sore feet

How often, coming home and take off your shoes, you know we complain that the feet "hurt, buzzing and fall off!" Most often, discomfort and pain in the legs are because of high physical stress - due to fatigue, to put it simply. And this is understandable - it is on our feet all the main burden falls. And if the weight a person is excessive? Human feet have an even harder.

However, unfortunately, it is not always the only cause of fatigue, leading to the development of painful sensations in the legs. Sometimes, their causes much more serious and directly related to the presence in humans of certain diseases.

It is about these diseases will be discussed in this article. After all, if a man knows that may cause pain in the legs, it has the ability to notice this or that problem, and not to let it take its course, and the time to seek medical help from a doctor, who will make a survey to clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment, which will bring relief to the sick person.

Such diseases include doctors:

Atherosclerosis of the arteries and blood vessels

In that case, if the person present pain in the calf, and frequent seizures, especially frequently encountered, or when walking on stairs or in the night, it can be assumed that a person holds atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arteries. Moreover, another optional feature of atherosclerosis and arteries are permanently cold treadle, regardless of the season and the ambient temperature. In addition, the men on their toes stops growing scalp, and there may be certain problems with sexual function.

To ignore this problem is by no means impossible, as the lack of appropriate treatment often entails the development of rather serious complications, such as stroke, brain. When the above symptoms the sick person should as soon as possible, seek medical help from a therapist or vascular surgeon. The doctor will appoint a sick person the necessary examination: magnetic resonance contrast angiography, ultrasound.

And on the basis of these data the doctor confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the treatment that will bring relief to the state of a person. Particular attention to the problem should pay attention to smokers. Nicotine greatly exacerbates the disease, as a result may develop even gangrene. Therefore, if a patient smokes, the more he needs as quickly as possible to see a doctor, and part with the addiction of smoking.


In the event that a person has in the presence of an inflammatory process that affects the arterial tissue, doctors say about such disease as endarteritis. In this disease a person complains about the emergence of a very sharp pain, which are located either in the feet or in the calf muscles. And the pain makes itself felt very quickly, but not in the evening, as usually happens with fatigue. Man enough to pass all 50 - 100 steps that he felt that his feet hurt, and even numbness legs below the knees. In this case, a person should take a break, make a short stop, ideally, a little sit down. However, unfortunately, this will facilitate the state of the sick person just for a extremely short time, and then the pain would come back again.

And in this situation, a person must as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor - the therapist or as a vascular surgeon. The doctor will appoint a sick person required complex studies - magnetic - resonance contrast angiography, ultrasound of the blood vessels and arteries, blood tests sick person needed to confirm or refute the presence of inflammatory processes in the human body.

After all the results of the study are ready, the doctor accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best possible treatment, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the person and the nature of the disease and its stage. However, this disease is very insidious. If a sick person feel extremely sharp and very severe pain in the legs, you need as quickly as possible to call the brigade "first aid". Perhaps the person would need surgery, and immediate.

Osteoarthritis, arthritis

As if walking person feels a sharp pain in the joints, your doctor may suspect the presence of one of his two diseases - or arthritis or osteoarthritis. A person suffering from such a disease can not only walk a lot, but just stand for a long time - he starts to complain that his joints begins to "twist" and his feet hurt. If you look closely at the legs of a man suffering from these diseases, you will notice that the skin in the affected joint is swollen, reddened. Another characteristic feature of these diseases is meteozavisimost - when weather changes the intensity of pain is largely enhanced.

Clarify diagnosis should the doctor - the rheumatologist. In order to surely determine whether a person has arthritis or osteoarthritis, you must make a study of the blood test and X-rays of joints. Based on these data the doctor prescribes special treatment.


Another reason for the sore feet, is thrombophlebitis. A sick person is experiencing fairly strong throbbing pain in the calf muscles. In addition, calves sick person may redden and swell, the person may complain of a burning sensation in the calf muscle veins modified - are sealed and become very noticeable.

Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor - a surgeon who specializes in the treatment of venous diseases. Treatment can be both conservative and operative, with the product of the surgery. As a rule, it all depends on the degree of neglect of the disease and how great the risk of a blood clot separation.


It is very likely that a person aching legs due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis develops when a human body for some - any reason there is an acute shortage of calcium in the body. Pain in the case, if a person suffers from osteoporosis, are quite acute, but also, as is often the development of seizures. Most often this disease affects women who have already reached the age of forty, especially those with blue eyes, light skin and hair.

The disease results in a huge amount of a variety of negative consequences. That is why a sick person should as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor. The doctor will select the optimal treatment that will get rid of this disease, or at least reduce it to a minimum expression.


Also, quite often a person has sore feet because of his flat feet available. The most important characteristic of a sign that a person has flat feet, he quickly feels tired when walking. With the development of the disease appear pain in the feet and legs.

Treatment of flatfoot necessary. Your doctor will tell you the necessary exercises that you have to do every day, and help you choose the orthotics. Also, women with flat feet need to abandon high heels and too tight shoes.

If you do not ignore the pain in the legs and promptly consult your doctor and follow all his instructions, will soon return to your legs former sense of ease!

 Sore feet?

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 cirrhosis of the liver

The liver is a vital organ of the digestive system. For example, if a person without a gallbladder can still live, without the liver is simply unrealistic. Unfortunately, the liver is quite vulnerable organ. Doctors know quite a number of diseases that can affect the liver.

And one such disease is cirrhosis. That's about it and will be discussed below. What is this disease, how it manifests itself and treated? Doctors characterize as a progressive cirrhosis of the liver disease often has a chronic form of the flow. In this disease, the following occurs - normal liver tissue is gradually replaced by connective tissue.

As a rule, like the replacement of dead liver cells by connective tissue occurs at a late stage of advanced forms of liver inflammation, or some other diseases of the internal organs. This newly formed connective tissue absorbs and healthy liver cells, tightly surrounding them. However, the connective tissue can assume the function of the dead cells.

As a result, the healthy liver cells begin very, very hard to reproduce. Thus, the liver tries to restore lost functions. However, connective tissue grows no slower. As a result, the healthy liver cells are a kind of small islands on the surface of the affected tissue. It therefore is a violation of the normal structure of the liver. As a result that the liver ceases to function properly, developing liver failure.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

It goes without saying that cirrhosis will never begin to develop from scratch. For this to be certain prerequisites. The reasons for that can trigger the development of cirrhosis include:

  • Parasites are localized in the liver.
  • Diseases affecting the biliary system, for example, cholecystitis.
  • Both acute and chronic liver disease having viral nature of origin, e.g. hepatitis B, C, D.
  • Liver alcohol or other toxic substances.
  • Liver disease drug.
  • Autoimmune liver diseases such as biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis.
  • Severe metabolic disorders, particularly congenital.

Our readers should pay special attention to the fact that these diseases can be factors provoke the development of cirrhosis, but not necessarily. As a rule, for the disease is still struck the man must be a confluence of a number of specific circumstances.

Types of liver cirrhosis

Depending on how cirrhosis occurs and on what exactly causes it was called, doctors distinguish several types of cirrhosis. It is important to diagnose not only the disease itself, but also to establish what species it belongs. Only in this case, the doctor will be able to choose the correct and appropriate treatment, which will give certain results. Thus, the types of cirrhosis of the liver:

  1. Primary biliary cirrhosis. In this disease, wearing a chronic form, the liver is a continuous inflammation, affecting the bile ducts. As a result of such inflammation is a violation of the natural process of outflow of bile. Patients people have symptoms such as fever, jaundice, itchy skin.
  2. Alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcoholic cirrhosis occurs frequently in people who abuse alcohol, especially poor quality. In almost all cases, the development of alcoholic cirrhosis occurs against the background of already existing in human alcoholic hepatitis. Very bright hallmark is alcoholic cirrhosis is a significant improvement in the overall health of a person immediately after he refuses to alcohol.
  3. Autoimmune cirrhosis. This type of cirrhosis is nothing but a consequence of the disruption of the normal functioning of the immune system of the patient man. In this case, the human immune system, for what - the reasons perceives liver cells as foreign. And, of course, begins to actively destroy them.

 treatment of liver cirrhosis

Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis never develops lightning speed - its development takes a very long period of time. And quite a long time the disease is completely asymptomatic. It was only in the later stages of the disease may be manifested by the following symptoms:

  • The person feels very tired, his performance is greatly reduced, disturbed sleep.
  • A person can almost lose your appetite, and accordingly, and body weight.
  • Human skin, mucous membranes and sclera can acquire a yellow tint.
  • The strong itching, especially exasperates the sick person at night.
  • The palms of the sick person out red due to increased blood flow.
  • Redness of palms - the palmar surface of the hands are pink, because of the increased blood flow to the skin in the area.

Of course, this is not all signs of cirrhosis, but one of the first. And ignore them in any case impossible. The sooner a sick person to see a doctor, the sooner will the necessary treatment, and the more effective it will be.

Stages of development of liver cirrhosis

We have already mentioned that there is no cirrhosis sharply. Therefore, it has several stages of development:

  1. The first stage - the stage of compensation. At this stage, a person has no outward signs of liver cirrhosis. The reason is that the remaining liver cells operate in emergency mode.
  2. Stage subcompensation. At this stage, the forces of the remaining healthy liver cells to an end, so the liver is no longer able to function fully. In the sick person the first symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver - a feeling of discomfort in the right upper quadrant, loss of appetite, weight decrease.
  3. Decompensated. At this stage, the infected person appears hepatic insufficiency.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis

Treatment of a person suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, should be based on strictly defined algorithm. Only by respecting the right of all these items possible to improve the state of the sick person. Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver is performed as follows:

  • Addressing the causes that led to the development of liver cirrhosis

Before proceeding directly to treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, it is necessary to eliminate the causes for its development. For example, if a person has developed alcoholic cirrhosis, he must completely give up alcohol. If cirrhosis developed against viral hepatitis, especially hepatitis be treated exactly. Well, if a person came autoimmune cirrhosis, he should receive drugs that suppress the excessive activity of the immune system - immunosuppressants.

  • Diet in cirrhosis

In order for the treatment of liver cirrhosis it has been successful, for the sick person is very important to radically revise your diet. Otherwise, if the sick person does not comply strictly with the medical diet, the treatment will have no absolutely no benefit.

A person suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, should be excluded from their diet and alcoholic soft drinks, meals from fatty meats and fish, smoked meats, all canned foods. In addition, it is inadmissible to use large quantities of tomatoes, onions, garlic, tomato juice and chocolate. One should not be abused and table salt.

Doctors - Nutritionists recommend such patients to base your diet on foods such as cereal, vegetable soups, boiled meat low-fat varieties, crackers, green apples, low fat dairy products. For more information about the recommended diet for you to tell your doctor.

  • Restoring the proper functioning of the liver

To the liver again to perform its functions, a person needs a very long and very difficult treatment. In each individual case, the doctor will choose the sick person is optimally suitable treatment for him. Describe it makes no sense, because a person with no medical training, is unlikely to understand the abundance of complex medical terms and drug names.

It would be only one more time to focus attention on the need for our readers at the first warning signs as soon as possible to see a doctor. After all, the later it will be done, the more severe treatment, and the less a person chance of recovery. For example, in severe cases, a person can save a donor liver transplantation.

 How dangerous is cirrhosis?

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