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Single Father - the phenomenon is quite unusual in the past. And in these days it does not occur very often. Recently, somehow mixed up the concept of a purely male and exclusively female responsibility. Now many women are addicted professional career or personal life device. And does not believe that the education of children - the main goal of their lives. They can with a clear conscience entrust their father and go home, not particularly bothered his former family problems.

It should be noted that men with children a better chance of a good idea to arrange his personal life than women in the same situation. What to do, so the world works. Representatives of the stronger sex in it claimed more than we do. Some of the women even deliberately seek acquaintance with the fathers householder, believing that they are safer to the other men. In this there is a reason. Independently take responsibility for their children may not be everyone. However, the relationship with the father has its own nuances, which is better to know in advance.

Unlike single fathers from other men

What are single fathers? The same variety as a single mother. Some of them are widowed, someone took the children from inattentive to him his wife, and someone decided to educate them on their own to avoid paying alimony. In any case, the daily care of the child and the constant feeling of full responsibility for it is ready to assume not every man. It turns out that his father was a loner in something very special people, more discreet, understanding, tolerance and purposeful.

It seems that the advantages of a relationship with this man mass. He starts to hang out after work one knows where, will try as best we can provide for the family, and certainly would not dare to commit adultery. At the same time, there is, in alliance with a man and a pretty serious shortcoming - the child for him, is likely to be more important than the wife. Therefore, it will have to adapt, to change their habits and aspirations.

In general, the notion that any single father wants to find his mother in the first place for your child is not quite true. Someone does not look for it at all, considering that the handle itself. And someone dreams about a loved one who will share with them trouble, and joy. Women who intend to link their lives with a man with children, often make the same mistake. Trying to win a man's heart, they are struggling start to pretend to be a caring mother. Trying to find the right approach to the child is laudable but impractical. Not only that, it does not always succeed, and often seems disingenuous. These actions can irritate the man and his inconsistency its rules of education, and lack of attention to it. It is possible that a man seeks above all loving his girlfriend. Well, and then a good mother to her children.

So how does a woman have to count on an alliance with a single father?

 single fathers

How to find an approach to the man with the child

If our choice - a single father, a relationship with him should be based on certain rules.

  • Rule one. Before win the attachment of the child, it is necessary to set the warm confidential contact with his father. This will help to find out what role it determines the woman in his life;
  • Second Rule. In dealing with a child not to force things and not try to force your care. Behave should be as natural and not do what does not correspond to the personal nature. It can push and the child, and his father;
  • Rule three. Adjust their behavior in accordance with the manner of education, produced a man. You should not posturing, forcing him to his principles of education. His father is a child from the very birth. His punishment and promote familiar and perceived as the norm. A woman steps outside, even if well-intentioned, can be taken in arms;
  • The rule fourth. Do not compete with the child, trying to win his father's love and attention. Unfortunately, it happens quite often. Woman secretly jealous of her man to his child and all the forces trying to take over the entire heart elect. Such actions create a tense atmosphere in the relationship and the consequences of difficult to predict;
  • Rule Five. Do not interfere Attacks Pope with a child of his. This can be perceived as a threat by a woman;
  • Rule Six. Treating a patient and calm, if a man wants to spend time alone together with your child;
  • Rule seventh. Do not require the child's love and acceptance. Let it happen naturally. And if does not, do not take offense and is not suspended from the men;
  • Rule eight. Not clearly demonstrate their love for the man in the presence of a child. This may cause him to jealousy.

Of course, there are children who are ready to accept any mother appeared in their house woman. If only she had not been too harsh and cruel. Typically, this applies to those who do not remember their home mom and suffers from its lack. Pity and forbearance adults and have some arrogant mother peers forced the child to doubt the usefulness of their own. So he dreams that one day she will come to the family. No matter what it is. The main thing is that it would eliminate the doubts and feel equal to other children.

However, this kind of little children. Most of the kids who raise one's father, opposed to he connected his life with some of the fairer sex. The reason for this attitude can be a children's selfishness, fear of losing the love of the Pope, the reluctance to share it with someone else, the fear of the destruction of his little world. It plays an important role and the fact that children who grow up on fairy tales and stories about evil stepmothers, are simply afraid of the presence of such a "wicked witch" next.

In short, the relationship with the single father often a bit like walking through a minefield. Every step and every act of a woman, at least at first, will have to analyze. From it can not escape, since her will closely monitor children's inquisitive eyes. And if, in the opinion of the child that something is wrong, a strong alliance with his father may be a big question.

Of course, this does not mean that a good family in this case is practically impossible to create. Single father - also a man, just chat with him has its own specifics. For example, the child may well remember my own mother and even meet her. He will certainly be compared with the presence of my mother in the house of her aunt. It is not easy to sustain. But with the right approach to the situation, - possible. Children grow up, and their views on life changed. Over time, they will learn to calmly accept his dual position, and everything will fall into place.

In general, the alliance with the single father is good for women who are not going to give birth. But those who already have their own children or intend to get them, it may opt for this type of relationship. Perhaps it is he will be the best option for finding happiness.

 Single Father: features Relations

 long distance relationship

If you love someone, you want as much as possible to be with this man, catching his eyes, hear his voice, feel the heat ... Even brief separation from loved ones is painful, and seems endless. What can we say about the long-term separation? Now people are extremely mobile. They are all the time somewhere to go, often parted with their elected representatives for a long time. Relationship at a distance - an ordeal, which can not stand each couple in love. At the same time, separation is a test of the depth of feeling, and it can be rightly regarded as the test of true love. It turns out that it is still necessary? Perhaps, yes. However, parted for a long time, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​how distance affects the relationship. That's what we are, and we'll talk.

The negative side of a long parting lovers

Relationship at a distance involve not only the union of loving people especially when they parted for a long time. There are couples, all originally residing in different localities and even countries. They communicate through the Internet or mobile communication and is rarely seen. It's quite a strange relationship. To support this type of long-distance relationship is not easy. Favorite people like to eat, and, at the same time, as if it does not. When people get used to living together to be close together to solve something, and do something. The two of them are going through good and bad and adapt to one another. Those who have never met, usually do not adjust their aspirations and desire to each other.

Such relations are developing according to its laws. They may not go beyond the virtual confession and romantic letters to each other. And after a time, in the end, smoothly and safely come to naught. But may develop into a deep and sincere feeling that, in the end, will be the basis for a family. In this case, talk of separation does not make sense. She attended and initially served as a matter of fact, the impetus for further communication.

As for those who have lived side by side, there is the separation of something similar to the gap between the lovers. They have to relearn how to live alone - apart from one another to eat, sleep, walk-in guests. Prolonged separation in the depths of the human mind often creates a strong feeling that he was really a loner. The feeling is illusory. However, it can have a detrimental effect on the perception of reality. Guided by the internal state of loneliness, people instinctively begins to look a pair.

No Search couples does not necessarily mean a betrayal. People have enough moral it usually comes down to finding interesting in communication member of the opposite sex. But who can guarantee that in a time of companionship does not turn into a closer union? After physiology has not been canceled. Long-distance relationship and real sex with someone you love are incompatible. This can be a maddening anyone.

I must say that the one who remains heavier than leave. For him, everything remained the same, except for one - not near loved creation. All in an environment reminiscent of the rooming. Here was a first kiss, first met there, and walked these streets, holding hands ... Those who left, one might say, began a new life. He, new friends, new hobbies, new relationships. It helps to change the objectives, priorities and even character.

However, the character may change, and the one who is waiting. Prolonged separation blurs the features of a loved one, and it is perceived differently - flaws smoothed exaggerated dignity. As a result, already beginning to love is not a real object, but it embellished, ascended to the clouds the image of feeling. The meeting also returns to the ground. It can be frustrating and irritating, fueled by thoughts of a possible change.

Even if the people are far from each other, often call back and rewritten, they are not immune to feelings of extinction. For a long time it is impossible to live in the past. Life takes its. There are new interests, caring, friends, and after a time of love at a distance may be left alone memories. Sadly, it is often the case.

It turns out that the relationship at a distance of anything good we should not wait? This is not true. They also have their advantages.

 how to keep the relationship at a distance

Pros long separation lovers

Yes, long-distance relationship - not an easy thing, and often destructive and hopeless for love. However, the chances of survival are available. And not only for survival, but also to strengthen. The chances increase when the period of separation is known in advance and lovers have the opportunity to see at least sometimes. Regular emotional makeup at a rare meeting can raise feelings to a higher level. When people are close, the mutual attraction is dulled with time. Separation allows him to break out with renewed vigor. My after it becomes particularly exciting and romantic. And sex - is extremely welcome and flame. This is one of the positive aspects of the relationship at a distance.

Next their plus is that when one person goes somewhere, another time for self-improvement is released or activity you love. It should be used sensibly - to learn something, in some way to move forward. It gets a lot of people who left fresh impressions and come back with a renewed outlook on the world. Surely it would not be very happy that stay away for half the time of separation has not changed for the better.

Watch the process of development of a loved one in general is very interesting. But when people are near all time, this process is not always visible. If the meetings are rare, the difference between remaining in the memories of the way, and that is a favorite person at the moment of goodbye, just striking. Therefore, we should try to get at the separation has been a change for the better. A situation where loving people can not meet often, this allows you to make every effort.

Another plus long-distance relationship is that they provide an opportunity to look at your partner differently. For example, we considered it a pragmatic person, and suddenly began to receive from a loved one is very beautiful romantic letter. We thought that the loved one is not capable of impulsive behavior, as he suddenly came for one day, because it is very missed. We believe that relations have become commonplace and will not be so nervous as before. And they suddenly found a different form and became even brighter than before ...

In other words, long-distance relationship - a piece ambiguous. At long separation, and people can cool off, and, conversely, very firmly attached to each other. In parting, lovers, of course, confident that they will maintain their feelings forever. However, time has a feature set everything in its place. If feelings are superficial, apart they just burn down. If they are true, then the separation should prove their strength. But this still will have to make some effort. How to keep long-distance relationship?

 the distance affects relationships

How to keep a sense of separation

Actually, love is in the distance - it's what you need to prove and strengthen almost every day. Fortunately, today there are a lot of opportunities. With the favorite can communicate daily via the Internet or mobile phone, perezvanivayas with him or sending messages. Communication should not be limited only to the way alone bad. Monotony can get bored, and the word love cease to be significant. It is better to ask about what was new and what appeared familiar and hobbies. Of course, not forgetting about the expression of tenderness.

Often, the main destroyers of the relationship with the separation is not the time and the distance and distrust and jealousy. Thoughts about the possibility to change the chosen appear almost everyone who parted. There's no getting around it. But their voice in a conversation with your loved ones and to harass his suspicions are not worth it. Any good it will not. Needless to give him cause for jealousy, talking about the meetings or communication with other men.

The promise of any relationship depends on whether the partners discussed future plans. Love at a distance - is no exception. Plans for the future should be defined before parting. And then, in the process of communication, whenever possible, to negotiate ways to implement them. There is no need to assume that it inconsiderately or intrusive. Our happiness is in our hands. Why vain hope that will never happen? Better to just inquire whether your loved life together. And if so, how he thought it is. And if not ... Well, then, why waste time on empty waiting? After all, there are other possibilities to be happy!

 Long distance relationship. Pros and cons

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