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Graduation Ball - this is an exciting and very special event in the life of each student, especially girls, to which should come fully prepared .  Choose your shoes or sandals at graduation in 2011 will not only schoolgirls and girls, ends this year Institute .  It is no secret that the young lady standing on the threshold of adult life, dreams look like a queen on her first ball .  To shine, shine at the upcoming festival, each of them will solve a difficult task - to choose the most beautiful dress, shoes and jewelry .  This is not enough just to buy expensive fashionable dress or smart shoes .  It is important that every detail prom attire (which make up the integral and harmonious way) told others about your refined and impeccable taste .  If the dress has a lot of different decorative elements better to abandon the sandals decorated to the prom: model photo selected catalog in favor of a more modest version .

Choose shoes outlet 2011

About 60-70% of graduates of pre-start to think about what to choose for prom. And it's not just an evening dress, and shoes. Therefore, starting in March, shoe boutiques and specialty shops are becoming a real place of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of graduates. Most of the girls, looking at fashion magazines and catalogs of fashionable footwear homes in search of shoes at a graduation 2011 photo have chosen a suitable model themselves, and now the dream to find the same pair of fabulously beautiful shoes.

The most popular among the graduates - high-heeled shoes. Undoubtedly, these shoes looks very nice on ladies legs. Moreover, it makes walking more attractive and more elegant legs. However, choosing a pair of shoes for the upcoming celebration, do not forget that in them you have to spend, almost crouching, all night dance, take part in various competitions, etc. A girl's legs are usually more ill-suited to high heels, which is why experts do not advise to stay in this shoe for a long time. In addition, if you are not used to wearing these shoes, there is a risk of ending up in a ridiculous situation.

If you do decide to opt for a model with a high heel, is pre-trained to walk in such shoes. The best option - the choice of sandals on the 2011 discharge of such a model, you'll be happy to wear this summer. High and long-legged girls preferred to select shoes without a heel, such as ballet flats. Besides the fact that they are comfortable and practical, this season they are again at the peak of popularity. Peep the season - shoes and sandals on platform. Very comfortable to wear model is perfect ladies short stature.

 shoes outlet 2011

Often the graduation ceremony for a young girl is the first serious cause to appear in public in evening dress, which still need to find the right pair of shoes. And so, that offer fashion designers girls on prom night in the new season?

Shoes 2011 graduation photo of fashion designers - is a huge variety of models of shoes of bright colors. The range is so wide it that will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. When choosing shoes, all the designers, as if by agreement, agree on one thing: it must necessarily conform to a style and color of dress. At the same time, choosing shoes or sandals, do not forget about fashion trends and convenience.

Fashion trends

Among the shoe fashion trends of the new season - animal print, stripes, ribbons and straps, as well as bright colors and a combination of several colors. As for the style, but this year will be particularly fashionable narrower heel and not surrendering their positions platform. Especially fashionable sandals are on a wooden platform and has not lost its relevance in the new season of the wedge homespun or woven jute matting. In general, fashion shoes on the platform in 2011 will look like as in the previous season, except for the fact that this season designers offer more options contrasting colors.

As for jewelry, the shoes on the discharge may have very different decor: bows, lace, stones, crystals, etc. But in this case you will have to abandon the outgoing "on the floor" dress. Otherwise, such a beauty on your legs without anyone noticing.

For the prom can be selected as lacquer, leather and suede, silk and delicate patterns on leather soles, if you intend to spend the entire evening in the room.

    Ballet shoes

 sandals 2011 graduation photo

This season, this model is in fashion again. Ballet is not only perfectly match with leggings, but also well suited to a romantic image. Therefore, if you choose for prom dress with a fluffy short skirt, polka-dot dress with touching or puffed sleeves, in addition to this ballerina suit best.


 sandals graduation 2011

Sandals are ideal for long pinafore. Firstly, very fashionable, and secondly, it is convenient.


 shoes outlet 2011 photo boats

Classic open-toed pumps with relevant is not the first season. This shoe is perfect for both a long and a short evening dress. In addition, they look equally good with both a light dress of medium length with long sleeves or sleeves wings and with trousers, combined with volume blouses.

Moreover, by such shoes outlet 2011, you will attach your image a certain mystique and romance. Short cocktail dress will look incredibly beautiful sandals, richly decorated with flowers and ribbons, stones and crystals. Also will look amazing shoes, the heel is richly decorated with stones or crystals.

    Shoes with heels

 2011 prom shoes heels

Shoes and sandals at graduation in 2011: a photo of the feminine and sexy shoes with high and very high heels. These shoes look particularly elegant long evening dresses. In this season's fashion sandals thin straps with intricate weave and than pretentious weave, the better.

Under a long dress perfect high-heeled sandals with thin straps around the ankle, decorated with small bows or flowers. Gold or silver sandals fit perfectly to any style and color of the dress.


 platform sandals 2011 graduation photo

The choice of shoes on the outlet 2011 is not limited to high heels and shoes without heels. Many girls prefer fashionable this season platform. However, walking in these shoes requires certain skills. Therefore, if you are not confident standing in heels, it is worth in advance to learn to walk in such shoes. Platform sandals look great with a closed knee-length dress and pantsuit.

Pick up for the upcoming celebration not only fashionable and beautiful, but also the most comfortable shoes in fashion collections, 2011 - during the prom you will be irresistible. It's no wonder trendsetters - French believe that hairstyle and shoes to create real miracles that can turn any woman into a real queen. So do not skimp on good shoes and very carefully to treat her choice.

 Shoes prom 2011

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 prom dresses for 2011

Very soon your dream about to leave the school quickly filled, and you plunge into the world, having behind a new profession or a school certificate, but before that will be the long awaited prom night, which recently gossip all the same age. Because it is difficult for young girls to pick up a dress for prom 2011 alone, our article will help you understand just a dress that complements your figure is. You can pick up a decent model prom dresses 2011, he came down from the spring-summer shows of the Paris catwalks. Well, if you are not a graduate, and acted as a caring mother or aunt, it is even more beautiful, because you can not only expertly advise your loved one different styles of prom dresses 2011, but also keep an eye on your outfit for the gala evening.

So, before you choose for herself or her daughter fashionable prom dresses 2011, you need to decide what it will be: short or long, rigorous or challenging, dark or bright, etc. It should be noted that to date the model 2011 prom dresses do not have to be long. Of course, the image of a beautiful young girl with a magnificent gown to the floor and tightened the corset is associated with the prom but let's face it: it is rather inconvenient, and a dress can not be called practical.

If you decide for yourself what a romantic image of your liking, you should still try a similar model in advance and try to be like in her home. You will see comfortable whether it does not hinder any movement of a dress and so on. If you decide what to wear to the prom in 2011 you want only a long dress, then consider the options of those models that we offer designers this season.

Long prom dresses

 dresses for prom 2011 pictures

Collection of evening dresses 2011, which picked up on the outlet, were presented in Paris in a different color: the strict black, blue, pink, deep red, yellow and floral tones. Long models are fitted and fitting style. But each of them has its own peculiarity: one shoulder asymmetry, elegant drapery, paetki and more. Fancy dress to prom, 2011, photos of which are presented to our attention, sewed of light silk, delicate chiffon, organza or satin fine. Although evening dress involves dark colors, yet the discharge point refers to good light holiday, so my mother and aunts suitable black or blue, and for a young girl better to pick something brighter. This will help you in the long prom dresses 2011 Photo - stylish and elegant at the same time.

Cocktail Dresses

 short prom dresses 2011

These dresses have always been the party dress code, so if you do not want to get entangled in a long skirt evening dress, the option could be a cocktail dress to the prom, 2011. If you are a mom or a caring aunt, then selecting this dress, you will not worry about it, that your darling will be uncomfortable in such an outfit: it does not hinder the movement and is a good option for a young age.

Cocktail dresses for prom 2011 designers were presented in the following color shades: gray with black, mauve, pale pink, gold and cream tones. These dresses are almost always decorated with something: a bow with sequins, sparkles is folds across the fabric brooch, the top is represented as a corset, skirt with one hand beveled, the imposition of one fabric to another, an elegant belt and so on. A variety of fashionable dresses for graduation 2011, photo we have provided to you, will easily pick up the option of a large number of cocktail dresses.

Ball gowns

 fancy dresses for prom 2011

These dresses can hide and ugly legs and curvy hips, and many other details that a woman would not want to show on display. New products prom dresses 2011 presuppose the existence of such models, and they come for his daughter, and for mom and aunt. The corset is a fixture in the lush patterns, creating a contrast between the bottom and top.

This season, the shows present dresses in unusual colors, for example, was the top color and bottom - solid color or with a glossy sheen. Women's fashion magazines offer many models prom dresses lush 2011 photos adorn the cover of their most famous titles, still, because they are so fond of Hollywood stars for special occasions. One of these fans is Victoria Beckham, which already has its own collection of evening dresses line.

Designers decorate such models in various ways: attaching straps gleaming look with rhinestones and stones, embroidered bottom of the original drawing, constructing stand-up collar as a frill, make potent pads and so on.

Evening dresses lush 2011 photos we picked you from the latest collections of fashion designers finally convince you that this model will want to choose a fabulous evening.

Glamorous prom dresses

 prom dresses 2011 photo

These models are suitable for those who are not afraid to surprise others and to keep the whole evening looks bewildered classmates, schoolmates and their parents only on its way! Dresses prom trends 2011 to allow such an option, especially since it is so fond of many designers. If you believe that this style corresponds to the state of the soul, do not hesitate to wear such an outfit.

Such shaped prom dresses 2011 include the following models: a translucent fabric top, in conjunction with the bottom, which is trimmed with fur; sleeveless dress, but with a long skirt, having creative coloring, for example, on a white fabric black peas; a combination of several colors in a dress (white represented corset, black shorts underneath, and on top of the short skirt with a long transparent embroidery in the form of red poppies); motley colored dress with a large pleating. In our selection of models for glamorous girls there are not only short dresses, but also long prom dresses 2011 - photo stylish woman show with the last impressions of famous fashion designers.

Short dresses

 beautiful dresses for prom 2011

Beautiful dresses for prom 2011 may be short and, most importantly, to allow the figure. Of course, they will be comfortable and safe all night, and thanks to their length you are unlikely someone will add a few years. For owners of tall, slender legs - this is ideal to leave a lasting impression of themselves in the years to come, select models only light colors: pink, white, purple, gray, peach.

Fashion prom dresses 2011 short may be fitting, and free, and in a combination of a narrow top and bottom of a lush or vice versa. All this must be chosen accordingly and vymeryat your figure and nothing else! For models of beautiful dresses for prom 2011 many, but not all of them will be beautiful for you!

If the dress will be ordered for sewing, be sure to begin with try on a similar model, and then order the thing itself, so as not to experience the bitterness of disappointment in the future.

Essential accessories

    Clutch bag

 Prom Dresses 2011

Of course, the way to prom dresses 2011 short or long, lush or close fitting, was harmonious and complete, all necessary related accessories Ceremonies. In the first place there are bags. In them you will not only be able to put your favorite lipstick, invitations, napkins, keys, and nicely complement your outfit. For many dresses to prom trends 2011 include bag-clutch, both in tone along or just black or white version, or blend harmoniously with the shoes. Handbag-clutch can be a long-handled in the form of a chain, pearl beads, ribbons, that in itself is a jewel of any outfit, and without it. Fashion dresses for prom 2011 photo you are viewing our website, it is well demonstrated.

The choice of such bags is striking in its diversity, but this season designers are inclined to believe that such an accessory to be or matching dresses for prom 2011 or the complete opposite of his colors. For example, if the dress you have a green shade with floral print, the opposite of it will be bright red clutch with a big flower in the middle of the bags, or, say, if the dress black with gray shade - buy bright pink handbag-clutch to attract attention others.

Many prefer the handbags-sacs sewn of the same fabric as the dress itself for the prom in 2011, but this option will suit more to the romantic image of the model of long and magnificent cut, rather than for short prom dresses 2011, a photo of which you've seen enough quantity.


 short prom dresses 2011 Photo

This accessory remained always in fashion, but to supplement it can not all models of dresses for prom 2011. Gloves can be selected only for cocktail dresses and short, and not necessarily in the same tone as well, but you can watch in one color sandals, bag, clutch and gloves. Models of gloves for a gala evening, there are many: short, medium, long, satin, leather, guipure with sparkles with sequins, with stones and embroidery. The main thing that fashionable dress at graduation in 2011, which will be a photo on the memory not only you, but also in the release of your peers caused with accessory only admiration.


 what to wear to the prom 2011

Prom dresses 2011 short or long requires careful and match the dress shoes. If we talk about fashion, but now popular are models from lacquer, leather, silk and suede. It can be both shoes with open beak, and sandals. New items include prom dresses 2011 and then, and more. We have said that for those who want to stand out from the crowd of their peers, not necessarily choose shoes to match the dress, you can combine them with color-clutch bag or gloves. For those who decide that this option is not for the dress, you should choose shoes with bows, rivets, straps, laces, and, of course, only in high heels! Fashion prom dresses 2011 photos which were made at various shows of famous fashion designers, models show it with high heels.

In order to determine what will be your footwear: sandals or shoes, tell me how the dress itself, and the expected weather. If this is to be barefoot, then count on the fact that the evening will be long and have, perhaps, to dance, so the shoes should be well fixed to the foot, can in this case to give preference to the strap. Bright will and sandals with crystals and stones to match the dress. If there is a flower dress (whether it is color or dress or bag, clutch) can pick up the same sandals.

    Accessories Head

 model prom dresses 2011

Major additions fashionable prom dresses, 2011 - Picture this show is sure to hair. But now we will not discuss it, you can read about it in a separate article, and here as ornaments for the head, you can offer several options: wrap, tape, volume hairpin, hat or bow. Some designers came to the choice of the creative decoration, offering a scarf as an accessory. But this is only for the most daring! The question of what to wear to the prom in 2011, while decorating the head depends on the hairstyle and dress himself. If you do not accept loose hair, like mannequins, and think of the beautiful hair, you can make it interesting additions in the form of a ribbon around her head under the color of the dress or wrap with large flower matching clutch and sandals. If hairstyle allows, you can tie a beautiful bow.


 long prom dresses 2011

Prom dresses 2011 photos that you carefully consider, and suggest the presence of other accessories: necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. Here, as they say, a matter of taste, but do not replay on this part of your image, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree. It is not necessary to pick up the massive decorations, if the shoe, bag and head accessories and so have distinct features.

Short prom dresses 2011 photos that you have already watched many times, may contain as jewelry necklace or a necklace, if they have a corset top, ie require an emphasis on chest area. In contrast, just do without them, if one is present, or chamfered shoulder frill - the presence of such elements in itself acts as a decoration. All you need to try and match!

Models prom dresses 2011, photos of which we will offer you will help implement and translate into reality will enjoy a fabulous way to score.

The finishing touch of any outfit is neat and beautiful manicure, do not forget it! And Enjoy your celebration!

 Choose a dress for prom 2011

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