• Our amazing and wonderful inner peace
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The most mysterious matter - it is the human soul. It is at everyone, but no one knows what it is ... the soul can not be seen on ultrasound, touch his hand, and even just to look at her. Yes, even a precise definition - and what is missing. Nevertheless, the human soul becomes the object of constant attention. And sooner or later, everyone begins to "dig" in itself. And it's oh how difficult. Nevertheless, it is necessary - to overestimate the importance of self-knowledge is almost impossible, plus it will never happen.

The process of self-discovery is not easy - the path to his long and thorny. On the way can meet a variety of difficulties and obstacles in the face of fears and complexes, psychological defenses and other "evil monster." But the reward for passing this difficult path is worth it - this is knowledge about the most important person in the world, the knowledge of their own Ya Know yourself, and you will be granted true happiness! And should not delay the process of self-discovery for a long time - then it will be even harder.

If you set out to know yourself - congratulations, it is already beginning. Many people are trying to solve this problem with the help of a psychologist or training, personal growth, believing that the process of self-discovery easier. But still the question remains of how to know himself, without outside help. It features self-knowledge and will be the subject of our conversation today. So, self-knowledge and in person! This is not difficult, if you really want to comprehend itself.

Our amazing and wonderful inner peace

Self-knowledge is best to start with attention to your own body. Yes, how many and self-knowledge is - not the worst of them. The frantic pace of modern life sometimes resembles our body downtrodden horse, but when it is trying to tell us about it, we did not hear. And then our body starts to hurt - developing various diseases.

Establish contact with your body it is possible - enough to pay attention to how it reacts to everything that happens to us. At first it will be difficult, but it is necessary again and again to shift focus to his inner feelings - and then it becomes a matter of habit.

Another area where awareness is an important element of self-knowledge - is the area of ​​feelings and emotions. You can not go through the following stages of self-knowledge, bypassing this. In everyday life, we are often guided by reason, not noticing that some rational decisions make us complete rejection on an emotional level. For example, we hide the anger and resentment, considering them stupid and meaningless expression that leads to the concealment of the true emotions from ourselves. The goal - no one to show his irritation. And in fact - some internal problems.

It is with the information from these two zones and begins self. Within a week, you learn about yourself a lot of things new and interesting. It may be that you have a headache every time your girlfriend Masha calling you a cup of coffee. In addition, each time you drink coffee with Masha, you begin to experience such fatigue and boredom that often simply "turn off" from communicating with her. Self-knowledge will help to avoid such a situation here.

Another important reservoir of knowledge about oneself is to know about their needs. It seems to be very simple to answer the question: "What do I want? "But it is not so - many desires that we think we are, in fact, are not truly ours. They can be imposed from outside or incorrectly interpreted by us. It happens often that a woman wants to have, respectively, there is a lot of it and getting fatter. But in fact half the time she wants to drink, and if it is in these times to drink a glass of water, it would be much better feeling well and would be slimmer.

Of course, this example is the most primitive, but the most obvious. You feel that you are tired and can not even cook dinner? Lie down for 15 minutes - only without the laptop and TV. If you fall asleep - you're really tired. But most likely, your fatigue as a hand lift within a few minutes - perhaps you'd like a bit of peace. It is difficult to name certain techniques that make the self simpler - the most important thing in this case, listen to your body.

When you learn to understand the real needs of your body, you can put a more complex purpose - self-awareness of their emotions. Do not count on an easy victory - the path will be long and thorny. For starters learn how to deal with his mood. Do not put unattainable goal - do not expect that you will all at once. Self-knowledge - a lengthy process and sometimes takes more than one year.

Therefore, your first goal - to learn to understand the true reason for his bad mood. After all, most people do not know how to do that! Well, the blues, well stimulation - who does not happen? And the man does not know that the reason lies in the doldrums lack of sleep, or yesterday's quarrel with colleagues, or other nonsense.

The third stage of self - self-control: without it nothing happens. You will be able to understand itself only if you learn to control yourself. And the question now is not about anger or irritation - in this case, can be very useful suit the so-called method of "ten. Once you feel anger - slowly count to ten, and then reply or take any whatsoever measures.

But a little anger management - learn to control their emotional outbursts, their desires. And it is much more difficult. We saw your favorite thing? Do not rush immediately to buy it, even if the required amount with him. Try at least a couple of days to wait. And so in all - good exposure stimulates self. Each time, the goal may be to complicate - Today is a new handbag, but tomorrow Stay on vacation.

 This self

The dark side of the personality

Having trained in these simple ways to focus on yourself, you can proceed to the study of his personality. The famous psychologist Eric Berne, author of "The people who play the game" and the founder of transactional analysis, wrote that during his lifetime the people staying in the three types of states: child, adult and parent. What is this condition?

  • Child

The child's condition contains all of our naturally occurring desires and motivations. This is the most creative, fun and immediate part of the personality. While in this state, we begin to conduct yourself as a child. This is due to the fact that the children's part contains the memories of feelings, attitudes and actions of that time. Tragically, too often human purpose - to kill a child. Do not do it, otherwise life becomes too fresh.

  • Grown-up

This is a rational and reasonable part of the individual. It is in a state of an adult, we really perceive reality and get objective information about it. On the basis of information received adult, being calm and reasonable, realistic about their capabilities and act in accordance with them. Also essential component of identity and self-knowledge often allows it to fully manifest.

  • Parent

The most conservative and strict part of the personality. It contains the installation and judgments learned externally from the older, more often - from the parents. The behavior they are expressed in the care and criticism towards others. Small amounts of very useful component of personality, whose purpose - to prevent rash and impulsive actions. And, of course, help the person make the right informed decision.

Gestalt psychology also tries to answer the question: "how to know yourself? ". Geshtalstisty believe that a healthy person - is the whole person who quietly accept any of its sides. Such a person is able to creatively adapt to the constantly changing world. It is versatile and can be different to behave in different circumstances.

However, such behavior can boast not everyone. On the contrary, in our lives, we often choose for themselves one trait, which have the aim, and reject that which is the opposite. For example, you think that you need to be kind and sympathetic and maintain these qualities in yourself and other people, rejecting rudeness and tactlessness. And in the end? All acquaintances unabashedly enjoyed your kindness and reliability, thus depriving you of normal life.

Girlfriends drag you to their offspring at any time of the day or night - in-law is coming today, tomorrow - she leaves, and the next day would like to arrange a romantic evening in a scenario where the child does not fit well. Friends take you to pay and often forget to pay the debt, the parent committee is sure that no one is better than you in the class wallpaper pokleit. Familiar? The list is endless. The situation may change, but the goal of a people - to use your "right" side of the personality.

However, a healthy person allows himself to be good, and the rough, moving freely from one to another. If you do it once - the other refuse their exploiters, the siege of Hama gone too far - you are worse off it will not. Of course, to go all conceivable facets is not worth it. If only become selfish and grubiyankoy - not your goal.

Know yourself and try to find these clips, because each of us has a lot of them. Man falls into a dead end when stuck in one of these polarities. The problem of self - to find them and return the flexibility behavior through the resolution itself be any. This is the main purpose for which it makes sense to comprehend all self. In other cases, you are unlikely to get something.

 What is self-

The road of a lifetime

Self-knowledge - a process almost endless: it can not be completed. More precisely - possible, but not because they have nowhere further to go, but because you do not want or is very difficult. Such a condition can occur, if in the process of self-knowledge closer to its own set of strange desires and dark sides of his own personality. However, to overcome such barriers implies a personal growth, although it requires some resources.

In general, the way to his collapse in any case not necessary. Self-knowledge - a process that can last the rest of your life, making it unforgettable. Thanks to him, you get the opportunity to experience contact with itself, and to be open in its relations with the world.

It is on this basis, and can be tailored to your little personal happiness. Good luck and pleasant discoveries along the way! Now that you know what self-knowledge, this nut you in the teeth!

 Self-knowledge - become happy!

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