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We all want to be healthy, beautiful and fit. But how to achieve this with the pace of modern life, when all you need to do at work and at home? It sometimes does not have enough strength for sports and visits to gyms. But do not be lazy, but we must try to allocate a day at least a few minutes in order to maintain their health. The most effective for this are stretching exercises and flexibility.

These classes are an excellent way to tighten the body, making it more attractive and flexible. Exercise is necessary to perform all those involved in sport, whether professional or beginner.

Through stretching exercises and flexibility, or how fashionable it is also called stretching, you minimize the risk of injuries and sprains, and training will be much more effective. But do not forget, no matter how useful exercise if they perform very actively and properly, it can conceive the opposite effect and cause injury.

In order to avoid this, it is worth remembering the need to warm up before performing stretching exercises. Experts recommend to perform these stretching exercises after weight training, which makes muscles and tendons more "soft", which allows you to purchase the necessary mobility and flexibility. It can also be classes on a stationary bike, jumping rope, running. In addition, thanks to stretching exercises can relieve fatigue of muscles after exercise and bring them in tone.

It is necessary to know the basic tenets when performing stretching exercises.

  • No need to expand strongly and sharply at the beginning. Slowly drag from mild stretching and with each subsequent traffic increases its amplitude, but only when you feel relaxed during the previous slope.
  • When performing stretching exercises and flexibility, it is necessary to monitor breathing. It must be a slow, deep and natural. Exhale when making tilt. Never hold your breath.
  • Stretch and hold the stretch a few seconds in a comfortable position. You should not be delayed until you feel pain and do exercises through force. The minimum time "stretching" shall be 10 seconds, with the time necessary to bring up to 1 minute.
  • By performing stretching exercises and flexibility do not jerks. Thus there is a voltage of just those muscles that you wanted to relax.
  • At the time of stretching it is necessary to think about that part of the body, which is extended. If you feel the tension in the holding position in the stretch, it means you're doing something wrong and you need to take a comfortable position and try again.
  • Do not get hung up on flexibility. It will come with time. The main factor of success of stretching exercises - a regular employment, which should be fun.

 stretching exercises and flexibility

Let's take a look at visually complex stretching exercises:

Exercises to stretch the leg muscles

  1. Stand up straight. Inhale and raise your arms up, stay in this position a few seconds and exhale slowly lower yourself, trying to get the fingers to the floor.
  2. Stand straight, lunge forward with your left foot, forming a right angle. The right leg while standing as far as possible, and the heels are pressed to the floor. Keep swinging, distributing the load on both feet. Change the foot and repeat.
  3. Sitting on the floor, open your legs, forming a right angle. Alternately is inclined by 10 times, stopping in this position for 5-7 seconds, to the right, the left leg and in the middle. This exercise is very effective to stretch the inner thigh.

Exercises for stretching hands

  1. Raise your left arm up and bent, pull the right ear. Right hand grab the elbow and pull it to the left.
  2. Straighten left arm parallel to the floor, then move to the right hand as much as possible. Repeat for the right hand. This exercise is very effective for stretching the muscles of the shoulder and back.

Exercises to stretch the abdominal muscles

  1. Lying on his stomach, put his hands on the floor at chest level, elbows have to look up, legs straight. Very slowly and gradually leaving the floor upper body, go up on the arms and arch your back as much as possible. During stretching exercises stomach should be retracted.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put your hands at your sides. Very slowly lower the right foot first, then to the left, twisting the spine. This exercise helps to stretch the lateral abdominal muscles.

Exercises to stretch the back and spine

  1. For the mobility of the spine, touch left foot to the right knee, at this time the left arm straighten along the trunk. Push the knee to the floor and turn the head in the opposite direction.
  2. Lie on your back, let down your foot right foot on the left thigh. Send out the right knee and pull your thigh to her. Repeat with the other leg.
  3. Lying on the floor, lean right elbow on the floor and from the position on the side pull the knees bent back. The left hand on his hip. Lift the hips up. Change sides and repeat the exercise.

Exercise for stretching the entire body

Held at the end of training for general relaxation of muscles.

  1. Standing straight, gently inspiratory put your hands up, his hands clasped in castle. Hold this position for a few seconds while breathing calmly and drag his body up, you can sitting up on his toes. On the exhale as slowly lower hands down.

We live in a century where, along with such diseases as dystonia, etc., is at the forefront of the so-called "disease of office workers" - osteochondrosis. But the spine is our main support.

Medical statistics says that half of the patients aged 20 years treated in hospitals, complaining of back pain. In 60 percent of the disability associated with the disease of the spine. But none of us thinks about the health of the spine, there is no back pain.

Pain occurring in the back, in any case can not be overlooked. We need to see a specialist who will prescribe treatment. But it is better to think about the health of the spine in advance, avoiding complications! And this will help you stretching exercises of the spine, which can reduce the stress on the joints, improve circulation and provide nutritional authorities with useful substances, lack of which can lead to restriction of movement of the muscles.

If you, nevertheless, decided to strengthen the spine in the gym, the best kinds of exercise are stretching the spine pilates and yoga. The main advantage of such an exercise - is the safety performance, as well as the complex is suitable for all ages and for pregnant women.

And a little advice: start your morning with light stretching exercises. It's just a great way to cheer up, improve flexibility and, of course, the mood for the whole day.

 Stretching exercises. We retain the flexibility and health

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 exercises for priests

Every girl wants to have a beautiful figure. To do this, it is important to pay attention to all parts of the body, including the pope. Because loose, sagging buttocks able to spoil the impression of even the most slender figure. To tighten buttocks should regularly carry out exercises for priests.

Exercises for beautiful priests is best done in the morning, but in a pinch, you can transfer them to the early evening. It is not recommended to do them at nightfall. Exercises for elastic priests begin to stretch. Running it, special attention should be paid to the Achilles tendon. To do a full squat foot while gradually tilting the body forward.

During this exercise, a good sense of how to stretch the calf muscles. And, you can stand on the threshold of the toes or on the stand, the height of fifteen centimeters, and slowly pull your heels toward the floor. The main thing to do when exercising any sudden movements, because it is fraught with sprain in the ankle.

Exercises for priests

  1. Lunges forward. To perform this exercise you need to stand up straight and put your feet together and your hands on your waist. Then you need to take a deep lunge foot forward and make three swinging down. Then repeat the same thing the second leg. To achieve maximum benefit from this exercise, it is important that the foot that remains behind, standing at full stop, not to wear. Please do 7-10 reps on each leg, and eventually increase to 10-12 times.
  2. Deflections. To perform this exercise you need to stand up straight, put your feet together and not pick up a heavy dumbbell. First you need to take the leg back while lifting up their hands, and to make the deflection. Then you need to go back to its original position. Exercise to be performed 10-12 times, turn my leg to be played back.
  3. Doug. To perform this exercise, you lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. Then you need to raise your hands, and after them the body - it is an arc. Then hands should be lower and raise the legs only. This exercise is performed 6-10 times.
  4. Bunny. This exercise consists in jumping on two legs over the rope. Mandatory condition - even breathing through the nose. Perform each exercise first for 2-5 minutes. Gradually you can increase your workout.
  5. A bike. To perform this exercise for beautiful priests need to lie on your back and put your hands along the body. Now lift your legs 45 degrees, making leg movements like riding a bicycle. Shin thus should be straight, and the movement must be done with the maximum amplitude. Exercise is repeated 5-10 times.
  6. Keel. To perform the exercise you need to lie on your stomach, to get his hands behind his back, having connected fingers in the lock. Now you have to raise your arms and legs without bending the knees so that the body resembles a boat. In this position, hold for 10-30 seconds.
  7. Vanka Vstanka. This exercise is carried out on his knees. Hands should be extended forward at shoulder level. Then you first need to sit to the left of heels while turning to the right hand (exhale), and then have to go back to the starting position (breath). Now we have to sit right on the heels, turning left hand, back to its original position. Exercise to be performed in each direction 6-10 times.
  8. Double turns. To perform this exercise you need to sit on the floor and raise his legs up, knees slightly bent and arms outstretched. Now we need to turn around its own axis, first left, then right. It should be borne in mind that when the exercise should involve only the muscles of the buttocks. In carrying out this exercise, you need to breath even. The exercise is performed from 2 to 8 times.
  9. Skorpionchik. Exercise is carried out by using the table. It is necessary to lay down on his stomach so that the legs from the hips, the table is no longer concerned. Now we need to take hold of the edge of the table and took a breath, lift your legs up. In this position must hold 10 seconds. Then the legs can be lowered. Exercise should be repeated 3-6 times. Feet need to try to raise the high, arching well in the back.
  10. Wiggle. To perform the exercise you need to sit on the floor by connecting the soles of his feet. Now we need to pull them closer to her and wrapped his arms around the feet. Sitting right, you need to roll from one buttock to the other. It must be done 40-100 times, not forgetting the back and breathing: back - straight, breathing - even.
  11. Mahi - 1. Need to get up on all fours, keeping your back straight. In this position you need to do leg swings back up as high as you get. Foot to the floor can not be omitted. It needs to hold just above the surface and then lift straight up. Exercise should be carried out each leg 10 to 20 times.
  12. Mahi - 2. The same starting position. Mahi is also performed in the same leg only when it is necessary to bend the knee to form a flat angle it straight. We need to do 10-20 swings up each leg. Then you need the right leg bent at the knee, lifting up his right and the left - the left. These swings are performed 10 to 25 times.
  13. Walking to the pope. For this exercise, stretching out his legs, sit on the floor. Back at the same straight line. Now we need to move forward on the floor, moving only through the buttocks. Reaching such a way to the room, not turning head back again only through the buttocks. Exercise to be performed by 5 to 7 times.
  14. Squats. We need to put your feet shoulder-width apart, toes outward expanding. After rising on tiptoes, you slowly squat, with the widest possible spreading knees. Getting up, rise on tiptoes, but then falls on the heels. Exercise to be performed from 7 to 15 times.
  15. Swallow. For the original position need to stand up straight with your feet together. During the exercise, it is necessary to step right foot forward while throwing his hands to the sides at shoulder level. Left legs thus be raised as high as possible backward and upward while bending the torso. Try to hold in this position for one minute. Exercise is necessary to carry out each leg for 5-8 times.
  16. Tiger. To perform the exercise you need, bending forward, the palm down. In this position, you need to go, like a tiger across the room and back. Must pass without interrupting movement 10 times.
  17. Gorka. To perform the exercise you need to lie on your back, placing your hands at your sides and your knees bent. Feet flat on the floor. Now, Straining muscles of the buttocks and thighs, you need to slowly lift the pelvis and also slowly lower it. Exercise should be repeated 6 to 8 times.
  18. Claps knees. For this exercise again, you need to lie on your back, arms to the side. Legs apart. Then you need to lift the pelvis and hips. In this position, you need to alternately reduce and then raise your knees. Repeat exercise should be 6 to 8 times.

Performing regularly these simple exercises for priests beautiful, you can achieve striking effects. The muscles of the buttocks tightened, cellulite is gone, the skin on the priest becomes flat and smooth. Enjoy your training!

 Beautiful figure: do exercises for priests

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