Internal treatment of acne on the chin


  • The causes of subcutaneous pimples on the chin
  • Treatment of internal acne
  • Proper skin care
  • What not to do

Subcutaneous spot - this is the most unpleasant and painful form of acne, get rid of is not so easy. There are such spots gradually. It all starts with a small subcutaneous seal, which later develops into a lot of inflammation. Subcutaneous acne mature long and can be confusing, even for a few weeks.

Domestic acne can appear anywhere on the face. According to the localization of spots on a specific area of ​​the face can be judged on the possible health problems. There is even an arrangement of spots, each of which can be attributed to the area corresponding to the disease of the internal organs. We will dwell on this issue, both internal pimples on the chin.
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The causes of subcutaneous pimples on the chin

The reasons for the appearance of pimples and blackheads on the chin there is a whole lot. They may appear because of poor lifestyle, poor hygiene, low immunity, colds, bad heredity, bad habits and various infections.

Often the appearance of acne on the chin due to problems in the digestive and endocrine systems. First of all, it concerns the diseases and disorders of ovarian hormonal balance, namely, to increase the level of the male hormone. In any case, to determine the cause of acne, you should consult your doctor so that he has written direction to take required tests. This is the only way to understand.

 Face cleansing tonic
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Treatment of internal acne

After passing the tests the doctor determines the cause of acne. If the causes of illnesses related to the systems of internal organs, the doctor refers the patient to the appropriate specialist who will carry out the treatment. If the acne does not appear because of diseases of the internal organs, but because of excess sebum, standard treatment by a dermatologist. Rather, it asks a dermatologist tested for demodicosis.

Acne - a disease of the skin caused by the presence of the mite. This mite is a normal inhabitant of the skin integument. Thus, between the host and mites as a result of long-term coexistence develops stable equilibrium. But immunity is loose, this equilibrium is disturbed, and demodekoz makes itself felt. Acne itself never passes, so it is subject to compulsory treatment. An experienced and qualified doctor will prescribe the appropriate medications, sulfur "talkers." External treatment necessarily complemented by taking metronidazole (Trichopolum), tetracycline and vitamins inside.

If the tests did not reveal the presence of demodectic mange and diseases of organs, the doctor will prescribe a patient procedures such as ozone therapy, mesotherapy, peels and a variety of masks. For the treatment of acne is also recommended to use medications for external use, such as Baziron, Differin, Zener. Do not forget about cosmetics for skin care. This gel cleanser and tonic, and masks and soft peels. Of course, all of these preparations and means - not wholly saved from acne, because acne - it is a disease that should be treated as a package. Treatment involves the use of drugs containing antibiotics; medical and cosmetic external funds; the passage of certain treatments and diet. Excluded from the diet of sugary, fatty, salty foods.
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Proper skin care

That the skin was clean, fresh and beautiful need to choose the right care products. First you need to find a suitable method of cleansing the skin. This can be soaps, lotions, gels, foams, etc .. It is worth remembering that the skin is constantly to be hydrated, so do not abuse the agents containing alcohol. After the procedure, be sure to wash wipe your face with a special lotion, and after - a moisturizer, 2 -3 times a week can make a mask cleaning.

Dieting - is the key to beautiful skin. The food should eat only fresh, natural products. Do not overeat, and limit consumption of starchy foods, sweets, fried, greasy, and nuts. Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Exercise, keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress and negative emotions.

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What not to do

If you have acne on the chin, follow 3 simple rules that will help to get rid of this problem.

  • Acne is in any case can not be squeezed out. After this procedure, on the face may be new pimples and left terrible scars, remove that will be very difficult. Furthermore, extruded from acne can develop skin lesions - streptoderma being treated for a long time.
  • Make sure that your hands are always clean, and try to touch the lower face with her hands, so as not to spread germs. After washing, wipe the face with disposable paper towels.
  • Do not use the peels and scrubs, meal on the inflamed areas, otherwise the acne may be spread all over his face. With peeling have to be careful, because they are very desiccate the skin, as a result, production of sebum can be activated even stronger.

Subcutaneous pimples on the chin, and even more so, their accumulation - it's a big problem for both men and women. The worst thing is that acne can be due to internal diseases, so a doctor should be treated immediately.   If the time to go through the prescribed treatment, it is likely to avoid health complications and unpleasant cosmetic effects, such as age spots, scars, etc .. Of course, if you have a single pimple or acne, it can be cured on their own, with the help of pharmacy ointments and gels, but if there were clusters of pimples - self-ruled. Only a doctor can prescribe the right treatment and procedures. If all of the doctor's orders to comply without question, the result will not be long in coming, and your face will delight you with its beauty and purity. Good luck in the treatment!

 Subcutaneous spot - the most embarrassing kind of acne

 use oatmeal


  • What are the benefits from the use of the drink?
  • Hazardous properties jelly

Kissel - a drink, loved by many. It is recommended to improve the work of the stomach, both children and adults.

It is proved that its viscous structure has a positive effect on the gastric mucosa envelops, prevents the appearance of dysbiosis.

The drink is especially useful for people suffering from diseases such as ulcers and gastritis.
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What are the benefits from the use of the drink?

Kisel is valued for its unique positive feature - the prevention of dysbiosis, which has become a disease of the century. Use of this drink is recommended for people who suffer from hyperacidity in the stomach. However, the use of jelly directly related to its foundation. Prepare pudding with fresh berries, milk, syrup and a drink is considered especially useful, based oat groats.

Oatmeal has long been prepared in every home because of its taste and use. It is able to boost immunity because they contain valuable trace elements in oats. Some elderly people feel a surge of courage and strength in the use of such a drink. Perhaps this is due to the fact that jelly effectively removes from the human body lead (it is a scientifically proven fact), enriching the cells necessary for the normal functioning of vitamins and amino acids. Oatmeal contains fiber, which stabilizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, causing a feeling of comfort and ease in the stomach.

Oatmeal normalizes cholesterol and blood sugar. It contains vitamins A (affects the growth state of teeth, hair and skin), the group E, (stimulates blood circulation, which reduces the risk of cataracts, arthritis, tumor development), F (has potent antiallergic).

Oatmeal contains fats, starch, proteins that nourish the central nervous system. Enzymes help to release carbon dioxide from the lungs, maintain normal hormonal imbalance and help to better assimilation of carbohydrates. Use oatmeal consists in the fact that due to the content of vitamin B2 disappears covers dry skin and lips.

Use oatmeal invaluable for kidney disease, and the diagnosis:

  • Colitis, gastro.
  • Gastritis, cholelithiasis.
  • Cholecystitis, cholangitis.
  • Pancreatitis, cirrhosis.

Kissel improves not only the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and facilitates the state in atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiac abnormalities. That is why the pudding is often served to patients in hospital cafeterias.

Any pudding, fruit or oatmeal, not only delicious, but also useful. So, cranberry drink is an effective cough remedy. Drink Blueberry improve eyesight, protect the body against infectious diseases, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract in the disorder and the benefits of apple jelly is to prevent vitamin deficiencies and anemia. In general, benefits from the use of any of the varieties of jelly helps to improve digestion and good mood.

We can not say that is a jelly drink-giving human well-being and joy. It's not just unsubstantiated conjecture, but true fact, which is scientifically proven. After all, with a shortage of vitamin PP person starts to get depressed, begin mental disorders, memory worsens. Use jelly is that included in its composition vitamin PP gives a sense of liveliness and vivacity.

 the benefits of oatmeal jelly
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Hazardous properties jelly

Kissel, the harm and benefit is repeatedly discussed in the scientific community still has not received a clear answer. Some think this product is very nutritious and tasty and even the ability to replace dinner. More particularly, dietitians, perceive the harm from its use, since it contains starch and carbohydrates, which promote the accumulation and deposition of fat in the body. One can not deny the truth of this judgment. But in spite of everything, oatmeal is considered absolutely harmless: one glass of drink contains 100 calories, which is negligible.

Experts perceive the harm jelly is that it is still the drink fast food, which is not enriched with vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition, excessive consumption contributes to the accumulation of mucus in the stomach, which is highly undesirable, and will only bring harm to health.

If the beverage is prepared independently from starch and berry syrup doubt in his favor can not be. When selecting a product in the store, it is recommended to carefully study the composition of the label. Preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants, flavors, - can harm. It is best to choose a product which is composed of natural berry and fruit extracts and concentrates.

From buying recommended to refuse if jelly contains a dye E-124 (Ponceau 4R). It is banned in most countries, except Russia, and is a carcinogen that can cause diseases Oncology nature. In addition, the abundance of artificial ingredients may be harmful to the body, especially to children, triggering an allergic reaction.

 Useful than oatmeal?