stomatitis in children treated

Not for the sake of curiosity, but taking care of the children, loving parents necessarily think about hygiene rotika her baby.

Even grudnichkovom age, children can become sick not so pleasant disease as stomatitis. Simply put, disease - an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Although this disease often occurs in children, treatment is not always children. In most cases, emit different features stomatitis in children, but the main reason is considered to be a weak immune system that is not able to cope with the microbes that get into the baby's mouth. Most often, the development of the disease begins after mucosal injury, for example, if the baby bitten or injured with a sharp object or toy.

After thinking about the written above, you first need to learn how to care for the baby mouth, and in the future and to teach him to care for his "dental kingdom." To avoid dental problems in children, it is important to remember a few rules, and most importantly, as soon as possible to observe the disease.

Baby and stomatitis

Stomatitis in infants treatment, which is not the easiest, may appear in the very first months of life. In this disease the child hurts to suck. Be sure to look at the baby's mouth, note whether there is a language on the mucosal surface of the palate and cheeks bright film, reminiscent of milk. Often referred to as a disease - thrush newborn. However, it is worth remembering that thrush - is a type of stomatitis caused by fungi of the genus Candida. Just do not go immediately into a panic, make sure you do not confuse the white swelling of the gums, which characterizes the eruption Zubikov. If, however, you are sure, then please contact your pediatrician, he will appoint the necessary treatment to your crumbs - he knows exactly how to cure stomatitis in children.

But you yourself can relieve the state of the baby, if you after each meal to give to drink a little boiled water. This will help wash away the remnants of the milk with the mucous membrane of the mouth and prevent fungus conditions for reproduction. Often there is a fungal stomatitis in children, the treatment is carried out with antibiotics, it held a few weeks.

Varieties stomatitis

By the nature of stomatitis are different.

  • Thrush in children treatment, which should be started first with careful handling of toys, enjoyed by the baby . It is good to wash or boil the nipples, bottles, toys. Be sure before each meal Conduct a thorough toilet breasts and nipples. Very good help in the soda solution.

If the disease is detected at an early stage, it often lacks local therapy - washing the mouth, treatment with ointments and gels. If the stage is more serious in this case is assigned to the application of special anti-fungal drugs.

  • If thrush is found in children treated in this case was more serious. Appointed application brilliant green, silver preparations. These methods have proven effective for decades. In the treatment of ulcers agents achieved rapid healing, but not destroyed the very reason - the fungus. If canker sores, the baby in her mouth formed painful sores called aphthae. They not only cause pain when taking food, but do not interfere with making sounds. In this case children may have a fever and began to dysbiosis.
  • Herpetic stomatitis in children can result from contact with the herpes virus in the blood of the baby. This often happens during childbirth, during the passage of the birth canal. Or a little "cold" on your lip can be a big problem in the mouth of your crumbs. Do not kiss yourself and do not let others do it in order to protect the child from unnecessary anxiety. Herpetic stomatitis in children treatment, which depends on the symptoms, it is very important to detect as early as possible. To help your child get rid of a nasty virus.

It is worth noting that viral stomatitis in children whose treatment can be repeated 4-5 times a year, develops due to the weakening of the body and frequent colds. Therefore, in order to prevent stomatitis in children, symptoms of which may be different, depending on the nature of the disease, it is necessary every day to take care of the gums and mouth over the baby - it's much easier and more effective than thinking how to cure stomatitis in children.

Sometimes there is stomatitis in the language of the child. Doctors often treat it as a manifestation of allergies. And this disease is called allergic stomatitis. Physicians - allergists know that very often the language of stomatitis in children indicates a - or an allergic reaction.

Now that we know how to manifest stomatitis in children, you can ask the doctor in his luggage of knowledge required to find information on how to cure stomatitis in children. He will tell you about what a cure stomatitis for children, it is necessary to your child.

 stomatitis in children

Feeding a child with the disease stomatitis

Having found out how it happens and how to treat stomatitis in children, we need to talk a little bit about what to feed the child with stomatitis.

Be sure to eliminate any annoying and sweet food. Foods to be the average temperature and liquid composition. Choose purees, yogurt, liquid porridge, tea (especially beneficial are chamomile and other herbs that support the immune system and the body from the inside). Try to eliminate the juice, the more acidic. Should eat no more than 3-4 times a day and after each meal be sure to rinse your mouth with water or herbal decoction of chamomile and succession.

But, much easier if you will be prevention of stomatitis in children than it, in the future, treatment.

Child tooth decay

Also stomatitis, there is still plenty of different problems faced by the "tooth kingdom" our baby. Dental treatment in young children holding dentist - child. If your baby has arisen deterioration Zubikov hurry with a visit to the dentist. Delaying such a campaign, you're only hurting your own fumes, because the tooth had continued to fall and in the spring cavity is continuous infection. In this case the child develops cavities, the treatment that starts primarily with the exception of the evening and night diet food of sugary foods and acidic juices.

The first time a child goes to the dentist fun, perhaps singing songs. To this was often not tighten to treat milk teeth in children. Early treatment is always painless, and the baby gets used. And all the parents in the first place wants to get rid of unnecessary baby tears and fears. If he is afraid, try to convince him. Explain to your child that visiting this doctor - an important event in his little life. It's like a habit to brush your teeth twice a day and visit the dentist, too, must be carried out at least 2 times a year. Then we can keep our teeth for many years.

You will be able to promise a child a toy, of which he dreamed. The idea of ​​the toy will support the baby. However, do not neglect the promised - follow! A positive result will give a preparatory visit to the shopping center of toys: the clinic you go through the shopping center. You find a toy, give the child to hold her, but in any case do not get. The acquisition - after the visit to the doctor Dr. Dolittle!

Treatment: Children's Dental Laser

In today's world, more and more of the measures taken to reduce pain and therefore fear when visiting the dentist. One such step - a breakthrough in the field of dentistry - dental treatment for children has become a laser. With this technology, remarkably treated caries early stage. Its use is so painless that has recently become widely used. However, there is a big disadvantage from such a procedure - is too high a price, taking into account that the child's tooth is treated milk, which means that he will fall, and with it will go all the costs.

But sometimes, a visit to the dentist puts a negative impact on the child. His fear increased a doctor does not even see the amount of work. Even more difficult is the case, in the case if you want to treat a pediatric dentist - surgeon. In this case no other means as used dentistry children under anesthesia.

 stomatitis in children symptoms

Anesthesia for the child in the dental office

Although dental treatment under general anesthesia is associated with certain risks, however - a safe procedure. Just make anesthetist - and professional treatment is carried out in a specially equipped room. During anesthesia should use precautions. Kid operational help, special equipment monitoring his condition. But if there is little reason to use this method of treatment, use the normal way. Always Speak with your dentist risks that may occur during such treatment.

Help orthodontist in the first years of life

If your baby's teeth never hurt, we can only be happy for him. But this does not mean that you should not visit the dentist. Should definitely appear as the doctor examines your child's teeth, not only on the state of corruption, but also determines their proper growth and development. And of course, when discussing the theme of children's diseases of the mouth and teeth, you can not go past the dentition anomalies.

To solve this problem requires not a simple children's dentist - orthodontist. One-third of children in the world today needs the help of a specialist. The reason for this is the formation of abnormal bite, dysplasia, and teething. Of course, it is genetically incorporated, but in most cases, contribute to this harmful habit: mouth breathing or constant sucking fingers and toys and many others.

It performs better than the first visit an orthodontist in 4 years. In this lifetime can detect anomalies. At this stage of development is likely correction of bite abnormalities by a flexible instrument - "trainers". Determining the degree of deviation of the jaw of the child from the norm, the children have older can use special orthodontic records, treatment of 1- takes 4 years. The duration of the treatment, and in particular depends on various factors. One skilled in the art, examined the child may find the solution most suitable for a child - to wear it or integral removable plate, which is called "braces".

How to keep healthy baby teeth and protect the baby from infections in the mouth?

The level of modern medicine is quite high. Ask your pediatric dentist, is it possible to cover the special teeth fluoride varnish. If applicable. Have to do is cover your baby. Although varnish and dark, but it will reliably protect your child's teeth from decay. Some parents are not serious think that milk teeth caries hurt, you can not treat - would still be me, they are mistaken, because the permanent teeth appear behind the milk teeth while the patient is infected by a baby tooth. Do not be lazy just go to the dentist.

Teach your child to brush their teeth properly. It must have its own tooth brush. Smaller size and softer bristles. Note that brushing your teeth several motions will not bring results, but lay the habit of not properly brushing your teeth for life. In other words, the child should brush your teeth for about 10 minutes. Encourage your kid to brush their teeth, both outside and inside. Movement must be correct.

When you go to the dentist, ask him to show you the crumbs, how to brush teeth. In the morning you need to clean the teeth after breakfast and before him a mouth rinse. In the evening - after dinner. During the day, after a meal, teach your child to rinse your mouth. If he often suffers from stomatitis, rinse should be carried out with the use of medicinal concoctions. Breast kiddies very useful massage gums with a clean finger or a special massager - fingertip, massage your gums on both sides, making the movement mainly in the sheer direction.

And do not forget the eternal one rule - it is today and that we are creating with their own hands their future! And dental problems in children is easier to prevent than to cure!

 Stomatitis in children and other diseases of the mouth

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