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  • The status of "single mother" in the life and the law
  • The fundamental rights of single mothers
  • State support to single mothers

Until a few decades ago, a woman has a baby out of wedlock and raised him alone, were persecuted and condemned by society. These children were the target of ridicule, taunts and teasing by their peers. The kid without a father was considered a disgrace to the family, of course, that about any allowances to single mothers at the time was out of the question.

Modern mores have changed dramatically, but that does not mean that the girl without her husband now easy to raise a child. In addition to the psychological problems faced by every little man, brought up in single-parent family, and there are financial difficulties. A woman is hard enough to provide themselves and their baby. Despite the fact that the law provides for social benefits, not all know and enjoy their rights. In addition, the size of such payments is not too large, and sometimes in order to get a paltry amount of child-raising, a single mother has to spend a lot of time and effort. However, each woman must have information about what kind of assistance to the state it is calculated and how it can be achieved.

The status of "single mother" in the life and the law

In today's world, where the marriage is no longer a sacred something, a woman raising a child without a husband, are found all the time. However, from a legal point of view, not every one of them can rightly be regarded as a single mother.

Under the law, a lonely mother recognized the woman, who herself gave birth to and bringing up a baby without being married. In the same category fall into a situation where there is no joint statement by both parents to establish paternity when registering the child. In this case, in the book of registration of birth is recorded on a pipsqueak mother's name, on their own and at their request indicating the name and patronymic of the child. Thus, in his paper in the box fatherhood will be a dash, or "information inscribed with the words of the mother." This woman shall be granted a certificate confirming its status. However, if a child has a father, regardless of whether he lives with it or not, the new mother in law can not be considered alone. But she has every right to bring a man to participate in the life of the crumbs, for example, to sue and collect from him alimony.

Today, there are often other cases. If a woman has lost a spouse, that is a widow, she is not recognized as a single mother, respectively, rely on the monthly benefit is not necessary. However, the state provides it other assistance in connection with the loss of the family breadwinner. Possible and this option: a man leaves his family, his fiancee just got out of the hospital and is still in position. In this case, the expectant mother rely only alimony.

Experts recommend at registration of birth certificates do not specify the name and patronymic of the father, and just leave this blank graph. This is due to the fact that if the Pope entered into the document, in certain cases - for example, out of Russia - a woman would have to take his permission for removal of the child. The same situation occurs when registering the baby at mother's residence - the second parent must give their formal approval. However, there is a downside: if the certificate column "paternity" leave empty, the next baby will not be able to become the heir and claim to put his property.

As you can see, the definition of the concept of "single mother" according to the law and in everyday layman - two different things. For example, many divorced women with children, single mothers call themselves. However, this is not true, because one thing - the strict letter of the law and quite another - a simple turn of phrase. So let's just take a closer look at the cases in which a woman who gave birth to and raising a baby alone can legalize their status:

  • If she gave birth to a child, not a member at that time married, and paternity has not been established properly, that is, in the court or voluntarily.
  • Also count on the monthly allowance is possible if she gave birth to a baby after 300 days or more after the official dissolution of the union with the father remains.
  • The child was born when she was married or had not yet passed the allotted number of days (mentioned above) after the divorce, and Pope recorded spouse (ex-husband), but paternity was challenged them. In addition, the newly-made mother's hand has entered into force a court decision that a man is not a parent.
  • If it's anyone not officially been married, and adopted by a self or adopt a child.

In general, widows, divorcees and women who voluntarily judicially deprived of the right to paternity of a man accustomed to call themselves single mothers, in fact, under the law are not. So, despite the fact that they are raising one child or more children without a husband, corresponding payments to them are not put. According to the legislation Federation single mother writes a newborn baby on his name and patronymic - on request.

Unfortunately, in our country many people know what they have a duty, but are aware of their rights are not fully implemented. The woman with the above status by contacting the social security of their place of residence, the corresponding benefits, the amount of which is determined by the state.

 Benefit single mother

The fundamental rights of single mothers

Single mothers rely on the law of the same benefits for the birth of the baby, who is assigned to all the other women, raising a child with her husband. However, please note that there are two types of them:

  • a one-time federal benefits that are becoming mothers without exception, residing in the territory of Russia;
  • payments from the budget of the RF subject. The last, in turn, its regulatory and legal documents on their own determine the size and the procedure for the appointment of benefits, exercise their funding from its own budget.

To the woman was assessed a certain amount, after the appearance of the crumbs in the light of the following apply to the bodies of social protection at the place of residence. Let us dwell on what the benefits are put newly-mother:

  • maternity leave;
  • lump sum at birth;
  • single working mothers monthly paid leave to care for the baby until he turns eighteen months;
  • lump sum girls who were registered in the health facility to twelve weeks of pregnancy;
  • the monthly payment on a baby.

Benefits are paid to single mothers, are different from their usual size. In different regions of Russia, there are additional payments to appoint women bringing up a child without a husband, with the aim of social support.

So, to the newly-appointed mother monthly child benefit, you must:

  • First, go to the Social Security authorities to which it is assigned in accordance with the place of residence - or RUSZN social security - and to write a letter;
  • secondly, to provide a number of documents: birth certificate of the child, certificate of family composition from the housing and labor book, passport and bank book.

Please note that the information on your income statement to be reported in writing. In addition, the verification of the data you may be required help from an accountant in the workplace.

 allowances for single mothers

State support to single mothers

On what benefits laid lone mothers and what their size, can be found by referring to the law "On State benefits for citizens with children". This year, women bringing up a child without anyone's help, can count on the following:

  • compensation gradually rising cost of food, which are designed for children who have not attained the age of three;
  • life care and a monthly allowance for a child until he is three years;
  • Free underwear sets for newborns;
  • for children under two years free of milk and baby food, which is issued strictly on a prescription from a physician in the specialized medical institutions;
  • occurs when billing for garbage disposal and solid food waste, as well as porches and local area, children up to 1, 5 years not included in the total number of people living in the apartment;
  • students from single-parent families are guaranteed a free two meals in the dining room;
  • children who are raised by single mothers, receive benefits for education in the schools of arts, sports, music, art and other. The size of the payment is 30% below the normal value, which is made all the other students of an institution;
  • the state provides assistance in providing free medicines for children aged up to three years.

Under current law, mother raising a child alone, is entitled to such payments and benefits such as:

  • Monthly allowance for the child, and its size is slightly higher than that which the rest get married women. The level of material well-being a single mother, and living conditions are not taken into account.
  • Payments for child care in case of illness, the amount of which is calculated depending on certain circumstances. For example, if the baby is observed in the hospital, then the calculation is made taking into account the duration of the work experience of the mother. When outpatient treatment benefit is paid in full for the first ten days, and the eleventh is charged at a rate of 50% of salary.

When the disease toddler preschool his mother gets the same benefit fully for the whole period of forced vacation. For example, if they were from one week to two, then for payment in the amount taken during the fifteen calendar days if the doctor's conclusion states that the period of treatment is not necessary to renew.

  • If the enterprise there are any redundancies, single mothers are under state protection, that is not covered by the dismissal. Also, they can not be removed even in connection with the discrepancy of the position they occupy, or a change in leadership of the company.
  • A woman raising a child without a husband is entitled to additional annual leave of at least two weeks (wages not saved). At the same time she can take it at any suitable time for yourself.
  • In the case of liquidation of the enterprise law provides that the current head is obliged to employ single mothers, pregnant women and women who have children under the age of three years.

No matter how many people stand in a queue housing, priority right to possession belongs to them alone mothers. In addition, they are free to arrange their minor child in an institution on the full provision of the state. As for the schools, there is a child who grew up without a father, by the decision of the director can be given free meals and textbooks.

At the children's clinic every single mother is entitled to receive from the doctor a list of drugs that are subject to exemptions, the amount of which may vary. However for expensive drugs in most cases reduction is about 50%.

The regional offices of the Russian mothers raising a child (or children) alone, in sequence are given free or partial surcharge trips to health camps and sanatoriums not less than once every two years. In addition, employees of prefectures are responsible for organizing the sale of children's clothes.

In each subject of the Federation single mothers can be given additional cash payments, which can be found by contacting your social security.

 Single mother: child-raising allowance

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