How to choose glasses

  • Buying sunglasses, what to look for
  • Choose a color glasses and frames
  • We select the frame-type person
  • Selecting a frame in the color of hair

Stylish. Aesthetically. Glamorous. No, we are not talking about the Parisian fashion and Hollywood beauties. Today we talk about the glasses, how to pick up points so that they have become an important accessory to create a unique image. Points have long ceased to be the property of the boys or girls, nerds, student. Transformed into a fashionable attribute, they have become a tool for the transformation of women in the modern, active and energetic person.

Species enough points. For myopia and hyperopia - optical lenses for vision correction - special treatment of the lens. There are points for motorists, sports, work on the computer and, of course, to protect from the sun. And thus, they will not only be useful, wearing glasses, a woman looks and behaves quite differently. That, so to speak, fit ...

Some types of glasses can significantly distinguish you from the crowd of others. For example, frames, instruct various symbols - skulls and bones, bright flowers or fruit. Decorating these elements eyeglass frames, fashion designers create real masterpieces that are sure to be able to find their consumers.

Buying sunglasses, what to look for

Often we choose accessories, taking into account only the price of goods, and rarely pay attention to the markings. This is a wrong decision. In order for your purchase to serve you faithfully and reliably protected from the sun, you should buy glasses marked with UV400. The numbers slightly less than 400 will hold only 95% of UV radiation and can burn the retina.

It is equally important to take into account the degree of dimming glass in the frame, all of five degrees. The lightest of the slides are able to hold 80% of the sunlight, but dark glasses with anti-glare protection for mountain skiers passed only 3-5% of the sun's rays. It is not recommended to wear glasses fifth degree drivers as road visibility is almost zero. They are best suited ordinary sunglasses with mirrored lenses.

Recently, relevant points chameleon. Due to the photochromic coating, such glass will transmit light in a darkened room, but on a sunny day UV protection.

 How to choose glasses

Choose a color glasses and frames

The most optimal and minimally irritable considered brown, green or gray. In addition, these colors do not distort the color of surrounding objects. On the surface of the glass can be applied to anti-glare, anti-static and water repellent coating.

As for the rim - demand for metal products, plastic or acetate. They may be the most bizarre forms and a variety of color, monochrome or decorated with crystals and precious stones.

We select the frame-type person

If you have a large forehead and a very conspicuous nose, pick yourself with dark sunglasses, large frame, sitting in the midst of the nose. At the same time, the edges of the frame should be slightly upturned.

For a rounded face ideal square glasses with bright, eye-catching color frames. Not recommended for round shapes, or "drops".

Rectangular type "to face" sunglasses aviators, to help emphasize the cheekbones and give a person a person a rounded form.

For thin face should choose thick rim neutral shades, with the top line points should be at the level of the eyebrows.

 how to pick out points

Selecting a frame in the color of hair

For brunettes combination of black and gold, dark red and brown will be the ideal option. If you have blond or fair-haired girl, pick up his metal frame, made by silver or gold. You can order glasses from a titanium alloy. For gray hair perfect color combination of platinum and gold. These glasses will emphasize your generosity and exquisite taste. But the owners of cheerful bright red hair suit rim olive, beige or cream-colored.

Choosing his glasses, do not regret spending time for a fitting. Only well-chosen accessories can help you create your own style and unique image.

 Stylish sunglasses - how to choose the best option

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 bag 2012 autumn


  • Main Trends
  • Colours and materials: that true?
  • Unusual 2012 model

The bag is concentrated woman's life. In it you can find almost everything: a few shades of lipstick, handkerchiefs (both fresh and not), a notebook and two pens, a mobile phone, a chocolate and candy. And somewhere in the depths can get lost a couple of old tickets, scattered gum, gum hair, comb and coins. And it is not the whole list of "charms" that are filled with ladies' handbags. At the same time the most interesting is that, despite the size of the bag, the girl somehow miraculously manage to fit it all the "necessary". This attribute is always beautiful toilet in the women's arm, so his choice they fit very sensitive. Today we talk about what kind of bag will be relevant in the autumn of 2012.

Main Trends

Handbags - not only roomy object, which is convenient to carry your things - first of all it is a stylish accessory. He is able to add an image, give it flavor and completeness significantly increase self-esteem. After all, a woman dressed stylish, expensive and tasteful that looks unique, feels the same way - the Queen and the mistress of the world. So, what handbags are in fashion and what we appreciate Fall 2012?

The most relevant model for today is clutch. Special Occasion fit its miniature version, in the form of purse. It fits your phone, money, mirror and lipstick, but more, in fact, nothing need at such an event. Big name designers (Moschino and Burberry Prorsum) offer a large rectangular clutch. They can be worn in the hand (for it is a comfortable leather strap) or on the shoulder - so Chanel handbags decorated their thin delicate chain. Beautiful office model released Gucci, Elie Saab, Chloe, as well as the brand Aquascutum. Fan of catchy and original shapes will suit bags, made in the style of "messenger." Designers D & G sewed them small elegant purses. With this accessory no woman will not go unnoticed!

In the world of fashion this fall is held under the auspices of travel. Therefore, the main trends in the current season will be the traveling bags and leather luggage, large satchely and bag the postman. They can take the handle or worn over the shoulder, although stylists recommend only in the hands. Interesting patterns in a barrel can be found in the collection autumn-winter 2012 from Burberry, Loewe and Donna Karan. And in the cold period of the perfect addition to your image - fur fox, chinchilla, mink or rabbit represented brand Blugirl, Kenzo, as well as Dennis Basso. I still do not lose their popularity bulky capacious bag from Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, made in the form of portfolio by Louis Vouitton and retro satchels from Fendi, DKNY.

 2012 autumn beautiful bags

Colours and materials: that true?

Classical solutions in everything and always remain popular. Therefore, the most trendy colors to this day - a mouse gray, dark black and chocolate brown. However, to fall in 2012 did not seem too boring and fresh, for lovers of bright, colorful images of the designers presented bags of all kinds of colors: blue, green, grassy (all shades), bright red, scarlet and crimson cherry. Trading house Burberry Prorsum has decided not to change their traditions and released accessories of various sizes decorated with patterned cell and Angelo Marani and brand Aigner indulged fans leopard theme. Couturier remain true to themselves using to create their masterpieces of natural leather, all kinds of fur, suede, and, of course, and textiles. Fall 2012 collection from Valentino, Dior and Gucci bags full of reptile embossed and metal fittings. As you can see, the designers are doing their best to every woman look great!

Unusual 2012 model

Creators of style say that Fall 2012 rainy and gray will not be! For bags from Louis Vouitton, decorated with the logo of the company, or, for example, it is accessories made of plush and attract the attention of others stylish diamonds of various colors, will cheer up any girl! Following his style, the brand D & G released the original clutch, studded with precious stones. They will be a great addition to the cocktail or evening dress. Products made of satin, decorated with a golden bow and drawings of monuments of architecture - that decision last autumn-winter collection 2012 by Moschino.

Many brands in this season presented bags, briefcases short or long handle. Today, the fashion on masculinity, so most of these accessories are similar to strict "business" men's briefcases. Stylists recommend to combine them with a pantsuit or dress in casual style.

Fashion is not static, but constantly transformed, showing the world new and original solutions. Bags vary in texture, style and the material from which they are made. Designers create, choose and women. However, any accessories you have no preference, the main thing that he became close to the heart and harmoniously complement your look!

 Handbags Fall 2012: main trends

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