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  • The rules are simple manicure
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We all know - manicure is very important in creating the image. No self-respecting woman would come out into the street with unkempt hands. Broken nails and nail oblezshy cause even greater hostility than, say, clumsily applying cosmetics. By force of circumstances not every woman manages to make time to visit the beauty salon and relax while an experienced master will tidy nails. But do not leave the same because of their pens without manicure?

No time? So, we need to learn to care for themselves independently. Moreover, there is nothing complicated. Make a simple manicure can every girl at least once were holding a nail file and nail polish. In this article we will talk about how to bring their pens in order just half an hour. And, most importantly, how it does not make mistakes often lead to negative consequences.

 beautiful simple manicure

The rules are simple manicure

So, to the nails did not break and does not sloilis not look dull and thinning, you must follow a few rules. To begin, prepare the necessary tools:

  • Several nail files with different granularity. Never use a metal nail file! Get this tool in shops selling products for professional manicure. Yes, it is much more expensive, but in fact no money compared with healthy nails;
  • Nippers or scissors;
  • Cuticle oil and orange stick to remove it;
  • Oil with vitamins;
  • Sea salt;
  • Basic foundation under varnish, lacquer itself and fixer;
  • Nail polish remover without acetone, cotton pads;
  • The pencil-corrector. He will need you in the event that the varnish will fall not too gently.

Now you can proceed directly to the process:

  • To begin, wash your hands well with soap and water. Use only warm water from the cold as the skin begins to peel and inflamed;
  • Now take a cotton pad and remove the remnants of the old coating. No need to rub with force - just press the fleece to the nail for a few seconds that means soaked in lacquer. So he comes off without the slightest effort;
  • If you want a little shorten nails, use clippers. To give Palchikov neat shape, try to mentally draw a line that runs down the middle of the nail plate (from the bottom to the edge). Cutting off, try to nail looks the same on both sides of the imaginary line;
  • Now, take a nail file and attach claw shape. Try to keep your movements have been directed in one direction only: from the edge to the middle of the oval, and left - for a square. Grit Nail File is selected depending on how exactly you cut the nail. The smooth edge - the smaller the grain size;
  • In order to get rid of small defects in the nail plate, nail file polish it with the finest grain. This procedure can be carried out not more than once in 4-5 months, otherwise you will loosen the nail - it will become thin and brittle;
  • Further water treatment. Prepare a warm bath with sea salt. If you love the essential oils can add a couple of drops. Keep your hands in the water should be 5-7 minutes, after which each finger gets wet cloth;
  • Take the orange stick and gently shifts the inner lining to the edge. No need to cut it! The more you remove it, the more it will grow. To slow the growth of the cuticle, use a special oil;
  • If you have any burrs around the nail, take tweezers and cut them. To delay the skin is not necessary, just firmly press the instrument to the skin and try to cut the burrs "at the root";
  • Now grease the nail and the skin around the oil containing soothing ingredients and vitamins. We are waiting for ten minutes, until the butter is absorbed;
  • Rinsed his hands in running water, wipe grease nourishing cream;
  • Again, take the nail polish remover and treat each nail it to degrease;
  • Apply the foundation under the nail, wait for the complete drying;
  • Take cover pastel shades and start to spray. To paint lay down evenly, you must carefully remove the excess on the edge of the vial, and then press the brush to the edge of the nail so that it lay "fan". Without taking his brush, lower it to the ground, and then start moving up, trying to evenly distribute the paint on the surface;
  • If you have stained the skin around the nail, use a special corrector. Dip it in nail polish remover and remove all the "mistakes";
  • When the paint is completely dry, apply a fixing cover.

That's it - neat and beautiful manicure is ready! And to make it easier than ever - the main thing is not to be distracted and follow the instructions.

 fashion simple manicure

Stylish Nail Design

We reviewed the most common nail design. Yes, he is good in many ways: done quickly, looks neat and is suitable for any outfit. But sometimes she wants something special, and even creative. So why not try?

  • Leopard print

This figure is not out of fashion for several seasons. Gone by the wayside leopard dress - immediately appeared handbags, scarves and belts. The girls, the next fashion trend, in the locker room there are always things to the "wild" picture. Learn to do leopard manicure, you gracefully complement the image, in which there are accessories with a similar print.

  1. Making a basic manicure: remove old paint, nails attach the form to put the foundation;
  2. Now paint the nails main color: white, yellow or terracotta;
  3. Draw spots of irregular shape. Use dark yellow or gray shade of nail polish;
  4. Take the black lacquer and draw out their pattern. To do this, we use a very thin brush;
  5. Now you can decorate some spots. To do this, use glitter (dry gloss manicure) or brilliant lacquer golden hue;
  6. To fix the nail Apply topcoat.

Note - leopard manicure looks impressive only in the event that complements the handbag, scarf or drawing on his boots. But with the dress of the same color it looks too vulgar.

  • Seeds nails

This figure is subservient, even those girls who just started to master the technique of painting. Outside the rain and slush? Strawberry on nails definitely lift your spirits! By the way, the berry nail polish is perfect for short nails.

  1. Apply a base coat, waiting for drying and painted nails with red lacquer;
  2. Take the white paint to paint on nails and thin brush draws a place where it will be our stem strawberries (it is best to do it at the base of the nail). You should have 3-4 leaflets;
  3. Now take the green paint and paint the leaves, gently prorisovyvaya circuits;
  4. White or yellow dots put on a red lacquer, using a toothpick;
  5. We secure all finish. If you paint in several layers, using a special coating for fast drying.

Strawberry - great for parties and romantic walks.

  • Marigold, shod in sneakers

In the case of this type of design it offers immense scope for imagination. You can use any color, any type of lace, various decorations. We will look at the classic black and white version.

  1. Gives nails oval and cover them with black lacquer;
  2. Now select the edge of the nail white, painting our toe shoe;
  3. Once the picture is dry, take the silver polish and put on both sides of the nail on three points;
  4. Now lace sneakers, having white lines from point to point. Can directly, but you can diagonally - both tell a fantasy;
  5. Black lacquer drip in the middle of each point of silver;
  6. On the nose the shoe perform a thin black line. Just a couple of millimeters from the edge of the nail;
  7. Top picture can be covered with clear lacquer or brilliant - at your discretion.

Believe me, in drawing on nails is no big deal. Having mastered this procedure, you will be able to surprise surrounding a stylish manicure as often as you want.

 Simple manicure: classic or creative? Choose your style

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 how to do a French manicure


  • What is French?
  • How to do a French manicure?
  • What is the fastest jacket?

French manicure is very mysterious story. There are several versions of its appearance, but certainly we owe its existence to designers. A French or American - is no longer so important. After all, the main result: a beautiful, well-groomed, always topical nail. One version tells us that the French manicure of the same name first appeared in the country. From the standpoint of logic - it is quite real. Once in front of the French fashion designers were tasked to create a nail design models that are infinitely exchangeable outfits are always combined with a manicure.

The second version - California - absolutely identical to the first. Is that the model was changed to actresses. And the name was given after the British field marshal D.Frencha, who introduced the world to the everyday life tunics with a special collar, which emphasized the silhouette, making the entire image of a strict and tidy. Manicure-jacket is different with the same characteristics. The latest version is perhaps the most romantic: how to do a French manicure to tell the world famous Coco Chanel.

What is French?

It is kind of manicure in which the nail plate, serving for the fingertips is edging in the form of the blade or a month. This kind of collar for nails. In the traditional version of the length of the nails should be average. This is all the charm and practicality. After visually lengthens manicure, but in fact does not prevent in life and work.

The color scheme of the traditional version - pink and white. Species advanced options are so numerous that it is difficult to list them all. The most common variation - this is a game with color. For example, red nails with black edging, yellow jacket on green nails, gold or silver bezel on any basis. There are also more decorative options: crystals and stones on the jacket, colors and patterns, layered transitions between shades. In this case, the length of the claw chooses a woman, based on their preferences.

 how to do a French manicure right

How to do a French manicure?

To start to define with the method of applying the tunic. There are manual application and the use of special stencils. Both options require painstaking accuracy and perseverance.

  • Using the standard warm bath to soak your fingers;
  • He wiped them dry, remove the cuticle;
  • Move aside the excess skin at the base of the nail;
  • For this option, it is desirable to have a small manicure nails, 5-7 mm protruding over the edge. We give them the desired shape;
  • We hold special white pencil under the nail plate, giving this part of the nail fresh look;
  • Treat the surface soil composition, carefully distributing it to left grooves and dimples;
  • Apply white lacquer. This can be done both on the outside and on the inside. In any case, the line must be clear, without blurring the contour;
  • Now we put the main color of the varnish. If this is a classic French manicure - pink, peach or beige. If lacquer clear (colorless) can be applied to the entire surface, capturing the tip of bleached;
  • Once dry, you can proceed to the final stage - fixing. Protective surface plays the role of armor, reliably preventing premature abrasion and deformation of the decorative coating. Lock to be used and on the inner side of the nail, if it is applied lacquer.

When using stencils jacket has clear boundaries on their way. It may be crescent-shaped, triangular, and more rare - a straight line. Now it is not accepted to do a straight jacket on his hands, his principal place of application - toes. The procedure is identical to the previous one, the only difference is that you do not draw the white edging manually and apply the template. The final steps are traditional - fixing.

About how to make french at home, many are afraid to even think, referring to the inability to hold the ideal line. We would like to dispel this myth. Firstly, ideally suited for home templates described above. Second, express manicure "a la French", is able to make any amateur.

 how to do a French manicure yourself

What is the fastest jacket?

What is the main problem when applying the French manicure? That's right, make a neat edging. And here comes to the aid of a special pencil for tunic. It may be of different structure and composition. Use a pencil must be on a wet nail. Pencil wet himself in any case it is impossible!

  • Wash your hands, pat them with a towel. While the nails are still wet, begin to do;
  • Pencil intended for use on the inner side of the nail. Properly Draw the right place - the classic version is ready;
  • The only negative - a pencil is easily washed off with water. To avoid this, secure it with a special locking varnish. Using a pencil on the outer side of the nail is also acceptable;
  • Such a manicure can be done in a few minutes, but, unfortunately, it is short-lived.

French manicure has existed for over half a century. During this time he gained recognition around the world, it has become a symbol of cleanliness and obligatory piece in the form of a business woman. Its modern upgrades you can let the imagination free, to feel like a model, my own style as often as you want.

 How to do a French manicure? Secrets trendy nail design