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Our face needs a good care, because it is more than other parts of the body influenced by the sun, wind, frost, temperature changes. Taken together, this adversely affects the appearance of the skin. Of course, a huge role in maintaining good appearance plays proper care at home. At a young age, for the most part, that is enough. But over the years, you must take care of professional care in a beauty salon.

Today, the services customers are offered a wide choice of procedures to preserve youth and beauty. Along with the hardware offered care and massages, which are always appreciated by women. On the one hand, the procedure itself is pleasant, condusive to relax, and the other - a good anti-aging results.

List the usual kinds of massages relatively recently added Spanish, or as it is called, hiromassage. With him, we want to introduce you.

Spanish massage

Unfortunately, over the years, our skin is aging, muscles lose tone, and as a result have folds, wrinkles, impaired oval. Often these are not the most pleasant changes added swelling. Of course, this upset the appearance of any woman and forced to leave in search of regular rejuvenating apples. However, you can do without them. With all of the above changes copes Spanish facial massage.

Case history

If classical massage is known for a long time, the Spanish massage young enough. This procedure was developed by the Spanish doctor Enrique Garcia, who based his technique hiromassage proposed in the 20s of the last century doctor Ferrandis. In addition, the system is based on some techniques that uses Ayurvedic science and yoga.

Features art

In short, Dr. Garcia built his massage technique on the observance of three factors.

  1. During the massage is only one technique: a combination of several can be applied to harm to the body, because sometimes they are mutually exclusive.
  2. Dr. Garcia massage technique involves about a hundred methods (for comparison: in the classical massage is applied six (!) Methods). This allows you to not just take into account the characteristics of each customer, but also eliminates the habituation to repetitive movements, which in turn leads to a decrease in the effect of the procedure.
  3. During the Spanish massage completely excluded even the slightest discomfort, although he is quite active and massage involves fairly deep penetration into the muscle tissue. This requires a good knowledge of the anatomy of the masseur and the ability to apply their knowledge to each individual patient.

 nice Spanish facial massage

The use of Spanish massage

Cosmetic massage the face, neck and décolleté helps keep skin healthy, supple, toned. During the Spanish massage, which has a profound effect on the muscles of the face and neck, as well as vessels and lymphatic drainage system, it is possible to achieve very good results.

We can say that this massage has three main vectors of influence.

  1. Microstructure - is the impact on the muscular system of the face and neck.
  2. Lymphatic drainage - stimulates the lymphatic flow, freeing the skin of accumulated decay products, toxins.
  3. Biovaskulyarny - improves blood circulation in the blood vessels, stimulates metabolism, improves the penetration of active cosmetic ingredients to the deep layers of the dermis.

The skin is saturated with oxygen, improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage begins to actively work the system. Accordingly, the swelling goes face looks fresh, radiant, has a clear oval.

During the Spanish massage is required to use special oils or creams for your skin type. As already noted, this massage technique is that nutrients are actively penetrate the skin, making it young and fresh, with no signs of fatigue and stress.

Original Spanish massage techniques can significantly slow down the aging of the skin. According to patients who have undergone this massage, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure. Of course, to the result lasted for a long time, it is necessary to follow a policy procedures. Experts believe that this massage is an alternative to surgery.

Spanish massage technique is quite complex, but in order to get a visible effect must be strict adherence to the rules and techniques, in-depth knowledge of anatomy. In other words, Spanish massage can be performed only a good specialist. Therefore, if you decide to take a course of massage, treat with great attention to the choice of a cosmetologist, you want to entrust your face. Make sure his professionalism and competence.

 Spanish facial massage. Your way to beauty!

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 facial mask for aging skin


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The older we get, the more we notice the shortcomings on his face: Net unpleasant wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity. From the time you will not escape, you say, and you will be absolutely right. Here are just a beauty and grooming it does not apply to: at any age need to take care of yourself and put a lot of effort for the sake of prolonging his youth. And if you read this, it means you care about its own appearance and too early you are not going to grow old. It is for you we offer the best recipes of masks for the solution of such problems as fading facial skin.

Masks for aging skin

First of all, it is worth remembering that when it is best to apply a face mask - a wonderful skin care, and to apply them need at certain times: from ten to twelve hours of the day, from sixteen to eighteen hours and twenty-two to twenty-three hours night. At this time the mask absorbed by our skin best. You can buy a ready-made mask in a beauty shop, and you can cook it yourself at home. This will significantly reduce your costs, because the ingredients are in your home - in the fridge and on the kitchen shelves. Moreover, preparing a mask yourself, you'll know exactly what it does not contain any harmful ingredients and allergens.

Rejuvenating Mask of aloe

To prepare this mask takes time, but the result is worth it: just a few applications, you can hide quite deep wrinkles! This excellent care for aging, dry skin. Thus, the main ingredient in the mask - aloe leaves. This remarkable plant is certainly good obzhilos on your windowsill. If not, then you can easily take a few leaves from a neighbor.

So, you'll need two or three leaves of aloe, sustained in the refrigerator for two weeks. After this period the press leaves one tablespoon of juice, mix it with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. After that, you need a face cream, which you usually use - add one teaspoon in the resulting mixture. Slightly warm the resulting mask and apply on your face for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer on your face.

Nourishing mask for aging skin

The fact that with age the skin lacks the vitamins and nutrients - a fact quite obvious. After thirty years, the skin require special care, and if you have not done this before, you should do your appearance immediately. With this mask you will be able to fill this gap and give your skin as much as possible of valuable, useful microelements. This mask is especially good for owners of dry, chapped skin.

One tablespoon of yeast should be thoroughly mixed with fat sour cream and warm milk - so as to obtain about half of the glass. The resulting mixture was stirred until smooth. Then, add one teaspoon of linseed oil or fish oil - depending on what do you have in stock. Next, add the mask one teaspoon of melted honey (make sure you are not allergic to this product, or the withdrawal instead of a positive effect give you itching and irritation of the skin).

Dishes from the resulting mixture in warm water to ferment, and then apply to the face for ten minutes. Rinse face alternately hot and cold water. At the end of the procedure do not forget to put on face moisturizer for the face.

 mask for aging skin

Mask of plantain for aging skin

We all know about the magic power of plantain: he is able to heal the wounds, being excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Skin care with this wonderful plant - not a rarity, because he perfectly works on the skin, literally cure her ailments and aging.

Thoroughly rinse with fresh plantain leaves and chop them. In one tablespoon of hardwood pulp will need a little bit of warm water and one teaspoon of melted honey. Thoroughly rub the mixture and apply on cleansed face for fifteen minutes. After the procedure, wash off the mask with warm water and apply a nourishing cream on your skin - without that skin care is incomplete.

Mask anti-wrinkle treatment

This mask nourishes the skin, rejuvenates and smooths wrinkles. For its preparation you will need one tablespoon of margarine butter, one tablespoon of sunflower oil, one teaspoon of melted wax. In addition to these ingredients, we need two tablespoons of fresh leaves of slurry following: nettle, parsley, rowan, currants, rose petals and rose hips.

It is possible that you do not have all of these leaves, but effective skin care by using this mask it is allowed to use only what is available - the main thing that was not mush less than two tablespoons. Adding leaves to mask all the ingredients you need to properly mix and apply on face for fifteen minutes. Then wash and apply your usual skin cream.

Potato mask for aging skin

Potatoes are widely used not only in cooking but also in folk medicine, because it has a truly healing properties. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B, D, K, E, folic, citric acid - can continue for a long time. That's why skin care using potatoes as effective. Using this valuable vegetable as an ingredient for the mask, you will provide your skin with nutrition and improve the color of your face.

Crush boiled potatoes and add one tablespoon of milk. Add sour cream so that its ratio to the mash was 1: 1. Thereafter, the resulting mixture pour in one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The mask is applied to the face for ten minutes, then wash off with cool water. After the procedure, as usual, apply the cream for the face.

 fading facial skin

Softening nourishing mask for aging skin

For this mask, we need a raw egg yolk and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Beat the mixture until fluffy foam and put on clean face for about fifteen minutes. This mask will pull the person, so try not to laugh and not talk during its application. Rinse off the mask to alternately - then warm, then hot water. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after the procedure.

This mask is perfectly nourishes aging skin face, tones and evens. Using this simple recipe regularly, you will not have time to notice and how to rejuvenate a few years - without going to the salon, and the help of professional cosmetologists.

Of course, you can spend a lot of money by buying the most expensive cream with lifting effect, visiting the best beauty salons to prolong youth of your skin. However, none of the cream and not one person will not help you to overcome the signs of aging, if you are not willing to invest time and energy for their own beauty and appeal, if the facial skin care does not become a matter of habit and natural. Put the case, take a look in the mirror and make a pair of masks, using our recipes. Who said that the youth does not come back ?!

 Face masks for aging skin

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