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Healthy and beautiful hair - the best decoration and the main symbol of femininity. Long and shiny tresses are a sign of good health, women's inner strength. So let's quickly figuring out how to strengthen the hair! The visible segment of the hair is called the core. Part of that is under the skin - the root or bulb. The rod is surrounded by an outer layer (cuticle), which performs a protective function. When the cuticle tightly pressed against each other, the hair look smooth, silky and shiny they are.

If the surface of the cuticle is damaged, the hair becomes dull, and the tips are cut. The root of the hair by using special secret powers of sebaceous glands. If the secret little hair is dry and dull, if too much, they quickly get dirty and look untidy. So, we briefly examined the theory, and now let's look at the practical tips.

 basic hair care
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Terms basic hair care

First choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type. If the shampoo dries the tips, pay attention to its composition. Most shampoos as a foaming bases used sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate, SLS). These shampoos are great foam and washed curls "squeaky", but often desiccate them. If that is the case, look for shampoos bezsulfatnye with a soft washing base. It is best to give their preference for natural products without dyes, weak, no chemical odor and with little foaming.

After shampoo, always use balsam conditioner.

This tool helps to "seal" the opened while washing the hair and smooth scales them. And, then, the curls are smooth and shiny. Taking a shower, remember to wash it the water should be cool to room temperature. If your hair is greasy at the roots and dry at the tips, apply shampoo only on the scalp. The tips of the hair will wash yourself when you wash off the foam. Drying her hair, in any case, do not rub them. Just gently blot hair with a towel that had it absorbed excess moisture and dosushit hair naturally.

Great harm can bring plastic mane comb. The fact is that under the influence of static electricity pushatsya not only the hair, but also the scales of the cuticle particles, which adversely affects the condition and appearance of the hair. A good alternative is a wooden comb. But let it be made of hardwood - oak or ash. A softer wood, birch or pine, will eventually be damaged and covered with small burrs, hair will split. Another great option - Brush bristles. It is not electrified and does not damage the hair.

Useful massage and comb with rounded teeth. Combing her gently, without damaging the scalp and stimulates the nerve endings and stimulates blood circulation of the skin, which in turn strengthens the hair and stimulates their growth. And try to take note of a little trick from our grandparents. At night, in the pigtail braid curls. It is believed that the hair a rest only when they are collected, and during sleep, they will be less entangled. But no tight tails!

 folk remedies for hair
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Menu Beauty: Hair nutrition from inside and outside

Condition of hair depends on the power of the whole body, entering through the blood to the hair follicle protein keratin, ceramides, fats and micronutrients. For healthy hair include in the diet foods rich in calcium, iron and protein. It greens, vegetables, oily fish, beans, nuts, eggs, whole grains, white meat, wheat germ, cheese. Listen to your body, try to capture the relationship between nutrition and the state of your hair, and do it prompt the prescription of health suitable for you.

The number and condition of the hair in the first place depend on the genetics, but competent care can greatly improve their appearance.   Well proven base oils and 100% natural oils rich in essential fatty acids. They can be used either in pure form or as mixtures with other oils. Here is a list of the best base oils to strengthen hair:

  • castor oil (nourishes, strengthens and stimulates growth);
  • burdock (kappilyarnoe enhances blood circulation, restores the metabolism in the scalp, nourishes and strengthens the roots and structure);
  • olive oil (which contains a range of different vitamins that promote health, recovery, and rapid growth);
  • coconut oil (makes hair shiny, moisturizes and restores them);
  • avocado oil (improves the structure, has natural sunscreen);
  • Almond Oil (nourishing roots, stimulates hair growth and makes them elastic).

 essential oils to strengthen hair

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Eating essential oils

The base oil or mixture of oils may be enriched esters. Essential oils - volatile odorous liquid mixture of substances isolated from plant material by distillation, extraction or pressing. A powerful stimulant of hair growth is the oil hit. Here is a list of essential oils that will enhance your hair:

  • lavender essential oil;
  • essential oil ylang-ylang;
  • rosemary essential oil,
  • the essential oil of juniper;
  • the essential oil of cinnamon;
  • Essential Oil Bay.

Esters necessary to mix in the vegetable oil base and only then applied to the scalp and hair. The general rule is: 50 ml of base oil did not take more than 10 drops of ether. The resulting mixture should be warmed in a water bath, or rub in the palms and apply on the hair and scalp. Leave for at least 20 minutes, and can be overnight. You can wear a hat and warm cellophane head with a towel for a better penetrating effect. If you put oil on the scalp, keep in mind that it can clog pores, so do not do this too often mask.

Speaking about the strengthening effect, it is worth noting that the need to strengthen in the first hair roots, so as a bonus, we get their enhanced growth. In general, choose oils and their method of application should be individually, depending on the characteristics and needs of your curls, with a preliminary test for allergies. Some oils are dangerous for pregnant women and nursing mothers, so read the instructions carefully and beware of imitations and synthetic analogues.

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Peeling, aromaraschesyvanie other ways hair recovery

How to strengthen the hair further? Good effect hydrochloric peeling scalp. He cleans the skin of dead skin cells, stimulates hair growth, nourishes the scalp and prevents the precipitation of trace elements of hair, strengthening them. To prepare peeling need a handful of sea salt, 2 drops of essential oils such as lavender and bay. All the ingredients you need to mix and add water so that the weight gained consistency scrub. Put everything on wet hair and massage for 5-7 minutes.

One of the most simple and enjoyable ways to care for curls - aromaraschesyvanie. Add a comb made of wood or bristle a couple of drops of essential oil of your favorite and slowly, carefully comb the hair. All wash oil is not necessary. Procedure healthier roots and strengthen them. It is very good for strengthening roots and the mask of onion juice. To prepare rub an onion on a grater, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, rub it into the scalp, all hide under the cellophane and insulated. Rinse off after about an hour. Mask works very well, strengthening the roots of the hair, but it has one drawback - the onion smell that will long remind yourself.

Another great recipe - rinse decoction of herbs. The most useful will rinse with nettle. It is rich in a wide variety of vitamins and trace elements. And vitamin C is nettle more than in apples and lemons, but it is not suitable for light and especially for bleached hair. There is one caveat. Nettles can give a greenish tint bright and bleached hair. But put them on the sunny daisy shine.

Henna is also used since ancient times for strengthening hair. The masks of her usually taken 100 g of colorless Henna 300 ml of very hot water. Utensils should be ceramic or glass, mixing use metal spoons impossible. Duration of treatment - 30 minutes to 1 hour. Feature masks henna in the hair thicken, become more brilliant and less whipped. Of course, it's not all recipes, that can be used to strengthen hair. Stick to the basic rules, combine masks, oils and herbal teas, try, and you are sure to find something you like your hair. Good luck!

 Strengthen hair: rules and secrets