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Sometimes it is a pity that time travel is possible only in the pages of science fiction novels. The man lives irrepressible craving for a glimpse into the future. Peep at least one eye. And not many people know that this journey could become a reality. One has only to want to buy a ticket and go to one of the most unusual cities of Asia. Singapore is located on the islands in Southeast Asia, separated from the Malay Peninsula narrow Johor Strait, and occupies a strategic position at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Australia. Now it is the largest center of communications, trade and tourism. Name Singapore have both state, city, island and river. In Sanskrit it means "abode of the lion."

When choosing a trip, it should be borne in mind that Singapore - a country with a tropical monsoon climate, the temperature is kept constant at 30 - +32 ° C. Rains throughout the year, from November to February the islands descend squally showers.

Fly on a trip to Singapore can not issued a visa for 4 days (visa-free entry of all 96 hours) on a direct flight from Moscow only 10, 5 hours. And it will be days filled with the brightest impressions. Singapore - its attractions, the most daring forecasts give realnuyuvozmozhnost enjoy the achievements of civilization to which Europe prim another hundred years. Doubt? Let's try to compare. Each European miracle of Singapore is able to counter with a dozen of their own. You will undoubtedly need facts. Well, fasten, we go into the future!

 Singapore attractions

Singapore Chinatown response

Chinatown in every self-respecting city in Europe and the Americas. Many natives of this country settled across the globe, creating a diaspora. But unlike other countries, Singapore is not limited to only one of Chinatown, there is Arab Street and Little India your area.

Chinatown is considered the cultural center of Singapore. Despite the fact that in the mid-20th century most of the quarter was lost among the remaining buildings are those that are examples of the rich heritage of old Chinese architecture. Temples and terraces, the old structure of markets and shops. Just imagine for a moment the whole street, lined with colorful small shops where you can buy everything from paper towels to special double-walled kettle for making tea. And all this is accompanied by loud cries of merchants, the smell of exotic food restaurants, here and there, nestled in the frame of the traditional Chinese Lantern. By the way, among them wormed Russian restaurant with Russian, on the proposal of the Chinese name "Kebab".

Numerous temples complement the already colorful streets. Sri Mariamman Temple - the most beautiful Indian temple, decorated with figures of gods, humans and cows. This is a major Hindu holy island. Temples Wak Hai Cheng Biot, Highlands-Durga Shrine, Kong Meng San, Siong Lim - known not only and not so much as the sights of Singapore, but also as architectural masterpieces of the Asian scale.

In the Indian quarter, you can not help feeling that you are in India. Remember the pictures of Indian films and present themselves, for example, in the center of one of the scenes with songs and dances. The holiday falls on you, immediately engaging in a dance. It is necessary to raise my eyes and you will see a statue of a seated Buddha and the Temple of a thousand lights; it seems that the candles are breathing in the same rhythm with you. You may even think that you comprehend the wisdom accessible only to yogis, came to his own enlightenment, and that if you want you can easily climb into the sky.

Sari pestreyuschie bright, like the wings of birds of paradise, paint shops, chic gold jewelry, intoxicating smell of spices. And all this against the backdrop of sterile clean sidewalks. It is probably the only thing that will not let you forget that you are in the heart of Singapore, but not in the present India.

Arab Street is likely to appeal to fans of bargain. A bargain for good reason. Products made of silk, batik, cotton. Beautiful handmade carpets. All that rich bazaars, presented his eyes idly strolling tourists. But if you think that the relative youth of the Arab street does not allow her to have architectural values, you're wrong. Mosque Hajj Fatima, petite and elegant, the woman of the East, with its falling turret, the main city Masjid Sultan, the golden dome can be seen from afar, and, of course, the palace Istana Kampong Glam, is now the Malay Museum - a relatively small territory collected treasures of three ancient civilizations.

 attractions in Singapore

Fun Island

Sentosa Island is just 500 meters to the south of Singapore. Translated from Malay its name means "peace." It is a favorite place of recreation for residents and tourists. Around the island are many smaller islands that connect to the main suspended walkways. Those who first came to the island of Sentosa, you may have the feeling that all the sights of Singapore collected on this three-kilometer island.

If you look at the island as a whole, it is more reminiscent of the city of the future. No building is not repeated twice. Numerous attractions and amusement parks to outdo even Gonkogsky Disney Land.

Vulkanolend which, despite its name, it tells not about volcanoes. The smallest details can study the origins of our planet, continents and the emergence of life on earth. And it's not a tedious grumbling guide, and with attractions, of which there are a great many.

Butterfly Park, which is home to over 300 species of these beautiful creatures, all kinds of insects, from giant Hercules beetle and ending with ants, and more than 7,000 exotic birds.

The real leap into the future will be a visit to the amusement park Universal Studios. It rides like a stepped straight out of the famous films made by film company Universal. Then you and the futuristic metropolis, and guests from all over the universe, and the remains of ancient races and civilizations, and tridesyatom kingdom of life-size, and Jurassic Park. The main thing - to have time to see everything.

But the attractions of Singapore - not only all kinds of attractions and entertainment venues, is also the flora and fauna of the island.

 Singapore Zoo attractions

The jungle in the midst of the metropolis

What is really striking in Singapore - it is the abundance of orchids. It seems that every free land planted with these aristocrats fauna. You can enjoy the bizarre compositions of orchids in the parks and in the hotel lobby. But it's not the only representatives of the jungle, which can be seen in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo is more like a cut from the wild island Zoo than in our sense of the word. No cells, the animals are in their natural habitat. Lazily looked at tourists ostriches, penguins and - because that's a miracle! - These white tigers.

Singapore Botanic Park is difficult to describe in words. There will need to visit. It is possible to state with full responsibility that this beauty you will not find anywhere else. Swan Lake, Fern Valley, palm alley, garden ginger and, of course, orchid garden. The names speak for themselves. And please note that it is not just the name if it is Fern Valley, there are collected all kinds of ferns, which can only be done if palm alley, there is no such kind of trees, of which there can not be found.

Once at an altitude of 200 meters above the ground, on the roof of the hotel complex, it seems that the attractions in Singapore and got to heaven, because this is the height of the grand park. The unique creation of Singaporean engineers. More than 200 species of trees from around the world. Involuntarily recall Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Here, in the open air, there is a pool. One may well say that in Singapore today is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Incidentally, this is not the only observation deck from which you can see the whole of Singapore. Ferris wheel in Singapore - is also one of the attractions. Firstly, it is more of London at 30 meters, and secondly, from the highest point, 165 meters from the ground, on a clear day you can easily see not only spreading down city of the future, but also the coast of Indonesia. And between Singapore and Indonesia neither more nor less - 45 kilometers.

Singapore Attractions able to surprise, enchant and conquer anyone. So much unusual, visually stunning that, once visited, I want to go back and wander even the amazing island and the city. Go back to the future.

 Singapore attractions future

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 Kaliningrad attractions

I do not want, talking about a city to use the classic journalistic templates. After all, the city and the entire region is rich, eventful history and difficult destiny. The westernmost region and the regional center of the Russian Federation, almost never stood aloof from the political, economic, cultural and scientific events shook Europe over the centuries.

A little history

Describing Kaliningrad attractions which do not yield to any one of the Baltic capitals, you first need to talk a little bit about its history.

Founded no later than the IV century BC small but cozy town Tuvangste about a thousand years has been one of the centers of civilization Prussian. In those days, along with the Prussians, the town relatively peacefully coexisted ancestors of the Poles, Belarusians, Russian and Lithuanian. A similar way of life, common interests, the proximity of the pagan religions and inter-tribal marriages created an atmosphere of unity and prosperity. Could not upset the balance and the Christian faith, slowly penetrate into all corners of Europe.

It all ended vXIII century "thanks" to the Teutonic Knights, who decided that the local population or praying is not the pagan gods, or not too zealously profess Christianity. Since then, the region and the city itself becomes a stronghold of militant of the German nation and its population is assimilated and gradually forgets his Baltic and Slavic roots.

Knights of the Teutonic Order and the German colonists, on the site of a Prussian Tuvangste, Koenigsberg castle was erected and three urban settlements: Altstadt, Löbenicht and Kneiphof.

The preserved architectural ensembles of the three settlements, today the main attractions of Kaliningrad. The relative independence of all three cities existed till 1724. When they were connected to a single urban education. Since then, the whole of East Prussia, with its capital in Königsberg, could dictate its conditions to much of Europe, alternately fighting with neighboring countries.

The turning point in the history of the city has become a mid-twentieth century, when the city and the region came under the jurisdiction of the USSR, as the contribution of Germany for World War II and renamed Kaliningrad.

 Kaliningrad attractions

Famous natives of the city

Any resident of the city, it can objectively argue that the main attraction of Kaliningrad is its natives. This fact allows the city to compete with European capitals for the title of "forge" of European science and government.

Here were born: Swedish Queen Maria Eleonora, Prussian King Frederick I, and the godson of Peter I, the governor of Revel and Field Marshal Peter Friedrich August and many state and public figures in Germany, Scandinavia, Russia and even Israel.

As for the scientists and naturalists, it is enough to mention Emmanuel Kant, was born in 1724 in Kneiphof, now bearing the name "Island of Kant." Besides him, there came into being the founder of the German pharmaceutical chemistry Karl Gottfried Hagen and German scientist-ophthalmologist Eugen von Hippel.

The Soviet period in the history of the city, marked by such famous people as a cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky and singer Oleg Gazmanov.


The architectural appearance of the city was badly damaged as a result of Allied air raids in 1944-45g.g. Today's architectural landmarks in Kaliningrad, a small part of what was here before the war. The restoration of many objects that lasts to this day.

Still, tourists visiting the city will love the Kaliningrad Puppet Theatre, Konigsberg home appliances and the main architectural feature of Kaliningrad - Cathedral. The decision of the city administration started the restoration of the historic center with the use of pre-war photographs, graphics, and drawings.

 Landmark Kaliningrad


Mentioning the sights of Kaliningrad can not remember the number of museums, theaters, libraries and concert halls within the city. This Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts, and the Museum of amber and the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, as well as the Pearl of the cultural attractions of Kaliningrad - the Museum of the World Ocean.

The city has several theaters: Kaliningrad Drama Theatre, Musical Theatre, Pool Puppet Theatre, Concert Hall of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic. Despite the problems with crossing the Lithuanian border, residents of the area are not deprived of the leading tour groups in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Pregel River splits the city into four parts. In this difficult situation, the residents of Koenigsberg, back in the old days, built a lot of bridges contributed to the pedestrian, horse-drawn and motor movement. These bridges, well preserved today, as are the main attractions of modern Kaliningrad.

Of particular interest is the Berlin Bridge, Honeymoon Bridge, wooden bridges and a number of other members of the famous "Seven Bridges of Königsberg"

List the attractions of Kaliningrad - the process is very long. The best thing - it is to come and see for himself. No stories and pictures, not replace personally seen a combination of Gothic architecture, and the best examples of Soviet neoclassicism.

 Kaliningrad Attractions