Sewing for Beginners

We all want to have a whole heap of various clothing options, designed for all occasions. And these outfits have all the advantages and emphasize the figure, at the same time, hiding all her shortcomings, and to express the inner essence of its owner. Oh, how I want! But our wardrobes, alas, is not always pleased with the abundance of clothes. In order to replenish them, funds are needed, and they do not always help to choose the clothes that will and taste, and the figure and the like.

However, you must realize the dream, because their discontent is fraught unfeasible, the development of various systems, deep depression, and other unpleasant things. How to be? The yield is quite simple - the most to learn to sew. The main thing - do not assume that this is not possible and is available only to those who have a natural inclination to sew. Not at all! Learning to sew is not too difficult. There would be a desire ... Because the art of sewing, if properly grasp, not only makes it possible to dress well seamstress itself - it brings considerable income because labor tailors always valued quite expensive.

Where do you start?

Not a bad option - magazines with sections "Sewing for Beginners", which already have a ready-made dress patterns. However, please note that in "Sewing for Beginners" pattern lined standard, designed for typical female figures. In reality, women with such figures are rare, and even well-tailored clothes patterns on the clothing can not matter to look at her mistress. Sewing for Dummies So you can start with a magazine patterns, but for the professional sewing is necessary to learn how to do these patterns independently.

Make a pattern

Copy the pattern from magazines can be a transparent tracing paper or turn on the planted under them paper with a special toothed wheel. Before you copy the pattern, you need to become familiar with all of its parts, to determine which of the lines and what size determines find all the check marks and the boundaries of the necessary details. The most accurate copy of patterns obtained on tracing paper. If the pattern is transferred to the tracing paper, tracing paper sheet is applied to the finished patterns and well secured to prevent it ёrzala on paper. Then, the pattern borders encircle the felt-tip pen on tracing paper, using a range of drawing and carrying on all the labels.
After tracing will be copied to all the details you need to fathom all, corresponding to each other, the part of the pattern. These parameters must be the same. If they are accurate, a paper pattern is transferred to the fabric is cut, sewn on the sewing machine and get ready-made thing. Pretty simple, is not it? It is likely that it will not have to wear, but the fact remains that the first step in understanding the art of sewing done.

Sew the skirt

Methods of modeling clothes are quite diverse, but they are all based on the basic rules of a drawing patterns. In order to create a product just for yourself, you can start with the most basic. Suppose we choose the section "Tailoring for beginners skirt" and try to make yourself a very simple skirt inexpensive fabric.

For this we need a ruler, dressmaker pins, chalk, centimeter, meter ordinary piece of gum and large, very high-quality scissors. On inserts women's magazines have a table, which are listed in the basic parameters of removal of measures. These parameters are for the dress waistline, chest, hip girth, for the skirt - bedёr girth and waistline. Girth measured at a free customized fit bedёr or inch waist. In the process of tailoring the fitting skirt when it will be possible to increase or decrease in waist circumference. As bedёr girth, it shall be measured taking into account the stomach.

In any case, the pattern for the skirt is quite free and cut out of the fabric with an overlap. Silhouette skirt finally determined by its sewing, so the pattern should be able to construct a model. In other words, if necessary, the skirt can be increased in the hips or waist.

Cut fabric to iron parts must be thoroughly and carefully sweep hand, considering all the recesses and folds. After that comes the turn of the first fitting. If the skirt goes well, you can proceed to the next step of sewing, which is performed already on the sewing machine.
Of course, in order to get the perfect stitched the finished product, need to learn much more nuanced. But most importantly, all the same - to learn to make the right patterns for skirts and trouser and dresses. Very comfortable in understanding the science "Sewing for Beginners" video, which demonstrates that all the details, it is available to each of us, art. Mastering it just seems very difficult. One has only to start it, and sewing unusually fascinated, opening unlimited possibilities for creativity.

If you like to sew for themselves and decorate the house with his own hands, we suggest you learn about folk art of patchwork, circuit products can also be found on the pages of our magazine.

 Sewing for Beginners

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 Wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil


  • Secrets of wedding hairstyles, or what needs to know the bride
  • Hairstyles with veil or tiara for real princesses
  • How to choose accessories for hairstyles

Recently in vogue wedding hairstyles with veil and tiara. Here are two seemingly incompatible accessories with the correct composition look great, stylish and creative. And what else should the bride, which is the most important day in your life dreams shine light and catch yourself admiring glances.

Secrets of wedding hairstyles, or what needs to know the bride

Very easy to be a princess at the party and did not think about anything, if you care about the little things in advance. So, for example, two weeks before the scheduled date to visit the hairdresser to make a stylish haircut and dye your hair. Referring to the salon time, and entrusting his head professional, then you do not have to worry about their appearance. But the roots of tint or trim the ends need a little regrown before the wedding.

A day or two before the celebration is recommended to make a test version of the installation to make sure that it suits you, and the master will be able to make it after this period. As for the model, you can choose your character or the appropriate haircut or to show imagination and experiment a little with the image. The main thing that your experiences and then you and your young man liked.

If you are gentle and romantic person, you can make easy curls, wavy tresses in the Greek style. More flighty and restless brides perfect "creative disorder" on the head and a short veil, which will not interfere during the celebration.

Since the installation should hold at least eight to nine hours, it must be done only with the help of professional tools for fixing. After all, you have to dance, take part in competitions, ride with the guests at the photo session, there may be a terrible windy, snowy or rainy weather.

On the eve of the wedding hair look dull and lifeless, to bring them into complete order can be using lemon juice diluted in water (half fruit - two hundred grams of liquid). After shampooing, rinse hair with this solution, and dry it with a towel. This will give your strands shine, will make the hair more pliable and obedient.

 Wedding hairstyles with veil and tiara

Hairstyles with veil or tiara for real princesses

  • Short hair

Owners of short hair, at first glance, it is very difficult to come up with original and unusual hairstyle that would look festive. But professional hairdressers do their work, even if they hardly something to work with.

So, for example, if the length of the head of hair is less than ten to fifteen centimeters, it is better to do a standard installation without parting. Moisten and place all thin comb with a few teeth, and wait until dry out the strands, then comb the brush. The final touch - a small tiara, which is attached with special clips and veil just below the crown.

  • Rack up arms

Screw the hair on large curlers to strands hung down in waves. Make parted and secure individual ringlets three pins on each side. Sprinkle the result of varnish to hair kept as long as possible. But be careful, because if you overdo it with clamps, then, firstly, the hair will not look natural, and, secondly, the strands rapidly unwind.

The second option is for those brides who have bangs. You should first make a smooth middle and screw the ends of her hair at the same level. Bangs should be put the way you used to do in everyday life. Ornaments are attached to the hair for half an hour before the wedding. Then do not pat hair and veil during cooking not pomnetsya.

  • Long hair

Apply the entire length of mousse or foam, and then make a smooth side parting. Now left to tighten up the two locks on the right - down three or four (depending on the splendor of your head of hair). Gather your hair back in a low ponytail and secure with a good tape. Wearing a tiara, a wedding you will look like a cartoon of Ariel the little mermaid.

  • Hair length just below the shoulder blades

This model is perfect for brides who want to do hair in a classic style, without curls, braids and unnecessary elements. Zacheshite back hair, apply mousse to hair not crumbled, and on his head did not show up the middle. Side locks screw the hair curlers on average, to have had two or three curls. The rest of the collect in a high ponytail and secure the top jewelry and veil.

 Beautiful wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

How to choose accessories for hairstyles

Fata Choice Options

  • The face

Pick up the veil is necessary not only in color and pattern, but also by the fact whether it is suitable to your type of person or not. So, for example, round-faced beauties better to stay on the narrow veil shoulder-length, and the girl with a rectangular type - on the short. Due to this many features smoothed disappear feeling heavy chin and high cheekbones.

The fair sex with a triangular or oval-faced were more fortunate of all, since they can choose any option that they like. The main rule, which in this case, it should be remembered - hairstyle initially must assume the existence and veils, and tiaras. Otherwise, the image will look too busy and cumbersome.

And here is what you should be careful girls who choose the magnificent veil, so it is with her hair. Even if you think that the hairstyle you is incredible, previously consult with the photographer and videographer. Otherwise, at some pictures of the bride's head may seem too big (compared with the proportions of the body and the other guests).

  • Growth

Little bride is best to opt for a simple embodiment. Multiple layers of drawings and decor will shorten the already low female. Maximum length - to shoulders. Leggy beauty can afford the veil to the floor, while it can be adorned with beading or embroidery at the bottom.

By the way, to remember one little secret, which few people know. If you are a little above the groom, then fasten the hair under the veil, so as not to add yourself an extra five centimeters. Little girls can be worn on top of the element, as it will appear larger.

  • Proportions

If your figure is not ideal 90-60-90, it is not worth the risk with volume and layers. Lush bridal veil even stronger increases form. As for the length, so brides should be careful, because too short models do face larger and the average added extra inches hips. If you want to visually draw the silhouette, choose the option to the ankle. Too thin, the fair sex is better to buy a magnificent and multi-layer lace veil, ending just below the waist.

Tiara: on what to look for

  • The face

Diadem should emphasize your beauty and not to allocate disadvantages, so trying on different models, guided by the shape of the product. The triangular and elongated look great on a round face, but not on the square. So the ladies are more suitable softer tiara with a uniform pattern. Girls with oval face should be selected small and low decorations.

  • Hairdo

If you are the owner of a beautiful long hair and would like to emphasize their wealth, choose the massive elements with rich patterns. But those who plan to make a classic hairstyle is better to opt for the more delicate diadems. The same goes for brides with short hair.

  • Veil and Dress

Firstly, always pay attention to the color. Everything must be in harmony with each other and combined. Second, an important role in choosing a tiara plays what beauty is dressed. The simpler the dress and veil, in order to be more elegant tiara. If the wedding dress is fully decorated with stones, beads and the like finish, the other elements have to be a little more modest.

And remember that any accessories must draw attention to your face, and do not stand on your background. So if you decide to combine and tiara and veil, choose a suitable make-up for this. The image must always be completed, not alyapistym and rude. Stylish and modern representative of the fairer sex knows that, pallor, lack of taste and expressionless for a long time is no longer in vogue. Now valued creativity, boldness and originality.

 Wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil: fashionable, stylish and romantic

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