short wedding dresses 2012

Long wedding dress - a tribute to the traditions handed down to us from the past centuries, today is no longer a mandatory attribute of a wedding. And it can not but rejoice modern brides who increasingly prefer short wedding dresses. With this in mind, fashion designers and fashion designers to each new season include their collections in a variety of interesting patterns. So 2012 was no exception - for the spring and summer brides these outfits presented more than enough.

The new fashion season 2012 unusual short wedding dresses are more and more to win the position at the traditional wedding dresses, pushing them into the background. Bright, spectacular and memorable at first sight, they enhance the beauty of the wedding and, of course, the individuality of "culprits" celebrations, providing it with the maximum attention of the visitors.

Every woman likes stylish and beautiful things that bring joy and cheer up. Wedding dresses short models in 2012 will please you not only innovation, but also the variety of choices to suit every taste. You will be pleasantly surprised by the bold design solutions and innovative approaches to the seemingly conservative things such as wedding dress. Hundreds of different models this festive attire will not leave disappointed none future bride.

Styles short wedding dresses 2012 are so diverse that the future bride will have to spend a lot of time before she would be able to opt for a particular model you like her. Which of them preferring to be irresistible to his own wedding? After all, it wants to be irresistible, each girl received the status of the bride! That is why on the eve of a very happy and exciting event in his life the fairer sex so carefully and with such trepidation choose a wedding dress.

 short wedding dress 2012

Wedding Dresses 2012 - a great variety

Every girl wants her wedding to be special. Here, more than ever needs an individual approach and bold decisions. Short model wedding dresses designed for the stylish and bold modern brides will help to emphasize the character of the bride and bring the scope of everyday boredom and monotony. Wedding dresses short length in abundance present in the shows of world famous wedding designers. Attract the attention of the bride, in our opinion, many of them will. We now offer you the overview of the most relevant styles of the season spring-summer 2012:

  • Perhaps the most interesting and unusual options in the coming season will be the wedding dress with a short full skirt-tulip. In most cases, these models are made with an incredible amount of various frills and flounces, some of them may be present voluminous fabric flowers.
  • No less urgent and full skirt-sun. Especially look elegant and dressy short models, decorated with pleats and drapes.
  • Another popular trend of the season - a short dress with a spectacularly high waistline, and radiating medium length skirt. This dress can be the perfect option for a wedding for a bride in the "interesting situation."
  • It is also able to find their fans, and form-fitting models - mini and knee-length.
  • Do not lose popularity - at least this summer, - wedding dress with a train. Short skirt front, passing in a long trail behind - a great option for the bride with beautiful shapely legs.
  • And another striking trend in wedding fashion 2012 - dresses decorated with feathers. Today, these models are incredibly popular around the world.

 short dress for wedding 2012

How to choose a veil and her hair in a short dress?

How do brides opt for short wedding ceremony dress - wear the veil, tiara, or to make a fashionable hairstyle? With short dress appropriate any of these options - it will not only decorate the hair, but also give a complete view of the image of the bride. A long veil - a traditional wedding accessories bride - particularly striking looks combined with a short wedding dress and beautiful long train. If you prefer a short dress with a fluffy skirt-tulip, in this case, you can not wear a veil. In the ensemble with the dress look equally good as the tiara and coquettish hat with a veil and hairstyle with hair raised up, or just long flowing tresses.

 Short wedding dresses 2012: bold decisions

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 Wedding shoes for the bride
   Every woman dreams about such a momentous day in her life, like a wedding. On this day, everything must be perfect, and in particular - vestments and well-being of the groom. Most of the action hero of the occasion carries on his feet. That is why the bride is not the end of the festivities suffered from fatigue and pain in the legs and lower back, should pay special attention to the selection of bridal shoes. Let's look at what options are relevant at the moment. Wedding shoes for the bride, a photo which you can see in fashion magazines, usually a court shoes or boots with heels.

Flying gait you came out of the registrar

If you are not easily scared, and you do not mind the fact that about twelve hours spend on the heels - safely choose the type of shoe. Heel perfectly accentuate the grace and elegance of your image, but it will make work hard for it. The higher the heel, the more visually reduce the length of the dress.

Planning a rich program of dance and a wide variety of competitions? Or maybe you want to get out into nature, or on the waterfront, which is typical for spring-summer season? If you decide to comfortably play a wedding, your choice - wedding shoes for the bride without a heel or ballet flats, which will relieve you from thinking about the fatigue and allow to fully enjoy all the pleasures of the holiday. If you're used to always wear shoes with heels and no negative impact on the state of the legs, the alternative to the previous two options are platform shoes. It is an ideal option if you are wonderfully realize how difficult it would be to spend all day in shoes with heels, but do not want to give up the opportunity to emphasize the grace of his gait.

If you choose for yourself short wedding dress, you should think about the option of purchase of shoes on a platform sole. Low brides will look great in such shoes, the visual will be higher, and skinny - emphasize the lightness and elegance of the figure. This spring and summer season of fashion extravagant combinations. Designers are advised to pick up a white wedding dress shoes red tones. Tandem these colors always looks very impressive, especially because red symbolizes love, and white - purity of feelings.

 Wedding shoes for the bride photo

How to choose?

  • Color shoes should be combined with the color of the bride's dress, but without being a darker wedding dress. To select the color attribute that you can take with a flap of material of which is sewn clothes, or pay attention to the tone trim dress.
  • The texture of the dress and shoes the bride should be in harmony with each other. For example, patent leather pumps can be combined with a satin dress. But along with crystals should choose shoes with shiny accents. Lace suited to the delicate slipper.
  • Can be used in their dress socks to emphasize the elegance of female legs. They are ideal for shoes and boots. But in any case, do not use them with sandals.

The choice between fashion and comfort will always stand just in front of you. Therefore, when making a decision, try to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Indeed, any pursuit of fashion trends should not interfere with your good mood in such a wonderful day.

 Wedding shoes for the bride

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 Bridal Veil

This accessory has a very ancient history, which have not changed for centuries. In fact, it is the bride's veil is today the second most important attribute in a wedding dress. Only now it is becoming more and more fashionable to use other types of hats as a substitute for this enhancement. Therefore, to again draw the attention of fashionistas, designers try to make extraordinary ideas in creating this part of the image. As preferred fashion this season? After correctly selected veil - is key to irresistibility newlyweds. In the season 2012 the major trends are color and length of her model.

Bright image

Color veil for the bride - a "golden mean" for those women who want to distinguish themselves with originality, but are afraid to go to drastic measures when you make your wedding dress to implement their ideas. How can you use this element wedding attire? In the current 2012 fashionable contrasting components tandems wedding suit, so you can not worry about the color of your dress. Just use a few things in the same color range. It is desirable to involve the formation of a single image of a soul mate, and add to his suit your chosen paint. The color model will look great with a white dress and matched in one color gloves or ribbon at the waist.

Colored Bridal Veil - this is a great option for those couples who follow the latest fashion trends, and it does not need to spend money on expensive designers. The only thing that should be considered - you should not have a large number of colors and unnecessary elements, such as pins or fancy intricate hairstyles, not to look like a parrot. Chase fashion or not - a private matter. The main thing that it was in the style of the newlyweds themselves and match their tastes.

 Veils for the bride

Size matters

Another fashion trend in spring-summer 2012 is a long veil bride silk organza or lace. It symbolizes the subordination of woman to her future husband. Closing the bride from head to toe, it protects the girl from all troubles and misfortunes. That is why this length is popular with modern fashionistas.

Another model is to be longer than in the case where the wedding is more formal. Therefore, for a lavish ceremony using just such a bride's veil, often turning into an elegant plume waving in the wind. Together, these accessories create royally grand way, emphasizing the great solemnity of the moment. Long models are indispensable attributes for any wedding in the church. Covering a full head of brides, they promise obedience to their future husbands and symbolize the innocence of girls. According to ancient legend it is believed that the longer an accessory, the better will be the life of this couple.

You should be aware that the veil of the bride should have a line with a long dress. Strongly forget about short dresses. For the variant with a train and do not forget about the assistant who will need to accompany you everywhere, lifting the edges of your clothing. In this role perfectly suited Babes your friends.

The longest model - a "cathedral" in size 3, 5 m. She put on a dress with a train. The length of the veil and the loop must be the same. Smaller model of the "chapel" (2, 5 meters), it glides over the wonderful wedding dress, creating a chic trail. Model "Waltz" comes without any stub. It will cover your look from head to toe, and is perfect for long dresses rather narrow. Also very popular tiered bride's veil, consisting of 2-3 pieces of different lengths. This option should consider women who wish to make a high hairstyle.

Long veil fine will be attached to wreaths of fresh flowers or a tiara, and come to her hair down packed curls. It will be a good holiday attribute for women with oval, round, square, or the type of person with a highly prominent cheekbones.

Briefly about the main

So what is fashionable Bridal Veil in 2012? Designers have given two alternatives: lovers of originality they offer to put color and conservative girls are advised to opt for a long veil. If you are in the middle - you can combine these two features of this accessory. Also, do not forget the laces. But the most important fact is not that true? ..

 Bridal Veil: Chronicle 2012

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