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Beautiful strong nails - a source of pride of every woman. But maintain healthy nails are not so simple. Ecology, wrong food, household chemicals - all this is not conducive to healthy nails. And nail polish is also not useful as a means for its removal. Under the influence of all these negative factors fade nails, exfoliate and become brittle. Therefore nails require care and nursing care. And the purpose of this article - talk about how to strengthen the nails home.

The most important in strengthening the nails is prevention. It is very important not only to regularly take vitamin and mineral supplements, but most limit contact with household cleaning products - detergents, cleaners and detergents. Domestic business is best done wearing rubber gloves, and before putting on gloves should be smeared with glycerine hand or hand cream. The vitamins and minerals must be present calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, iron and iodine. You can, of course, vitamins do not buy, but simply to draw up a diet. Should eat more almonds, dates, figs, dairy products (especially cheese and hard cheese), fish, meat, carrots and carrot juice, spinach, fruit.

You should also regularly use special paints and medicinal creams for nails and cuticles. You can feed the nails with nail oil, with special attention to the contour of the nail. At the base of the nail need to rub in a circular motion means for the cuticle, and then it softened, it is necessary to push a special wand. And then lubricate the nails with oil. The structure strengthens nails tools include a variety of components, the main ones are panthenol, allantoin, liposomes, amino acids, keratin, vitamin C and protein. Allantoin, panthenol and accelerate the regeneration of the cuticle, liposomes accelerate the growth of the nails, and the rest of the items improves nail resistance to negative environmental influences.

Modern cosmetic market is able to offer an extensive range of tools to strengthen nails. The most popular among women are gel strengthener "Smart Enamel" firming film from Mirra, strengthening varnish from Belweder and from Platinum Collection.

The maximum you can strengthen your nails by using the "sealing". This procedure involves layering resources, which contain minerals, proteins and vitamins. First nail polish, and then they rubbed firming cream, and then - firming oil. Useful substances obtained by fingernails during "sealing" is stored therein for two weeks, followed by a repeat procedure.

But apart from reinforcing agents of various brands, strengthen the nails home is possible and with the help of various folk remedies, paraffin, as well as through massage. Further support is able to correct the fortress nail manicure.


On the issue of strengthening the nail manicure at home plays a pretty big role .  To remain longer nails strong and healthy, you need to give up the edging manicure, as well as metal saws .  Instead of a metal nail file is best to use a nail file with Teflon coating .  Nail polish remover should not use products containing acetone .  Manicure should be at least once in two weeks, and every five days should give the nails a two-day rest from varnish .  Very useful for a while not to use conventional paints - it is better to replace medical varnishes, apparently they are no different from the usual colorless varnish .  In addition, treatment varnishes no harm will apply under normal nail in 2-3 coats - so nails will not only get extra food, but will be well protected from the adverse effects of conventional varnish .  For brittle nails should choose a medical varnish with calcium, and for stratifying nails - with fruit acids .


Paraffin can be called, perhaps, the most pleasant cosmetic procedure .  This procedure is done in salons, but also it can be done by yourself .  Strengthen nails at home with the help of paraffin has a number of useful features - nails are not only stronger, but also get an excellent moisturizing hand, improves blood circulation and improves the overall appearance of hands .  To perform this procedure at home need to have cosmetic paraffin termovarezhki and protective plastic bags .  Before the procedure, should make a hand massage with cream-peeling, which then must be removed from the hands full .  After this five times immerse your hands until the middle of the forearm, each time waiting for the order to cease the wax dripping from hands .  Then hands should wear protective plastic bags, and then put termovarezhki .  After 10-20 minutes, remove termovarezhki and massage hands, then remove the bags and throw it with the rest of them with paraffin .  After the procedure at the hands should apply a moisturizing hand cream .

Do not make paraffin if:

  • Violating the integrity of the skin;
  • Broken blood clotting;
  • Broken skin sensitivity;
  • There neoplasms.

Prior to applying the wax to be hand on the inner side of the wrist - wax should not be too hot, or can receive light burns.

 firming folk remedies

Massage Nails

Massage polish is also very useful in strengthening the nail procedure. Thanks to massage nails become stronger and more flexible. Do massage with a soft brush in the cuticle area, and it should be pre-soap baby soap or glycerine. During the massage the cuticle is released from dead skin cells, which prevents unpleasant and ugly cracks. More advantage of the massage can be done, if done regularly baths with ocean or sea salt is not flavored. You can do the bath courses for 10 days with breaks in the month, and can be done once, but every week.

Baths with sea salt is as follows: at 0, 5 liters of water falls 1 tablespoon salt. Keep your hands in the bath should be 15-20 minutes, after which they need to wipe and put on them a nourishing cream. But this bath belongs to the folk recipes for strengthening of nails, which we describe in the next section.

Folk remedies to strengthen nails

As we mentioned in our article, you can strengthen your nails, not only in stores, but also at home. And folk recipes to strengthen nails will help you in this. There are a lot of different recipes - from the packs and trays to a variety of masks to strengthen nails. In addition, the huge role played by a special diet, which aims - to saturate the body with nutrients that are needed for the nails. In such a diet includes:

  • Gelatin - marmalade, jelly and jelly. And gelatin contained in bones and cartilages of birds and fish.
  • Calcium - This component has a useful dairy products, dates, almonds and figs.
  • Iron - is in the yolks of eggs, red meat, red vegetables and fruits, pomegranates, beans, oranges, vegetable oil, beet and carrot juices.
  • Zinc - is in fish, it should eat least 1 times a week.
  • Manganese and magnesium - are in bananas and rice.

Strengthen nails folk remedies are quite popular among women because not only is very effective, besides, also very cheap. After preparing all the recipes from the fact that there is practically in every kitchen - fruits, vegetables and the like. To strengthen nails there are so many different recipes - baths, rubbing, compresses and masks. We will examine just a few recipes for strengthening nails.

Baths - a great way to not only strengthen your nails, they are very useful for the skin of the hands. We offer three options for trays:

  1. Wine bath. 200 g of dry red wine and 1 tbsp. l. salt mixed, then the mixture should be slightly warm. The mixture should not be hot. The bath should be obtained 15 minutes to keep your hands, then your hands should be slightly wet towel and apply a nourishing cream. Make bath should be 1 time per week.
  2. Herbal bath. To prepare the bath, use infusions of nettle, plantain, celery, sage and chamomile. It is best to alternate grass. Tray is prepared as follows: 2 tbsp. l. Salvia officinalis, or 1 tbsp. l. any grass to fill with one liter of water, then the infusion boiled for 5 minutes (celery boil longer need - 30 minutes) to give the broth 40-420S and cool to 15-20 minutes to lower the arm. After the bath wash hands and just wet a towel and apply a nourishing cream on them.
  3. Soda tub. 1 tbsp. l. soda, 1 tbsp. of water, 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of glycerin to mix and lower arms for 15-20 minutes. Wet hands and apply to them cream. After the bath before going to bed should be dipped in melted fingertips beeswax, let him freeze on the fingers and leave overnight.

Besides trays to do mask to strengthen nails. By the time the mask occupy almost the same time as the bath - from 5 to 30 minutes. Just as after the trays, use a mask to strengthen nails involves a subsequent application in the hands of nourishing cream. So, here are some options for masks:

  1. The mask of beeswax. In a water bath to be melted beeswax. It should not be hot 420C. The melted wax Dip your fingers for 1-2 seconds and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Olive mask. To prepare this mask should be mixed 2-3 tbsp. l. olive oil, 2-3 drops of iodine and a few drops of lemon juice. The resulting mixture was left to lower the fingers and 5-10 mine, then rinse with warm water.
  3. Pepper mask. Mask to strengthen nails made from 1 ch. L. hand cream 1 hour. L. red pepper and a few drops of water. The mixture is applied to the nails for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.
  4. Beer mask. In half a glass of beer add half a cup of slightly warmed vegetable oil and 1 ch. L. lemon juice. The resulting mixture was put your hands for 20 minutes, after which the hands do not wash - just wet hands napkin. After the mask is required to be massaging the cuticle and not wet his hands for two hours. This recipe for strengthening nails should not be used more than 2 times a week for a month.

There is, of course, much more recipes masks polish, we have given in this article only the most available and the most effective. As you can see, to strengthen nails folk remedies do not require extra expenses, you need only the desire to have beautiful strong nails.
Here, in fact, on this our article ends. Hopefully it will help you maintain the beauty of your nails and support her. After a nice manicure is impossible without healthy nails, and their health - in your hands.

 Strengthen nails folk remedies

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