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Probably, it is very difficult to find a single newfound mom, who would not dream about the possibility of sleep quietly though the night without waking up from the baby's crying. And in some cases, a dream come true - young parents sleep throughout the night without waking up once. And other parents are struggling to adjust the baby under the adult mode of life. But is it safe and does not cause any harm to the date of such a regime crumbs? After sleeping newborn baby - a very thin substance.

For the harmonious development of a newborn baby requires two main components - a strong healthy sleep and breast-feeding. Baby sleeps a lot and this is the norm. It is this relationship of food and sleep and will be discussed below. Of course, the baby, who throughout the neonatal period, to whom considered the first six weeks of life, crumbs, sleeps a lot and does not wake up, delights and affection from his parents, grandparents and other relatives. And very few people comes to mind the question of whether it normal that the baby is sleeping very much? After all, at first glance, the baby seems healthy, well-fed and totally satisfied.

However, if the baby sleeps a lot, most pediatricians are faced with specific and often dangerous for the baby's health, disabilities. This "user-friendly" for mom and dad crumb has some problems with breastfeeding: the child is small and slowly sucks the breast, causing not receive the required amount of milk. Due to the fact that the body crumbs lacking nutrients, and fluids in general, the child becomes more passive and quiet, quite simply, it loses strength.

Because dehydration can worsen the crumbs for zheltushki newborn, or even develop gipoklemiya causing pathological sleepiness. No less dangerous for a newborn baby and possible dehydration. These complications often lead to hospitalization crumbs, because they require the most intensive intervention of doctors.

In fact, the natural features of a newborn child are such that it should suck the mother's breast as often as possible and longer. A healthy child can be applied to the breast every hour - a half. But, alas, the majority of parents are not in delighted with the location of the baby almost around the clock at the mother's breast, mistakenly thinking like spoiled crumbs and troubled kid.

But this child's physiological need for food is a science-based explanation. The volume of the stomach of the newborn baby is very small - no more than their own baby cam. Breast milk has the features of chemical composition, by which it is digested very quickly - literally within one hour. But no child would sleep at a time when the stomach is empty. That is why it is so important for the child's frequent suckling - it shows that the crumb is healthy and growing as expected, without any - any abnormalities of the age norm.

The risk of inadequate feeding

But sucking rare - once in three hours or less - is a deviation from the norm. This schedule power greatly increases the risk of health problems remains. In addition, rare suckling leads to related problems, as a result of a pathological circle can withdraw and break it will be very difficult, often without the help of doctors and did not realistic:

  • Immunoglobulins.

A child in the first weeks of life, a little sucking the mother's breast, loses first colostrum, and then early breast milk, which contains a huge number of different immunoglobulins. And it is these same immunoglobulins protect the child's body from invading infections and other enemy agents.

  • The crux of the act of sucking.

The kid who did not breastfeed during the first few days when the chest was colostrum, may experience serious difficulties with the process of breastfeeding after it appears milk. This is particularly relevant issue for those crumbs from mothers whose nipples are flat or inverted same.

  • Neonatal jaundice.

As you know, for the successful treatment of the newborn child from zheltushki need to drink as much as possible the child to bilirubin is excreted from the body together with the liquid. For this reason it is easy to guess that if the baby is not breastfeeding, and loses fluid during zheltushki becomes more pronounced and severe.

  • Delaying the arrival of milk.

Due to the fact that the baby suckles little in the first few days after birth, the nipples are not getting enough stimulation. As a result - significantly delayed the arrival of milk.

  • The risk of developing mastitis.

Quite a number of women are faced with an extremely unpleasant phenomenon, as mastitis. Very often women develop mastitis during that period, which marks the first rush of milk. And if the crumb is not breastfeeding, the risk increases many times.

  • Increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage in the mother.

Stimulation of the breast that occurs during breastfeeding the baby, stimulate active contraction of the uterus. And as a consequence, reduced bleeding in the early and late post-natal period.

  • Increased risk of hypoglycaemia.

If crumb receives insufficient maternal milk or formula, its blood glucose level is significantly reduced. Accordingly, at times increases the risk of hypoglycemia in a child, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Child pathologically sleepy - it is almost impossible to wake him, he sleeps all the time.
  • The baby is very lethargic, is not interested in anything around.
  • Parents may notice that the vests and sheets crumbs are moist too quickly - the child is actively sweating.
  • The kid can often shudder in his sleep.
  • Breathing the crumbs can be very frequent and superficial.
  • Skin and mucous membranes of the child becoming very pale color.
  • The kid may have problems with sucking, and therefore refuses to eat at all.

When the newborn baby of one or more of the above symptoms parents should as soon as possible to see a doctor.

 sleeping baby

Other causes of excessive sleepiness newborn baby

The above is only a few reasons for the refusal of the breast and increased sleepiness crumbs. However, this is not a complete list:

  • Features of the generic process.

In the event that a generic process was too difficult and time-consuming, especially if used during childbirth have - or pharmacological agents, the child may also be the first time almost all sleep soundly and thus skip feeding. In severe cases, these children lose the ability to coordinate the processes of respiration and swallowing at the breast.

  • Poor attachment to the breast crumbs.

In that case, if the child takes the breast correctly, it can quickly get tired and fall asleep at the breast. To fix this problem, my mother should seek help to a consultant on breastfeeding, and in the absence of a pediatric nurse, or even an experienced friend who has successfully breastfed their own babies.

By the way, very often the correct entanglement breast milk prevents the first tide. From the arrival of milk breasts swell, her nipples stiffen and crumbs rather difficult to capture their lips. Scarce, after several fruitless attempts, just simply tired and goes to sleep again, and it did not obtain the necessary power. To avoid this situation, before every feeding mother should express a small amount of milk to breast became softer and the kid could grab the nipple.

  • Environmental factors.

It argued that a newborn child can sleep only in the dark and almost complete silence. However, this view is mistaken - bright lights and loud noises make the crumbs to fall asleep almost instantly. Thus, the baby body is protected from overload stress and nervous system. Doctors noticed an interesting pattern - if the house is noisy, the child wants to sleep all the time. However, remember that in noisy environments baby restless sleep and the dream of an infant can not be considered complete.

If your newborn baby sleeps a lot and is not going to wake up to the time of feeding, you should wake up crumbs and feed him. Such actions mom can develop associative array "hunger - discomfort" and "a sense of satiety - a pleasant feeling." And most importantly, what you achieve - is to ensure your crumbs all necessary for normal growth and development.

To date, all doctors - pediatricians and specialists in breastfeeding agree that the maximum time allowed unrestrained sleep crumbs can not be more than 5 hours. However, parents need to take into account the fact that all children without exception - are individual, and therefore the time between feedings for all kids is different. Someone can eat in five hours, and someone - every hour - two must suck his mother's breast.

  • Little baby sleeps during the day

If for some - any reason pipsqueak little sleep during the day, it is natural that during the night he would sleep soundly. In such cases often try to lay crumbs sleep in the daytime. If the child became more sleep in the evening and at night - followed his dream day.

How to wake up the crumbs?

Probably every mother knows how difficult sometimes to wake up the crumbs. To the awakening of the crumbs was easier, doctors recommend to wake the baby during the sleep surface. Determine the best time simply by the following features:

  • Eyelids child begin to tremble, are opened slightly, looking more closely, parents can see how moving the eyeballs.
  • Arms and legs begin to twitch kid, a little shudder.
  • The child starts to make sucking movements, especially if the baby's face it - any concerns.
  • In the face of a sleeping crumbs appears facial expressions.

As mentioned above, a bright light is able to close the eyes to make crumbs, and he fell asleep again. So, before you wake up the crumbs to feed, be sure to take care of that in the room was muted, soft lighting. After that, remove the blanket, unwrapped the baby. Keep in mind that if your child is hot, it is unlikely to be sucked my mother's breasts.

Some mothers change diapers before feeding. However, it is worth doing only if the child is crap one's pants. But if the crumb is not cocoa, it is advisable to change the diaper after feeding, as mealtime child write several times.

Sleep as an alarm

In all the above cases the child's condition requires expert advice on breastfeeding, or doctors - pediatricians. However, the situation is not as dangerous. But in that case, if you find the crumbs from his symptoms described below, immediately call the brigade "first aid":

  • Child sleeps more than 5 hours, almost without moving or changing his position, all attempts to wake him are not successful.
  • In the sleeping baby skin and mucous membranes acquired cyanotic hue
  • At crumbs fever.
  • The breath of the child was heavy and superficial.

All these symptoms can signal a serious illness, and in any case should not be left unattended by parents. During the delay, you can pay too high a price. Doctors determine exactly why a baby sleeps a lot, and what caused the associated symptoms.

Generally doctors - pediatricians advised to seek medical advice in any doubt the situation of young parents - the child was plenty of sleep, eat less and so on. Much better to sound the alarm in vain than to miss a real danger.

It will take quite a bit of time, and you are comfortable in the still new role for you parents know their crumbs, and he - you. And you will not notice as the crumbs will be a stable regime of the day, which suits the entire family, and the question of how much to sleep baby, will be for you not relevant. But a healthy and restful sleep is essential not only to the newborn child, and any person throughout his life. And in your power from early childhood to accustom the child to the proper sleep mode that will allow him to avoid many problems in the future.

 Sleeping baby

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