sexual compatibility zodiac signs

Sexual compatibility zodiac signs for men and women - quite a serious thing. It can promote both harmony in the Union and the creation of conflict almost from scratch. Quite often it happens that the two lovers tenderly into each other people suddenly break up after the first and second act of sex. And their dreams of a long and happy life together become ashes. Therefore, when planning to build a relationship of one kind or another, it would be better to first read the horoscopes sexual compatibility. Do you agree? Then we proceed ...

Sexuality Zodiac signs

  1. Aries

    The period of birth - the twenty-first of March to 20 April. Aries sentimental, but it is incredibly sexy. It is insatiable in bed, and resourceful people. They are energetic, passionate, and in the intima can be quite selfish. Therefore sexual compatibility Aries with those who prefers to dominate in the act of proximity or has a low libido, it is difficult to reach. This sign needs a passionate and eager to know all facets of sensuality partner;

  2. Taurus

    The period of birth - the twenty-first of April to 21 May. Taurus love and appreciate sex, but it is too difficult to call their temperamental. A person born under this sign of the zodiac, prefers not violent sexual act, but a kind of love marathon, solid and durable. Taurus wish that he passed on a constant scenario. Because of this, the quality of Taurus compatibility in sex with someone who is committed to diversity, it is hardly possible;

  3. Gemini

    The period of birth - the twenty-second of May to 21 June. People belonging to this horoscope sign, do not accept the monotony and prefer to make all the time in the sphere of sexual novelty. In general they're not too passionate, but are able to be creative and inquisitive. If Gemini comes tuned to the creative process of partner sex with him can be just stunning. Provided that there is an intellectual compatibility;

  4. Cancer

    The period of birth - the twenty-second of June to 22 July. Erotic horoscope Rakov indicates sensuality, tenderness and tact people of this sign in the intima. But to call them too temperamental impossible. Cancers are not inclined to fictions in bed. While they are willing to put a lot of effort to ensure that his partner to deliver maximum enjoyment. But only when the sexual lust mingled more and emotional attraction;

  5. Lion

    The period of birth - with the twenty-third of July to 23 August. Lions - a very skillful lovers who are trying in every way to surprise someone who would be with them in bed. However, they do not tend to be too ardent passion, so in their sexual horoscope more suited to people who have in the first place - the feelings, and then sex. If present, the compatibility in the intima with Lions provided;

  6. Virgo

    The period of birth - the twenty-second of August to September 22. Virgin, as a rule, do not accept hasty entry into an intimate relationship and do not like casual sex. Even a meeting with those who really like, they are capable of long abstention. But it does not mean that the people of this sign is non-sexual. Just to avoid intimacy, they need to make sure that a person is an intellectual and emotional compatibility. If it is not - sex does not take place. Therefore, Virgos need someone who has endurance. Excessive impatience and pressure them simply repelled forever;

  7. Libra

    The period of birth - with the twenty-third of September to 22 October. Libra know how to love in the intima to create exciting and intriguing atmosphere. The temperament of the people of this zodiac sign is rarely very hot. But certainly in the boundless ingenuity they can not refuse. In general, Libra is most suitable partners, willingly taking the initiative in their hands. However, if a person causes a special feeling, they can arrange a magical sex, which account for only dream;

  8. Scorpio

    The period of birth - with the twenty-third of October to 21 November. Scorpions - is one of the most temperamental signs of the zodiac, which intimacy means a lot. But apparently they are trying to look cool and restrained, and in bed with the first counter in no hurry to go. And so his equanimity often confuse someone who not so long ago familiar with the representative of this sign. Because the passion of Scorpio in bed can overwhelm and frighten. And he needs a sex partner, able to accept this and passion, and to reciprocate;

  9. Sagittarius

    The period of birth - the twenty-second of November to 21 December. Sagittarians are usually love to experiment in bed and can dream up such that you will not find in the Kama Sutra. They manage to seduce with ease. Fall under the charm of sexy men this zodiac sign can be anyone. And anyone they can surprise, entertain and satisfy. And appear like full compatibility in sex. But for a long time to experience a powerful attraction to the same partner, they do not know how. Therefore, to come to a complete intimate compatible with Sagittarius, it is also necessary to try to surprise each time;

  10. Capricorn

    The period of birth - the twenty-second of December to 20 January. Capricorns usually do not have too hot temperament. But affection, endurance and perseverance in bed they do not hold. At the same time they do not like innovation and prefer to use the same techniques in sex. This means that people seeking to diversity, with Capricorn in the intima have complicated. They are sensitive, and only. From the constant experimentation quickly get tired and start to avoid frequent, even intimacy with a loved one. So they believe that it can not be fully satisfied and, therefore, can not be compatible in bed;

  11. Aquarius

    The period of birth - the twenty-first of January on 19 February. Aquarians are very unconventional approach to intimacy. Having a good imagination, they can hit the person with whom will be in bed, too frank sex inventions and did not even try at least some of them are translated into reality. Even if the partner agrees to it. Generally Aquarians do not have too strong temperament, and use a variety only in order to know what it is. And not because they want to experiment. Aquarius Dreams excite much more than they realized. Therefore, those who are inclined to creativity in the intima, one should not expect too much from the Aquarius;

  12. Fish

    The period of birth - with the twentieth of February to 20 March. Representatives of this star sign are extremely sexy and sensual. However, their eroticism Fish does not seek to meet as soon as it has been given the opportunity to sex. It is fully capable to manage their own imagination and long time to keep chaste abstinence, if not the one who has full confidence in fish. With people of this zodiac sign should be handled very carefully, without forcing events and insisting on the immediate vicinity. Otherwise the fish will be frightened and slip out of hand.

 Sexual compatibility zodiac signs

 both fall in love with a man

Today we talk a lot about how to fall in love with a man, what methods should be used to do, how to behave, speak, dress and so on. And thus we lose sight of one very important fact - men are not the same. They have different tastes, inclinations and characters. The difference is due not only to heredity and upbringing, but Zodiac controlling during birth. So if we think about how to fall in love with a man should know his zodiac sign that has a lot to tell. Now we are going to do this. So ....

How to fall in love with Aries?

Aries unusually stubborn and arrogant. The woman fell in love with a man of this sign, you have to be ready for his constant desire to rule over it. Aries will control all the actions of his girlfriend and always complain done. If a girl is going to build a lasting relationship with him, it will either have to put up with this state of affairs, or patiently wait for Aries in something not give a blunder. And then politely offer him a solution to the problem. But it should be remembered that close to Aries always have to be on the sidelines.

Sexually, Aries are always going to get what they want. For them, sex - physiological need, not only related to romantic relationships. Aries are demanding in bed, and not inclined to compromise. They need satisfy only their own aspirations.

How to fall in love with a Taurus?

The woman who thought about how to fall in love with a man-of Taurus, we should sympathize. The relationship with him - it is a constant struggle, in which the guard can not lose a moment. If Taurus suddenly showed humility, courtesy and affection, you can not trust him. He's in an instant can turn from a tender calf in the formidable bull.

Behave with Taurus should gently but firmly, and demanding. He does not like weak-willed women who are ready to fulfill any of his desire. These ladies Taurus quickly loses interest. Sexually, he's incredibly inventive and tireless. This kind words from the Taurus will not wait. Rather Bran obzovёt than say, "The sun is my favorite! ". You should not be offended - Taurus for abuse and is an expression of tenderness.

 both fall in love with a man calf

How to fall in love with the Twins?

Twins are very romantic, so seem frivolous. These men - idealists, and prefer to see the girl in the princess. If it is in something does not match this image, Gemini guard. However, it is unstable, and when the young lady all the time behaves according to the ideal of the man, he loses interest in it. Since fall in love with a man - Gemini? Yes, just one day suddenly throw it at least for a while. Only in this case the twin vstrepenёtsya and fall in love head over heels. Then there will be only explained that Princess happen only in fairy tales.

Sexually, Gemini is affectionate but not very temperamental. He prefers to talk a lot during the close kind words and wishes, to the Lady responds in kind. If everything goes as it should, the Twins are open, willing to experiment. But still adhere to behavior similar to that represented in their romantic grёzah.

How to fall in love with Cancer?

Crayfish - secretive people. They will not openly express their dissatisfaction with the behavior of girls and can long endure what they do not like. And then, without explanation, suddenly disappear from her life. Therefore, talking with a man-Cancer, we must be cautious and careful, especially if you are thinking how to fall in love with a man of this sign. He is very sensitive and reacts to even a minor faux pas. If you behave with Cancer rude, arrogant, defiant, he will climb into their shell and close. Knockin then to cancer will be extremely difficult.

Cancers can forgive a woman careless attire, sloppy haircut, manicure absence, inability to cook and so on. But they will never forgive her lack of culture. The young lady, who does not know how to behave and says horrible man-Cancer quickly disappointed. He would not make her comments and re-try. Just silence will look closely and draw conclusions.

Sexually Crayfish - enthusiastic experimenters. Therefore we must be prepared for the fact that the proximity to them can be shocking. But it does not need to be frightened. Cancers are gentle, attentive and not allow in bed that do not like the partner.

How to fall in love with Leo?

In order to know how to fall in love with a man - Leo, you should remember: Lions firmly reject any criticism. In no event it is impossible to tell them that they are not wearing, or doing something wrong. Leo explode and scolded. But it would take note of the woman said, and try to improve. Therefore, in order not to run into rude remarks Lions need to do is very delicate.

In order to respect the Lion Man, it must be very honest with him in all respects. If a woman behaves openly and frankly, he would forgive her angry scandals. But if she is trying to be obedient and silently swallow tears of resentment - alert and stop trusting. Although Lions appreciate the ability of women to control myself. But it is preferred that it is not kept silent, but sensibly and calmly explained his claim.

Lions are very fond of tender, but can not stand baby talk. They need to be serious. Sexually, this man zodiac sign prefers open emotionality his partner. If it is held down, and does not allow himself moans or cries, Leo starts to get bored.

 both fall in love with any man

How to fall in love with the Virgin?

Male Virgin extremely meticulous perfection and love in everything. In order to win their hearts should be picky and demanding. This behavior of the man-woman Virgo will see the desire to improve it and willingly accept all the demands. Praise the Virgin should be very rare. And the achievements of the men - treated with a pronounced skepticism, as if to indicate that he could be a lot better. Then he decides that the girl is the same high range values, and become attached to it with all my heart.

But to a man -Deva really liked, you give him a chance even in something to feel their superiority over women. For the fairer sex, giving a head start in all Virgos, they are wary. Sexually Virgin Puritans. Initially, with them have to be very tactful and discreet. However, if you offer a man of this sign is something more relaxed under the slogan "You can much better! "He zavedet and will go to any embodiment of sexual fantasy of his partner.

How to fall in love with Libra?

Libra - the adherents of propriety, they violate not something to not like - just do not know how. Therefore, to win their hearts, to behave in accordance with these rules. If a woman uninhibited and freely uses the phrases in conversation frivolous, it may shock muzhchinu- Libra. He must submit himself dosed carefully, gradually convinced that he is loved. When the representative of Libra believe it, he touched and revealed to the end.

By sex Scales are scrupulously. They are unlikely to prevent it before it will be stamped in the passport. But even after this not risk experimenting in bed, preferring one or two traditional poses.

How to fall in love with Scorpio?

Scorpions - creating impulsive, capricious and always complaining that nobody likes them. To find a way to the heart of this man, his need teteshkat, comfort and all the time compliment. God forbid even the slightest hint to understand this great child that he is something imperfect! Resentment, inflates and can disappear for a long time, if ever.

If Scorpio convince his boundless love, he fully disclosed and is trying to do for a loved one as much as possible. But it will require a great deal not only on himself but also on his partner. These requirements are necessary to meet, or Scorpio may be disappointed in his favorite.

To fall in love with Scorpio, one should always look amazing. In addition, a woman should have the external and internal discipline, and do not let anything to chance. As for the sex life, here Scorpio prefers to give the initiative and is ready to take the Lady everything she offer him.

When dealing with a man of this sign of the zodiac, it is necessary to allow it to be weak sometimes. And then he will be very generous on love, emotion and tenderness.

How to fall in love Sagittarius?

Before you think about how to fall in love with a man-of Sagittarius, it should be noted that these are people who do not take any help from the outside. They can not empathize with, should not be forced to talk about their difficulties and problems. Sagittarius prefers to deal with everything myself. Woman, to draw his attention to the need to talk to someone she loudly praised man. A Sagittarius heard. He would then become a closer look closely to the young lady.

If Sagittarius trust the girl, he will look for her compassion in difficult periods of his life. However, to open once, then again climb into the sink and start to behave somewhat aloof. Therefore, Sagittarius will have to tame it again and again. Sexually, he is affectionate, gentle and loves gentleness by the partner. Provoke Sagittarius on spontaneous intimacy useless. He needs preparation.

 how quickly fall in love with any man

How to fall in love with Capricorn?

Capricorns are secretive and all the forces trying not to show that the test really is. It is extremely sensitive, gentle and passionate people, but outwardly they seem aloof and cold. Capricorns are very loyal to those who are fond of, but it finds an object of their love only when some critical circumstances. Capricorn men painfully difficult to pronounce the word love. Therefore woman thinking about how to fall in love with a man of this sign, it is not necessary to pull out a confession mites. Even if he pronounces it, and, then for a while will avoid encounters with the beloved.

In general, a love relationship, Capricorns are very seriously. They do not take petty intrigues and frivolous communications. Love carries Capricorn completely. All that they do is dedicated only to her. Therefore, if the girl is not ready for a serious novel, from the seduction of Capricorn is better to refuse. He is stubborn and will not go to the rendezvous, until not understand that the lady does not play, but really wants a long and strong relationship.

Sexually, Capricorn initially seems almost holy-roller. However, he admits spice up until completely trust their partner. Then a man of this sign of the zodiac becomes passionate, resourceful, extremely affectionate and tireless.

How to fall in love with Aquarius?

Aquarians are very distrustful and suspicious of the fact that they can be loved just like that, but not for any special services. Therefore, even the most ardent assurances of love for Aquarius inconclusive and a cause for suspicion of any self-interest. In order to convince the Aquarian, you have to throw it a scandal with accusations in disbelief to her. However, the effect of this scandal will still be temporary. Then again Aquarius skeptical and closed.

To a man of this sign of the zodiac was finally convinced to love a woman, she has to show him their hard punishment. You can even spread the rumor that she was ready to commit suicide. He will come running guiltily, but to the end of love in the girls still can not believe it. Generally, these people are in a relationship plagued by himself and one for whom they are really expensive. Therefore, if a woman thinks about how to fall in love with a man, if he is Aquarius, it is necessary to be ready for constant struggle.

Sexually Aquarians are passionate, but the passion of their shame. After an extraordinary night, they can become isolated and more to move away from the Lady. She needs to hug your favorite and tell about what was a magical night. Aquarius thaw, poveseleet, and later will not be so worry about their incontinence in intimacy.

How to fall in love with Pisces?

In order to know how to fall in love with any man Pisces, it should be remembered - they can not stand when a woman admits in conversation rough expression. Should she say something like, "He's a fool," and everything! Fish Muzhchina- immediately lose interest in his interlocutor. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to monitor their speech. To bribe a man of this sign may be telling him something intimate and slightly mystical. For instance, alone with him, said: "I sometimes see what happens tomorrow and do not know what to do." The male fish will certainly be interested. He is fascinated by everything associated with mysticism.

Fish prefer to deal with women prone to philosophy. Ekstremalka that Deplete the boundaries of traditional values, they do not trust. Pisces is needed in women sober mind, allowing the existence of psychics, fortune tellers, telepaths, and seeks to understand these phenomena. If the girl looks fine and is not a spendthrift, a deep attachment to her Pisces ensured.

Sexually Fish love sincerity, passion and neizbity praise. Irony and laughing in bed, they do not accept - Fish are intimacy extremely seriously. For them, sex is always associated only with loving relationships, and its physiology is seen only through the prism of a chosen partner. Fish are not corrupted, and prefer not to have casual relationships. So first with such a man should be to establish a close relationship, and then decide on the sex. Otherwise, after sex, he just disappears.

 How to fall in love with a man, given the signs of the zodiac?

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