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Every year, fashion is trying to present us with a variety of new products and surprises. What extraordinary they may be, life without them seems fresh and monotonous. Anticipating the onset of the summer season, every woman looks forward to the emergence of new ideas and solutions in the fashion world, is preparing for a full update your wardrobe. So, this season designers have decided to treat the weaker sex fashion rompers 2011.

Women's overalls - a part of the wardrobe, which appeared in 70-80s years, popular among the proletariat and the middle of the working class. Models rompers this season is not much resemble the styles of the past. In recent years, this outfit is very firmly cemented its position as a leader in the fashion Olympus. Practicality - that is the main asset of the little things, and the woman feels not only comfortable, but also very extravagant.

Fashion rompers 2011 - stylish, winning solution for everyday life and special evening, which required all female elegance. This season, designers have provided us with an abundance of styles of wardrobe items. On the track there are both long and extremely short, not wrestle with some of the options to give preference - all true! Styles rompers are so diverse that you can safely go to the beach or vacation, and for "the release of" You can choose more extravagant. Business lady can pick up a more formal and business attire that would be relevant in the working atmosphere. Overalls female summer are among the first things from the category of must-have, undeservedly forgotten in the 80s, they have found a second life and become relevant in our time.

Styles rompers

 rompers 2011

Major trends this outfit - bright colors, unexpected combinations and draperies, a game with length and texture. Popular colors that can be found in the latest collections for fashion jumpsuits: pastels, beige, ivory, all sorts of variations of white, expressive coral, animal print and oriental motifs, flashy purple or electrician, but the trend is turquoise. By the preferred tissues include: red silk, satin, denim and more natural cotton, it is especially important for summer jumpsuits short.

The most trendy for this season are models with a wide bottom (variations slacks, Afghani), pants with cuffs at the bottom edge of the leg (so-called pants-bananas), narrowed kottonovye pants. Style rompers more common without any straps, or it can be very thin straps. The more attractive a dress for a woman? The fact that he is able to visually pull the female silhouette, if you are the owner of high growth and relatively are thin, it is necessary to wear such a thing with sandals, and if you are petite, not very tall woman, you become a high heel. Rompers, combined with a high heel - the trend of the current 2011 season.

 overalls female summer 2011

Most designers in their collections in Paris paid enough attention to the details of the wardrobe. Modern bright materials, fashionable colors, the original cut - and that's overalls from the 80 successfully transformed into the outfit of the modern woman. Overalls female summer with shorts outfit will become the central beach and casual fashion from the owners good taste. Loose, flowing silhouettes and skinny models are able to hide figure flaws and highlight only the merits of any of the female figure. The main thing - to be able to choose the appropriate style for your figure of total abundance of options.

Combining both the bottom and top, overalls gain comfort and practicality to wear, cut models designed to ensure that the freedom of movement of women. None of the women's magazine this season will not miss the publication of rompers, photos from various models of dress can help you to choose the option that seems best. Very simple, even somewhere Puritan styles that coexist with sexual favors, shocking models that will satisfy the taste of every woman. Model rompers miraculously combines tradition and modern trends in tailoring. Oriental motives are intertwined with European classics, not only cut, but also in the invoice, in the colors and overall silhouette. Thus, the summer overalls for girls the most vivid and expressive allocate its possessor.

Models rompers couture

 overalls female summer photos

YSL, Derek Lam, Celine, YSL

Let's talk a little bit about the shows of famous brands. The collection of Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Derek Lam presented daily variations of this dress. This means that designers use a minimum of decoration and finishing, simple cut and prefer pastel colors for suits, for example, beige. These options will be optimal for official meetings, work or daily evening walks. Most fashion magazines have made it possible to see rompers 2011 photos which best reflect the main trends of the fashion world this piece wardrobe.

 overalls female summer shorts

Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, D & G, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, D & G prefer lighter and romantic silhouettes. As a rule, silk, flowing fabric or shiny satin. Such a thing would be appropriate to look at the party. Often in the search engine gets a request: the complement overalls female summer 2011 photos are required, and designers are beginning to recommend the use of bright, big accessories, small clutches. Lanes looked particularly striking designer suit with a bright floral print. It is these designers have pleased the fairer sex small and large floral pattern, gave maximum femininity and originality.

Fashion rompers 2011

Evening suits - transparent playfulness. This specific, extreme version of the suit, combining different texture of the fabric, it looks like a woman very sexy, as long as this outfit was appropriate, it is best to reserve it for any theme parties or a romantic summer night. Seeing is believing, so check out the transparent overalls female summer, photo them deserve special attention.

 rompers, 2011 Photos

Evening jumpsuit - out royally. This style is lightweight, made of flowing fabrics, usually elegant, free dress made of silk or satin material. Designers abandoned noisy colors, on the contrary, prefer to similar models quiet noble color.

 rompers photo

Overalls with prints. Even the simple suit with a short summer shorts can revive commonplace due to the calling of the pattern or figure. If you are a fan of all the extravagant, then dress with print - your option! For the summer 2011 season are the most relevant patterns in the animal style and oriental motifs with intricate play of various colors. If you want to be a trend, do not pass by the geometric patterns of the classical architectural flower or leaf.

 fashion rompers

Flying suits - female desire in color! Designers say that fashion jumpsuit - a bright outfit, so the collections of famous couturier pestreyut turquoise, rich yellow flowers. Young girls are not afraid to experiment, because the color is now in the trend!

 model rompers

Satin dresses. Few things can compare with the atlas in sexuality, he is able to transform any woman, devoted to her charm, elegance and tenderness. Playful lilt and soft draping emphasizes all the charm of a female figure and hide its flaws

 Summer 2011 women's overalls

Overalls for every day. For an active life rhythm necessary things that would have brought comfort and ease, do not hesitate to movements. Therefore, moving women overalls with no frills to be the best option.

 styles rompers

Overalls female summer with shorts, usually extremely short length - beach fashion trend. Mini-skirt definitely lost ground, and they were replaced by the shortest shorts, not just shorts and overalls. This is perfect for a beach holiday, a similar style often made of thick denim, with no straps at the top of the model. Perhaps the most frequent request that the girl is introduced into a retrieval system, is the "summer shorts, overalls," photos of ultrashort copies submitted to resources affect the abundance and variety of design models for every taste. Designers recommend wearing these models with high heels and big bags, to emphasize the waist by a thin straps.

 overalls female summer 2011 Photo

Overalls female summer 2011 - is not only the desire to be seductive, the designers have taken into account and have tried to develop a sports model for hyperactive women. This is a real hit of the season, these outfits have a hood and zipped. Of course, dominated by minimalism, no special frills are not there. The classic color scheme for these models are black and white or beige, solid colors.

 fashion rompers 2011

Denim material is never out of fashion, and a myriad of elements independent of things it was created with his participation, was no exception in this regard and for the overall year-old girls. Typically, this model-shorts, cuts, consisting of capris or long classic suits. The form of trousers in these dresses can range from the classic flat, banana-to trousers or trousers. At the peak of the popularity of denim colors light colors with a nonuniform pattern and scuffed.

 summer overalls for girls

A separate topic for discussion will serve as a brace overalls .  This is practical, but at the same time a beautiful hybrid, which is particularly popular with young girls .  The fate of the corset and suit is very similar, these things belonged to a certain social class, they have gained immense popularity in the mid-end of the last century .  After a corset, and overalls were forgotten by the world of fashion .  And welcome the triumphant return in wardrobes modern fashionistas .  Now this outfit as jumpsuit has all sorts of variations and styles, its distinctive feature is that it is not necessary to match the proportions robe, he is self-sufficient .  Corset simply helps the ladies look feminine, elegant, an interesting combination of things gives us the convenience of the bottom and slimming effect from the corset .  Thus, such an ensemble transforms any woman, making her elegant and feminine .  Optimal combination from corset with summer shorts, overalls, photo similar design solutions will convince you in this beautiful dress .  High heels complement the image and create the effect of burlesque - it's an option for self-confident women .

 overalls summer short

We have seen that modern designers in abundance presented overalls female summer 2011 models from everyday to the office of styles, from ultra-youth version, ending representative, elegant dresses. In many women's magazines there are different styles of rompers, 2011 photo shows a model will enable visually choose.

The collection of Ralph Lauren (spring-summer show of 2011) is dominated by natural fabrics made from cotton or denim. These dresses are very good for everyday wear. Lanvin went into its design even further: to create an asymmetrical jumpsuit, which is a prototype of an evening dress. This unusual and extraordinary outfit he decorated with bright sequins and rhinestones. Of course, this suit will not dress for a business meeting. But there is a great alternative from Gucci, designers showed their collections of elegant models of overalls that are perfectly in tune with the official blouse or shirt. Many carpet attended raid "hippie era", a similar effect was achieved due to the abundance of floral elements and patterns, women will not be difficult to find on the various resources rompers, photo design small or large flower patterns, draped in the shape of flowers.

Unexpected texture of fabric used in the collection at the Cynthia Steffe. She used a tweed suit and combine it with a white blouse, a similar outfit looked very festive and at least unusual. Jean Paul Gaultier used laconic, strict silhouette, clean lines and minimalism. Velvet suits women summer and photo in which they appear, can be found by looking collection of Cynthia Rowley. These models are associated with vintage style, especially if the lower part - pants-bananas. The classic for the current season began dresses made of silk and satin, are abundant in the collections of Calvin Clein, with its image of business, successful women and Ports 1961.

Rompers, complements the image!

"What can be worn jumpsuit women summer 2011 photo must! "- Such questions are full of women's fashion resources. We said, if a woman does not have model looks, you should stay on the classic silhouette of pastel tones, if the lady - the owner cherished 90-60-90, you can afford the boldest options wildest colors. Almost any woman will suit black suit with a closed top - a versatile combination. For an informal meeting will complement the outfit massive jewelry or belt, contrasting with the general tone of clothing. Boots or high-heeled shoes complement the image.

Many designers agree that the traditional dress in 2011 can replace flowing, loose overalls, which are not inferior to the feminine and seductive evening dresses.

 Summer 2011. overalls look fashionable!

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