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With the onset of hot summer in a hurry to fill up every girl wardrobe different dresses. In vogue again returned femininity and light summer dress - the perfect way to correct a figure, to emphasize the beauty and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Any light dress decorate girl better than any jewels, and give a good mood. And the classic, and unusual and original dress is always important for any fashionista metropolis, which, following a series of unisex fashion trends, still has not forgotten about his own ladies' essence.

Knit goods or open women's dresses - favorite model of the fair sex, which they are happy to confirm. To work perfectly summer dress, styles which presents a strict cut, perfectly suitable to any girl. There are no girls who are not going to dress. You just need to carefully choose a style that will emphasize all the advantages of a figure. This voluntary nice search is always interesting to every girl, and the result is bearing fruit in the form of compliments and enthusiastic gaze. This is a worthy reward, given that girls preen precisely in order to achieve this result.

 summer dresses style

Fashionable styles of dresses

  1. Short tight dresses - the most famous summer style. It is always perfectly emphasizes the figure and is perfect for girls with chiseled pitched. Tight-fitting cut deserves a lot of attention, because he is perfect and seductive. But this dress is not suitable for any event; sometimes it looks too geeky. It is therefore very important to pay attention to accessories, with which you can easily turn from bad girl to the elegant lady.
  2. Pinafore - this is one of the most popular models for the summer season this year. Light, airy sundresses translucent fabrics are ideal in hot weather. They may have a flared or straight leg, as well as being long or short. Great attention is paid to the neckline. It may be straight, V-shaped or curved, decorated with ruffles, ruffles and other decorative details. Straps - for every taste, and can be thin and very wide.
  3. These summer dresses, a style which is perfect for the beach and for the city, always in fashion, and this year is no exception. Short translucent tunic can be worn to the beach as an independent outfit, and the city - along with shorts or trousers. Tunics most often with sleeves. It narrowed sleeve three quarters, wide sleeves-kimonos and others.
  4. Today, back in fashion long summer dresses in the style of the hippies that look unusually feminine and perfectly hide any figure flaws. Such styles of summer dresses usually sewn from thin air flowing fabrics. Overestimated waist line perfectly accentuate the chest and free cutting hide bulging tummy. A distinctive feature of this dress this summer - it's bright colors and unusual patterns.
  5. Summer dress-shirt can be both free and tight fitting. In combination with a wide belt or strap a dress looks very sexy and feminine. Specifically, this dress with a jacket cut in common: patch pockets on the chest and buttons throughout. To use this style of silk, cotton and satin fabrics. This season will be particularly fashionable dress-shirt-style safari.
  6. In the past few years, strapless dresses are gaining momentum in popularity at the speed of light. Best of all, they fit the girls with graceful shoulders, and the average size of the breast, for parties and evening social events, but no less successful they are for everyday life. Preferences are always short dress style of the most diverse and unusual colors.
  7. Dress-sun can be described flared from the waist line models. Solid or with a beautiful pattern - they look equally feminine. This model hides full hips and emphasizes the chest. In combination with a wide belt at the waist this dress will turn your silhouette more slender.
  8. Dress trapezoid no less universal, because it is suitable for all the fair sex of any age. To better balance the silhouette, choose a short model. To make this a style of interest and use pomp drapes and various folds, as well as the skirts of several layers of fabric. Neckline - not about the style. It is best to look modest neckline pumps.

 styles of summer dresses

Summer styles of dresses on the type of figure

  • Dresses for figure "hourglass"

For this type of shape is best suited dresses that emphasize the waist line, and extend downward. They have to be sewn from lightweight fabrics, tight hip, best tailored on the bias or padded. Also perfect dresses pencils, tapering downwards, made of dense tissue types - taffeta, denim and linen. Not bad to be look small incision behind or in front crease. Suitable for such a figure cut sleeves - raglan-fitting shoulders. Forget puffed sleeves or shoulder pads, because of them, your shoulders will seem massive.

  • Dresses for figure "rectangle"

With this type of figures are best combined dress straight cut sports models, which are not accented at the waist. Best of all would look styles summer dresses "tulip" and "Keystone", and dress-shirt. To cut suit dense tissue: reps, linen and cotton. Feel can choose a model with a variety of decorative elements on the hips or bright colored dresses. We'll have to give up the straps and belts, as well as dresses from the lower part of the "sun" or "bottoms."

  • Dresses for figure "apple"

Best of all you pay attention to the Empire style - dress with a high waist and straight cut. The main thing that you should remember - dress should not fitting shape, especially at the waist. We'll have to give up also by wide belts and belts of all sizes. Fabrics in which you will be able to look irresistible - it is light and airy, such as satin, crepe georgette, lightweight cotton. And the thin, loosely woven, but in this case the dress have to be lined to hide all the flaws of the figure. The most successful cut sleeves for your type of figure - wide straps or short. It can be worn with long sleeves, but on the condition that you have beautiful hands and not too large breasts. These dresses can be decorated with wide wedges or pleated inserts. If you have shapely legs - it is best to wear a dress to the knees. If not - to mid-calf.

  • Dresses for figure "pear"

A suitable style for your type of figure - a narrow-fitting top, which will emphasize your shoulders and flared skirt downwards. The top of the dress have to be tight, best strapless. With this style you will attract attention to your chest. Suitable for you skirt - A-shape. Dark colors reduce hips.

 Styles summer dresses 2012

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 Fashionable clothing spring-summer 2012

Whatever we blamed windy fashion interest in it, and desire to have in your wardrobe relevant things remain unchanged. Each coming season brings fresh ideas, new or forgotten elements of the original, and even shocking decision.

Fashionistas always look forward to spring after a long winter to please yourself and others with bright colors and alluring silhouettes. What will appreciate our fashion spring - summer 2012, this time?

Fashion upcoming spring promises to be varied and contradictory, colorful and romantic.

Fabrics and styles

A distinctive feature of this fashion season will be flowing summer dresses of light translucent fabrics. Strict silhouettes give way to lush along with accentuated waistline.

Another fashion trend - asymmetric cut hems. Uneven line at the bottom of the relevant cloaks, skirts, dresses and even jackets. The asymmetry is present in the upper part of the garment - again popular dress on one shoulder.

Another feature of the spring-summer season - shorter top costume and top-bra. Seductive model in this direction will please fashionistas with slender flawless press.

The hit of the spring and summer will pay to the neck, opening the shoulders - reserved for options and more exciting - for leisure.

This spring will rule elegant and feminine dresses of satin, lace, chiffon, jersey and a midi length at the floor. Designers are not paid attention and perforated materials, creating original and stylish dresses.

Lovers of trousers, depending on the characteristics of the figure and personal preferences to choose between narrow and wide models.

Colors and prints

Bright vivid colors are always inherent in spring and summer clothing. The new models are striking a variety of shades and combinations thereof. Particularly relevant toxic colors and contrasting combinations. The most popular colors of spring and summer of 2012 - the green, green, turquoise, orange, lemon, red.

Do not worry and lovers of discreet shades - pastel colors are present in the collections of most designers. It is plain things, and dresses with prints.

The most fashionable in the new season will be the romantic and feminine dresses with floral prints. Stay in fashion dresses and animal print. In place of tigers and leopards come crocodile, snake print with birds, lizards.

Combinations of concern not only contrasting colors, and prints. In conjunction with the new collections of prints focused on the harmony.

Spring and summer - time elegant and delicate white. In the season of spring-summer 2012 White color is relevant to the business models of clothes. This strict jackets, skirts, pants, dresses, combined with bright accessories.

 Fashionable clothing spring-summer 2012

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