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Georgian cuisine is rightfully occupies a special place among the wide variety of national dishes once united state. Few people have not heard of such respected recipes in Georgian as chakhokhbili, khinkali, or khachapuri Satsivi. Georgian cuisine is so diverse that in nature there is simply no single recipe for the preparation of a particular dish. Differently serves the west or the east, and everyone rightly considers its only right recipe, but the basic ingredients, without which the dish is losing its national character, remain unchanged. That's the recipe for the famous dzerohis hortsi harshot, better known to many fans as the present Georgian cuisine kharcho soup without broth, rice, mashed plums tkemali or walnuts, spices without hops-suneli will not have anything to do with this beef Therefore kharcho Georgian.

A distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine - is the abundance of spices used in the preparation of the first and second courses. The most common and well-known spices - coriander (or cilantro), hops-suneli, tarragon, saffron, basil, black and red pepper, and others. At the same time, contrary to popular belief, burning red pepper, for example, is used quite sparingly. Sense use of spices, in various combinations, the dish is to give a specific flavor and taste, and not to give it a visual itself.

Recipes offers options broth poultry, lamb and beef. The Georgian cuisine is most often used by poultry and beef. We consider the classic recipe kharcho beef. To prepare the soup, fit a piece of fresh beef, brisket desirable. The meat is thoroughly washed and separated from the bones and films. Then the fibers are cut transverse portions, the rate of 3-4 pieces per serving. Allowed roasting meat extracted from the broth with onions, and the broth becomes more intense taste. It is worth noting that the sour soup kharcho should be prepared in an enamel pot, aluminum for this for obvious reasons, will not do.

Recipe kharcho Georgian involves a lot of greens and spices. Cilantro, for example, has its own specific taste, so using it is necessary to focus on the taste preferences of consumers of the product. "Classic" recipe kharcho unthinkable without such an important ingredient as tklapi. It is dried in the sun mashed pulp tkemali plum (plum). Also tkemali, mashed potatoes can be prepared from the fruit of dogwood. Puree fruit dried in the sun and get semi-dry plate, which can be stored for a long time in the form of cakes. In the future, if necessary, by a small piece of plate break off and soaked in a small amount of broth. This sauce is used to prepare a variety of Georgian dishes. Close to taste and as a substitute for the Georgian tklapi can be prepared in a similar manner from the fruit of the strawberry.

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The classic recipe of the Georgian kharcho

This Georgian soup kharcho prepared only from beef brisket, and only if necessary, it can be replaced by sheep.

The meat is washed, cut into portions and put into an enamel pan with a capacity of 4-5 liters. Fill pan with cold water and put to boil. Cook recommended avoiding strong boiling water with a slotted spoon and removing the foam appears on the surface. Good to cook the meat may not be less than 1, 5-2 hours.

Chopped onions passeruem a skillet with butter and a spoon of flour until golden brown. The finished meat is removed, mix with onions and fry a little. In a saucepan with broth ship washed rice. After 10 minutes, add the rice to the pan cleared and milled in a mortar and walnuts. Cooking fresh tomatoes, pour over boiling water and removing the peel, cut into cubes. Putting the tomatoes with chopped herbs, crushed garlic, salt and spices. The resulting mixture pour pressed juice of half a lemon and thoroughly mixed. Add to the soup with the meat browned onions and bring to a boil. 10 minutes before end of cooking, add to the soup mixture with tomatoes and sauce tkemali.

Ready kharcho densely covered with the cap and so infused 15-20 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped herbs. Traditionally kharcho - a thick soup and has the consistency of liquid sour cream. Served hot, especially good with polenta .


1-1, 5 kg of beef, 2-3 onions, 1 small head of garlic, 200 grams of fresh tomatoes, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of flour, bay leaf, 10-12 peas black pepper, 2 tsp. hops-suneli, 0, 5 tsp. ground saffron, salt, red pepper sweet and bitter, 150-200 g shelled walnuts, a cup of rice, sauce tkemali greens.

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Recipe kharcho beef with prunes

Washed and cut into portions veal put in a pot and the bay water, put the cooking. Remove the foam from the surface of the broth with a slotted spoon. About two hours later, add sliced ​​onion, washed rice, crushed garlic, sour plum, salt and pepper. We bring the soup to a boil and leave to cook for another 25-30 minutes. Tomato puree or fresh tomatoes lightly fry in butter or fat, removed from the broth, and 10 minutes before end of cooking add them to the soup. On the table ready kharcho serve sprinkled with chopped greens.


400-500 grams of beef, 2 onions, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 0, 5 cups of sour plums, 0, 5 cups of rice, 2 tablespoons. tablespoons tomato puree or 150-200 g of fresh tomatoes.

 Soup kharcho Georgian

 delicious grub in Georgian


  • The notable Georgian cuisine
  • How to cook a real Georgian kharcho
  • What products can be used to cook kharcho
  • A few secrets to cook kharcho
  • Seasonings necessary for soup kharcho
  • Walkthrough soup kharcho

Georgian cuisine is distinguished by its elegance and refinement, and kharcho Georgian has a unique taste. Georgians are really proud of their national dishes, which have become public domain. Of particular originality of Georgian cuisine takes on the expense of the many sauces, spices and seasonings. Products of this kitchen is no different from the usually used products in all other cuisines, all the matter in a special approach to cooking, in which there is some originality.

Georgian cuisine makes extensive use of all types of meat, it is their national dish - kebab, which is now virtually global.

But the focus is on vegetables and no less, for them apply specific sauces and herbs, they are somehow in a special Georgian prepare them.
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The notable Georgian cuisine

Various soups and broths also have a distinctive appearance in Georgian cuisine, their original, sharp and refined taste has no alternative in any other countries. Despite the fact that Georgian cuisine has been influenced by Turkish and Iranian cuisine, generally having absorbed some of their features, it has received its own specific color.

It has some of the features in the eastern and western parts of Georgia, but in general is characterized by a total original character. That is why the Georgian cuisine and some of her recipes have been recognized on a global scale. Are especially in demand in all countries of dishes such as, for example, Georgian cheese, lobio and, finally, the most famous soup kharcho.

 how to cook kharcho Georgian
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How to cook a real Georgian kharcho

Cook a soup, a dish that came close to the original Georgian, with its unique taste, it is difficult and long, but the taste kharcho on the results exceed all expectations. This classic soup recipe kharcho has the original taste, which is famous for its Georgian cuisine as a whole. In some variations of different recipes kharcho can be represented in Georgia, but the main features of how to prepare the soup, the same.

The main characteristics that Georgian cuisine created for the grub, consist in the fact that the soup is different in texture and taste from the usual soups. Kharcho Georgian much thicker than an ordinary soup. In taste it is pungent and spicy, seasoned kharcho according to the customs of Georgia, various herbs, which include parsley and garlic, while in large enough quantities.
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What products can be used to cook kharcho

In today's world, this is already possible to cook soup on the basis of various kinds of meat: pork, lamb, beef, veal and even different types of birds. But beginning in the Georgian kharcho beef is included, although the activity there is an opinion that it lay at the heart of the lamb - it is not true. Therefore, the right to prepare a Georgian soup kharcho is based on beef. This once again confirms the fact that the name of the soup means "beef soup."

Soup Recipes kharcho Georgian cuisine presented on the Internet, are quite diverse, but it is best to build on the classic. The total time for which you can prepare this dish is somewhere a little over two hours. In spite of the long cooking time, the recipe is not very complicated, it just incorporates some products that are not inherent to the usual soups, and is characterized by a Georgian. Therefore, initially determine the best list of products from which to prepare the soup.

Primarily it includes:

  • Beef - in the amount of 1 kg,
  • Rice - half a cup,
  • Flour - 1 tbsp. spoon,
  • Walnuts (comminuted) - ½ cup,
  • Pomegranate juice (no sugar) - ½ cup,
  • Tomato paste - 1 tbsp. spoon,
  • Onions - 3 pieces,
  • Carrots - 2 pieces,
  • Garlic - 5 cloves,
  • Parsley (root) - 1 piece,
  • Parsley (Green) - a couple of tablespoons,
  • Basil - 1 bunch,
  • Cilantro - 1 bunch,
  • Bay leaf - to taste
  • Black pepper - 10 peas,
  • Hot peppers - 1 piece,
  • Hops-suneli - to taste
  • Salt - to taste.

 how to prepare for kharcho Georgian correctly

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A few secrets to cook kharcho

After the list of products for the Georgian kharcho soup is ready, it is necessary to elaborate on some of them, their quality and their requirements. For example, prescriptions, when talking about beef, involve the breast, and the most fat, but these Georgians are advised to use a piece of beef, which has a bone brain. Thus, fat and rich broth obtained enough.

Pomegranate juice and tomato paste, which often put in soups, in the Georgian recipe presented as tklapi (sour plum puree). Naturally, it is best to use tklapi, but find it very difficult. In addition, the alternative can serve the sauce tkemali or satsebali their currently easy to find in the store.
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Seasonings necessary for soup kharcho

Hops-suneli - a Caucasian spice, whose name translates as "dry mix." In many respects, this adds a special flavor seasoning soup kharcho. This Georgian dish it is usually enough. There are different formulations of hops-suneli, the most complete version is quite difficult to find, so you can add to the seasoning coriander.

Once refined the recipe, you can go to the store with a list of products and make purchases for future soup kharcho. When all the products available, you can proceed to the Georgian soup.
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Walkthrough soup kharcho

  1. Start to cook the soup with meat worth. Beef is first thoroughly washed. Then, one big piece of it is cooked in a pan of water which should be about 2 l. Time, which will cook the meat - about an hour and a half. In the process of beef cooked with broth surface of the foam must be removed using skimmers. Then the meat is removed, separated from the bones and cut into slices. The size of the pieces may be any, depending on personal preferences, then the sink back into the broth.
  2. During cooking, the beef must be prepared for the other elements of the soup to save time cooking. Carrots are cleaned and cut into cubes, the first thrown into the broth after the meat is cut. Once cleaned carrots parsley root and rub on a grater. Next, cook the onions: cut into half rings and fry in vegetable oil for 5 minutes. Next taken flour, a tablespoon of diluted water and add to the onions. The resulting mixture is roasted a couple of minutes with continuous stirring.
  3. After the broth was added to the carrots, it is necessary to boil for 10 minutes there. At this time, crushed walnuts, you can do it in a blender, and you can just potoloch in a mortar. Then added to the nuts black pepper and crushed again.
  4. Separately wash basil and cilantro and finely cut. Garlic is also a clean and cut very finely, or tolchetsya in a separate container. Next, hot pepper is taken. If you want to make the soup very sharp, then simply cut pepper rings. If a very sharp kharcho not welcome, it is necessary to cut it in half and remove the seeds inside, then chop.
  5. After carrots cook properly required 10 minutes, put into the broth Fig. It is best to choose a figure elongated. He has to cook for 10 minutes. During this time, the broth should be combined to boil again. Together with rice soup can be salt.
  6. When the rice cook for 10 minutes, then you must add the grated parsley root, then fried onions. Then add tomato paste, mainly for color. To make kharcho more acidic, and later will add pomegranate juice. Together with the tomato paste is added to the mixture of walnuts and black pepper.
  7. The soup is cooked more minutes 5. Then, it adds spice hops-suneli and pomegranate juice. Then cook the soup kharcho must be another 5 minutes. After that, the soup is almost ready add the crushed garlic, parsley and hot pepper. Number of pepper is best to determine the taste, the dish turned out not too spicy, although the present Georgian dish should be like that. Just not every man who has no relation to Georgian nationality, can be eaten as hot soup. Another 5 minutes grub cooked with spices under the lid closed on low heat.

It is important to note that the total time should be brewed mixture of walnuts and pepper, should not be less than 15 minutes.

And another important point: it is desirable that the finished soup kharcho the present at least 5 minutes.

 How to cook a real Georgian soup kharcho?