firming Biogel

Due to daily stress, unfavorable environmental conditions and other factors of modern women are constantly struggling with lackluster split ends, unhealthy skin color, as well as brittle and fragile nails. Currently, most of these problems can be solved by cosmetic and salon treatments. Among the wonderful treatments should focus on strengthening polish Biogel, after such a procedure nails are beautiful and strong. With bio-gel nails can and build up to the desired length, and adjust the size.

Strengthening natural nails Biogel - relatively young and new technology. It is necessary to recognize the fact that most women do not know anything about Biogel, as well as its properties. Despite this procedure has already won a huge number of fans, as all women know that beautiful nails - is a direct indicator of health. The procedure for strengthening nails Biogel can replace other treatments with massage, vitamins, creams and masks that require a lot of time, money and effort. For example, an effective innovative technology of Bio Sculpture Gel strengthens dull and brittle nails, short nails to lengthen and align the shape of the nail.

Biogel - familiar with the product

Biogel is a soft elastic mixture of calcium, proteins and natural wood resins. Procedure strengthen gives remarkable results, so firming Biogel feedback is extremely positive character: a thin layer of bio-gel applied to the nails, makes them look natural and naturally. Also nails can be given the original design, causing a unique pattern, or the classic look with the help strengthen nails Biogel color or pattern jacket. Biogel provides the nail plate "breath" and stimulates the growth of new strong nails.

Many women who care about their health, made the procedure for strengthening natural nails Biogel in the main hand care. Medicinal properties biogels due to their natural composition. Resin South African teak wood is the main active component of the bio-gel. The resin contains large amounts of calcium and protein, which promotes "bonding" nail scales together, the "closed" edge of the nail. As a result, longer nails flake. Calcium, in turn, helps strengthen nails, making them durable and resistant to adverse external factors and impacts. So the nails is not afraid of housework, or awkward movements. Since bio-gel - material breathable and non-toxic, it can be used even by people who suffer from allergic reactions.

 firming Biogel reviews

Strengthen nails Biogel - technology

We offer you a closer look at firming Biogel - technology procedure is as follows:

The first nail is prepared for the procedure in a special way - they saw round with a grinding unit. This zapilivanie does not harm the nails, as it is very small and allows you to remove from the surface of the nail plate unnecessary fat film. Produced cuticle treatment and correction of the free edge of the nail.

In the second place, before cover Biogel nails, they are applied to protein-based nutritional and vitamin liquid.

Then begins the procedure itself - firming Biogel - photos which you can clearly see. Himself Biogel you can choose the right during the procedure to your own taste and individual desire. If you are strengthening the natural nail color Biogel good wizard will offer you a rich color palette.

The procedure for strengthening and nail with the help of bio-gel does not take much time. Fixation of the gel under ultraviolet radiation produced. The results strengthen nails Biogel - ratings marigolds acquire the ideal length, shape, healthy shine and natural beauty.

In addition to the hand area, you can make optional firming Biogel on their feet - this procedure is also useful because our feet do not suffer less stress and nutritional deficiencies than hands.

Experts recommend not to firming Biogel yourself as in inexperienced hands procedure may bring dire results. With a great desire to learn to carry out such procedures, it is best to go through special training courses on which the details reveal all the secrets and subtleties of the case, placed emphasis on the unknown simple inhabitants nuances and enter into the world of specific terminology. It will not be superfluous to review the online video tutorials on "firming Biogel - technology."

Remove from the surface bio-gel nails

Removal of bio-gel to the surface of the nail would be best to entrust the master. There is no danger of injury, this procedure can not be held to the natural nail plate. You do not even have time to notice how the master cabin relieve you of accrued material.

The fingertips are placed for 10-15 minutes in a special solution so that the entire sheltering all nails. The active components of the solution influence the biogel, and it begins to soften, and then easily removed. This wizard does not even use cutters or saws.

Biogel unlike the usual acrylic is an absolutely natural material, so after removing it, you will never see this ugly picture which can be seen after removing acrylic buildup. Strengthen nails Biogel nails brings no problem, on the contrary nogotochki heals, so after removing the gel you will see their homes nails stronger and shiny. A little later, you'll notice how quickly they began to grow, and does no longer separate.

 firming Biogel photo

Strengthen nails colored Biogel

Those women who are tired of the daily tinting nail varnish and the rapid disappearance from the ends thereof, or whose varnish begins to crumble a few days after application, modern cosmetology offers firming colored Biogel.

Rich bright colors, rich palette of colors, coating resistant to temperature and mechanical stress - all these remarkable properties of bio-gel provides the beauty of your marigolds and successful strengthening of the natural nail color Biogel.

The main advantages of bio-gel

We suggest you bring the original result and to list all the main advantages of bio-gel.

Biogel nail - is harmless and safe means, since it is based on natural ingredients. Especially useful is regular nail strengthening Biogel - photos clearly show the great results of the procedure. Due to the lack of aggressive allergens gel composition, it does not cause any allergic reactions.

The cost of strengthening polish Biogel very democratic, and the procedure promotes rapid recovery after the nail extension. The soft, thin nails turn into strong and resilient.

Biogel - reliable protection from the negative effects of nails environmental and mechanical factors. Under a layer of gel nails improve its structure and after removal of the bio-gel begin to actively grow.

Covered with gel nails do not break or crack, become strong, resilient and extremely sleek and attractive. The material is very flexible and soft, but extremely durable, reliable protects the nail from delamination.

Removal of bio-gel is made without filing nails, that is, there is no possibility of mechanical trauma of the nail plate. Even if bio-gel has already been removed, the effects of its application would be seen for a long time on your nails that look healthy, shiny, smooth and well-groomed.

The procedure for application and removal of bio-gel economical over time, which is the actual benefit for the modern woman. Not less than pleased and availability of the procedure for the broad mass of the fair sex.

We hope that in this article we were able to convince you of the appeal Biogel strengthen nails, as well as the procedure is extremely useful for the health of your nogotochki. It remains only to wish you a successful experience to handle your manicured summoned all genuine delight and admiration!

 Strengthen nails Biogel - feedback and recommendations

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 honey massage for growing thin


  • What is the secret of honey massage?
  • Technique of massage
  • Massage the abdomen

Honey - a product that is known to all, without exception. The beneficial properties of honey are so diverse, it can be used both as food and as a cosmetic agent. Quite common, and the use of honey for medical purposes. For example:

  • It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic;
  • In case of burns, cuts, and other skin lesions use of honey accelerates the healing process;
  • For people involved in sports, honey is a natural source of energy;
  • Also, the product reduces inflammation and accelerates the metabolism, supports the immune system and improves digestion;
  • Honey massage is the most common method in the fight against excess weight. In addition, this procedure not only eliminates the extra kilos, but also makes the skin supple and smooth and prevents the appearance of cellulite.

What is the secret of honey massage?

Use honey massage for weight loss is not only possible, but necessary. Honey - a product partially redesigned so its assimilation can occur both inside and outside. It contains glucose and water are retained in the upper layers of the dermis, and useful substances penetrate. Thus, the cells of the body receive the missing vitamins and minerals. To massage acted, it is necessary to remember only one rule - to use only high-quality and candied honey!

So how does honey help to lose weight? After all, when using it in food, blood glucose becomes saturated, giving energy to the body. A surplus of glucose to form fat reserves. Where is the logic? As such, the honey is not able to burn fat, therefore, the case in the massage. Improved blood circulation, saturation of oxygen, nutrients, physical effects - all this leads to loss of energy, that is, calories burned. In addition, this massage system is very effective influence on body fat under the skin.

Of course, to lose weight by 5-10 kg using honey massage is unlikely to succeed, but to reduce the hips, get rid of fat on the abdomen is quite real. The skin becomes more elastic, toned and smooth. Before proceeding to the study of art, is to talk about contraindications and erroneous actions.

  • Do not make honey massage for women with serious diseases of the peripheral nervous system. In this case, be sure to consult with your doctor;
  • Massage is contraindicated in violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • It is not necessary to perform the procedure in the hot steam room. Firstly, the honey will drain that does not give the right to perform massage. Second, at high temperatures it may seriously damage the honey. It is best to massage in hot and sweaty body;
  • In no case do not align the bath, honey massage and alcohol;
  • Do not suffer the pain during a massage. Movements have to be coordinated and calculated on your pain threshold;
  • After the massage, be sure to wrap yourself in a towel or robe, soak 15 minutes. Only then can you take a shower.

 massage with honey for weight loss

Technique of massage

The fact that honey massage you need to do right, it is not even going. This is a prerequisite of any medical procedure, and the correction of figure it is certainly true. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the massaged area. You can carry out the procedure in individual areas, but it is better to do full-body massage.

  • So, take a shower, sit in the steam room. In the absence of the latter, just have a good heat the skin under the stream of hot water;
  • Well rub the body with a towel waffle, easy to redness;
  • Massage begins with the legs and then sequentially rises. Coverage begins with the upper zone of the arms and neck area ends;
  • Never use honey in areas with lots of hair: armpits, bikini area;
  • If the massage is performed on the face, then it is necessary to protect the area of ​​eyebrows, eyelashes and hair roots, and ladies' mustache disappear during the massage that is sure to please;
  • Apply honey on a massed site that should not exceed 12-15 centimeters. Suffice it to one teaspoon;
  • First, rub the (stretch) of its zone. Then do the passes hands, raising and lowering them to the site;
  • After the first 5-7 climbs slightly redden the skin, the honey will stretch and stick. With each subsequent margin, you will be harder to do massage. Here it is necessary to focus on the sensitivity of your skin. Movement can be both smooth and sharp;
  • Massages one area as long as the honey does not acquire a grayish hue. This means that it absorbed all the dead skin cells, dirt from clogged pores. You'll be surprised how much it in a freshly washed body! Massage one zone takes an average of from 7 to 15 minutes.

 nice honey massage for growing thin

Massage the abdomen

Particular attention should be paid to the stomach. After all, so often it is his condition is poor. And if honey massage can not cope with a large amount of internal fat, then remove subcutaneous accumulation and align the skin under his power. The stomach area is quite sensitive, so the technique of somewhat different. Before you put honey on the skin of her prepared using oils.

Massage oil is applied to the skin, it is massaged in a circular motion for 5 minutes. You can then proceed directly to the honey massage. Tear will be more tolerant with this method of execution. The rest of the slimming massage abdomen is no different from the above-described technique.

Of course, honey massage helps in the fight against excess weight, but it should be remembered, and that is only an aid - a kind of a tool to keep the body in good shape. When targeted weight loss, you must also choose a diet and exercise program aimed at problem areas of the body. Only when combined action is possible to achieve effective results in a short period of time.

 Honey massage for weight loss - a sweet treat for the body

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