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Elegant, versatile, trendy hairstyles for every day ... Every woman dreams about it, but most of today's women think that to create gorgeous, natural hairstyles require high-class specialist. In fact, a woman can create the perfect hairstyle for every day on their own, without spending the procedure a lot of time and money. It is believed that the creation of the daily hairstyles require a lot of time. The reality is much simpler. After spending only 30 minutes in the morning, you get an excellent result. Here are some examples of universal and elegant hairstyles for work, evenings and even a special, festive occasions.

  1. "Ponytail" - a beautiful hairstyle for owners of long hair, which for the dress code should be removed from the face. All you need - a comb, a thin scrunchy and a little nail. The clean, dried hair, collect back in a high ponytail and tightens a rubber band. You can then bit the tail comb to make hair fluffy and sprinkle with hair lacquer. These fashionable haircuts suit and girls wearing bangs.
  2. "The beam" - a universal hairstyle that creates business image. The tighter the beam, the stricter the hair looks than a bundle of hair is weaker, more magnificent, the softer the image owner of the hair. To create all kinds of beams needed hairpins, invisible and hairspray. The hair is twisted into a plait at the back and put in the ring. Invisible and anchoring bolts. To give the image of femininity, can let a few strands of a person. Sbryzgivat final hair lacquer, and conquer all of our femininity.
  3. "Flowing hair" - the most simple and at the same time feminine hairstyle. It has many variations. Hair can be straighten or curl.
  4. "Braids" - modern stylists are increasingly using various weaving and braids in the installation. To create braids, French braids, or braids spikelets, reverse weave is necessary to master the technique of weaving. And then it all depends on your imagination.

So, using the listed techniques can easily change your image with the help of hair, thus always remain mysterious and unique.

 Stylish hairstyles ... easy!

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 how to do hair styling


  • My hair and comb
  • "Combat Kit" beauties
  • Long hair
  • Curly hair
  • Thin, straight hair

Our ancestors said: "Spit - a girlish beauty." And it's certainly right. Hair has always been one of the main virtues of women - the same "highlight". Of course, times have changed. But the well-groomed hair is still the dream of almost every woman. However, our contemporaries have to much more complicated. For now spit - it is only one of many options for hairstyles. And every woman wants to look stylish and unique. How to properly style your hair? How to make sure to emphasize their natural beauty?

Of course, the easiest option - to go to the salon. Professional masters can work wonders. Sometimes, after the work of the magician, you look at yourself in the mirror and honestly wondering, "Who is this luxurious beauty? Is that - am I? ". But, unfortunately, the majority of women, for whatever reason, can not go to the hairdresser every day. That's when the question arises: "How to make hair styling at home? ". And is it possible? In reality, of course, possible. Just everything - especially for such a responsible business! - Must be approached thoroughly. To begin?

My hair and comb

Before you put your hair, you need to prepare them. How? It's very simple! First, they have to be washed. Disputes on how often you can wash your hair, do not stop until now. And everyone is of the same opinion. So, perhaps, we should not rely on someone else's recommendations - all of a sudden, as a result, this man and would not right? It is better to listen to yourself. Or rather - to your hair. They will tell you everything themselves. Wash your hair when the hair will start to look stale - and you will not go wrong! How to do it right?

To the hair clean and then you could easily put them, you need to wash them twice. First, soak the head and apply the shampoo. Just wash it off. Then, at the next application, try not only to wash your hair and massage your head. The water temperature should be comfortable. If you have to wash your hair frequently, it is recommended to use special funds marked "for frequent use." After washing should not be long to keep a towel on her head - it can lead to dandruff.

In no case can not be dried hair dryer, as this desiccate them and makes it more brittle. It is better to allow the head of hair to dry naturally. Combing wet hair also undesirable. If possible, do not use to wash hair ordinary tap water. The ideal option is to rain and melt. Of course, living in metropolises, this option is not likely to come up. Apartment house - not very suitable place to put pails to collect water. And the snow in the city, as a rule, not very clean. But there are other ways. For example, you can stand up and boil the water. And you can just add to it a little baking soda. Hair net? Now you have to comb them.

The better way to do this? Of course, the best option - a brush with natural bristles. You can also use plastic combs, but the metal should be avoided. In any case, the teeth should not be sharp, otherwise may damage the scalp. Generally, comb your hair is very helpful. No wonder even great-grandmother advised to hold the brush hair in all directions 100 times, morning and evening. This massage improves blood circulation, which allows the skin to rapidly saturated with oxygen. In addition, strengthening the hair bulbs, and they begin to grow faster. The right? Then you can go directly to the creation of hairstyles. But before you make the styling of hair, a good idea to check whether all you ready for this exciting process.

 how to do hair styling at home

"Combat Kit" beauties

In order to properly stow the hair, it is necessary to acquire their own home "arsenal." Conventionally, all the "combat kit" can be divided into two parts - accessories and cosmetics. What is included in each of these?

Cosmetical tools

  • Lac

This is perhaps the most popular means for stacking. It can be applied on the hair of any length. As a rule, use varnish at the time when hair is completely ready and you just have to fix it.

  • Gel

He will approach owners of medium length hair or short haircuts. With the gel can achieve the effect of wet hair, and can, on the contrary, make a smooth styling, causing it to the root zone.

  • Mousse and Foam

These funds will not only put the hair, but also give your hair extra volume. Typically, mousse or foam is applied to wet hair at the roots, and then dried her hair with a hair dryer. Just do not overdo it - too much of these funds will give your mane unkempt and untidy appearance.

Accessories for installation

  • Hairdryer

That's really not that sure do not! Of course, everyone knows that hair dryer spoil hair. But without it, put your hair is very difficult. The most gentle option is to use a hair dryer with an ionizer.

  • Curlers of different diameters

The desired size of the curlers determined based on the length of your hair.

  • Comb with a long handle
  • Curling irons and

With these accessories can both straighten and curl the hair. Everything will depend on your mood. And most importantly - for that you will not have to go. All you can do at home. However, the abuse these devices should not - use them no more frequently than twice a week.

  • Brushes

As already mentioned - it is better if they are with natural bristles.

All is ready? Excellent! Then we proceed. It is obvious that the method of stacking will depend on the length and structure of your hair, as well as the effect that you want to "output". Consider a few ways.

Long hair

Long hair - it is very beautiful. Who would argue? But in order to make it look impressive, will have to tinker. How correctly laid long hair at home? In fact, there is nothing complicated here. But patience, you really need to stock up. Let's try to make the styling using curlers. In addition, you'll need a comb with a long handle.

Apply a slightly damp hair foam or any other means for stacking. It needs to be spread over the entire length of hair. Gently comb separating thin strands, screw them on the large curlers. Try to wind to the end - so as to lift the roots. Keep rollers to dry hair - usually it takes about an hour. Carefully loosen the curls and comb their comb with a few teeth. If desired, lightly sbryznete hair lacquer. Done!

 how to do hair styling

Curly hair

Lovely curls, causing an acute attack of envy from friends, often deliver their owner a lot of problems. They're just not in any want to lay wrong and obstinately continue to "live his life." How do you need to style your curly hair to tame their obstinate character? Is it possible to do it yourself at home? Of course! This will help you hair with a diffuser. It does not fluff up curls and as a result, you will turn the natural, beautiful curls. Are you afraid to spoil hair dryer? Well, maybe you're right. Then we do it without him.

Once washed his head, apply a special mousse for curly hair. It will help secure the curls in the desired - not them! - Position. Now carefully and patiently Screw each strand on the index finger, giving it the desired direction. Let hair dry completely. That's all. A girlfriend let scratching their heads as to achieve the same effect.

Thin, straight hair

This type of hair, usually brings a lot of unpleasant moments - laying practically does not hold. How correctly to put them? Before laying, apply a foam or mousse. You need to style your hair from the bottom up. To do this, pick up the bulk of the hair up, fixing their pins. Leave a small part of hang freely on each side and from the back. Divide them into strands and take a round brush. Screw one of the strands in the brush, a hair dryer, and place it at a distance of 5 cm from the brush. A stream of air should be perpendicular to the strands. Move the brush down the hair while blowing their hair dryer. Gradually releasing the locks, put all the hair.

As you can see, in order to make a beautiful styling does not necessarily every day to visit the salon. If desired, beautifully put hair can be at home. Nothing complicated about it. A little patience and your hair really looks amazing. And you feel like a real woman. And this is so cool!

 How to make hair styling - himself a barber

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