sports style clothing 2012

Sportswear for a long time is not considered a normal form, intended only for sports. Sports style of 2012 - this is what's comfortable and convenient, which will give preference to students, doctors and artists. This way is very convenient because it can be to travel, go shopping, go for a walk, and, of course, the most important thing - to do sports.

Sports style is characterized by:

  • Loose, comfortable and light pants or shorts.
  • Stripes on the edges or decorative stitching, decorating.
  • Pockets, zippers, strap.
  • Made only things made of natural fabrics (wool, cotton, suede, etc.), Which can be dense, but at the same time quite elastic, which is well breathable and does not irritate the skin.
  • For a modern sporty clothes using a variety of colors.
  • Symmetric and geometric lines, convenient and comfortable straight silhouettes.

Now dressed in a style preferred by not only men but also women, regardless of body type and age. Sportswear created for active people who, first of all, appreciate the practicality and comfort. Above all - it's always very important, except, of course, the holiday and business events.

 Sport Style 2012

Trends sportswear

Every girl in spring concerned about the issue - what will fashion athletic style in 2012? And will it incredibly convenient and free, because modern designers have preferred more elegant fabrics - such as satin, chiffon, silk. It is also quite relevant raincoat fabric and knitwear, so widely used by designers and to create fashionable clothes in sports style.

  • Tracksuits with unusual T-shirts and tops will undoubtedly highlight you from the crowd, and in cool weather will serve as the perfect complement pullover bright colors.
  • This spring, the popular free style: jackets and bulky sweaters or long polo shirt. Knitted hats of various styles or unusual headbands save you from bad weather and you will add some zest.
  • Many designers are dresses in sports style. The top model looks like a T-shirt and the bottom can be a tight, and free. Maximum length trousers and a dress-shirt - an original and unusual way for every fashionista.
  • It is relevant any loose clothing sets in a style complemented pockets, different finishes, snaps.
  • Quite fashionable knitted items will be free style, whether bandages, scarves, gaiters.

Some designers have demonstrated that the sporty style is perfectly combined with glamor style. It could be the contrasts, the combination of gold, white, black and red, as well as tandem leather with shiny materials. Designers enthusiastic style of the 80s, so well presented various models of free cut with high collars, voluminous sleeves in luscious colors.

 Fashion Sport Style 2012

How to combine things sporty?

The most fashionable combination can be considered a mixture of casual style with a sporty. Trousers banana any style looks great in tandem with jacket style jacket college or kangaroo.

It is the realization of an actual fashion trend - layering. A variety of blazers can be combined with a turtleneck or thin jackets freestyle. All this is complemented by prints and decorated in ethnic style.

Others designers present us with a collection of unusual sports motifs, which are characterized by original accessories and footwear. Shirts with a variety of collars, cardigans and jackets, pants and shorts, dresses and skirts with wide laces and pockets - it all goes well with high heels, wide bracelets, clutches different styles and sunglasses.

Now a wide variety of relevant, delicate and feminine versions of combinations. Hits tandem can call hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) and dresses, tunics with clasps or zippers. These things must be fitted and worn with leggings or tight jeans of any color, as well as a supplement can speak shirt or top with prints or bright white.

I would like to say that in the world of prints in 2012, leading orange and yellow squares, which used to shine on the costumes for aerobics. Portraits and guitar is no longer relevant.

Trendy racing style is characterized by the spring of 2012 in various ways, but the special attention given to the jacket. Models for freeride and snowboarding have long been the subject of urban style. Lightweight jackets inflated brilliant colors for several seasons at the peak of popularity. To be the most fashionable, should look jacket neon shades or plain black with sequins. But do not forget that "Quilted" can not be combined with boots or boots with heels and a red lipstick or bright accessories.

But, nevertheless, does not forbid sports style heels, now you just need to purchase a stylized boots or shoes in this style, and there are now a lot, with original lace inserts or as strips. These shoes, no doubt, very comfortable, but do not combine it with athletic shorts or pants. The best option would be jeans, leggings or a skirt.

The classic element of a certain sports can be considered chic sweatshirts with silver or gold bars. Such things are best combined with a white T-shirt or a T-shirt and uniform bottom, but the pants should be worn only for a hike in the gym.

If you want to be the most fashionable in her fitness club, then go ahead and purchase plain leggings, gray or black, which is now trained almost all the Hollywood stars. In addition, you can tie at the hip skirt bottom cover, which looks unobtrusive and feminine, but also hides the full buttocks. The leaders tracksuits with different prints: feminine flowers, African and aggressive animal.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the choice of clothes of sports style is very wide and varied. But remember that this image is not always and everywhere relevant, despite the convenience, practicality and a lot of the created images.

 Sports style clothing 2012: Fashion trends

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 little red dress

For many years, the little black dress of Coco does not lose its great popularity and is a rather frequent guest on shows of fashion collections from the world's fashion designers. But times change, looks and fashion trends are developing at lightning speed, and now black dress changes color, character and turns into a little red dress. The spectacular and bright, sexy and daring, this dress will attract every fashionista its expressiveness and versatility, even more so - is the latest trend, which is already gaining popularity.

A variety of images that you can come up through the little red dress - forever. You can be strict business lady or a fatal beauty, extravagant personality and gentle carefree girl.

Fashion Model

In fashion a variety of models and styles of little red dress from jersey that perfectly fitting shape up with romantic ruffles, pleats and a variety of fabrics. Dress Golf can rightly be considered a classic, but the most stylish model spring-summer season, and for lovers of comfort and convenience, fashion designers have prepared gentle feminine knitting patterns small red dress. Regarding the color scheme we can say that the fashion luxury pure shades of red - red, bright red, coral. And, of course, for the most stylish options presented charming dresses with the original prints.

The traditional idea of ​​a dress draws in our imagination only the evening images, which differ audacious sexuality. But some designers have been able to break down these stereotypes and present us with the most delicate, feminine and innocent silhouettes that are both day and evening attire.

Leather little red dress has always been the epitome of extravagance and vulgarity at the peak of the fashion Olympus. Performed such a model is that only in a classic style with pleats or draperies, but in spite of everything, she looks amazing.

  • Very trendy considered closed models with long sleeves, and the top is made of guipure and lace, which gives a slight hint of the extraordinary sensuality. It will serve as a perfect complement thin belt a few shades darker than the very small red dress; He emphasizes your waist.
  • Relevant novelties are simple feminine silhouettes, which include a variety of styles and draperies. Chiffon dress creates the illusion of flying butterflies and fashionable layering - transparency effect. Exciting red make beautiful tandem with chocolate hue that brings a certain image of warmth and softness.
  • The most unexpected fabric combinations in cocktail dresses, such as chiffon, silk and Melange fabric, creating a remarkable structure. Original intricate designs in geometric weaves and bright color transition in more muted tones underline the silhouette, adding some spice to your image.
  • Many designers have presented little red dress mature style, different from all the other ideal cut and elegance. But each of them is characterized by a special detail, for example - unusual patterns and prints, small cuts, a variety of collars, leather belts, corsets - all this will give your image a special appeal.

Look at the photo - a little red dress, which is presented below, is made in a futuristic style and complemented with lacquered inserts on the chest looks very unusual. No less original and screaming can be called delicate silk model, which resembles a traditional Chinese dress Qipao.

 photo little red dress

What to combine a short red dress?

Like any other, the red dress requires certain amendments. Poorly chosen accessories, you run the risk of looking ridiculous and extremely funny, too shocking. Before the start of the selection of accessories worth a close look at her dress, to define its style and style, features, and only then begin its inspection shkatulochek or go shopping.

Easy cocktail dress - perfect for corporate parties or discos. It is always above the knee, but the style and the form can be any thing that they stressed all your dignity.

  • In this dress you will always be incredibly attractive, light and playful as it is itself, therefore it is necessary to select the same air, light and delicate accessories.
  • This can be a small clutch of black, embroidered with glittering beads or sequins.
  • Shoes or sandals to choose two or three shades lighter or darker than the dress itself, for example, pale pink or maroon, dark cherry or wine.
  • Black shoes with the same tights will look perfect and harmonious.
  • Because jewelry is better to take a minimum - small black earring or any other precious metal and a small pendant.

Some extravagant and original models have unusual patterns, combining white, black and red colors, unusual cut or rich imagination of designers bodice.

  • Owners of such a bright wardrobe items you need to pay careful attention to the selection of accessories, the main thing - they should be conservative and strictly democratic, that you were not like a Christmas tree.
  • Emphasize makeup, highlighting one thing: eyes or lips.
  • This approach is the same black clutch, the main thing that he was more restrained, for example, the classic model.
  • Shoes pick black or bright and juicy color with respect to dress, but the stockings should be as discreet, as well as any other accessories otherwise get too much.
  • Little cute earrings of any shape underline your taste and competent attitude towards his own image.

In order not to look ridiculous, you have to remember that a red dress perfect only four colors - a beige, black, gold and silver. Only they and their shades can create a subtle and thoughtful way, so using them you will not go wrong. Also, do not use colors that are equal in brightness to red, for example - purple, green, yellow and bright blue.

 red little dress

Choose a style

Frozen in the store before an abundance of models and wondering how to pick up her dress, start with yourself. Look carefully at your tsvetotipu - what are your eyes, hair, skin. After selecting this thing, first of all, it must be combined with their own bodies.

  • Mulatto with dark hair is best suited dark shades of wine or rowan.
  • Owners bright appearance, such as freckles and red hair on the face, you should choose bold shades of red cause.
  • Skin cold or pale shade will make the best tandem crimson dress, or any other, the main bright.
  • If you have an average, a warm skin tone, and the dress should be the most relaxing color.

Makeup for red dresses

Depending on the make-up accessories and add-ons also requires attention. Shadows need to use calm and warm - a beige, gray, gold, brown and silver tones. As for the lips, then there are two options: either the color red lipstick should ideally match the color of the dress, or it should be natural, not striking, and it is worth noting that such a shade to suit any model.

Wear your favorite dress should be freely and proudly, because such courage and confidence prefer not all. The main thing - to know how to decorate and complement this thing, and you will look sexy without the slightest hint of coarseness and vulgarity. In particular red burning energy that radiates passion, sparkling dreams and desires of the fire. On this basis, each woman, wearing such a thing, it is the object of attention surrounding her male half.

 Little red dress - the highlight of your wardrobe