Summer colds: exception or the rule?

Paradoxically, in summer, too, you can catch a cold! Many people think that the heat - is sufficient protection against the common cold and hoarse throat. However, it is not. To escape from the summer heat, we often lose caution and do not notice how supercool. And from exposure to cold - one step.

At risk are the children - lovers of swimming and ice cream, as well as "prudent" adults. It is enough to be in the street after a hot room with air conditioning, adjust the climate control in the vehicle at too low temperature, to spend a few minutes in the draft, drink ice water after jogging or working in the garden.

 Summer colds: exception or the rule?

I do not want to get sick in the summer?

A few simple rules will help you stay healthy in hot weather.

  1. Entering the room with air conditioning, sprinkles jacket, shawl, jacket, to the temperature drop was not too drastic. Remove clothing can be 5-10 minutes.
  2. Arriving at the beach, do not rush into the cold water. Sit in the shade or under the umbrella of a few minutes.
  3. After strenuous exercise, avoid drafts and immediately try to wipe the sweat. Wet skin supercooled faster than dry.
  4. You should not drink cold drinks in one gulp: take a tiny sip and take your time.
  5. Use essential oils with antibacterial and tonic effect, for example, oil Breathe. Keep close to each other (on the desktop in the office or at home) with a swipe of the oil drops.

 Summer colds: exception or the rule?
 The oil will help Breathe?

Natural essential oils that make up the oil Breathe easily evaporate and destroy disease-causing bacteria in the inhaled air by you. In addition, entering the body in the most natural way, during breathing, these oils have a tonic effect.

It is essential that the oil starts to Breathe "work" immediately. Apply a few drops on a handkerchief or cloth and put next to each other. And while you go about your business, natural essential oils will protect you. Use oil Breathe possible everywhere: at work, at home, in the country or even in the car. Breathe can be used in the oil burner or a humidifier (if permitted by the instruction to them).

By the way, oil Breathe will be useful at the very first, barely noticeable sign of a cold: headaches, mild discomfort in the throat when swallowing, hoarse voice. It begins as a cold summer and our usual symptoms - chills and fever - appear later.

To avoid summer colds, you do not need to put a lot of effort. Suffice prudence ... and drops a few drops of oil Breathe.

 Summer colds: exception or the rule?

 sweating during sleep


  • The essence of the disease and its causes
  • Health care
  • help yourself

Sweating - a natural process, inherent in every human being. But sometimes excessive sweating becomes a real problem, deprive a person of peace. And sometimes it happens at night - sweating during sleep annoy enough people.

People who know about the phenomenon firsthand, often wake up at night completely wet - sweating so profuse that the person has to be changed and bed and underwear. It would seem, well, do not worry - you can bear. However, night sweat is the mass of the pitfalls that make this phenomenon is not such harmless. But let's deal at first.

The essence of the disease and its causes

As mentioned above, night hyperhidrosis is characterized by profuse sweating during sleep. As a result - the dream of man ceases to be a full-fledged, concentration and performance is reduced, deteriorating quality of life.

To cope with this problem, you need to find the source - the cause of night sweats. Immediately I would like to note that in rare cases there may be so-called idiopathic sweating - that is, having no distinct reasons. But more often the culprits are the following diseases:

  • Hormonal

For excessive sweating can cause any hormonal changes, whatever it was called. By the way, precisely because of the natural hormonal changes with excessive sweating is often faced by adolescents and pregnant women. But we must not forget that the hormonal imbalance can be caused by even a variety of endocrine and gynecological diseases. They should be excluded first.

  • Metabolic disease

Not without sweating during sleep, no metabolic disease, whatever it was called! That is, anyway, without a visit to the doctor-endocrinologist do is simply unrealistic.

  • Tumors

Tragically, sometimes sweating during sleep accompanied by a variety of neoplastic processes. Do not immediately frightened - in most cases, these tumors are benign. But if there is even one chance in a hundred that the tumor might be malignant, you need to err!

  • Tuberculosis

If in addition to night sweats you notice weight loss, constant slight fever, cough - immediately go to the doctor-ftiziatoru! It is very likely that you are faced with such dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis. And do not pull the time - it is quite long runs almost asymptomatic. But the sooner treatment is started, the better it will be!

  • Acute infections

Increased sweating is almost always the companion of various infectious diseases - influenza, infectious mononucleosis, malaria. Such strong sweating is absolutely normal protective reaction to the rise in body temperature. Well, why the temperature rises, perhaps, it is clear to all.

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system

Often sweating at night indicates a problem with the circulatory system - for example, in heart failure. You should not play with fire - like states threaten not only the health but also human life.

  • Condition of the nervous system

If you've read this far, you probably already rather frightened. But take a deep breath and calm down - about 90% of all cases of excessive sweating is just a consequence of the way of life of modern man. Chronic fatigue syndrome, constant stress - all of this negatively affects the nervous system. And she, in turn, is responsible profuse sweating at night.

 sweating during sleep

Health care

Hopefully you about your health with proper attention and become engaged in self-diagnostics and go to the doctor. Funny statistics - about 80% of all adults are afraid of doctors ... corny! And the nature of this fear is simple - a lack of information. That is why we tell you what to expect at the doctor.

  • Choosing a specialist

As you have seen from all the above, the reasons for which there is excessive sweating, very much. And there is a reasonable question - to what the doctor to go first? The most reasonable solution would be a visit to a therapist. And he said, after a conversation with the patient, to decide which doctor you send. The list of experts is large enough: a psychologist, a neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, and even an allergist.

  • What to expect?

Be prepared for a very thorough examination of besede- your doctor does not perpetrate a joke, so do not be amiss to advance to prepare for it. Recall exactly when there was excessive sweating, how often it hurts you, whether you are taking medication and which, talk with your family - perhaps one of them also face sweating during sleep.

In most cases, only one conversation to identify the causes of sweating during sleep is not enough and the doctor prescribes a number of studies. First, do not do without a detailed analysis of blood. Secondly, the research can not do without the kidneys, liver, thyroid. And thirdly, in some cases, have to resort to ultrasound.

  • Treatment

Predict which treatment will be scheduled in your case, it is simply impossible - it all depends on the cause. Incidentally, this is why in any case it is not necessary to follow the advice of friends or family - what is good for one may be a danger to others.

 excessive sweating during sleep

help yourself

If no serious pathologies, and the doctor did not reveal excessive sweating - it's just a feature of your body, or the effects of stress, have to cope with the problem on their own. Throw it out of control in any case it is impossible, because a person spends in a dream about a third of his life. So why put up with the inconvenience?

The more so because it is not only the convenience, but also for your health: restful sleep is essential for the normal functioning of the body. It occurs during sleep many important processes - energy resource recovery, regeneration of tissues and organs, cleansing the body. It is not difficult to guess what can turn a lack of quality full sleep.

But normalize sleep is not so difficult - enough to comply strictly with a series of recommendations:

  • Temperature range

Too high as too low body temperature for sleep affects most unfavorable obrazom¸ and the thermoregulation of the body suffers. Therefore, always make sure the room temperature - ideally it should fluctuate between 18-20 degrees.

  • Bed and underwear

Always give preference to linen made from natural materials - synthetic poorly breathable and does not absorb sweat. And this applies to both bed and underwear. Believe me, your sleep will be stronger at times!

  • Diet

The quality of your sleep depends on what and when you eat. Avoid afternoon from fatty, fried and spicy foods, coffee, carbonated beverages. And dinner can be no later than two hours before bedtime. Try to observe the feeding regime and from the first day - or rather night - you will notice a huge difference.

In most cases, these simple measures enough to become less intense sweating, and sleep - more calm and profound. Good night!

 Increased sweating during sleep