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  • Wheelchair Mothercare perfectly represented in Russia
  • Acquisition of English Chair impressive
  • Mothercare Xtreme: a sample of the functionality
  • The latest model of the British prams impressive

Going out into the street with the kids, all moms are counting on a comfortable and easy walk. But to make it really such, the convenience of beloved children to take care. Therefore, attention to any doting mother deserves stroller Mothercare - it definitely provides comfort walking. This assures us a high status and international fame of its maker.

During the 50 years of the British firm a million times happy with buyers around the world: today it has opened more than 500 of its stores in various parts of the globe. Baby strollers from the British company Mothercare have long been a guarantee of comfort the child. They even the most restless boys and girls always convenient, fun and interesting. And when the baby is well, very well, and my mother - with models from the English manufacturer of each exit to the street will be as pleasant as possible.

Wheelchair Mothercare perfectly represented in Russia

It is very convenient that the British company has opened more than 30 stores in its official of the Russian Federation. Of these, as many as 10 in the capital, so that Moscow's mom and dad always easy to ensure the comfort of your child. But other parents do not worry: the British Mission to successfully operate in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of the country.

Plus, Mothercare, like any good company offers excellent delivery. So mom and dad can always buy baby strollers from the brand, order them components and parts, give them repaired official representatives. The British decided to fully support all the issues "Extreme", "Spin", "Urban Detour" and his other models in Russia - the parents of the kids can not worry about it.

With a choice too, there is no problem: in official stores located in various cities of the Russian Federation, there are topical today strollers English brand. And they are presented on current and quite affordable prices for Russian families - experience shows that many moms and dads choosing a model from the British company for this reason.

But the trump card in favor of Mothercare - it's still time-tested quality. English Pleasure strollers will appreciate the parents who do not worry about the safety and comfort of the child. Lying or sitting in one of the modern British models, boys and girls will be able comfortably to ourselves to make any movement. As a result, any hike in the street will bring mom, dad and their beloved child to a maximum of pleasant impressions.

 mothercare prams

Acquisition of English Chair impressive

Modern versions, for example, the Xtreme or Jive, has everything you could possibly need babies. The basic set includes the following items:

  • Hood and rain cover - they protect the baby from rain and wind, allowing you to comfortably walk in any weather.
  • Apron leg - thanks to him pushchairs perfectly retain heat, it takes care of that pipsqueak not simply on the street.
  • Game tray - with them mum and dad can take hundreds of cheerful amusement even the most restless and mischievous children.

And this is just the basic equipment, which is at Mothercare Urban Detour, Spin, Xtreme and any other models. British company can please even Russian parents and a wealth of accessories. It can be clearly seen on the example that we want to present to the moms and dads.

Mothercare Xtreme: a sample of the functionality

Today, this model has a proud title of high-grade "system for travel." It is noteworthy that it can comfortably carry the baby literally from the moment of his birth. This level of convenience due to the following reasons:

  • Each pushchair "Extreme" has a unique headboard that can emerge from the angle of 90 degrees and up to a fully horizontal position. In such a model, and the child can sit, and lie down comfortably.
  • Maneuverability and smooth running Xtreme gives the presence of energy-saving springs and guide wheels. Thanks to them, even the most petite and frail mother be able to cope with the English model.
  • At the same time frame "Extreme" may also emerge, and it is very convenient for families with cars. Plus in the basic model, there is room for a portable chair, firmly fixed and able to withstand a child weighing up to 10 kg. It can be removed, put into a car and set the frame perfectly without any effort, and it is also more than comfortable.

We conclude: pushchair Xtreme and other well-known models (Jive, Spin, Urban Detour), even in its standard configuration perfectly suited for modern life, such an active and dynamic. Their lightness, maneuverability and compactness perfectly with the reliability and functionality. Mothercare is why not buy for the season - in a wheelchair baby can really grow.

Moms and because we are not yet acquainted with removable elements of the models, also deserves attention. Adjustable footrest, extra wheels, buffers crossbar, shopping baskets, mosquito nets and hoods - all those small but comfortable advantages that will give you peace of mind, and your baby a great mood.

By the way, great also that the British are trying to make their children's strollers even better. Of course, each issued by the British model may be a model of comfort, but over time appear even more advanced versions with pleasant for parents and boys and girls change. This is what we can tell you the following specific example.

 mothercare stroller

The latest model of the British prams impressive

Recently, a new version - stroller Mothercare Spin, has many useful properties. The construction of this wheelchair can easily and quickly change the position of the child ("face-to-itself" or "face forward"), without causing him concern, and not taking it out of the carriage. With such a model will be able to finish my mother walk, climb the elevator, open the door and go home, and her baby will be all this time sweet sleep.

Say more: According to pediatricians, in the first months of life is important for the child's eye contact with his parents, which is why a new stroller is a modern solution developers, thoughtful, this important fact. And walking Spin perfect babies from the first days of their life, because with the help of simple manipulation, it turns into a comfortable cradle. The main advantage of the new product the British company is the high comfort wheelchairs, both for the child and for the parents.

In addition, all new line of carriages has a wonderful design - each of them just nice to drive on the street. This model can be made in various colors such as classic black, elegant green, red memorable. Do mothers have the freedom of choice - you can easily purchase option, which will be delighted with you, your crumb or her older siblings.

Plus, Mothercare Spin - it is fashionable today stroller that is perfect for women who want to emphasize that for their child, they choose the best. But, basically, and other models are still interesting, attractive, reliable, and very comfortable - the British branded strollers deserve the highest ratings in this, our dear readers, you can be sure.

 Stroller Mothercare: guarantee the comfort of the child

 School Choice and the first teacher

Choosing a school for your child is a serious step, in which you need to pay attention to some points. Among them are two of the most important:

  • child goes to school for the first time - in the first class
  • the child is already in school, but you for some reason decided to change schools

First Teacher

For example, when choosing a school for your first-grader, it is necessary to pay attention not only on the choice of school, but also pay attention to the selection of the first teacher.   After the first teacher plays an important role in the life of a first grader. Kids going to the first class, is not enough on their own, they need constant attention and care. And as close to him would not be parents and educators, there will be nobody to look after. From what the teacher is a child in the early school way - it depends a lot in its beginning adult independent living.

In order for a child to adapt to the new environment and used for school, he became an independent, is of great importance - the first teacher. Elementary school should be for the child is not too different from kindergarten. A first teacher, it's kind of the same caregiver, only with even greater duties and responsibilities: the nurse and the teacher and the teacher, all rolled into one. Teacher for his players is not only a teacher and educator, to the classroom, it should be for first great authority.

Many, no doubt, depends on the choice of school, what program, what teachers teach in the school, if the school administration is strong, some sports clubs and societies exist in the school and more. Even if the school you're lucky enough and you choose a good school - it does not mean that everything is fine. If the teacher is not able to interest your child and find a common language with him, all the good data of this school are not counted. The main role is still given to the teacher first.

Keep in mind that when choosing a school, you must first pay attention to the teacher, which will get your student.   Select a strong and responsible teachers care enough to first-graders. If a teacher can interest children, the study will be interesting and informative. It takes children games at recess, and will live with their pets their interests and their lives. Then you and your child will have no problems in school life. First-graders will be interested in school, and he would be happy to attend school, where he made many friends, and most importantly, the school is waiting for a favorite teacher, that tells a lot of interesting.

If your child is in high school, there is different. It's already an experienced student, he was already used to school, he knows what is required of him. Schoolchildren have their own hobbies and interests. High school student is to study seriously, because in front of him waiting for the choice of profession.

Change of school

If you, for whatever reason are not satisfied with an elementary school, it makes sense to think about: whether to continue in her studies? A better way to change to a better school that provides much more knowledge needed to enter university. It is necessary to make the right school choice with the study of foreign languages ​​or in-depth study of some important items. Try to find out about the prospects that this gives the school for admission to universities. Perhaps the school you are interested in, there are chefs. Currently practiced patronage universities over schools. Universities in the sponsored schools carry out various electives, as well as preparatory courses and the Olympic Games. All these activities contribute to the admission into a university.

When choosing a school is required to listen to the views of the child, because to study in this school have him.

 School Choice and the first teacher