the harm of smoking

Smoking is the biggest problem of modern man and society in general. In ancient times, tobacco was considered a divine gift - smoke used in occult rituals and healing, to avoid wars puffed "pipe of peace". Of course, the modern man is not just heard about the harm of smoking, its consequences, and the reflection on health. This was reported everywhere: the media, television and the Internet - information about the dangers of smoking for anybody not a secret.

All of this - articles, photos of patients who are dependent on tobacco and cigarettes, depressing statistics and stories about other consequences of smoking - aimed at people to realize the harm of smoking. So why in the world, every year, the number of people suffering from this terrible habit catastrophically growing fast? If earlier the bulk of smokers was the male half of the population, but now they swell the ranks of not only women but also teenagers and even young children ....

Modern youth begins to try cigarettes by an average of 10 -12 years, of which more than half are addicted to this occupation, he continues to smoke, slowly and not much for themselves by increasing the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Since one cigarette per day, and ending with a regular regular smoking. For 17 years one out of ten young smokers already have a pronounced dependence on tobacco, despite the fact that even children in general are aware of the harm smoking causes.

Nicotine addiction

For each parent, smoker or not, it is important that his child was healthy and full of energy, able to delight achievers in school, to set an example for young friends. After all, only if we adults do to really become happy! So how do you understand that the child begins to try the taste of the forbidden - cigarettes taste and smell of tobacco? After all, a pretty good idea what harm smoking gets growing organism.

Still in the planning conception of the child's parents should think about his health. Ideally, both should quit smoking a year before pregnancy. But this factor, few people think, although the pregnancy and smoking completely incompatible concepts. If only the future father smokes - it is also not good, because the expectant mother is a passive smoker. With daily inhaled tobacco smoke, he also runs the risk of developing lung cancer as a smoking father. Also, they could be in trouble with the heart.

However, the unborn child in the womb is also exposed to great danger. It may happen miscarriage or if the baby is born may die in infancy (sudden death syndrome). All these need to know both parents! But even worse - this is when a pregnant woman smokes itself. After nicotine directly into the blood stream and transported to the fetus. We are talking about a direct threat to the health of the unborn child. Even one cigarette a day is the cause of palpitations and worsening of intrauterine fetal breathing. By itself, the placenta is a barrier to all harmful, which could get the baby from the mother. But not in the case of nicotine - for him there are no barriers.

If a pregnant mother smokes, the child receives 16-17% of the nicotine through the blood, but the output - slightly more than half. As a result, nicotine is gradually accumulated in the body of the fetus. As nicotine enters the blood and carbon monoxide, the child begins to experience lack of oxygen, which is also strongly reflected in its development. As a result, most of the children born to smoking mothers, from early childhood are subject to frequent colds, heart disease, and other pathologies. In addition, smoking in early pregnancy entails serious violations of the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

Women's smoking during lactation further exacerbates the situation. The milk of smoking mothers share of nicotine is large, and if the child was born prematurely or with low birth weight, for him, it can be fatal. Often babies refuse the breast, leading to malnutrition, poor health, frequent changes of mood. Also, numerous observations of doctors - pediatricians showed that the dependence of smoking in teenagers smoking mothers is much higher.

In a family where at least one smoking parent, already have passive smoking child, and as a consequence - a strong likelihood that the child will sooner or later try to smoke. After his early childhood has been a bright example for others to follow. Parents from infancy to educate and raise children, explain to them what is good and what is bad - most often it is by example. Naturally, for the baby Mom and Dad - credibility if they smoke, the child takes it for granted. Children imitate and adopt the habits and the habits of their parents, and this is another reason to try a cigarette, and a good reason for parents - to quit themselves.

Of course, smoking adolescents is not uncommon. And parents should make every possible effort to help your child cope with this addiction. Before you tell your child about the dangers and consequences of smoking, you need to quit smoking by the parents. It will be an example and a much easier life as well as a positive impact on the health of the whole family as a whole.

And the sooner this happens the better. Statistics show that having tried cigarettes, increases the risk that a teenager will want to try and alcohol. Not excluded cases and other drugs. As a rule, smokers - people who can not cope with the urgent problems and stress. Of all the known dependencies, nicotine is easiest to cure.

It is not much of a physical disease and psychological. After he nicotine is eliminated from the body within three to four hours. If after this time no smoking addiction then, as such, no. There is only the psychological aspects: such as poor sleep, sluggish mood. Man does not know what to do. He did not have enough of something. Thus, treatment of smoking should be aimed at eliminating it psychological dependence.

But if you find something for everyone and get away - you can not smoke and five and eight hours. This indicates that the person is not dependent on the cigarette. But it depends on the nicotine. If, however, at the expiration of three hours after the first smoked cigarette smoke back then a new dose of nicotine enters the body, and again it takes three - four hours, for what would be the nicotine completely taken out of the body.

If a person smokes more often than two hours the nicotine accumulate in the body. When, after the first cigarette heartbeat quickens, slightly dizzy (the effect of nicotine), after three cigarettes smoked at intervals of two hours, these symptoms are no longer present. To feel the taste of cigarettes a smoker need to have twice as many cigarettes. Thus, gradually increases and the dose of nicotine. It is a vicious circle - the more cigarettes - more nicotine, more nicotine - more cigarettes. It comes to the fact that a heavy smoker smokes a day for two or even three packs a day. So the first step to quit smoking - is to reduce the number of cigarettes.

Passive smoking households - one more reason to quit smoking. After all, the constant inhalation of smoke is not a man smoking is particularly dangerous. You do not want to have your loved ones have appeared disease from smoking, even passive? Passive smokers, along with a smoker are sick, they go to the doctor - with the same symptoms. Here and heart disease, and respiratory diseases and cancer illnesses from smoking families - not so rare. No one wants his child was ill at an early age disease, which kills adult careless smokers.

Nonsmoker parents

In that case, if the parents smoke, they know about the problem from within. But what is not smoking parents who themselves have never experienced nicotine if the child began to try smoking? In such a family the question of how to understand what the child is smoking may also occur. Even without the example of smoking parents, the child, anyway, faced with smoking. Despite the abundance of social advertising, calling to quit smoking cigarettes hidden advertising is even more widespread.

In movies favorite hero necessarily smoke, successful people also smoke. The older guys for all the girls who run, also smoke. The child develops a misconception that the cigarette is a mandatory attribute of a beautiful life. And, of course, the child will also want to try smoking. After all, with a cigarette, he will seem older.

Although the reasons for which a teenager starts smoking a great multitude:

  • someone started smoking "for the company"
  • someone wanted to impress the opposite sex
  • someone did not want to be the "black sheep"
  • many girls smoke, thinking that cigarettes kill your appetite ... that helps to lose weight

But, nevertheless, for whatever reason did not start smoking teenager, he became the path of addiction to tobacco. After starting with a cigarette in a few days, it will be unnoticed and smoke two cigarettes a day. And this is only the beginning, then there will be more - so parents need to know how to wean your child from smoking.

 Pregnancy and smoking

Effect of nicotine on the body of a young

The harm of smoking on the human body is difficult to overstate. Many diseases arise from smoking is not just their symptoms make themselves felt only in years . And the teenager because of their carelessness, and youth does not realize the harm it causes to your body when it begins to smoke. After all, he does not consider himself a smoker, he says, nothing will be from one - two cigarettes, if you want you can always and do not smoke. However, this is misleading. Many people start smoking once, continue to do so forever.

When the teenager begins smoking, the effect of nicotine is bound to affect the state of your child:

  • Memory of the Child

The first, on what impact smoking will be memory. Memorization speed drops dramatically on the learning process takes longer than a non-smoker child.

  • Increased fatigue

The child becomes sluggish, increased fatigue by reducing muscle mass.

  • Violation of the central nervous system

Systematic smoking affects nerve cells, which leads to the fact that the adolescent is unable to cope with the solution of logical problems. He suffers from the visual cortex. The child begins to distinguish colors is bad, there is a ripple before the eyes.

  • The problem with hormonal

Disrupted thyroid. It appears irritability, poor sleep. It affects the skin, there are various rashes.

  • Lung disease and cardio - vascular system

Cardiac activity worsens, blood vessels wear out quickly. Lung disease among smokers, even young, is quite common. Cough, bronchitis and cancer - all these are consequences of frequent and regular smoking.

In addition, the adolescent appears obsessive desire to smoke, which leads to poor performance in the classroom. After the break to change the student's headache, efficiency drops sharply, it leads to what is the next lesson will take place in vain.

How to understand that the teenager started to smoke?

How not to miss the moment when the child begins to try their first cigarette? This issue is of concern to many parents. The answer is. Observe your child, and you will see the characteristic signs that the child began to smoke.

  • Feeling of fear

If your child smokes, he is always in a state of fear that parents will know about it and it is waiting for the inevitable punishment.

  • Secretiveness

The teenager does not like when mom starts to clean his room, because there may be hidden cigarettes. The backpack or briefcase there are various chewing gum and candy.

  • Frequent absences from home

At school, the child is smoking at recess, after school on the way home. At home, he is under the supervision of parents. Hence there is an initiative to go to the store, to absent himself a classmate for textbooks and so on.

  • Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness

Since nicotine acts primarily on the central nervous system, the child after the smoked cigarette becomes stalled for some time. Dulls thinking, movements become more sluggish, coordination is not accurate.

  • The appearance of cough

Cigarette smoke dries the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, bronchial tubes. As a result, tickle in the throat, a cough begins haunting often give themselves felt. This can result in frequent colds and bronchitis. If your child is coughing often worth considering.

  • The habit of spitting saliva

Profuse salivation observed in all smokers, and if guys often spit, the girls usually swallow saliva. This causes even more damage to a young body. After all, in the saliva of smoker are many harmful substances that enter the stomach, causing gastritis appear with time. With regular smoking on an empty stomach, can form a stomach ulcer.

  • For longer smoking - yellowing fingers and teeth

Nails become brittle and often exfoliate as a result of calcium deficiency. Teeth are subjected to decay, resulting in frequent visits to the dentist.

  • Violent and frequent changes of mood

In the process of addiction to tobacco teenager more and more want to smoke. However, it is not possible
do immediately. We must look for a place of solitude, or the reason to leave the house, that would be a smoke. This situation affects him irritating. This and rude behavior. But if you can smoke, the body relaxes and the teenager comes in a buoyant mood. As a result - frequent changes of mood.

How to react?

If, however, your child has started smoking, it is necessary to take urgent measures. But what to do? Methods are many - it is a conversation about the dangers of smoking, and the punishment of the child. Indeed, many parents simply thrown into a panic and begin to punish the teenager as they see fit.

You should not scold the child, and even more so - to use violence. The teenager will take this as a negative attitude towards him, and the next time will be even more careful to hide their addiction to tobacco. It is better not to resort to extreme methods - to make smoke the whole pack at once, or, even worse, there butts. It is sad, but such examples are anti-smoking are taking place in the practice of parents.

By the way, these emergency methods can cause nicotine poisoning. It is characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sudden increases of pressure, weakness. When the manifestation of such symptoms should call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctor is necessary to ventilate the room, or bring the patient into the fresh air. Wet your face with cold water. If seizures begin, you must be sure to control the breathing process.

It is much wiser to try to act calm and approach this problem with skill. Psychologists recommend the whole complex system to address the problem of adolescent smoking:

The first step is to talk. It was a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere - if you're not in the mood or feel bad, then set it aside. You must be in a good mood, what would the child not afraid to speak to you frankly. How to start a conversation? Start with the main - conveyed to him the idea that you love him, and in any situation will love it.

Tell him how you dearly his health, and the truth about the harm of smoking cigarettes. But this should be on examples from life, because research statistics teenager is unlikely to captivate. Ask your teen to tell you why and when it started to smoke. From his answers, you can gather a lot of useful material, which will come in handy in the fight against smoking your offspring, but the teenager to cope with the problems of today's youth:

  1. If he smokes, to be fit, tell him that the smoker loses weight by nicotine, which eventually dries not only the mucous membranes of the body, but also to all organs of the body, which causes not only weight loss, but also the rapid aging of the skin - smoking is harmful to health causing considerable. For myself notice that your child wants to look slimmer - hence change the diet: let there be more vegetables and protein, which are so necessary growing organism.
  2. If a child started smoking out of interest of novelty, seeing advertising about the beautiful and successful people with a cigarette, tell us how to do advertising and harm caused by smoking. Any product, even the most harmful and useless require promotion. That is why advertising is always bright, colorful and positive, even if it is not really.
  3. If a teen lit that would please the opposite sex, you should talk about that bad breath is not only to please but also discourage all desire to communicate. If you have a son - not too much to say that in today's society women prefer strong, rich sports and young people, and to leave the habit of smoking a lot of money.

This will require: