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  • Romantic beam
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  • Surfer
  • Fashion pigtails
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Summer - a romantic going. It's time to love and light flirting, glitter in his eyes and kissing on the beach. In summer, especially women look: gait becomes easy and relaxed, straightened her shoulders, and her hair shimmer and shine in the rays of the hot sun. Fashionable hairstyles of the summer, as well as clothes for this time of year, look more freely, airy and relaxed.

Especially long-haired girl was lucky, because the stacks of thick hair, you can create anything you want. Important to be patient and really want to make your hair style was original and stylish. Let's look at the most fashionable and best summer hairstyles.

Free beam

Collect hair from the high "horse" tail. Then nacheshite him across the length and wrap several times around the base, securing the end with the help of a beautiful hairpins on top. This summer hairstyle suitable for romantic walks, and to meet with friends in a cafe, and beach activities.

Romantic beam

This hairstyle looks especially good on thick hair. It can be done both on dry and wet curls. Remove the hair back and tying a low ponytail, twisted it several times. Then twisted the hair wrapped around the gum and fix using stealth. The finished hair sprinkled with lacquer. In this way you will be irresistible to any summer party.

 hairstyles for the summer

Tails style "Hippie"

For this hairstyle for the summer do not need a lot of time and special skills. Just divide hair on the line or a zigzag parting and tying two tails, each of which is sprinkled with a spray (or passage wax) and gently tease. It remains to clasp them in several places with rubber bands or ribbons - hair ready.

Wide bouffant ago

Summer hair in the style of the 70s will fit almost every woman. Take the width of a strand of hair from temple to temple and slightly nacheshite it. Then sprinkle with varnish, and passing over the surface of the strands flick of the wrist, attach on top of a hairpin or invisible.


This hairstyle is perfect for owners of curly hair. Those who have straight hair, you can cheat a little wet strands, leaving the curler for a few hours. Now for their business: watch the video, read a book or simply relax. After removing the curlers, hair and fluff just slightly fix them gel. The result was a light, careless, and at the same time a beautiful hairstyle.

Fashion pigtails

Running with braided hairstyles - troublesome, requiring time and skill. But precisely because of braids and obtained the most fashionable and original feminine styling. Before you start creating hairstyles, prepare hair for braiding. For this apply a fixing mousse, thoroughly distributing it over the entire length.

Now you can start weaving. Divide the hair parting from ear to ear. This is to ensure that locks the rear and front of the head is not tangled. The front locks are divided into three equal parts and from each braid "spike." Then connect the pigtails and the back of the hair into a common tail. The tips of "spikelets" wrap around gum and fix her hair lacquer. Sami "spikes" can be covered with wax for better fixation and shine.

 summer hair

The rim of the hair

Good hair comb, making horizontal parting on the crown. Located close to the forehead locks divide into 3-4 parts. Now, each strand must be treated with wax and twist into a bundle. You do not need much to pull hair, hair should get a little loose. The tips of the rim hide under the hair, attach the invisible and lightly sprinkle with varnish. These summer hairstyle in the Greek style have always been and will be relevant.

How to diversify hair

To make packing for the summer more diverse use tips listed below:

  • Bouffant different sections of hair can change the hairstyle of all recognition. It can be done, and the whole length of the hair, and only on the top, and for the individual strands framing the face;
  • Using irons, curling irons and other styling tools, you will make your hair more fashionable and modern. But these devices are not abused is because they have a negative impact on the health of the hair;
  • Be sure to purchase a fashionable decorative items for the hair. Today, their choice is so huge that the same hairstyle can be present in very different ways every day.

Trendy hairstyle can transform a woman added to her youth and attractiveness. So do not be lazy to change their image, often look in the mirror, picks up new styling experiment. And then you will always look stunning!

 Summer Hairstyles: beautiful and practical

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 schwarzkopf hair dye


  • A little bit of history ...
  • Schwarzkopf today
  • There is no limit to perfection
  • At home or in the salon?
  • How to avoid mistakes in the dyeing hair at home

Hair Dye Schwarzkopf from the well-known among professionals and consumers. The products of the German company Schwarzkopf & Henkel has long established itself as the product of very high quality.

Consumers know that everything that makes this company, which, by the way, is on the market of cosmetic products for hair since 1898 (!!!), meets the most stringent standards.

A little bit of history ...

It all started with a small pharmacy in Berlin, where, in addition to the usual set of pharmacy products at the time, offers customers more and perfume products. Pharmacy chemist Hans Schwarzkopf belonged, which was at the forefront of one of the currently known companies.

In 1903 he invented a powder shampoo that I had to use to dissolve in water. This product created a furor, and within a year of this product, which depicted a world-famous icon today, black heads were inundated with all pharmacies and perfume shops.

Then we go to achieve one by one - in 1927 went on sale the first liquid shampoo, and five years later the first shampoo that does not contain alkalis. Following this, it was the turn of funds for the cold permanent wave, then there was hair dye, etc. etc. In 1960 the company entered the market with a new product. They began to hair dye schwarzkopf called Igora Royal.

In the mid 90-ies of the last century, Schwarzkopf Professional has entered into concern Henkel.

Schwarzkopf today

Currently, Schwarzkopf Professional is the undisputed market leader in products for hair care. This creams, masks, shampoos, hair dyes, products for styling and installation.

In the eyes of the consumer Schwarzkopf today is:

  • wide range of products
  • the latest trends
  • leadership in the segment of business
  • the highest quality of all products
  • enormous popularity

A few words about the range. It really is extremely wide. I would especially like to say about the line of Schwarzkopf Bonacure - with the help of these products you can fully heal the most problematic hair.

Excellent consumer properties are different and unique hair dye Igora (Igor), Schwarzkopf Brilliance, Schwarzkopf Blond Me. The latter is one of the best ways to lighten, dyeing and toning hair.

Appreciation of consumers and professionals had a line of professional products for styling and styling, give your hair a dazzling shine still - we mean and Osis Schwarzkopf Essensity.

And, of course, deserves a special discussion hair dye igora (Igor) from Schwarzkopf Professional. She turned the usual understanding of the art of hair coloring, demonstrating a real systemic approach to hair care. Each product included in this line, on the one hand, leads his party in the game, so to speak, on the other, - he perfectly complements the action of the rest of the production.

The line consists of a large number of products. It superstoykaya hair dye schwarzkopf igora Royal (Royal Igor); means for hundred percent gray painting igora Royal Absolutes Anti-Age (Igor Royal Absolyuts anti-aging); Paint all kinds of dyeing igora Royal fashion + (Igor royal fashion); means for toning Schwarzkopf igora Vibrance; tint foam with caring effect Schwarzkopf Igora Color Gloss.

Believe me, we have listed is not an exhaustive list - the company has many unique tools, which includes in its membership the most active ingredients that provide health and good appearance of hair - vitamin B7 (biotin), silica and others.

 Schwarzkopf hair dye

There is no limit to perfection

The main slogan of the company - not to stand still. Work on the improvement of existing products and creating new never stops. Hair Dye Schwarzkopf from which the company offers to consumers today, penetrates the hair, soaking it inside and out. This new formula helps to maintain the rich color of the hair for a long time.

Another important achievement of the company - an excellent dye gray hair, which helps to achieve a natural color without hassle, quick and easy, and most importantly, without harm to the hair. For hair dyes last generation do not contain ammonia.

This is a very harmful chemical compounds, the effects of which previously subjected to any woman who wishes to change hair color. Those who are older will remember the acrid smell that was in the barbershop when painting. Hair in a short period of abuse lost shine and softness, turning in tow, and that the saddest thing just fell apart. Today, a miracle happened: the paint from Schwarzkopf, including igora, not only stained hair in vivid colors, but at the same time caring for them.

I must say that bezammiachnoy paint already existed, but all its variants are still not perfect, it has not fulfilled its primary role - did not give lasting color, fulfilling a role more toning agents. But this created a number of inconveniences. Firstly often had to repeat the procedure, but it is not the best way affects the hair And secondly, these colors are not suitable for gray hair, because they could not give even tone, which would be the same throughout the length of the hair.

To solve this problem struggled scientists doing research in the laboratories of large companies. But that specialists Schwarzkopf rose to the occasion. They have created a cream of the new generation, which has a mild effect on the hair, a rich palette and gives lasting results. Cream, in addition to the already mentioned advantages, proved so easy to use that coloring hair at home is no longer a problem.

At home or in the salon?

Does all of the above, it is now possible to forget about painting the hair salon? Of course not. And here's why. What we told you about the paint Schwarzkopf - the truth, make no mistake. The paint is really resistant, easy to use, takes care of hair without drying them is rich palette - everything with her. But the interior has not been canceled.

In some cases, you can dye your hair at home? Firstly, if you notice that the roots have grown, and you do not look perfect. Second, if the color is slightly tarnished, you want to make it brighter and more saturated. And in the first and in the second case this quite simple procedure can handle yourself every woman.

Yet there are situations that do not do without the services of professionals. If you decide to seriously change the image of a bright brunette and turn into a no less bright blonde or vice versa, without the help of a specialist can not do here. No, you can, of course, and the experiment itself, but then do not worry, if your hair suddenly acquire a radical green, or, for example, yellow. Moreover, such a daring experiments can lead not only to a sharp change of image, but also to hair loss.

You can not understand why in the dyeing of hair in the salon and at home get different results while you're doing it right? The answer, they say, lies on the surface. The master professional paint, and you - home. And that, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.

In order to achieve the desired effect Master combines shades, selects the desired proportion of dyes, oxidizing agents, and other ingredients, which are involved in a complex chemical process that is staining. Did you just use the standard home kit, which is designed for home use. And it is right. Professional products may be used only by professionals.

 hair dye schwarzkopf igora

How to avoid mistakes in the dyeing hair at home

Realizing that a fairly large percentage of women, despite all our warnings will still dye your hair at home, we felt it necessary to tell you how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Never use a new paint for you without sensitivity testing. This will help avoid any unpleasant consequences that can be expressed in the form of redness, itching and even hair loss.
  • If you decide to use a new shade, be sure to perform a test staining. This will avoid disappointment. Very often the color that we are promised in the picture, looks at life completely differently. And the result could affect many reasons that can not be provided.
  • Do not keep the paint on the hair longer allotted time. Believe me, this tone does not become more intense, but the hair you can cause serious harm.

... Women love me. We are changing the overall style of clothing, hairstyle, and of course, the hair color. Moreover, it is typical for the fair sex, regardless of age, nationality, social status. We all want to be brighter, prettier, younger - and that's fine.

And where do we start? Change the color of the hair! Painting by Schwarzkopf, in particular paint igora (Igor), this fits perfectly.

 Choose the best: schwarzkopf - hair dye number one

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