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  • Features hairstyles for medium hair
  • The symbol of chastity and Slavic beauty - Spit

The average length of the hair is the most appropriate for a woman in terms of the stylist.

Volumetric hairstyles for medium hair can be divided into three types: firstly, it curls, secondly, fleece, third, based on the hairstyle braids or tail. First of all, we agree: the hair must be healthy, perfectly clean, carefully dyed. Yes, color and method of painting attaches great importance: it is no secret that streaked strands kolorirovannye or increase the amount of hair, smooth the painting, on the contrary, it is stealing.

 Simple styling hair
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Features hairstyles for medium hair

Classics of the genre - this, of course, curls. Especially since they are always in fashion. Luxury curls - is synonymous with femininity and temperament. This opens a wide field for the imagination stylist: You can make a glamorous Hollywood waves, and can, on the contrary, Latin American mane of curls. And a lot of available tools: pliers, unsuited curlers, ribbons, curlers, bobbins for perm. In the end, tightly braided plaits for the night, too, will give an interesting result. If you are "cool" refers to a lacquer for the hair, you can do without it, if the image does not imply stiff curls. It is also important to remember that strong locks are obtained only on clean hair. It is necessary to choose the right shampoo for every hair type, at least once a week, use a balm and a mask.

Fleece - is also years of Waste Equipment add volume to hair of any length. Fleece is the basis for many of today's volume hairstyles for medium hair. Hairstyles with fleece dominate the catwalks of the world, but it is not necessary to apply for a nap in the salon. It is easy to do on your own, following a series of simple advice and you'll be feminine and romantic. Most importantly, bouffant categorically can not be used on wet hair. Improvised need: hair dryer, a special comb for fleece with a wide-toothed comb, brush for brushing, nail. The beauty of fleece in the fact that is easy to get rid of him.

 beautiful hairstyles for medium hair
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The symbol of chastity and Slavic beauty - Spit

Kosopletenie - it hit the last three seasons. The most fashionable hairstyles holidays are based on the braid, made in an unusual technique. Independently make a complex three-dimensional braiding hair on the basis of the braid is difficult, but possible. We must have patience, and you will be rewarded for the effort: Spit equally acceptable on holiday or in the office, on a picnic, and in the theater. Spikelets and polukoloski, Greek and French braids give any woman elegance and romance.

Finally, it must be said about the decisive role haircuts. Voluminous hairstyles for medium hair will turn stylish if they are made on the basis of the professional haircuts.   Cascade haircut - an ideal option. The layered structure of the haircut can be emphasized by a texturizing styling products.

Hairstyles for medium length hair diverse and democratic. Every woman can easily find a unique style, which will meet the coming New Year!

 Stylish hairstyles for medium hair

 beautiful hairstyles with hair collected


  • Long hair: for or against?
  • The best ideas for hairstyles with hair collected

If you ask men, long or short hair, they prefer, most of them will tell you that long. Can consider himself one of the luckiest girls, if you have a beautiful and healthy long hair. After all, you are not among those of the fair sex, who have to go broke to buy hairpieces and dream to have curls hung down below her shoulders. Be grateful to nature for giving you a natural beauty. But what is the use of long hair, if you wear them all the time flowing, not taking advantage of the opportunities that they offer?

 different hairstyles for long hair
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Long hair: for or against?

Most women want to have a long silky strands because they can make almost any hairstyle that is known to mankind, from simple to complex wave beams.

But not every girl under the power to make a beautiful hairdo alone, even if it has a luxurious head of hair. Hairdressing - is an art that not everyone is able to master. But to understand the basics of all strength. So check out the interesting and simple tips by which you will be able to transform themselves for the better in a short time. If you think that hairstyle with hair collected too simple for a particular case, there is always the option to decorate them with various pins or rubber bands, and they shine in new ways. Be of good cheer!

 trendy hairstyles with the collected hair
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The best ideas for hairstyles with hair collected

  1. Long tail to one side

    This hairstyle looks simple but romantic. First, shoot and air soft curls using curling irons. Secure received curls with hairspray. Gather the strands on one side and secure with an elastic or decorative band.

  2. Neat beam

    This chic and sophisticated hair style may seem daunting at first, but it is actually very easy to do. Gather hair into a low ponytail, and then start turning it to form a beam. Attach the rubber band. Complete the process by adding an elegant, beautiful hairpins, and you're done.

  3. Fish tail

    Braids are a great option for hairstyles. French braids - a classic example of this, but we will make another step forward with a scythe "fishtail". This beautiful braid may seem a little complicated in execution, but several times of practice, you can easily do it. For a start, divide hair in half. Then grab a small strand from the outer edge and move it to the center. Now also grab a lock, only the second side. Continue to separate the strands alternately on each side, until zapletete braid. Decorate it with decorative clips.

  4. Polupuchok

    "Polupuchok" is really easy to do. Firstly, the need to collect the front part of your hair. Overturn them forward on the forehead, and then attach a rubber band. Then collect the middle part of your locks so that turned tail. Twist it into a bundle and make a bundle. Secure with a simple or decorative elastic gum. Now wrap the hair that we left on the forehead, around the bundle and secure. Use varnish, to fix the hairstyle in place. you can either leave some strands straight, or use a curling iron to create beautiful soft curls.

  5. A bunch of ballerinas

    To do it, you need a bit of practice. The beam can be continuously improved, adding a variety of accessories. First, collect hair in a high ponytail, securing rubber band or barrette. Nacheshite them slightly in the tail, the beam looked bulkier. Then twist the hair in a plait and wrap around the base, creating a form of rolls. Insert the studs along the bottom of the beam to secure it on the head. Optionally you can sprinkle with varnish.

  6. High braided topknot

    With the help of the tail and spit you can create a complex beautiful chignon. Try to make this a high beam of braided hair. First, gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Part of the tail into 4 equal parts and each part of the braid into a pigtail, fixing separate bands. Begin to wrap around the base of braid on top of each other. Finally, attach the hairpiece around the base pins or bolts.

As you see now, you can do a lot with your hair curls, leaving aside the ordinary and boring tails.   Try these options, and you'll see how your life is filled with colors.

 Easy hairstyles for long hair