Stylish Christmas dress

Stylish and colorful dresses for the New Year holiday, which you can afford!

Festive table, gifts, Christmas dress again ... You're afraid that the coming holiday will hit your budget. We assure you that some things will bring you even savings. For example, you can buy pretty inexpensive cocktail platishko, which in the future will come in handy for a summer holiday or for a party with friends.

Time sales have not yet begun, but we have found for you dresses from the Christmas collections democratic brands and choose your model to the cost of the court within 1,500 rubles. You will receive from their purchase real pleasure, and thus your budget will not suffer significant losses. And the money you save, you can successfully invest in a gift for a loved one, or purchase festive accessory for myself!

 Christmas dresses

Red dress
Hollywood stars often go out in red outfits. To follow their example, you will not go unnoticed at the Christmas party. We offer you the option of red dress from Dorothy Perkins (1490 p.).
 Christmas dresses

Little black dress
Asymmetric black dress allows you to create a few fashion images sazu - whatever your heart desires. By adding a small hat or hair ornament, you get the image of "retro". Sandals with rivets and metal bracelets in combination with the black dress easily recreate the image of the «rock chic». Such a universal model can serve as a little black dress by Vero Moda (1290 p.).
 Christmas dresses

Dress with sequins
The best choice for fun and incendiary parties serve mini-dress with sparkling sequins. Do not skimp on the bright impressions, when you can save money on a dress. Dress with sequins on New Yorker (759 p.) - The most favorable option for your budget from our collection.
 New Palta

Leopard dress
Tendencies spring designer collections allow you to confidently assert that the leopard print most certainly stay with our lovely ladies next spring and summer. That means that the sexual version of a mini-dresses for New Year by Peacocks (990 p.) Will be an excellent investment in your wardrobe.
 Christmas dresses

Dress with Bow
Small cocktail dress from Miss Selfridge (1190 p.) Has many advantages - affordability, "delicious" chocolate color, air and romantic style bow. We hope that you will give these advantages in its favor.
 Stylish Christmas dress

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 How to choose a coat in winter 2011?

Even in the cold and snowy days, when the sun and numerous beach activities are left behind, each lovely lady wants her friends envious looks and attention of the opposite sex. And get it all very easy if failing properly insulated. It is said that winter fashion can be just as attractive and charming than the summer. Naturally, transparent straps, mini skirts and bare shoulders should be left behind. However, the coat may be no less interesting outfit, the main thing - to know how to choose. First of all, this year the offer designers all over the world to pay attention to white goods, as they are perfectly refreshing. Lady thirty in such attire will seem twenty girl. Also, do not forget about the fur. Luxurious fur collar and trim, for example, from the scribe will be a great addition to this coat.

If you look objectively, winter fashion is not always able to make a woman more attractive to men, because it hides almost everything. The coat or warm down jacket is very comfortable and warm, but such orders do not allow to emphasize excellent shape and show excellent shape. Whereas all winter coat makes possible. I would like to say that to save on this purchase is not necessary, the main thing here - a style. Expensive and high quality products make it possible to focus literally on anything - whether it's tempting neck, bust beautiful or shapely legs. In the latter case, the choice will be presented to coat just huge. Various cuts and smells, and perhaps a short coat in the style of "auto Lady"? In addition, no other winter clothing is not capable with such grace outline waist, a soft cloth and warm winter coat.

If you watch the news of fashion, you should know that even in the coldest days of the year look great, if you wish, you can always .  For this time of year you do not have to dress up in huge inflated cushions and do her figure blurred .  Try to find something feminine and eye-catching .  Remember that this year all kinds of application, decorated with crystals and embroidery should be as small as possible .  At the peak of popularity will be stylish and original double-breasted products that have come to us in the last season .  If you do not know which to prefer coloring, choose a winter coat color or animal in a cage again .  It is the latter again becomes actual trend of the fashion world .  The length of the products can be totally different - like knee and Floor .  What matters is that such clothing was able to emphasize all your dignity, and to emphasize the contours of the figure .  Fitted model will please slender and fragile girl .  A trapezoid can brighten up the small flaws of the fair sex, who do not consider their waist perfect .  Remember that the coat should not only keep you warm but also make charming in the eyes of people .

 How to choose a coat in winter 2011?

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 What's to celebrate the New Year?

What's to celebrate the New Year? This question is relevant to many women. However, this answer to this seemingly simple question is actually quite difficult. After selection of the New Year's outfit for each of us is the responsible thing, depending on many factors. One of the main - where and with whom you are planning to celebrate the New Year. It is not enough that he should be original and stunning, it must be also appropriate.

For corporate Christmas party-class, large ball or formal receiving the best option - a tuxedo for the men and an evening dress for ladies.

Under the "evening" meant dress attire of expensive fabrics, floor-length, followed by jewels. Of course, dressing in such a way about any democracy there can be no question. The position requires at a corporate event be refined and regal.

Dance New Year's party, as well as "home" for a wide range of reception is less formal events. Typically, such a party is going pretty motley crew, where a lot of fun and dancing. Therefore, your New Year's outfit, respectively, should be located in the fun and dance. In this case, unlikely to be appropriate large fur hats and complex abundance of jewelry. As for shoes, it is, of course, should be comfortable. After all, you may not be able to sit down even once during the entire New Year's party, and it should take into account when choosing footwear. On such a party can also be inappropriately overly extravagant and frivolous outfit.

The great advantage are those who are planning to celebrate the New Year in a circle of close friends. And it does not matter, which will host a corporate party: a nightclub, disco, house or any other youth activities. After all, here everyone can express their imagination! This bold and eye-popping styles and shiny iridescent fabric with transparent inserts, as well as fur and large extravagant decorations - everything will be in place.

Hire a New Year carnival costume can be a good idea to visit the festival. Guests will be just delighted to see you, say, in the garb of the Danish king, or demon. But that apparently changed beyond recognition sometimes quite simply make an unusual make-up and change her hairstyle.

According to the Eastern calendar 2011 will be the year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat), so choose an outfit or accessory in white, silver and gold colors. And as the element of the coming year will be metal, do not forget about sequins and shiny ornaments.

By the way, New Year's party suits cats and rabbits are welcome in any form, even if it is not a full suit mischievous cat or rabbit sex, and only, small perky ponytail or a cute fluffy ears. Be sure animals will be very grateful to you.

 Christmas outfit

  • Little black dress
Coco Chanel wore his famous little black dress for all social events. You can follow her example and New Year holidays. Especially today, fashion house offering us different variations on the theme «little black dress». In the New Year's Eve can safely move away from the dress-style box and select the bustier dress with a fluffy skirt. This model dress is perfect for a party in the family circle. And what would be in a black dress, you do not look dull, feel free to dilute the image of bright accessories.
 Christmas outfit

  • Cocktail dress
Cocktail dress - our stick wand! Do not do without him, and New Year's Eve with friends. December 31, you can feel free to experiment and replace fur bolero on your favorite leather jacket and the classic clutch, a bar of soap on a daring model with fringe.
 Christmas outfit

  • Fashionable skirt
New Year's Eve - a great reason to boast of the most fashionable clothes, which, unfortunately, there is no place in the daily wardrobe. These "lucky" in this season include a skirt with feathers and a transparent top. What would support the romantic mood, add to the image of sandals and handbag delicate shades.

 Christmas outfit

  • Evening Dress

According to the astrologers, the next year would be the best if to meet him in dresses of silver or metallic shades. Noble modulations precious metals look great with dresses and fur coats. This image is suitable for the New Year in a restaurant.

 Christmas outfit

  • Men's suit

Despite the fact that the metallic shades of colors are the main New Year's Eve, allegedly astrologers Rabbit, the symbol of 2011, will be delighted dress and red tones. Seduce men, you can not only dress and skirt, we suggest you pay attention to the pantsuit. By the way, the famous stylists advise to combine saturated red shades of gold. But psychologists say that such a combination is selected confident, bold and successful people.

 Christmas outfit

  • Leggings and top

December 31 you are going to a party where you dance under the fashion hits and live music? Then you should certainly be a star of the evening. Down with the modesty and a sense of proportion! Feel free to wear leggings with sequins and gold top - you will become the personification of the brightest stars in the sky.

 What's to celebrate the New Year?

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