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The fact that a restful sleep is essential for normal human activity, has long been confirmed by science. But unfortunately, with a full bed, most people are serious problems. And in any case, can not ignore this problem, because the complications can be very serious - can threaten both physical and mental health.

In order to prevent this, one must understand in time that he started having problems with sleep. Although it is extremely difficult to do, because the pace of modern life dictates its own terms - today we have "lit" the report and we are a few days hardly sleep, tomorrow we have time off and we do not in bed one day. Come here understand, everything was in order with sleep, when the body is asleep, not when he wants, and when the permit.

Types of sleep disorders

It is believed that sleep disorders - insomnia is. But in fact this is not true. Of course, the rate of insomnia to name language does not turn. But excessive sleepiness - this is also a pathology. And shallow sleep with constant awakenings - is also not the norm. And the problem of sleep is very common. But let's take first things first.

  • Insomnia

Not so long ago insomnia was an attribute extremely elderly. But today insomnia often complain even schoolchildren. But it should be split insomnia true and imaginary - doctors often hear the complaint that a person can not sleep at night. But a detailed discussion it appears that the person has the habit of sleeping during the day. No wonder that on the night of sleep is not.

Of course, in violation of normal biorhythms is not good, but for insomnia in this case, however. True insomnia is diagnosed if a person sleeps less than 7 hours a day. And, importantly, the rest of the bed does not want to. Otherwise, it is also about insomnia is not.

It is very sad that people insomnia may not notice - indeed, in most cases, they are proud that they have enough sleep for 5-6 hours. And no wonder - the modern person 24 hours a day, a long time ago not enough. As a result, people are not aware of the problem, no action, respectively, are not accepted. And the problem is compounded and exacerbated by, until one day she will have an effect.

  • Drowsiness

Little sleep - bad. But too much - too anything good. A slightly less common than insomnia, excessive sleepiness occurs. This problem may speak when to sleep 8 hours a person is not enough. Of course, a situation where the front of this man enough sleep, not taken into account.

But if drowsiness under normal amount of sleep persists for more than three days, it's time to worry. Most often, excessive sleepiness is nothing but a consequence of the chronic fatigue syndrome. In more rare cases - a symptom of a disease. In any case, leave the problem unattended in any case impossible.

Very often it happens that throws the body to extremes - that insomnia is excessive sleepiness. In any case, treatment of sleep disorders should begin as soon as possible.

 sleep disorders treatment

Treatment of insomnia

The biggest mistake - to try to get rid of the disorder themselves. After all, what often comes into play? That's right, for the treatment of insomnia bought sleeping pills, and for the elimination of sleepiness in the course is coffee. Liter. And even worse - different energy drinks, of which the sale of a lot.

And few people thinks, what is fraught with such grief-treatment. Yes, it is possible that at some time you may find that the situation has stabilized - you will quickly fall asleep or feel cheerful. But this is only an illusion of recovery - sooner or later the body will no longer respond to external stimuli, and everything will return to normal. However, generally, in more advanced.

Therefore, the most sensible thing you can do in such an unpleasant situation - is to seek help from a doctor - a sleep that specializes in a variety of sleep disorders. In an extreme case, if you find such a doctor fails, you can go for help to the general practitioner.

A method of treating sleep disorders and tell a lot about all the impossible. This therapeutic sleep, and acupuncture, and physical therapy, and medication, and lots else. The course of treatment is chosen only after careful examination of the patient. And strictly individually - there is no single treatment regimen, and there can not be, as there are no two identical organisms.

General recommendations

Treatment of treatment, but also depends on the person very much. Of course, the doctor probably will tell you about the rules that you need to perform, but we once again repeat truisms. It's no wonder they say that the repetition - the mother of learning. Especially that without these rules to get rid of the problem you are unlikely.

  • Insomnia

If your arch-enemy - insomnia, remember the following. First, always go to bed before midnight. At this time much easier to fall asleep, and sleep before midnight is most useful for the organism. Second, pay close attention to the bed - a mattress, pillow, blanket, bedding: all this should be convenient and comfortable. Third, about an hour before going to bed, open the window in the bedroom - the fresh air is a must. And if he is also cool - facilitated the process of falling asleep at times. And finally, most importantly - for two hours before bedtime should abandon any food and beverages. And the surge of emotion, too, by the way. Even if these positive emotions.

Pay attention to your daily routine. Needless to say that you just need to give up an afternoon nap, even if you want to sleep during the day is particularly strong. Better to head to a walk - in fact the lack of fresh air and physical activity also promote normal healthy sleep.

  • Excessive sleepiness

If you always want to sleep, thoroughly revise their usual lifestyle. First, the rule of "sleep before midnight" As for you, and no less. That the hours of sleep that the body has time to "grab" before midnight, promote the fullest rest. Secondly, take it a rule to always, under all circumstances, to sleep at least 8 hours. Not a day, namely at night.

Although naps, if possible, can be very useful. But here, have their own peculiarities. First, do not sleep more than two hours, that did not work, "the more you sleep, the more you want." Secondly, folk wisdom says that you can not sleep at sunset. And this wisdom is confirmed doctors - it is not recommended to sleep after 4 pm. Snaps completely "broken", tired, if not a headache.

 treatment of sleep disorders

Folk remedies for the treatment of sleep disorders

If the treatment prescribed by a doctor, you think not enough, you can use one of the many recipes of traditional medicine. We offer you the most effective ones and, most importantly, safe for your health. But, of course, how good were these recipes, they should not replace the basic treatment.

  • Remedy for insomnia

Even our ancestors knew - if difficult to sleep at night, you need to drink a glass of warm milk. Do not lose this tool, and its relevance to this day. Before grasping for sleeping pill, a drink of warm milk - in most cases this is enough, that sweet sleep.

If the previous tool did not help you, and indeed to the warm milk you are allergic since kindergarten, replace it with valerian. In the evening, before bed, put in a cup-third teaspoon chopped valerian root, cover with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Then strain the infusion, add sugar or honey and drink. For greater reliability valerian root also can be put under the pillow - so surely.

Many people believe that sleep will help them a warm bath. In fact, because you will achieve the opposite effect. Therefore, before going to bed limit to a warm shower. But a hot bath for the feet is very useful - just 10 minutes and you are likely to fall asleep sleeping baby.

  • Funds for increased sleepiness

If you constantly want to sleep, you need to bring your body in tone. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to the store for the vaunted energy that inspires. You do need health rather than wings, right? So, in the morning go to the shower. And not just in the shower, and in contrast - only two or three alternation ensure supply of energy for the whole day. Just do not overdo it - a contrast increase gradually, so as not to catch a cold. Yes, and also to overload vessels to anything - let get used gradually.

They went out of the shower and went to the kitchen? Put the jar of coffee on the far shelf. And it is better to send it in the trash - coffee adds vitality for a couple of hours, and then the state will be worse. Therefore, the best option for the morning - green tea. Just one cup of tea energize you at least until lunch.

In Soviet times, there was such a wonderful thing as Elizarova applicator - mat on which were sewn plastic spikes. If you have a left - consider yourself lucky - once felt sleepy, Razuvaev and a few minutes walk around the spikes. If the applicator is not, you can replace it with common buckwheat - pour it on a rag and potopchites. This effect is explained simply - on the bottom of a huge number of active points.

In most cases, sleep disorders can be successfully corrected. But, of course, only if they were detected promptly and immediately treatment was initiated. We wish you a rainbow of sweet dreams!

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