Beach shoes

The prevailing for a long time and thoroughly Humorous stereotype says that all women waiting for the prince on a white horse. Hard to say, what about the expectations of a heroic, handsome with a lush bouquet of the many virtues, but the fact that the summer most of all we are waiting for the opening of the beach season and holidays - that's a fact! However, the girls in this regard good savvy, so as not to spoil the coveted, almost magical moment on the beach gear we'll take care of in advance. Today let's talk about fashion trends in women's shoes beach summer of 2011, and how to choose for themselves the favorite ideal of this incredible diversity.

Comfort and elegance of this beach footwear

In the beginning, we offer a little prioritized in the selection of shoes for the beach - what you should pay special attention to what the concepts guided by what it must be a real beach shoes to rest at the "blue sea" and other bodies of water not proved a burden:

 women beach shoes

  • The primary factor is that it is our shoes for the beach will be more or less open. The degree of openness - is deeply personal choice, but at least get rid of the heels, we simply must.
  • An important aspect is how easy it can be removed or put on one's shoes fashionable beach shoes 2011. As we understand, the best would be to find the "golden mean": decaying shoes in real life is unlikely to be found royal heir, and unable to take off our shoes without side cutters lady - a godsend only for KVN.
  • Brings us so much joy leisure, hot sun and salty sea water female beach shoes brings sometimes very bad, so when choosing a pair this summer, we will also look at the quality of the materials and try to take into account all their features.
  • The next thing is denoted by this beach footwear moisture: drying beach slippers on the leg - not the most appropriate way of dealing with the exhausting heat.
  • And finally, the most enjoyable aspect of motivation. Beach shoes 2011 - photos submitted to our attention not allow even for a moment to doubt it - certainly should be fashionable and well combined with all the beach ensemble.

Footwear for beach - 2011: what to offer and what to choose?

It's hard to make a mistake, saying that all of us, women, ever so sacrificed their comfort for the sake of beauty and fashion. Fortunately for us this summer, the world's leading designers have taken care of the convenience of 100% and at least footwear for beach 2011 did not require to abandon the models of the most pleasant to wear. Now let's understand in more detail the trends in fashion this summer:

 Beach shoes women

  • The most practical beach shoes - slates on tougher soles made of artificial materials, such as PVC, with a soft nylon stelechkoy - Clog. This shoe is good primarily for its performance: with small holes, provides excellent "ventilation" and, if necessary, drain the water, and due to its durability is perfect for outdoor activities, even on a rocky beach. As for colors, in this fashion season should give preference to the unconditional leader - white color, various prints and brighter monotonous models rubber beach shoes.
  • This season the fashion world diligently trying to focus our attention on the lovely pantaletah - slippers, which can very effectively emphasize the elegance of our feet and ankles. Fashion pantalety 2011 offered not only in classical performance, as the beach shoes on the heels of a square shape with a closed and open lifting fingers, but also on a wide platformochke. A huge plus is that this kind of beach shoes perfectly with any object summer clothes for the beach.
  • Flip Flops and Dianet next on the list will amaze us with exquisite minimalist shoes for the beach, 2011. For information: Dianet - these are the flip-flops with a ring for the big finger and generally wider fixing strip. Flops in this fashion season became a little easier. Splendor elements replaced increasingly more dynamic floral pattern on the soles (especially if it's a rubber beach shoes), wide and narrow stripes additional, decorative straps and a large medallion-button. Dianet the contrary purchased extra charm thanks to crystals, stones or even bows and thingies. It should be noted also that a similar beach shoes - female soul will appreciate it at its true worth - unrivaled looks with the bracelet on his leg, provided that our flip-flops are not jaded ornaments.
  • Girls, for whom walking on heels have long been a matter of habit, and the life "on the rise" - the only possible form of existence, is perfect for another fashion trend this summer - beach shoes wedges .  This season, the imagination of designers was on the ball - they introduced a lot of amazing ideas on the establishment of models of wedges .  Let's start with the fact that at the peak of popularity turned variants beach shoes - photo 2011 demonstrate this - most resembling to the maximum open clogs with fine decor, floral and abstract prints on the entire surface .  Further interest is leather and cork, not requiring special decorations and accessories model beach footwear on a platform sole, fashioned in the image of already mentioned flops and Dianet .  Talking about fashion trends in the colors it shoe wedges, hard to define, but we will try .  In honor all pastel colors, not to mention the white, bright and flashy colors, exquisite eastern and vector prints, as well as models of women's shoes beach teeming with a variety of decorative elements until suspension .

The most fashionable beach shoes 2011: The spectacle of colors and materials

The most fashionable models of beach shoes - women's number one pride after the swimsuit, we broadly discussed. Now let's talk in detail about the most important from the point of view of the most famous fashion designers and the leading masters of the world trends in decor elements, structure and materials of the fashionable beach footwear, 2011:

 Beach shoes 2011

  • Garments stripes this season became the market leader in almost all continents of the planet. I do not beat this fashion trend and model variants beach footwear, 2011 - Photo provided to us, perfectly illustrate this. The most common wide strip or in combination with a fine. Talent experimenter many designers also brought to the world podium shoes in small cells: perky colored checkered perfectly reflects all the quirks summer mood.
  • Next fashion trend as follows from the first - a combination of different colors, contrasting sharply with each other. Just do not think anything bad, like beach shoes - summer 2011 will prove it - does not look like a cover of the royal jester, in contrast, two-color model is surprisingly elegant and refined.

 Footwear for beach

  • Previously mentioned the relevance of the use of floral prints in various models of beach footwear: shales, and pantaletah Dianet various modifications. I would like to add that, along with this trend appear as trendy floral decorations and animal prints.
  • If we are talking about the beach shoes on the heel, it is worth noting the incredible refinement of models that are created using leather and ordinary shoelace laces, ribbons of different materials and different widths, as well as lace and tassels. The last element in general is able to build a pair of shoes to the rank of art.
  • And in the final I want to mention the fashion trend, pleasing us which year. Beach shoes - photo 2011 tells us this is the best - simply could not exist without the use in the decoration of different width of the straps of all kinds of textiles, leather and artificial leather.

Here, perhaps, and all the lovely ladies. Think carefully choose and wear a smile of satisfaction on his face.

 Stylish diversity female beach shoes

 fashionable tunics, 2011 Photos

Tunics for several consecutive seasons occupy a leading position in the collections of the famous fashion designer, and in the women's locker room. There is nothing to be surprised, because the tunic - is a versatile, practical, very feminine clothes, you will look at it is fashionable, stylish and seductive! Tunic is perfect for women of any age and physique. It is equally well worn with any type of shape and can easily hide the shortcomings, revealing only some advantages of the woman's body! Tunic is a model of a truncated dresses. But fashionable tunics 2011 often have a style on the floor and is a trend. Want to be irresistible? Wear them with jeans, leggings, trousers (for a more formal way).

Do you want to emphasize the lovely shape of the figure? Then turn to your wardrobe fashionable tunics, 2011 - Summer is just a flying wear short dresses. Ladies, this article will help you determine what trends for fashionable tunics 2011 is a trend.

This summer season challenge traditional tunic dresses and go back to the peak of popularity. Designers took care to reward tunic such advantages, which would turn it into a fashionable attribute of an independent women's clothing. To do this, they went to drastic measures, making a maxi-length tunic, which gives it a strong resemblance to the dresses to the floor: they are mostly made of light, flowing fabrics of chiffon silk. Tunics different tenderness, feminine lines give the lure and intrigue. The maxi-length tunics on the floor using a lot of tissues in length and width - this is the fundamental feature that adds femininity ladies and brightness. There are many options such fashionable tunics, 2011 photo similar dresses galore placed in women's fashion magazines.

Tunics summer season. Main Trends

 Trendy tunic 2011

Tunica traditionally refers to a variant of beachwear, but because of the design stuff and all sorts of treatments, she took a separate niche in the streets .  If you want to look attractive and charming, give up the idea to buy this item in accordance with its constitution .  Fashion 2011 summer tunics is to choose a few sizes too big, then the cloth will stream and will acquire the seductive ease and focus on flexing your forms to ensure its transparency .  Note that the tunic - is an independent item of clothing, so wear something on top of it is not recommended .  Depending on what to wear with a tunic, you can create various images .  A dizzying variety - this is something to aspire to every girl .  Put on today big hat with a brim, wicker handbag and light translucent tunic, and beach option you have created! Or give preference to a more peaceful silhouette of tunic with white classic trousers - great for attractive business woman!

If you want to evaluate a variety of tunics, then post a request on the Internet: fashionable tunics, 2011 - photo eloquently tell everything for themselves .  Your eyes will be opened displays the latest trendy novelties in the fashion world! One of these shows is to show by Promod: on the track were full of trendy tunic 2011 spring season .  Designers have tried to combine fashion with a classic silhouette prints .  Show this collection abounds tunics pastel tones, as well as gray, black, elegant white, with unexpected flowers and colorful abstract prints .  There are models with short sleeves, but preference is given to a long and a little shorter .  A collection of versatile and designed for inclusion in the daily wardrobe woman .  Tunics are highly practical, but do not think that they are made in minimalism, on the contrary, wearing this outfit, you will look extremely advantageous! Designers from Promod recommend wearing fashionable tunic with thin belts slightly below the waist, or opt out of them and wear loose .  Ladies, to make you look attractive and sexy, refuse combination tunic plus a full skirt or wide trousers .

Women's tunic - that advise the designers?

 2011 spring fashion tunics

Fashion 2011 women's tunics are able to translate into reality the most daring expectations. Now more and more often on the podium can be found tunics, vintage oriented, similarly, can be achieved by using the appropriate accessories. Trend fabrics that designers use in their collections, are silk, chiffon or satin. Everything is easy, natural and naturally.

For this season are fashionable tunics decorated with bright, causing a print or a whole pattern .  Do not be afraid to experiment, ladies .  Buy a print tunic with animal, choose oriental motifs or floral ornament - this season you can literally everything! And you always will be irresistible in its originality .  Check it looked resources with the title 'trendy summer tunics photo 2011 "Women, even in his wildest dreams could not imagine a democratic choice .  The designers have taken care of even the combination of fabrics: silk, many trimmed neck, but refused to use abstractions and flashy prints .  In most collections you can find clothes with stripes, but do not worry - this is not bored all the banal black and white combination, but on the contrary, life-affirming, vibrant colors .  These tunics advantageous to look not only at the beach shore, but also on the streets .  Designers recommend using a thin belt to put the focus on the waist .

Style solutions for tunics from designers

Among the abundance of things and clothes so difficult to navigate indecisive woman, so our article simply designed to help you, pretty lady! Try to understand what is really the model you are able to bestow feminine tenderness and charm.

Tunics in ethnic style

The main trend is to use the Indian pattern, all kinds of intricate patterns, lush decor at the collar or sleeves, conviviality and catchy brightness. These clothes should be worn with long pants or skinny jeans, which are now too abundant ethnic motives. This image can be completed, wearing a massive, big earrings, or some thick bracelets. All these tendencies fashionable tunics summer 2011 photos of these new products can be found in any fashion magazines.

 fashionable tunics summer 2011

Knitted and crocheted tunics

If it's cool, or only recently was rain, then a great option would be to use just such a tunic, and if she still has the short sleeves, it is possible to insulate using turtlenecks. Designers recommend to decorate fashionable tunics, 2011 Spring provides a lot of opportunities for that. Some people believe that knitting is not adapted to the hot, hot summer, but the designers have found a way out - delicate, lacy tunic. They are easy, the woman wearing this outfit, looks more than original and stylish, this can be seen by looking model fashionable tunics summer 2011 photo.

 2011 summer fashion tunics

Dresses in casual style at its peak

Casual - outdoor, casual, it differs practicality and freedom. Tunics in this style is very concise and it is inherent in a certain rigor. But, ladies, do not worry. Usually, such a tunic draped on the invoice other tissues in the neck and sleeves.

 Trendy summer tunics

Tunic with print

Drawing and design for several seasons, is a trend. Many collections pestreyut floral prints, intricate abstractions, ethnic patterns.

 Trendy tunic 2011

Fashion beach tunic 2011

Tunica is considered to be a very attractive variety of beach wear, so it will just be indispensable on vacation. Be sure that this outfit would be able to accentuate your sexuality. If you are in doubt, then try to see the latest fashion reviews in the category trendy tunics summer of 2011 and a photo to them. You will see that the designers diversified fabric and texture, which is now used for the manufacture of tunics. This may be flying, transparent chiffon, shiny satin, silk intriguing. Bright or monotonous, thick or tunics for every taste!

 fashionable tunics summer 2011 photos

Tunic dress maxi-length - the main trend and exclusive

In this dress you will feel ease and convenience. Tunic of the floor is worn as a separate item of clothing, characterized by air, an abundance of fabrics, a woman dressed in a transformed and looks very elegant. That's such an original novelty, we gave the designers of fashionable women's tunics, 2011.

 Summer 2011 fashion tunics

Chiffon tunic - must have summer 2011

Many collections of fashion houses were filled with light chiffon tunics, so they are easy to be called trendy this season. Especial popular chiffon dress with print animal - this option is ideal for a bright young woman who is not afraid to be the center of attention. The main rule for such colors - do not overdo it with accessories - quite a large band or a thin girdle waist framing. These are the main fashionable tunics summer 2011, photos of each above-mentioned model can be found on the Internet. We are sure that you will find the option you want.

 2011 women's fashion tunic

We emphasize the dignity

Tunics can successfully hide the flaws of the female figure, if you follow some guidelines.

Owners of wide hips, narrow waist is better to prefer pastel tunics and soft colors: beige, camel or white. From major jewelry at such a physique is better to give, do not use and wide belt, can be a bit thin outline a narrow waist strap.

If you have the broad shoulders, you optimally fit tunic with deep V-neck, with such a feminine physique can visually add wide straps that will contrast with the tone of his tunic. You can wear a dress asymmetrical cut.

If you possess a heavy figure, you should refrain from buying too free models are too large prints or stripes. This pattern is even more will weight your forms.

Trendy tunics summer 2011 photos are presented in fashion magazines or catalogs show how to create an image correctly, so he emphasized the dignity and the beauty of the figure. Thus, each woman may feel that her attractiveness is dependent on the choice of attire. Watch, learn and transform!

If you find yourself at the waist extra centimeters, but has a long beautiful legs, then feel free to buy a model with a trapezoidal tunic shallow mouth. Another little trick - vertical stripes. They are able not only to visually reduce the waist, but also add a few centimeters of growth. To reduce the waistline can take style tunic with ruffles in this field and give up the belt.

Here are all the secrets of the main trends and fashion trends for tunics, 2011. Ladies, be stylish, fashionable and beautiful, and we can help you with this!

 Trendy tunic 2011 - whether in the trend!

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