Summer Dress Chiffon

Summer - the most romantic period in the life of every woman. It was at this time of year of the fair sex bloom and transformed. And this is not surprising. That's how women are, they always and everywhere want to look irresistible. The desire to emphasize their femininity and beauty most women expressed to update your wardrobe.

Although in recent years more and more of our contemporaries prefer to wear trousers, dresses like all women, without exception. The popularity of this same part of the female wardrobe is easy to explain. No other outfit does not allow ladies to look glamorous, fashionable, stylish and sexy at the same time. Include in your summer wardrobe of chiffon summer dress, you will always be irresistible

What dress will be relevant in the season spring-summer 2012? This issue is relevant for many modern women who are constantly watching what's new each season. Although before the warm days are still very far away, many ladies are already thinking about how to update your wardrobe.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2012 season

Chiffon dress - an undoubted hit of the season. There is nothing more romantic than a light dress of chiffon, which is unthinkable without a wardrobe of any modern fashionista. In ancient times, the clothes of chiffon and silk could afford only your favorites. Fortunately, those days are long gone, and today women have the opportunity to choose whatever they like from inexpensive everyday dresses of artificial chiffon to exquisite evening dresses of silk.

Most of today's designers to create spring-summer collections of clothes prefer to use this material, which due to its uniqueness (it is both lightweight and durable, and elastic) has long captured the hearts of millions of women worldwide. This summer dresses of chiffon become an integral part of women's wardrobe. To learn how to look fashionable chiffon dresses 2012 offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the fashion catwalks.

Chiffon dress with shows for spring-summer 2012, held in London, Paris, New York and Milan impress with their variety of models and styles. Dresses from soft tissues of different lengths and colors attract attention and the imagination. The incredible freedom of choice of styles, patterns and colors allows every woman, regardless of age, choose an outfit that will feel comfortable in any situation.

 Chiffon Dresses 2012

  • In the spring of 2012 is dominated by floor-length dresses and slightly above - the ankle or calf. They are still in fashion and mini-dresses. Agree, short dresses - this is the best way to show others your beautiful slender legs. Therefore, they will never lose its relevance. Also in the collections of most designers can meet a lot of interesting models chiffon cocktail dresses knee-length, slightly above or slightly below.
  • At the shows Carolina Herrera, Paolo Frani, Blugirl and other designers were present in abundance as free styles and models with slim silhouette, which, by their appearance very similar to summer sundresses.

 summer dresses of chiffon

  • As for color, the most fashionable color of spring-summer 2012 season will undoubtedly be orange. Significant competition will make this color yellow, turquoise and lemon tones. In contrast to the bright saturated trends, the clear favorite of the season spring-summer 2012 will be pastel. Cream, beige, powdery shades and pale pink and blue look very feminine, elegant and refreshing.
  • In addition to the bright colors on the fashion catwalks there were many models of classic shades. Dresses red and black were seen in the collections of such famous brands as Cristian Dior and Valentino, as well as other well-known designers.
  • Also relevant dress simple style of a monochromatic fabric. Incredibly popular outfits of translucent chiffon lined in a contrasting color.

 summer fashion dress chiffon

  • Evening options Chiffon this spring differ abundance of decoration in the form of complex draperies, lace, stones, beads and sequins.
  • Another fashion trend spring-summer season 2012 - this chiffon dress with long sleeves. Similar models in a wide range represented in the collections of world famous brands Gucci, Adam and others. These summer dresses of chiffon, undoubtedly, will please many of our contemporaries who live in different parts of our planet. Puffed sleeves, flared from the shoulder and narrowed in the vicinity of the wrist - remains unchanged favorite season.
  • Also, it is very fashionable model with flared and pleated skirts.

 chiffon dress summer 2012

  • Floral print - another fashion trend, which is very relevant in the spring among chiffon dresses. No less relevant this summer will be a model of exotic colors, among which will be dominated by multi-colored oriental designs and patterns, palm leaves, animal prints (mainly zebra and leopard), as well as geometric African designs.

A better option than air chiffon dress for a hot summer, and come up with is impossible. The more that this outfit is absolutely suitable for any occasion. It can be worn both at work and at a party, to visit or for a walk.

If you follow the advice of fashion designer and stylist, the same chiffon dress in the new season can be used as both a day and evening attire. The main thing - to choose the right accessories to it. For example, pastel dresses very well combined with accessories related or contrasting color.

What color and style to choose a dress for warm spring days? It all depends on your taste and mood. You can choose the model of neutral pastel shades, and any saturated color. Make no mistake - what would you choose a dress in any of them, you'll be fine and adorable!

 Summer Dress Chiffon: the charm of romance

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 trousers for women
 For several consecutive seasons pants trousers women - or, as they are called, pants saruel, Afghanis, Aladdin - do not go out of fashion catwalks. They are distinguished by a free cut and lowered almost to his knees bunt. The volume at the hips and tapered towards the bottom trousers have a seal in the form of gum or lip. Due to this they are going soft folds in the area of ​​the ankle and allow you to vary the length of the product, raise or lower the cuffs.

The 2012 collection harem pants can meet both long and short. Belt of trousers is most often decorated with a wide elastic band, but also allows buttons, zippers and even lace. The choice of fabrics for fashion pants are also diverse. The 2012 collection fashion designer presents a huge variety of options for everyday wear trousers - viscose, cotton, jersey and jeans. For smart trousers designers prefer to use a more fine fabrics, such as velvet, silk, chiffon, and others.

At the time of the pants style enjoyed great popularity among the Eastern women. Thanks to its cut, they do not hold down movements and let you hide some of the shortcomings of the female figure. It is for these qualities they have taken to heart not only inhabitant of the eastern harems, but also a modern representative of the fairer half of humanity from all over the world.

Choosing fashionable bryuchek: Tips stylists

Unfortunately, fashionable this season bloomers can decorate every woman. To go harem pants?

  1. Women's fashion trousers, and absolutely every cut, can only afford owner model of growth and the same figure. On skinny pants slim girl saruel look very impressive.
  2. This style "shows" and girls with narrow hips, as the volume in the upper part of the pants can visually make the hips are more rounded and appetizing form.
  3. Women's trousers are also an excellent option for girls and women with forms reminiscent of banana they will focus on the waist and thus counterbalance the visual proportions. With this figure will look more slender and attractive.
  4. Owners of the pear-shaped body stylists do not recommend choosing narrowing down trousers.
  5. The best option for women with a curvy shape can be a choice of plain trousers or harem trousers with large print.
  6. Slim girl, on the contrary, Aladdin fit in fine pattern and bright colors.
  7. Girls short, before putting on the pants such style, you should think about it, because they visually shorten the length of the legs and make growth less.

 harem pants

How and what to wear trousers?

Popular in the eastern harem pants modern ladies can wear anywhere and with anything .  Thanks exists today a variety of styles and fabrics fashionable harem pants, you can wear them not only as a casual clothes, but also as an evening dress .  Modern stylists and designers offer to wear the garment, even to work, giving preference in choosing simple and plain patterns .  As you probably already noticed, trousers - a very democratic clothing that can be worn on weekdays and on holidays .  As this subject is bright and showy female wardrobe goes well with many things of women's wardrobe .  But they look particularly attractive with solid and colorful tops and fitting things in ethno-style: shirts, blouses and tunics, embroidered ribbons and .  While a business style well suited white blouses with fitted jackets .

To look fashionable and stylish this spring and summer, stylists advise to combine this style pants with a short "top". Especially look good trousers in combination with colored fitting tops. The perfect complement to this ensemble will be ornaments in the form of beads, pendant or bracelet. To give a complete view of the image you created to help stylish hats, scarves, shoes with high heels or wedges and original belt. Do not be afraid to show imagination and experiment with creating these variants and new images. As you can see, the new fashion season Spring-Summer 2012 the attracted many girls original style female bryuchek not going to leave the fashion catwalks; Moreover, it provides a lot of opportunities for the women of fashion expression.

Despite the fact that many strongly oppose such a fashion, comfortable and versatile pants are coveted and in demand for the majority of the fair sex. This spring and summer without this trendy little things unthinkable wardrobe of any modern fashionista.

 The most fashionable harem pants