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  • Ukrainian dumplings with cottage cheese
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Every housewife who at least once in his life made dumplings for a couple knows that the main feature and advantage of this method is that the products are not boiled soft and not fall apart. Of course, this is good news! In this case, the dish looks beautiful and very appetizing, especially if you pour it with fresh sour cream or, for example, zazharki greaves. Recipe test can pick up any: on yogurt or sour milk, on serum or normal water. The same applies to the filling - it is made from the berries, salty or sweet cottage cheese, vegetables, and other products. We will share with you the secrets of cooking dumplings, to help you learn how to cook this dish is hearty and tasty.

Ukrainian dumplings with cottage cheese

Let's start with the very simplest. This recipe test on the water even know our grandmothers. It is very simple and economical, and is ideal if there was not a refrigerator yogurt or milk.



  • bottled water - one glass
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • put table salt to your taste
  • eggs - two pieces
  • ten tablespoons flour


  • Sugar - to taste
  • one chicken egg yolk
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese weight
  • vanilla - one bag

Cooking method:

Flour pre-sifted, pour into a bowl and make it not very deep notch, which lay a piece of butter, better cut it into cubes. Now with the help of a special halo in a separate piala beat the eggs and combine them with the above ingredients. Add salt to your taste and all stir well. After gradually pouring a small stream, enter the cool water and knead the dough hands. Then sprinkle the surface of the table a little flour and place the resulting mass. Several times with a force of hybrids and clean hands for a while. To weathered the dough, cover with a clean cloth or gauze.

We offer you a recipe for the filling of the curd mass with vanilla, but there are many others. Some housewives are added raisins or dried apricots. You can follow their example. So, to prepare the filling in a deep bowl, combine fresh cheese, sugar, chicken egg yolk and a little vanilla. Thoroughly mix all spoon until smooth.

Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a thin pancake and form an inverted neck down glass circles. Trim not throw away, and going to them again knead and roll the dough - so you get a lot more dumplings. In the middle of each circle Put cottage cheese and vanilla filling (half spoon is enough) and Pinch edges.

Send ready dumplings in a steamer, if you have not, do otherwise. Cover the pan with water dense layer of gauze and put on the fire, when the liquid comes to a boil, put on top of their products. Cook always under the lid closed for about ten minutes, turning the dumplings. Serve the dish drizzled with fresh sour cream, honey or melted butter.

Hopefully this recipe will help you master the art of cooking tasty dishes.

 steamed dumplings recipe

Delicate dumplings on kefir

If your child loves cheese, why I not do it for a couple of dumplings stuffed with this? We sell add the raisins, so the dish turns out much tastier and sauce of melted honey will add a distinctive flavor to savory food. In addition, this recipe is successful by the fact that the dough is prepared on kefir, so it turns out very tender and perfectly molded.


For the dough:

  • one spoon (dining room) sugar
  • the same amount of soda
  • five cups sifted flour
  • small spoon of salt
  • one egg
  • yogurt - half a liter

For filling:

  • curd - 350 grams
  • 100 grams of golden brown raisins
  • three tablespoons of sugar

Cooking method:

Use a fork in a bowl whisk together one egg and sugar. Once in a pre-sifted flour pour a little salt, baking soda (note burnt!), Mix well and make a funnel which gradually pour the yogurt, and egg mixture. Hands knead tight, but elastic dough. When everything is ready, cover with a kitchen towel weight and remove the side for thirty minutes.

This recipe is the filling can be slightly modified by replacing the cottage cheese curds sweet children that are sold in all supermarkets. Thoroughly mash with a fork sugar with cream cheese so that the left uniform texture and sweet product is not crunched. If you think that the mixture is too dry, you can add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream. With regard to raisins, it is necessary to pour hot water, hold it for fifteen minutes and then rinse, wring out and connect with the other ingredients. Some sources recommend adding yolk. Take note of this!

Now, a rolling pin, roll the dough into not thick pancake and cut glass mugs. Stuff them curd, but do not place a lot, otherwise the dumplings will decay. Pinch the edges of each product, and prepare them for a couple. I do not know how to do it? We will help you. Simply pour water into the pan, top secure a piece of folded several times gauze so that it is tightly stretched. Then, when the liquid begins to boil, and steam appears, put the dumplings at a distance from one another and cover them with a lid. Cook for about fifteen minutes. After remove and place in a nice big plate.

Everyone has their own recipe for gravy. Our follows: Melt the honey and pour them dumplings. If desired, add a few small pieces of butter and eat with pleasure. Bon Appetit!

Homemade dumplings with mushroom stuffing

We offer you a winter recipe dumplings. After filling of fresh berries is more suitable for the summer, when fruits are filled up all the shelves, and strawberries, currants, raspberries are sold at every step. In the cold period is better to restrict a hearty filling of meat, potatoes and cabbage. But this time we will regale guests dumplings with mushrooms and chicken. Believe me, it is incredibly delicious!


For the dough:

  • water - half a cup
  • Three proteins
  • half cup of pasteurized milk
  • flour - six spoonfuls (tablespoons)
  • sea ​​salt - to taste

For filling:

  • large potatoes - five pieces
  • 50 grams of chicken meat
  • 200 grams of fresh or dried mushrooms
  • spices - optional
  • salt - at your discretion
  • butter - 25 grams
  • one piece of onion

Cooking method:

Using this recipe, make a fresh dough. To do this, connect the three egg whites with unheated water, pre-diluted with milk, a little salt and mix well. Sift flour through a sieve, and gradually added to the previous ingredients, emptying small handfuls. Stir all whisk to get rid of unwanted lumps. After a lot of hands knead, it should come out elastic and dense. Now wrap it in a clean gauze and leave to infuse.

While the dough is suitable, prepare the stuffing. Put the peeled potatoes to cook when it's ready, drain and mash it into a puree, add a small piece of butter. If the potatoes get too thick, dilute it with warm milk or a liquid in which it is cooked. Chicken meat cut into small cubes and send it to a heated pan with vegetable oil. Then enter here the sliced ​​mushrooms and chopped onions. Add a pinch of salt and a little pepper. When the products reach the desired condition, connect them with mashed potatoes in a frying pan and stir a few times.

Remove the dough, place it on a floured surface and roll out with a rolling pin and then applying to it a glass, cut out circles. Put each of them one by one (with a slide) and spoon the filling with your fingers pinch the edges. There are very few! A pot of boiling water, cover with a thick layer of gauze, securing it with the handles of dishes, then put the dumplings on a small distance from each other and cover them with a bowl. They are steamed in ten minutes. Incidentally, the products do not need to turn.

Serve pre-watering it with melted butter or sour liquid. You can use any recipe for gravy, for example, a bow or greaves.

 dumplings in a steamer

Dumplings with bacon and potato stuffing

This recipe is suitable if you do not know what to feed the male company. Make dumplings steamed with bacon and stuffed potatoes. Optionally you can add mushrooms or onions. Speaking of mushrooms. If you use dried, the first fill them with boiling water and leave for half an hour, then they will be soft and juicy. Fresh mushrooms, on the contrary, you just need to fry.


For the dough:

  • one large baking soda (not extinguish it)
  • a couple of pinches of salt
  • ½ liter of yogurt
  • tablespoon sugar
  • egg - one piece

For filling:

  • poultry fat - 150 grams
  • two onions
  • butter - not too big a piece
  • salt - to taste
  • freshly ground pepper - optional
  • Five potatoes

Cooking method:

In order to knead the dough, first connect to a bowl, sugar and egg and whisk whisk them. Once in a separate bowl pour the flour, and pre-sifted, type soda and salt to taste, stir and make hands recess, then pour into it the egg-sugar mixture and warm yogurt. Knead the dough is dense and covering it with a towel, remove the side for about thirty minutes.

Peel the potatoes peeled and boil it in slightly brackish water. After remove, drain the excess liquid, leaving quite a bit and adding a small piece of butter, mash into a puree. That it was not too thick, dilute it with water in which the cooked vegetable. Now, cut the chicken fat duck or goose (depending on what you use) on the middle cubes, and two onions bulb - not thick semicircles. Fry all skillet with vegetable oil before this pepper and salt dish. Let's give a little advice: first lay out the fat in the pan, and four minutes - a bow. Then both products are cooked exactly as required. Then enter the mashed potatoes and mix with previous ingredients. If this seems to you uninteresting stuffing, try this recipe: potatoes combined with mushrooms, fresh herbs and garlic, as well as poultry fat.

You have reached the final stage. Now, a few handfuls of flour lay on the kitchen table and pound - then the dough will not stick. Then take a rolling pin and roll it into a thin pancake weight after cut using a small cup or glass circles. Stuff their mashed potatoes with bacon and form the dumplings, on the edges of the dough zaschipnuv. Cook in a double boiler articles about eleven minutes.

Before serving, sprinkle the dish can be fresh chopped parsley or dill, and then pour the butter melted on a steam bath.

If you have a favorite recipe for stuffing, but with the test did not go well, take note of the above tips, and we are confident that all the necessary work. Absolutely does not matter, whether you cook dumplings steamed or just boil them in boiling water - most importantly, to the dough and the filling was tasty, but in this case, you will meet with success. By the way, if you have a pressure cooker, consider yourself lucky one. After all, you can prepare this dish with different fillings at the same time, laying example, dumplings with potatoes, meat and cherry on different levels of the steamer. As a result, everyone in your family will get their favorite dish.

 Steamed dumplings with different fillings

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