summer hats on the beach

With incredible speed approaching hot days, so every girl begins to plan their summer holidays. Someone is going abroad for holidays and excursions, while others will go to the nearest lake or sea. Summer hats on the beach - this is a very important accessory. They allow you to keep your hair and face from the burning ray of the sun and wind, and a head - from sunstroke.

Fashionable hats summer can transform you, bring charm and turn even the most boring outfit into amazing holistic ensemble. The main thing - to choose the right style and size of your part of the wardrobe.

Fashionable hats summer of 2012

The world's leading designers prepared for the summer of 2012 hats mostly in a classical style. Fashion upcoming season will emphasize better than a woman can have: femininity, lightness and elegance. Pay attention to the wide-brimmed hats, strict and elegant hats in a retro style, as well as children's hats with ribbons.

  • As in the past few seasons, the leader of a broad-brimmed hat. It will certainly attract the attention of its owner, but at the same time will help to hide from prying views. This choice for stylish, bold, women who know his worth. Moreover, the field may not be a broad and huge, just like mugs, as a summer headdress is presented in the most variety of shapes: curved, straight, square and round fields, high and low crown. It is also worth mentioning that this accessory can not be limited only to the spa area, because it will be appropriate and in the city, and the image of the evening.
  • Knitted summer hat in the coming season will be very relevant. This gentle decoration for your head and is a great addition to any image. Fashion styles of hats knitted lace can be both fields, and no margins.
  • At the height of fashion Olympus it is taking that perfectly complements a summer wardrobe and a well with an open dress or swimsuit. Especially trend is knitted option as part of the style "hippie." Trendy colors such headgear will be bright, warm colors.
  • Gained great popularity hat, fedora. It can be worn with a top and a skirt, which will result in a trendy fresh image. The main feature such hats positive is that it is subject to time, so that it includes a variety of images. Classic fedora hat-sewn from felt and the old version is made of canvas or woven straw.
  • Panama easily change your image for the better. It is best to choose a headdress of quality material with a discreet design to create the most feminine and elegant image.
  • If you are a fan of country style, you should pay attention to the cowboy hat. It can be worn for shopping, walking and, of course, the beach. It itself is a highlight, so you should not experiment with vivid colors, choose a neutral shade. But if your image is as simple as possible, it is possible to diversify a bright hat with drawings or decorating accessories in this style.
  • Pots - this is another fashion model in a retro style. Equally important steel various caps, baseball caps and hats, Cloche, who wore a woman still in the distant 20's.

 hats summer

We select the style for the type of person

In order to figure out what style is right for you, you need to try a few of the different models. Girls with an elongated narrow face should pay attention to berets. Owners of square type face designers recommend choosing styles with veils and frills. The ladies with a round face are ideal for a variety of asymmetric cap and girls of short stature should choose wide-model.

When selecting headgear is taken into account and that the style of your purchase can drastically change the appearance. For example, caps and hats, Fedorov does not only rejuvenate, but also give your image a certain carelessness, and wide-brimmed hat will add romance.

All hats in the fashion collections in 2012 symbolize tenderness and femininity. Which of them give priority to this summer - depends on you. The main thing you remember - what would you choose a model in any of them, you should feel comfortable and confident.

 Summer hats Beach

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 Handbags Gianni Chiarini

I thought today I write about a brand. There are many more stories I want to tell you, but just today I want to write about Gianni Chiarini. Why is it about him? Today we received the new collection, we can say blindly booked on the internet due to the fact that Gianni Chiarini stopped coming to Russia for the exhibition. A collection of chic! Do not be described in a nutshell. So, let's talk about the history of the brand. What it stood behind him.

Brand was born in Florence, most recently in 2000. Gianni Chiarini created inside a large company Contemporarybags and headed the direction of the target - handbags   and clutches.

Designers are working to create a collection of handbags and clutches, long before they occur. A collection created two times a year and consists of more than 100 models. Ready for collection scatters shops located around the world. And partly made to order for small companies.

Mark Gianni Chiarini appeared in Russia a few years ago, but has already gained popularity and loyal customers. Beauty, quality and taste will never go unnoticed.

Beauty. Gianni Chiarini uses only genuine leather tanning special. There are several types of skin that Gianni Chiarini advantage bags. They can learn visually: vintage satin, gloss with various stamps, soft skin with a large grain soft "nappa" leather with perforations and other less employed, but very different options. Also, almost unending and colors of quiet tones to bright and juicy summer. Leather handbags   Gianni Chiarini absolutely original and are not repeated from collection to collection. But there is a customer favorite - they account for consistency. Their Gianni Chiarini does not remove from production, but still slightly modifies parts lungs. All this, coupled together, is beauty.

Quality. Workers brand Gianni Chiarini relate to their work very seriously. In Control is produced each new thing. Controlled everything from the choice of leather and accessories, finishing packing goods to the end customer.

Taste. Each bag - is the work of designer, stylist, marketing. Each bag - a connection of fashion trends, designer ambitions and wishes of clients. Many models - is a bold step independent designer. They stand out among the entire line, but make up the creative core of the company. Gianni Chiarini - this high emotional pleasure.

As a result, any bag Gianni Chiarini finds buyers among both demanding clients, and loyal, among old and young, men and women.

Mission Gianni Chiarini - simplicity and brevity. Bags of this mark like the finished masterpieces. It is worth noting and clutches Gianni Chiarini. It is absolutely simple models (there are okolo4) rectangle, without accessories. Very comfortable, always topical, with several pockets. I wear it as a clutch handbag over her shoulder every day, and in his hand on the way out. It is a pleasure to use it and come up with something, experimenting on his way.

Gianni Chiarini enables people to purchase high quality merchandise, with elements of creative design, etc., etc. for quite reasonable, I would say, a little money. These bags will be worn for years.

Gianni Chiarini bag Women's never let you down. And always give the opportunity to experiment ... Buy Discount handbags and straight from Italy, you can now not only in retail stores, but also online.

 Handbags Gianni Chiarini

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 headbands for hair

Modern designers are constantly offering us various new and original solutions in clothes and accessories. It has long been no secret that the hair is the main decoration of each girl, and to emphasize this, there are various accessories. This year's fashion headbands hair. This thing is a vibrant part of the female wardrobe, so it may be present in the composition of both day and night images.

Fashion trends of hair ornaments

Among the fashion trends in 2012 is dominated by retro style with their vintage clothes and images. Not an exception and headbands for the hair, which will complement these images and will help to immerse themselves in the charm of yesteryear. These accessories are designed to diversify and update your wardrobe every fashionista.

  • At the height of fashion Olympus are bandages with animal prints. Many of them, so you can choose a variety of colors drawings and colors. For example, the options under the snakeskin, leopard, zebra and many more. With such a bagatelle you provided a spectacular and vivid image! And you can choose basic clothing in neutral, warm colors, making emphasis on the bright accessories.
  • Very topical dressing hair, decorated with beads or rivets of different shapes. This option is ideal for a wonderful evening of image and attract attention. After all, beads, metal figurines, beadwork, appliqué or chaotic patterns appear extraordinary.
  • Feminine and delicate hair accessories will underline your elegance, adding the image of glamor and sexuality. Best of all would look bandages cream and pastel shades, because they emit maximum softness.
  • If you want to emphasize their individuality and brightness, add your image outrageous, you should pay attention to the dressing of leather, decorated with bright inserts or metal figurines.
  • Knitted and crocheted accessories suitable for this type of socks in cold rainy weather. Note that in this case they must be warm and original, creating the desired image.

 how to wear a bandage for hair

How to wear this accessory?

The main question - how to wear a bandage for hair - is given every girl, because this accessory is not only very fashionable, but also incredibly comfortable.

Thin the dressing in the form of woven leather braids or chains should be worn on the hair above the forehead. They can decorate absolutely any style, so this decoration suitable for any image.

Wide bandage is better to wear a hair closer to the base of the hair growth. This little thing can safely acquire girls with long hair, and believe me, she does not just save you from the mess on his head. A good solution might be stylish ordinary folded handkerchief out of a lightweight material, and most importantly, this option will suit any outfit, especially daily.

Bandages in sports style made from elastic material that stretches well. For jogging or training in the gym is the indispensable thing, because it keeps the hair nice.

Fancy dressing as a bright element always emphasize the image and add your tenderness and femininity. This ornament is perfect for all types of hair. Accessories with Rhinestones complement any evening dress. If you want to shine - put a little thing on top of the hair, in this case, her beauty is visible from all sides.

Try to combine your favorite design of this accessory with the shape of your face and long hair to maximize the benefits of all your stress.

 Stylish hair dressings

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