Summer kindergarten in Moscow for younger students

Everyone feels good for a year, if he rested in the summer. He saved a good mood, increases immunity. For the child, summer vacation is very important. It is important to at least briefly leave the noisy, dusty town, a breath of fresh rest, spend time having fun and profitably. Unfortunately, not all parents can take the child to the resorts, or even to the village for recreation. But this does not mean that the child should be deprived of such an important summer holiday, all his charms, he can appreciate with our years of kindergarten.

How to organize a holiday for the child, without leaving the city

Not leaving Moscow, we can arrange for your baby fun and rewarding summer vacation. Kindergarten "Treasure Island" has developed a special program for the summer, and from June 1, we accept children who will be able to relax.

Parents need not worry that the child spends the summer in the city. Our kindergarten is located in the park "Dubki", in the green and beautiful nature. For a child it will not be just an ordinary garden, but a real summer camp, with a variety of entertainment, to develop useful lessons carefully compiled by the regime of the day.

That should give the child a year old kindergarten?

Summer in Moscow kindergarten accepts children from one year. We guarantee the following:

  • professionalism and dedication of all our employees who devote their full attention to each child;
  • the security that is provided round the clock security of premises, areas for games, constant medical supervision;
  • individual approach to each child that promotes the disclosure of all the faculties of the child and its successful adaptation to the team;
  • an interesting program, which consists of a large number of activities, games, theater, walks;
  • comfortable rooms for games and sleep, good food, beautifully furnished playground.

Social adaptation

Social adaptation - Group for Early Childhood Development

All parents know how important it is for a child social adaptation. The child feels secure in his own family, but at a certain age he has for some time to stay with strangers, interact with other kids. To avoid this, it is impossible, but it is important to adapt as much as possible gently, without hurting the child. In our kindergarten this is the best way.

Perhaps many parents scared summer camp, they are afraid to leave your child without your attention. But in our kindergarten children feel fine, experienced teachers and psychologists take into account all the individual characteristics and help even the most timid children to easily join the team.

At the same time, parents can pick up the child every night, and may leave overnight. The advantage of our summer kindergarten is the fact that you can not pay for a month, but only for a week or even a day ahead. This allows you to send a child to us at such time that is convenient to parents, without spending extra money.

Entertainment for every taste and with the use of

The main thing that like children who come to us - all sorts of entertainment and activities. The children are taught foreign languages, dance, sing, act out little plays, draw, go on trips and outings. But these entertainments are organized not only to have fun, and for the comprehensive development of young persons. You will notice how the child learns a new post every day in the summer kindergarten.

 Summer kindergarten in Moscow for younger students

 what you need for a newborn

Hassle associated with the birth of the baby - the most exciting and enjoyable for any woman. And it is very important to provide all the important points and buy everything you need. There is a sign by which to buy things for the baby in advance is impossible. But imagine a situation - you have given birth crumbs and dad frantically rushes to find the necessary things for the heir or heiress. It is not difficult to imagine what will become the newly-born Pope. So much wiser to leave all these prejudices and start buying things for yourself crumbs.

But inexperienced mother to cope with this problem as it is very difficult. And no wonder - try to go to any children's store. The truth, look at first? Therefore it is recommended to make a list of what you need for a newborn for the first time. And we can help you with this. Of course, these tips are advisory in nature. Some things you may not need, or do you prefer to buy anything over the list. And on the financial situation of each particular family should also be taken into account. But the general idea of ​​what it will take you and your child, you will receive. But let us get to the point.

What should be the child in the hospital?

After the appearance of the crumbs into the world he is in the nursing home for about 7 days. It was at this period things and stockpiles. Of course, some things can bring home, but better to take everything at once, so as not to worry about in the event of unforeseen circumstances. After all, your mom can get into the car, "plug", and her husband can delay at work.

First, ask in advance at the hospital - if they have any requirements or recommendations. The realities of life are such that very often in the nursing home give the whole list of things that you need to bring to the hospital. Often, this list includes drugs, and even the umbilical cord clamps. All this is necessary to have the time of admission to the hospital, so buy in advance required.

Further, care should be taken of the baby clothes. Most often in the nursing home used diapers and undershirts. Most maternity hospitals issued an unlimited number of diapers, but more often they are old enough, so moms prefer to buy their own. Number of diapers depends on whether the hospital is allowed to use disposable diapers. But in any case, the "experienced" mothers are advised to take no less than 20 pieces. Warm or thin diapers - it depends on the time of year. Well, of course, the air temperature in the chamber, which will be a mom and baby.

In some maternity hospitals are allowed immediately after birth crumbs to put on jackets and sliders. When buying, choose clothes made of natural materials, with no rough seams. But do not forget that the blouses and sliders also need to take no less than 10 pieces. Diapers, of course, a good thing. But the child may vomit, turn so that the diaper moves - but who knows what might happen? You do not want to ask her neighbor Dry sliders in the ward until your family will not come to you?

All the above applies to disposable diapers. The old adage "safety woes does not repair" urgent than ever. In the end, the remaining unused diapers, you can always take home. Diapers should buy the smallest size - from 2 to 5 kg. But only one big pack, which you will need in the hospital! Because it is very likely that in a month your crumb will need a larger size diapers.

Do not forget about the hat - it must also be taken to the maternity hospital. It goes without saying that the cap should be seamless, but experienced moms recommend buying the hospital cap and without laces. They are much more comfortable to wear than traditional caps with strings under the chin. Hats must be at least 3 - 5 pieces.

In the event that the sleeves in blouses and raspashonkah not sewn, be sure to get a few pairs of cotton mittens. They will help protect delicate baby skin from scratches. In addition, there will be extra and warm socks - in newborn babies very much freezing feet.

So, we have decided with clothing. Next, you need to take care of hygiene products for the baby. They also need a lot:

  • Children soap

Baby soap wise to acquire a liquid, with dispenser. This measure will help you ease the procedure for washing the baby - because you will wash it with one hand, since the second will have to keep him. In no case do not purchase ordinary soap - it can cause irritation to the skin of the child. Purchase only special children.

  • Wipes

Napkins should also be designed specifically for children's skin. For the first time it is recommended to purchase without any flavorings, without even aloe extract and chamomile. Thus you will insure a child from allergic reactions.

  • Sterile cotton wool and cotton pads

Cotton pads can be useful at any time, as a child, and my mother. A sterile cotton needed for the production of flagella, which can clean the ears and nose crumbs. Some mothers for this purpose used cotton buds, but doctors do not recommend.

  • Baby cream

In that case, if you use disposable diapers, be sure to purchase a special protective cream. In that case you do without diapers, will be enough to buy the most ordinary children's cream. Remember that in any case can not be used while baby cream and powder - often inexperienced mother and arrive. As a result, the child's skin and diaper rash appear worn.

With the kits to extract, as a rule, no problem, because the store can be purchased ready-made. It often consists of two undershirts, two diapers, two hats, envelope. There are both summer and autumn, and the demi-season sets. The only thing you need to take care of you - is to prepare in advance a disposable diaper and ribbon, if you are followers of the old traditions.

 you need a newborn

Tiny house

So what should the newborn in the first days after birth, we found out. Let's talk about what you need to prepare for the arrival of the baby home. Once again, we recall that this list is exemplary, and you can adjust it based on their desires and capabilities.

  • Crib

Cots - is the first thing you need to take care of their parents. Sometimes used as a crib stroller. However, it is extremely uncomfortable, even dangerous - children grow up very quickly. A child who can sit in any case can not be left in a carriage, as it may fall. So first of all buy a crib.

Some people prefer to buy a beautiful and comfortable baby cradle and bassinet. Of course, for the crumbs of the first few months of life of these options is ideal. But before you buy a similar cradle think - are you ready to buy a few months more and a cot? If the financial aspect does not scare you, then why not?

By purchasing the crib, do not forget about the mattress. The shops are very wide selection of the different mattresses - cotton, spring, with a variety of fillings. Doctors - Orthopedic advise to buy mattresses with coconut filling. Although, of course, in this case, it all depends on your financial possibilities.

  • Oilcloth for the mattress

Even if you use disposable diapers, oilcloth to protect the mattress is a must. The most convenient way to purchase an oilcloth provided with fixing elastic bands - they will not slide off the mattress. Modern oilcloth perfectly breathable.

  • Bed dress

Do not forget to buy a few sets of bed linen - a minimum of 4-5 pieces. They have to change quite often. Linens should be made of natural materials - cotton, linen. Blankets must be at least two - for winter and summer time, and the first year of the baby pillow is not needed.

Recently, very often parents become protective bumpers and canopy. Basically, the issue is quite controversial - on the one hand, well bumpers protect the baby from possible drafts, and dims the light canopy. On the other hand, they are very real dust collectors. So you have to wash them at least twice a week.

  • Night light

Very often parents are completely overlooked such a trifle as a night light. And a very good reason - at night the night light can be very useful. Although it can be changed - for example, diaper cover desk lamp.

  • Bath

Newborn baby need to bathe daily. And much more convenient to do it in baby bath than large. If you plan to bathe the child without the help of friends, buy a special hill. It fixes the baby in the bath and ease your task.

  • Towel

Do not forget also about the towel for the baby. Very often, parents do not acquire a separate towels for the crumbs. And a very good reason - pediatricians remind that the child towels should be individual. Very comfortable special hooded towels.

  • Baby stroller and car seat

For the normal development of the child's body needs some fresh air, so daily walks have become a part of life remains. So, without a wheelchair can not do. Selection of Chair huge, so it all depends on your taste and financial possibilities. The main thing - remember that you need to buy a stroller, age-appropriate baby. The same is true with respect to the child car seat - do not buy it "for growth." This seat will not be able to adequately protect the child.

 you need the newborn for the first time

Want to eat!

Regardless of whether you will breastfeed or as artificial milk formula, you will need the following things:

  • Breast Pump

Breast Pump - chief assistant nursing mothers, especially in the first month after birth. And later my mother will be able to easily express milk if she needs leave. There are a variety of breast pumps - it all depends on the financial possibilities of the family.

  • Bottles

They need, in any case - you are breast-feeding or not. You may need to drink some water baby, give him your milk, or some medicine. Preferably just buy protivokolikovye bottle.

Pleasant trifles

Modern mankind has invented a lot of tools to facilitate the care of the baby. Buy them or not - it's up to you, because it is possible to do without them. But we still will talk about the most popular of them.

  • Bottle warmers

The heater allows you to heat the mixture to the desired temperature, thawed expressed breast milk. Yes, and maintain the temperature of the finished mixture heater quite a force. Many parents can not imagine life without a heater.

  • Baby Monitor

Do you know what makes your baby when you're not in the room? And those who have a baby monitor - know. Although they do not see the baby, but certainly lament not miss in any case. Very useful in case if you live in a big house.

  • Utilizer diaper.

Yes, even this idea! Although, in fairness, it should be noted that it can be successfully replaced the ordinary plastic bucket with a lid.

Of course, you will want to buy more. However, about what should be the newborn for the first time, we have to tell you. So, meet the baby fully prepared!

 What you need for a newborn for the first time?

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