there is a friendship between a girl and a guy

  • Why would a girl to be friends with a guy?
  • What can ruin friendships boys and girls?

Clear answer to this question can not women themselves. Some say that there are even cited as an example his friendly relations with classmates and fellow students at the institute. More seriously thinking about how can there be friendship between a man and a woman seeing a lot of conflicting life examples. Still others say categorically that it does not happen that all such relationships are based on sexual attraction.

So just need to look into this matter and find out whether there is friendship, what it can be and why it is needed at all. We suggest to start with the views of psychologists and decide whether to communicate such feelings of boys and girls, men and women.

People who say that are really good friends of different sex just does not happen usually argue their opinions physiology. Thus, they argue that men's sympathy towards women in most cases is based on mercy, and desire to please. In other words, the young man, the wish of the girl, helping her at work and in everyday situations, listening to all of her personal secrets, always trying to impress and become not just a friend. Looking at the situation from this angle, it can be concluded that all the relationships between people of different sexes was originally involved in the pursuit of sex.

But do not think that the friendship between a man and a woman is impossible because there is a second point of view on this question, which, incidentally, is shared by most psychologists. Experts believe that two people of different sexes do not have to just be friends, to communicate in the same company. Yes, the man and woman can be great friends, and explained this fact is very simple. Each of us, regardless of gender, enjoys lots of fun. It, in turn, based on mutual interests, hobbies, principles. And if a guy and a girl fellowship is such a, that is enjoyable, it inevitably brings them. Two people are beginning to worry about each other, to care, to provide support. What is this if not friendship? Of course, over time it can become love or, on the contrary, break off (unfortunately, so too is, but that's life).

By the way, the iron argument in favor of an affirmative answer to the question of whether there is a friendship between a man and a woman is the fact that relations of this kind are necessary each of the fair sex. Yes, modern psychologists emphasize that any beauty, even one in which there is no release from the enthusiastic fans, you need one man. Such a relationship with a person of the opposite sex will be useful in several ways.

 there is a friendship between a man and a woman

Why would a girl to be friends with a guy?

  1. Between friends of different sexes is no competition, there is no constant comparison. Any friends, even the most long-standing, good, great, constantly even in something, but are oriented to each other. In life it is very often the case that the girl, though not openly, but on a subconscious level, compares himself to his girlfriend, looking, two of them beautiful, who solidly fans who prosper arrange her personal life and career.

    In the face of such competition, especially playing, she can not or does not want to trust all my secrets close to her woman. But the man - easily. The guy is not a competitor - it simply can not compete with the girl on any of the above items. Building and developing friendly relations with a man, a woman can feel confident.

  2. Young and handsome guy can be a great companion for trips anywhere. Appearing with handsome at corporate parties, can annoy the girl employees-gossips. Besides, it's a great way to prove their attractiveness and the sense of taste: coming with a chic boyfriend, the woman also shows that it was able to it with something to interest. And it is not so important that the satellite is not really enthusiastic admirer and friend - it's not recognized.

    In addition, appearing at the event with a nice guy, you can make someone jealous: it often happens that the presence of another gentleman, that is a competitor, forcing the man to act more decisively.

  3. The man has a different psychology, so he can give advice in such a situation, which will be powerless even a best friend. Moreover, in many cases, the most useful thing in life is precisely the view Man looking at her objectively, not through the prism of love relationships. So, one can safely say that the blouse is not that you need to lose weight or get better. A woman with him, at least, will know how it is perceived by men.
  4. To be friends with a guy comfortable least because of the diversity. When girlfriends with all problems are bored, just nice to talk to someone who has other concerns. It's no secret that men live by other interests, so with them you can always find new topics for discussion. Besides guys comfortable with the dialogue: they do not need to call up every day, they will not be offended if you forget to ask today, how they are doing.

    It often happens that friends of different sexes do not meet or talk with each other for quite a long time (eg, a week, two, three). But when they begin to talk, so to talk always enough, and two people get real pleasure from the fact that the share news and views.

  5. For many girls to be friends with a man more comfortable and practical point of view. Man can always ask to nail a shelf, make the outlet, move the cabinets and other heavy furniture. A friend would not refuse help, and in return it can be fed a delicious lunch or dinner. And make no mistake, a relationship based on practicality, most often it is strong, but not tense and cool. This is exactly the case when the violent passions are replaced by smooth feeling of affection and respect.

In short, the friendship with a guy handy girl - she could be and last a long time, almost forever. But we must understand that such a relationship has its "pitfalls". It so happens that between man and a woman there are circumstances that destroy the very strong friendship. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the possible nuances of such relations.

 There is a friendship between a man and a woman

What can ruin friendships boys and girls?

  • Changes in his personal life - of course, someone from friends (or both), sooner or later there is the other half. And very often it happens that the new man can not understand or accept such a friendship - he gets jealous, wants more attention. It may even reach the requirements of the termination of such close contact with the opposite sex. Of course, it often happens the opposite situation, when the girl lives with her husband or boyfriend, and she has a new one (for example, dance partner, employee or any other person with whom she was for some reason moved closer).

    In this case, too, may be an argument, insults, scandals. It is therefore important to understand that changes in personal life can also destroy a friendship, because when choosing between two people, not every woman refuses her future husband for the sake of a good friend, and every man will go from its second half due to the girlfriend.

  • "Masks", then there are times when a guy is actually a fan, ready to wait for their chance for years. Such a person can only "play" friendship when there will be some changes in the personal life of a girl (like parting with a guy or a divorce from her husband), he immediately offered his candidacy. But often and so that a man wants something more, but is willing to be a friend, but would not lose his beloved woman.

    "Mask" may be different, but the fact of its presence can ruin friendships. Especially when she is not ready to continue as close to deal with unrequited love with her man.

  • Failures during the "lull" in his personal life. If a man and a woman close contact for a long time, they are quite free to discuss the topic of sex. Moreover, real friends always share their problems, talk about the state of affairs on the personal front. In appropriate circumstances (both for a long time simply did not have sex, young people caught in a romantic setting, relaxed, drank) the case that dedicated communication evening ends stormy night.

    But the next day, the consequences will not keep you waiting. Maybe the guy with the girl will couple in love, get married and will live happily in marriage. Maybe they briefly met and to part, but maintaining and even strengthening their friendly relations, because they will bind more general points. But it also happens that after such a casual sex man and woman begin to feel uncomfortable. They try not to touch upon this subject or name all the error occurred, growing tension between them, they begin to chat and meet rarely. As a result, the heat of their relationship is gradually fading. The latter option is necessary to keep in mind, even if you do not mind to anything not binding on sex friendship.

Close and prolonged contact between young people of different sexes is always associated with a number of nuances. And so the question of a friendship between a man and a woman can be answered in the affirmative only with reservation. Yes, it exists, but only if each of them is committed to respect the other person when they are both bound by mutual interests, communicate easily and tend to be just friends, not lovers, common acquaintances or business partners.

 Sometimes a friendship between a girl and a guy of this?

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