today, humanity knows a huge amount of a variety of ways to treat burns, both traditional methods and recipes of traditional medicine. And often folk remedies for sunburn help no less effective than the drug from sunburn, purchased at a pharmacy.

 sunburn treatment

General recommendations for sunburn

So, you or your loved ones sunburn. This condition causes the affected person with serious discomfort. First aid should be provided immediately. That is why everyone should know what to do with sunburn.

If you are annoying pain, for some time they will help to remove a cold shower. The duration of temporary relief depends on how severe burns has been received by man. In some cases, the pain may disappear for hours, and in some, alas, just for a minute. Pay attention to the temperature of the water - it must be cool, but, in any case, not the ice. Otherwise, you run the risk, in addition to sunburn to get a cold or, worse, an inflammation of the lungs.

For people who have received a sunburn, there is a kind of "rule of three NO":

  1. Do not wash the affected skin with soap and shower gel. It is only further dry the skin and significantly enhance pain.
  2. No cosmetic use, which contains in its composition the alcohol. Using such a cosmetic can be in addition to sunburn cause chemical as protective function of the skin in such a state significantly reduced. In addition, alcohol also contributes to evaporation so necessary at this time the skin of moisture.
  3. Do not lubricate the skin creams and any fatty ointments - it also significantly worsen her condition.

The most optimal for sunburn use cosmetics containing in its composition aloe. Such cosmetics are not just cool your skin, but also to a large extent help to remove inflammatory response. Aloe itself has a very strong anti-inflammatory properties.

In the event that you are faced with the emergence of sunburn, give special attention to drinking regime. The body at the moment is in a relaxed state and as a result, quickly loses moisture. That is to maintain normal water-alkaline balance in the body, you need to consume a very large amount of liquid. In such cases, the ideal drink will be:

  • Green tea is cooled, preferably in sachets.
  • Common weakly alkaline mineral water.
  • Any juice with the addition of drinking water at the rate of 1 part water and three parts juice.
  • Pomegranate juice. On it is necessary to tell a little bit more. Pomegranate juice - quite a powerful antioxidant, effectively fighting free radicals that are released upon receipt of sunburn. In addition, pomegranate juice also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the burn. Thus, if you drink a large amount of pomegranate juice, cope with the effects of sunburn you manage a little faster. However, it should be borne in mind that pomegranate juice has a negative effect on tooth enamel, so dentists recommend to drink pomegranate juice through a straw and rinse your mouth after eating. Pomegranate juice is also contraindicated in people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is also important to eat properly during treatment of sunburn. Try to include in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. They contain huge amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E, without which the process of healing and regeneration of the skin just simply is not possible. In the same case, if you for some - any reason do not want to or can not eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you need to take chemically synthesized vitamins C and E. They can be purchased in almost any drugstore. There you can buy any drugs that made on the basis of the active ingredient ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is not only relieve the inflammatory reaction in the skin and normalizes the body temperature of a sick person, but also greatly reduce the intensity of pain.

Pay attention to your clothes. In no case do not wear those clothes models that are tight fitting skin - it can injure the affected skin sunburn. The optimum would be loose clothing made of a very thin and soft cotton or silk. In no case can not wear clothing made from synthetic materials or rough - it will only increase the already existing skin irritation.

In that case, if the consequence was the emergence of burn skin peeling, you should immediately begin to moisturize. You can do this in several ways. However, if you do not accept the use of traditional medicines, you will be a variety of moisturizing lotions for the body, of which the sale of a great variety. Apply them to the damaged skin for at least 6 times a day, but in general - the more the better.
In no case do not try to remove the "scraps" exfoliates the skin yourself. The more you dig it, the stronger it will continue to be shelled. You just need to wait patiently - exfoliation will pass by itself. The only thing you can do, provided that you have no pain, is to use a body scrub, preferably rich in vitamin A.

That is, if the sunburn is extensive, penetrated into the skin deep enough, and the affected person complains of nausea, dizziness, high body temperature, it is necessary to immediately seek medical help. In severe cases, to adequately assess the condition of the sick person and appropriate treatment can only physician.

Traditional methods of treating sunburn

 remedy for sunburn

As mentioned above, there are some very effective ways to treat sunburn using traditional medicine. If you have a sunburn, first aid is absolutely necessary. The following describes the basic of popular recipes:

  • Packs of milk and dairy products.

The most frequently used for sunburn cream and yogurt. Dairy products not only remove inflammation and soothe the pain - they contain milk proteins creates an invisible protective film that prevents moisture to evaporate. Thus virtually eliminates the possibility of dehydration of the skin and, as a consequence, the process proceeds much faster recovery and healing skin. To achieve the therapeutic effect of yogurt or sour cream should be applied to the skin every half - two hours without rubbing into the skin but simply distributed evenly over its surface. For such medical compresses it is advisable to use yogurt or sour cream very high fat content.

  • Raw potatoes.

Another favorite means of salvation from the effects of sunburn is an ordinary potato. To do this, you need to rinse thoroughly under running water several potato tubers (depending on the area of ​​skin lesions), clear them from the peel and grate. Thereafter, the resulting slurry must be spread evenly over the areas of damaged skin and leave on for 15 - 20 minutes, then take a shower and obsohnite, without the help of a towel.

  • Raw egg white.

Simple egg will help to eliminate painful sunburn within minutes. For this you need a few eggs - their number depends on the area of ​​skin lesions. Beat the eggs, gently separating the yolks from the whites. Then lightly whisk using beaters or mixer proteins and carefully arrange them on the affected skin. Leave until the protein until it starts to dry. As you begin to feel a sense of tightening the skin, take a shower and rinse off the egg white. Once the skin is slightly dry up, put on her moisturizer.

  • Gruel from the leaves of aloe.

For the preparation of the following remedies for sunburn, you will need an aloe tree leaves and fresh milk. Mince 10 leaves of aloe tree, add a little milk in the porridge and mix thoroughly. The resulting slurry must be applied to the affected sunburn place three times a day. Inflicting mush, leave it on the skin about half an hour, then rinse with running water and treat the skin moisturizing cream or lotion.

In the case shortly after the application of slurry to the skin you feel burning or other discomfort feelings, discontinue the procedure and do not repeat it more. The course of treatment can not be stopped immediately, as soon as the pain will disappear. Continue treatment until complete healing of the skin.

  • A decoction of chamomile.

Broth ordinary pharmacy chamomile very effectively reduces inflammation of the skin and accelerates the healing process of the skin. Preparing chamomile broth is very simple. Dried chamomile blossoms must be filled with water and the rate of one tablespoon of raw material per liter of water. Bring the broth to a boil, then simmer for about five minutes. Allow broth to infuse for about an hour, then strain it with the help of gauze fabric. Chamomile decoction should be used for lotions that need to be done every three hours.

  • Dairy ice cubes.

Another good way how to treat a sunburn, is the use of dairy ice cubes. They are prepared very simply. Drip eucalyptus oil in milk rate of 5 drops per 100 ml. milk, pour milk over the molds for ice and put in the freezer. After the milk is frozen, use cubes to wipe the affected areas. Such a measure would not only further moisturize the skin, but it will cool, remove pain.

  • Ointment from honey and aloe.

Next ointment for sunburns can significantly accelerate the process of healing even the most severely damaged skin. For its preparation you need to pour boiling water a few leaves of aloe tree, then remove their peel and mince. The resulting slurry is necessary to mix in equal proportions with any natural honey, put in the refrigerator about half an hour, and then uniformly applied to the lesions of the skin by ultraviolet rays.
Leave the cream on the skin for about an hour, then rinse under running water, dry it with a towel and let it dry naturally. After that, clean, dry skin, apply any moisturizer balm for sunburn.

  • The mask of sour cream and lemon oil.

In that case, if you have a sunburn face treatment follows traditional medicines very quickly bring you significant relief . Prepared this mask is not difficult. For its preparation you need to buy in the drugstore lemon oil. Add in 100 grams of sour cream, 10 drops of lemon oil, mix thoroughly - your moisturizing mask is almost ready. Apply it on the burnt skin, leave for about 15 minutes, then rinse with plain water.

  • The mask of fresh cucumber.

If you are sunburned nose, you effectively help ordinary slice of fresh cucumber. It must be applied to the nose every half hour for at least 10 minutes. Do not forget each time to cut a slice of fresh cucumber.

The above are the basic ways on how to cure sunburn folk remedies. However, in any case, do not forget that before you try to use any of these tools, you must be absolutely sure that the affected person is not allergic to any - any of the constituents of the recipe. Also remember that the folk medicine for sunburn can not be used to treat children.

Preventing sunburn

Of course, much more effective to prevent occurrence of sunburn. For this it is necessary to exclude the dangerous exposure to sunlight on the skin. To do this, follow a few simple rules:

  • Try as much as possible to limit the stay on the street, especially in the sun, from about 11 am to 3 pm. If you are not sure whether it is safe for the moment to be on the street, you can use a little cunning folk: a look at his shadow - in the event that your height is less than a shadow, the sun is dangerous.
  • If you avoid the street at this time is not possible, before go out, you must take a number of protective measures: wear closed clothes, hat. Also, do not interfere with dark sunglasses.
  • If you have pale skin, try not to be in direct sunlight - use umbrellas or sunbathe in the shade, as strange as it may sound.
  • Remember that the water occurs much faster tan - remember this, being on the beach.


 what to do with sunburn
 In our time in the cosmetic department stores and drug stores you can find a large number of different means of protection from ultraviolet rays. When buying a vehicle, pay attention to the company - the manufacturer, preferring well-known firms - manufacturers. Remember that all sunscreens are divided into groups according to the level of protection from UV rays.