Sun safety

It's hard to argue with the fact that most women are light tan. Bronze skin has become as a result of a visit to the solarium or the right of a natural tan on the sunny resorts, envy friends and admiring glances of men. But do not forget that the sun, which so generously gives us its heat and so necessary for UV tanning, can cause our skin and substantial harm.

Today, doctors and experts are always talking about what sunscreens is incredibly important for health and beauty, that the ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to the skin and can cause very unpleasant and dangerous disease. That's right, because the solar activity increases and poses a threat to human health. Therefore, in order to happily lie on the beach in the rays of the sun, it is better to think about the security of their skin.

In order not to bring the situation to such a result, it is necessary to take care of properly protecting their skin from sun exposure. We strongly encourage you to carve out the necessary time and means that will be used for the selection and purchase of the necessary sunscreen. If you take care of the purchase of sunscreen products, the result of sunbathing will be a smooth, rich, pleasing the eye sunburn. If we neglect the basic safety standards, you risk to buy a lot of problems, and will be forced to visit a dermatologist's office, and repeatedly. Agree, it's better to spend some time shopping for cosmetic shops than visiting doctors. Especially since the hot and sunny summer is in full swing and it must hold so that was something to remember a winter evening!

How to choose a sunscreen?

Before going shopping a good idea to decide in advance exactly what you need and where better to buy. If you happen to come across during their search for a good and high-quality products - did not hesitate to purchase them from the reserve. And do not be afraid of the idea that they are spoiled: the modern means in a closed form can be stored up to 30 months. The main thing - to observe the conditions specified on the package store.

If you suddenly discovered to their holdings outdoor cream with last year, which did not have time to use, be aware that its activity is much lower, so it will have to be applied more often, which is not very convenient. If the expiration date of sunscreen was released, its use is not dangerous, but it is not desirable, because this can cause allergies or irritation. Besides, as already stated above, the activity of sunscreen components becomes much weaker.

Modern sunscreens are very diverse, have a different purpose and indices of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Some tools, such as lipstick or pencil, make better use of the open areas of the body - on the lips, ears, tip of the nose. The cream is best applied to the face and use as a base for makeup. On the whole surface of the body can be easily applied as a means of easy gel or jelly. Less effective than their oil money, which, along with lotions, tonics tend to wear a towel or sand.

Now let's look at the means of protection for each area of ​​your body individually:

  • Lips. Choosing lipstick, remember that it should not only you enjoy the color and smell, but also have some protective and moisturizing properties.
  • Nails. With its lacquer with protective filters, as exposure to UV rays in large quantities can cause separation of nails.
  • Legs. They are also exposed to sunlight, because of which may veins and heavy legs. Take care of your feet and grab the sunscreen and for them.
  • Decollete. To prevent unwanted age spots and wrinkles, use of this area means a high index of protective action.
  • Hair. They also need protection. Sea salt, sand and aggressive solar radiation is a big test for them, so they must be protected by special means, which has recently become a lot.

Remember, do not you say the sellers, no matter how fabulous the effect they will not promise, in any case do not buy the funds on the market. Here you will be in the guise of an expensive brand and sunscreen can sell a drug that not only protect you, and may cause serious skin diseases.

In the store you can always contact the manager of professional advice. Sunscreens are now often sold in pharmacies, where you will also help to choose the means for your skin type.

It is not necessary to be a doctor of chemical sciences, or an expert to understand the properties of most sunscreens. Just carefully read the text on the packaging or instructions for use. From these sources, you can get detailed information about the vehicle. If you have oily or combination skin type, you'll like the composition containing no fat. Hypoallergenic sunscreen is suitable for people prone to allergic reactions. And do not be afraid of words like "antioxidants" or "reconstituted enzymes." Antioxidants protect the skin from premature aging and water-resistant enzymes allow the agent kept on your skin, even after extended water treatment.

By following these simple rules, you can protect your skin, for which she will thank you a beautiful tan. Give yourself a modicum of attention - and your skin will respond to you beautiful evenly, healthy glow and beautiful state. Love yourself!

 Sun safety

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 navel piercing


  • How to become a popular navel piercing
  • The nuances of the procedure piercing
  • Caring for a place in the navel piercing
  • Selection of earrings during the initial piercing
  • What problems may arise after navel piercing?
  • Navel piercing and pregnancy

In recent years, the phenomenon of piercing in the navel has become a very popular destination for a form of avant-garde art, called body art, when the body of a man playing the role of the creative subject and subjected to a peculiar decoration in the form of tattoos, piercings, and so on. These actions can have several meanings, for example, be a form of adolescent protest to be an attribute of the youth movements, or serve as a way to increase sexual attractiveness.

How to become a popular navel piercing

Adorned with pierced navel - not a new phenomenon, but among Europeans, it has become popular recently. For a long time navel refers to that part of the human body, which is indecent to show everywhere. However, changing mores, fashion becomes more and more unfettered, and takes its emancipation. If earlier the bare navel can be perceived as a sexual provocation, now paraded and decorated with a ring or earring pupochke is no surprise. And a growing number of women of fashion tends to make piercing to flaunt beautiful belly then, changing his decorations, at will. Sticking to the navel and earrings can be, and the colored balls, and small pendants in steel and gold ...

In the late eighties the result of piercing of this part of his belly first demonstrated publicly known top model Christy Turlington Fashion Week, held in the British capital. Not wanting anything to give the competitor, another star of the podium, with a dark-skinned beauty obstinate temper Naomi Campbell, immediately followed suit, decorated in this way and your body. In our time, and it is difficult to say how many famous actresses and models made their appearance more like spicy punctures.

Piercing navel added popular and famous clip of the famous American rock band Aerosmith. In it a young Alicia Silverstone also showed jewelry earrings bottom of his belly. Young girls aged twelve to seventeen years of navel piercing is considered a very convenient way of self-expression and sexuality make your body more because it is easy to hide under clothing so as not to cause a conviction in the school or at home. After piercing the lips or nose as a way to express individuality often negative reactions in older people.

As for the history of body piercing in the navel, that every fan of a puncture of his own body Doug Minor has published several articles in which he and his colleague Jim Ward claimed that in ancient Egypt there was a tradition in such a way to celebrate the members of the aristocracy of the time. However, more reliable sources indicate that the navel piercing - it's just a tribute to modern fashion, with no deep historical roots.

Whatever it was the case in reality, but today this form of body art very popular with young girls, and at the more mature the fair half of mankind all over the world. Indeed, thanks to the navel piercing looks beautiful and sexy. And the most interesting thing is that now even the men, Europeans and Latin Americans have started to do punctures this part of his body. However, they pick up jewelry is much more modest than is common in women. This article is just the theme "Navel piercing: for and against", allowing carefully read the majority of especially important moments.

 navel piercing

The nuances of the procedure piercing

In one of the most frequently asked questions as to whether the pierced navel hurt, those who have undergone the procedure, respond differently. Much depends on the sensitivity threshold, which may not be the same for all. Owners thin skin are more likely to say that they did not hurt. Indeed, such was given the girls a puncture easily due to natural features. Other representatives of the fair sex in general are able to endure a lot in order to see how, through the navel piercing has become more sexual. And never admit whether they really hurt.

If you stop a possible discomfort during the procedure, and your pain threshold is very low, now it is not a problem. Many specialized salons offer a gentle and safe anesthesia. In this case, it will not hurt at all. However, it can be used only if you are sure there are no allergic reactions to the anesthetic component.

How much time healing place navel ring? Simple answer to this question is difficult: sometimes the process takes a month, and in some cases lasting up to six months. What is the reason? Firstly, with where and how you have this service. It is not necessary to perform the procedure on the navel piercing in places with dubious reputation - it is better to consult a qualified craftsmen working in a specialized body piercing salon. Secondly, how much healing puncture site depends on the strict implementation of you to take care of him. It goes about it below. And thirdly, the quality of the jewelry that you insert into the hole piercing on the navel, also affects the rate of wound healing. Is it possible to reduce this time? Yes, if properly care for Ranko at home and do not skimp on quality earrings.

How safe piercing? Almost completely if it was done by specialists in the cabin or in a medical facility. Navel - it's such a part of our body, wounds which heal for a long time - up to four months. For the first time in the navel piercing requires very meticulous care: it should handle sanitizers and keep clean and dry. This is perhaps the main ways of its healing.

In that case, when the operation on the navel piercing was carried out competently and professionally, in the first few days, the wound usually does not cause any discomfort. Then, it can be covered with a scab, or blush - it is quite a normal process, which suggests that the wound heals. If you follow the navel as required, in a few weeks scab will disappear and the navel gradually come back to normal. But how long it will take, it is difficult to say exactly, because much depends on the characteristics of your body.

In the same case, when someone is trying to do a navel piercing at home or on their own, guided by instructions dubious, its consequences may be most undesirable. Not only that, it can be surprisingly painful and infection, listed in the wound, cause great inflammation, eliminate which will be very difficult. The navel is a scar-hole, constantly collecting dirt within itself, so the occurrence of inflammation in the wrong puncture made very, very likely.

Do not forget that the piercing - this is a small, but still the operation. Therefore it is better to entrust its professionals, and at home you can just take care of the puncture site. After all, only by successfully performing procedures navel piercing will give you and others a new view. If you do decide to decorate their body in the home, then take care of the sterility of the instruments and their own hands. The needle should be boiled, and ring (or other accessory) carefully wipe with alcohol. Do not forget about the medical gloves.

Remember that before beginning piercings make markup. If it is wrong, then he will puncture distorted. As a result of the seductive and flaunt tummy with navel ring will have to forget. Because the right to make a puncture guide will help. It requires skilled and professional human hands which work is relatively inexpensive. Therefore it is not worth the risk and make a puncture at home, because the effect of non-professional piercing on the navel may subsequently prove to be very negative.

 navel ring

Caring for a place in the navel piercing

The best thing to do navel piercing winter or autumn. Then, by the summer, you will have the opportunity not only to show off on the beach, and swim in the open water without fear to bring an infection. Yes, and look after Ranke in the cold season is easier, because you sweat less, body tissues do not swell in the heat, slowing down the multiplication of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, so reducing the risk of possible inflammation.

In general, care of navel piercing is simple with the quality, but the observance of rules will reduce the healing time of wounds. Complete the following simple procedures you will be on your own - do not worry, it does not hurt. It is only necessary to observe hygiene and try to wear loose clothing and soft, do not hesitate to shape the waist. Ring in the stomach in the early days after the piercing to insert desirable - it will cling to clothes and irritate the wound.

There are special jewelry for your navel, which do not create nuisance and, if desired, can be easily changed after the healing of wounds. It is undesirable to play ornaments and without the need to touch the hands of the navel - it can cause infection of the wound and its irritation. Handle the puncture cleaning solution should be once a day, after a shower with a mild antibacterial soap. After completion of the processing of the wound is necessary to lubricate the lavender oil. One or two times a day, it should be washed with a solution of half a teaspoon of sea salt and a hundred and fifty grams of boiled water. This solution is desirable to prevent infection, used for washing the navel and after the wound is healed.

Decoration for piercing and belly button should always be clean. Very useful for rapid wound healing sunburn, promotes the development of the body of vitamin D. Earring piercing during the healing period is best not to take out, waiting for the end of the process. When replacing the navel jewelry you need to follow some rules. Take them to be very careful because the skin inside the piercing is very delicate, it is easily damaged, thereby making yourself sick.

Once the decoration is removed, it lubricates the piercing place children's cream or lavender oil. In order to be easily inserted into the navel other decoration, we can for a few seconds, insert the tip into the hot wax. After installing the decoration wax is purified, and then spin the ball very hard. It should be a good fix, but you should not hurt.

Selection of earrings during the initial piercing

How much time healing place in the navel piercing? It is, as mentioned above, depends primarily on whether you carried out this procedure if all the recommendations for the care of Ranko you respect and, of course, on what kind of earring now adorns your stomach. And it is important not the form but the material from which it is made. After all, not every decoration for piercing on the navel has a positive impact and making it the subject of women's pride.

If you are thinking hard to beautify themselves pierced navel, before piercing is in advance and the right approach to the issue of the necessary in this case earrings. This is very important because the metals of which make inexpensive jewelry is not for everyone. They often cause allergic reactions and promote rapid healing of wounds. And you can be so painful at the same time, the joy of the piercing will disappear.

Most are considered hypoallergenic earrings made of teflon and teflon. With their primary application for the piercing on the navel does not usually appear redness, and he did not festers. These materials have been applied for a long time in surgery all over the world, because they have a truly unique properties "szhivaetsya" with the human body. Earrings made from them, are particularly suitable for those who are actively engaged in sports or planning a pregnancy. They are elastic and soft, and time has no effect on these properties.

Jewellery made of silver by many experts do not recommend even when the healing process is over. This metal has the ability to oxidize on contact with the skin, so often does not only sore spot on the navel piercing - it happens to puncture earlobes. Therefore, if an earring silver irritated, no matter how carefully you may try to handle the wound, it will not give results. Just admit that this metal is harmful to you and find an alternative.

Ornaments of gold in this sense, looks much safer. But to place the navel piercing to heal quickly, but the process is not well for you, pay attention to the earrings 585 and above. For low-grade gold although cheaper, but does not suit a person who has observed increased sensitivity to metals. Choosing an earring from this material, it is best not to skimp on its quality.

There is also a metal such as surgical steel. Jewellery from it are sold in many stores, provides services for navel piercings, and have the name of medical earrings. That many of them are not very qualified experts recommend for the primary puncture. However, they are, consciously or not, are silent about the fact that the alloy itself is harmful to the human body, as made from it jewelry can release into the blood and skin of hazardous components. This leads not only to an allergy in place on the navel piercing, but also causes undesired pigmentation and scarring even. And heal the injured puncture this way for a long time, and care is often painful. The choice, of course, depends on you, but first and foremost it must be dictated by concern for their own health, not your wallet.

 navel piercing care

What problems may arise after navel piercing?

The most important condition to prevent a negative impact on the navel piercings is that you did not touch the clothes (especially during wound healing) inserted into a decoration. This not only hurts - it should be understood that any shift of earrings can cause inflammation by getting into the wound infection. And in further excessive pressure or friction (eg belt trousers or skirt) places on the navel piercings have a negative impact. Therefore it is better to prevent possible problems in advance, than to treat their consequences.

Sometimes you can hear about such an unpleasant process, as rejection. It is most often associated with the wrong choice of ornaments, for example, all of the same surgical steel puncture or not deep enough. This process is associated with the negative impact on the navel piercing, usually occurs within 10 - 15 days after the procedure. If the puncture was done correctly, the skin is formed by a decoration. This leads to the fact that the earring like raised above the skin and is ejected. Skip this is not possible, because you are likely to be hurt or unpleasant.

Inflammation is also one of the unpleasant moments of negative impact on the navel piercing. It may occur after swimming in close contact with clothes, touching the puncture site with dirty hands, trauma, and so on. Improper care during washing and rotation is also capable of provoking inflammation. And as in this case, will heal the puncture site depends on the competence of the expert, which should seek to ascertain the cause and purpose of further treatment.

Sometimes it is applying compresses or antiseptics, such as tetracycline ointment levomekol or, in the case of infected wounds. If after a week after the medical procedures inflammation persists, the decoration is removed, and the puncture zaraschivayut. This is necessary to avoid potential deformation process as another negative impact of the results of unsuccessful piercing on the navel.

By the way, this is very important, it is possible to carry out pereprokol without any unpleasant consequences if you see flaws in the initial puncture. But this should be done before the wound is healed. In the case of extended wear earrings repeated piercing can be done only after the complete overgrowing existing channel.