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  • Fashionable shape of the eyebrows: today it is important to
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Creating an image with makeup begins with the eyebrows. By changing the bend as soon as they can achieve a striking effect. With the correction is possible not only to emphasize their beauty, but also significantly change the shape of the face, and thus the entire human form. To understand what form of eyebrows is right for you, and decide on what exactly stop in front of the mirror experiment, prorisovyvaya currently various options using a stick. This activity will not only be beneficial to your look'a, but also very fun.

Fashionable shape of the eyebrows: today it is important to

Women often wonder that today in the trend. Their question is understandable, but it still can not say for sure. Fashion is constantly changing, both in clothes and footwear, as well as in every other aspect, so it is difficult to keep up with her. Today, in the shape of eyebrows no dictate trends. As they say, all in a trend that is beautiful - it is right and very comfortable. Therefore, in this matter at its peak now naturalness and ease.

The whole shape of the person must fit into the current trends, and eyebrows - in the created image. And the main criterion is that the person should not look ridiculous and stupid. Of course, if he is not a clown, a profession which is entertainment and others. But the most merry harlequin removes the mask, leaving the premises of the circus. In ordinary life, he is the same person, as we all do. But let us return to the eyebrows.

Today, at the peak of the popularity of the so-called iridescent options. This effect is achieved by using different colors in the tinting of eyebrows. Original and unusual look options, contrasting with the color of the hair. Blondes, for example, can do permanent make-up black - looks very impressive. By the way, once it was considered a sign of an ancient clan and "blue blood."

Youth peculiar extravagance and desire something to stand out, so very young girls are often allowed in their appearance bold experiments. For example, it looks very stylish effect interrupt when the line suddenly ends and then begins a little further. The shape of the eyebrows can have fantastic twists, sometimes below or above the main guide. It should be noted that similar experiments have to face the people with just the right features.

By the way, the very expression depends largely on the shape of your eyebrows, their size and color. Using tweezers, stick and special paint and permanent tattoo, you can adjust these parameters and to give your image the desired look. If you're wondering how to make fashion eyebrows form the most popular options, you can see in the photos presented on our website. We are pleased to present to you the options that exist today - look at how much a person can change.

 eyebrow shape

How does the shape of the woman, depending on the shape of eyebrows

Notice the arched options: they make a person more mature, strict and solid. They are best suited serious woman - business-woman or office employee, making a spectacular career. But note this form eyebrows would be the best to look only when the clothes you prefer the classic style.

Short options will make you visually younger than that, as you know, it is very convenient for many women. Expression with them looks very touching and somewhat naively, that it is appropriate for young girls with soft cheerful character. Most of all forms of eyebrows fit blonde and fair-haired girls who prefer clothes youth or romantic style.

High thin versions do look surprised, and sometimes more distant, dreamy life in constant is, frankly, not natural, but sometimes mass fashion dictates its own laws. Still fresh in the memory of the time when it was popular, such eyebrows their high subtle form of crazy men.

Thick, wide options, low above the eyes, making an angry expression on his face, and give the appearance of a woman a stern look. There are, of course, the girls, the appearance of which is similar appearance does not spoil. However, it should be noted that this expression does not contribute to feminine charm.

Options, too far to the edge of the face and strongly separated from each other, give the face mournful, sad expression. In common parlance they are called "eyebrow Piero." It makes no sense to do them myself specifically, believe our experience. In life and have enough grief, why exacerbate such sentiments on purpose! Neutral correct shape of the eyebrows, the so-called classics, in any case, it would be better "Piero".

Variants with the inner edge of the lowered and raised high the outside give the face a few predatory and confident expression. They are best suited individuals with a powerful character, entirely aware of its superiority in this world, but again, do not always have a positive effect on a woman's charm.

In addition, the location of eyebrows, their length and shape also substantially affect the external appearance of a woman .  Variants in which the outer ends of the rising, visually lengthen the face .  But you can expand the image by using horizontal eyebrows .  It does not affect the proportions of the face arc variants - they come when you want to focus on other elements look'a .  The upper part of the face can be visually expand, if you put eyebrows closer to the outer edge .  If you place them closer to the bridge, we get the opposite effect - the restriction .  Eyebrows with a break in the middle of the visual changes do not cause facial proportions .  To visually expand the lower part, just fold down the outer tips .  Horizontal or near the location of the eyebrows visually emphasizes the forehead and significantly narrows the lower part of the face - it is important to remember this .  The average position of the line does not change the balance of proportions in the face - it is also a convenient classics .

Care eyebrows

Of course, the beautiful appearance requires reverent and attentive attitude. For the eyebrows, as well as everything a person needs constant care. They are very useful to comb special brushes, manufactured specifically for this purpose. However, other options are possible: the correct shape of the eyebrows is actually quite easy to maintain. You can use for this purpose is well washed brush from the carcass or an old toothbrush.

Comb eyebrows at first towards the bow, and then in the opposite direction. This will help to keep them shiny and silky, and to ensure their long youth. In addition, from time to time his eyebrows useful feed. This can be done using any seed oil - peach, coconut, olive. You can lubricate the eyebrows with a mixture of castor oil and camphor, taken in equal proportions. By the way, the same composition can be processed and eyelashes. From this, they become thicker and longer.

As you can see, beautiful shape eyebrows in your hands. Focusing on the above rules, you can make sure that it is perfect for you created the image, whether it's business, casual, festive or home look. Knowing how to choose the shape of eyebrows, and how to keep it in perfect condition, you can accentuate the benefits of his beloved face.

 Shape eyebrows: what to choose?

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 Error makeup


  • Foundation and powder
  • Rouge
  • Lipstick
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows

Without what can not do any self-respecting woman? That's right, no showy makeup. That's just not every one of us is able to apply it correctly, emphasizing profitable dignity and hiding imperfections. And being spent on all sorts of shadows, powder, lipstick unimaginable means and applied all this wealth in the face of generous, steady hand. And here comes another "victim of cosmetics" on the street - so unbearably beautiful, so elegant and confident that the law cinematic genre male would have to fall at her feet and folded stacks themselves. Here are just a delight instead of people ask themselves the question: why did she do it, why it has made up?

Errors makeup - this is what is able to nullify all the efforts to look completely, "one hundred percent". How to wear stylish and fashionable, we were, but the person who spoiled the wrong makeup will spoil all impression. Not for nothing is considered akin to applying make-up art, stylists and makeup artists for years studying the intricacies of their profession. But it is not necessary to be a professional to know how to do eye makeup, how to paint the eyebrows and apply blush. Sometimes it is enough simply to avoid the most common mistakes in applying makeup, explore simple rules and understand what is right for you.

Foundation and powder

See whether you want that under the mask, but - alas ... One of the most common mistakes make-up - a thick layer of make-up in the form of foundation or powder. Amazing in this nothing: so the girls try to disguise everything defects of the skin, even those that have been invented by them. With this love for the application of all available homes cosmetics appeared stable expression "kilogram plaster on her face." And if we do not want someone to come to mind include the phrase to us, urgently learn moderation and common sense in the use of cosmetic miracle agents.

Foundation and powder invented in order to align the color of our face, and not to create the effect of an unnatural brightness or contrast, swarthiness skin. So when choosing the above means is not to be mistaken with a tone that if you do not want the contour line to obtain an oval face "mask". Believe me, even if the house is in front of the mirror the difference in the color of the face and the rest of the skin is not particularly striking, in the street, in daylight, you'll look ridiculous and funny. If you have difficulty with the choice of color powder, try this trick: touch it with your finger and touch the forehead. If the point was invisible - buy without hesitation.

 how to do eye makeup


Are you a fan of red cheeks and bright blush? You do not have time to run to the store for a new portion of blush to re-cover their cheekbones, cheeks, and (gasp!) The skin around the ear? Congratulations, you are clearly a contender for the title of "Matryoshka year." Unfortunately, ruddy beauty is not a trend, but because you need to learn to use your favorite blush. And draw strange strip blush across the cheeks does not worth it, because the zebra stripes are great, but not you.

Find the right jaw line, and then you will not only emphasize the contour of the face, but the skin and add warmth and natural beauty. If you are having trouble determining the line, we will help you quickly and easily learn how to do it:

  • Go to the mirror and smile broadly. Rounded down your cheeks - Find the highest point of roundness, touch her forefinger.
  • Use your thumb to touch the top of the ear, pull your index finger to it: you just got your personal jaw line!


For some reason, most women believe that the bright red lipstick on her lips superimposed in several layers - a perfection of beauty and sexuality. Having seen erotic melodramas, and spreads in glossy magazines, these ladies are ready to even sleep with juicy red lips (you never know how things will turn night ?!). That is only one did not think rock beauty: the image of vamp, so widely used in the fashion industry and cinema, in real life may look silly and inappropriate.

Nobody argues with the fact that red lipstick - it's sexy, but if you believe that men are not able to resist the woman with a blood-red lips, you are deeply mistaken. Here are the most popular men's statements in various fora on this subject:

  • Few of the women goes red lipstick. It is much more common to see girls who look vulgar and ridiculous with bright red lips.
  • Have you tried to kiss a girl, whose lips are smeared greasy layer of red lipstick? And do not try to test, not a pleasant one: not only do have to eat a pound of lipstick during a kiss, then so will still be a long time to clean your face.

Of course, red lipstick - a classic of the genre, but it should be able to use it. Sloppy cash on a thick layer of bright lipstick - the most common mistake in the make-up. Strive not with the amount of lipstick and do not increase beyond measure contour of the lips - or instead of sexual seductress you will become a vulgar lady, is showing signs of aging. In the end, a lot of red lipstick shades: one suited bright red, others - Magenta, well, the third - pale scarlet lipstick. Find your color - exactly the way you seem to avoid the possibility of "a painted doll."

 how to do eye makeup


Many girls know very well how to make their expressive eyes and sexy. First of all - this is the magical effect of «smoky eyes», like Angelina Jolie, then - the arrow on the eyes, like Brigitte Bardot, and, finally, false eyelashes, like Lady Gaga. But as to choose only one of these tricks, they are not able, then with admirable enthusiasm is applied to the eyes of all of the above. What we have at the exit? Sort of Bordeaux-Jolie-Gaga, or, more simply, panda daubed with the nines eyes. Moreover, such errors are found make-up all the time. And no matter how loved myself at this moment the owner of "bewitching eyes" impression on others it will produce repulsive.

Of course, if you belong to a subculture of emo and ready, make a good fit in the concept, but if all these efforts just for the sake of beauty - you obviously miscalculated. Even if you are a true master and perform complex smoky eyes and thin arrows perfect (and it is not easy!), You'll just look vulgar and tasteless. But otherwise, even sloppy.

To avoid this, remember the basic rules of makeup for the eyes:

  • color combination of shadows and eye color;
  • mandatory shading boundaries between different shades of shadows;
  • neat arrows;
  • fluffy, and not stuck together lashes mascara;
  • Moderation colors for daytime makeup and "competent" to the brightness of the evening.


"Mother, you tell her eyebrows zamazh! "- These words, my dear Marfushenka screaming his mother in the movie-tale" Jack Frost ", demanding to immediately cover up the beautiful, natural brows Nastya. It may seem strange, but many children's fairy tale and could not explain what copious cosmetics eyebrows - this is not good. After all, even the most sophisticated makeup can ruin just wrong penciled eyebrows. Naturalness, and naturalness is always in fashion, so do not try to shape eyebrows using a pencil bright, but still a solid line.

It is best to take advantage of special shades of eyebrow will make them so natural that no one will guess on some kind of shape correction. If you prefer a pencil, choose a color close to the color of your hair is: too light will look unnatural and dark make you older. And try to sum eyebrow strokes, so they will look much more natural. And, of course, the sum should be well designed, plucked eyebrows. Something to draw on the thick, overgrown eyebrows and inaccurate - would be like to try on the image of the General Secretary Brezhnev.

So why make is so important for any woman? Of course, because it helps to become sexier and more beautiful. That's just an error in the make-up can ruin everything seems! Try, experiment, consider the mistakes of others. The main thing to look at you, no one had an idea: why did she do it?

 How to do makeup, beauty is not to become a monster?

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