Selecting bridal jewelry

Every bride preparing for the wedding very carefully, paying particular attention to their appearance. When sewn dress, shoes and accessories are chosen, bought a bouquet and waiting in the wings is a small but very significant detail of the ideal image of the bride - jewelry. It may or jewelry products made of natural stones and precious metals, in any case, jewelry should be special, accentuating the beauty of the bride.

In order to choose earrings, you need to take into account the length and hair color and hair color dresses and other decorations (ribbons, lace, veils, gloves, etc.), and even the color of the bride. Universal classic choice is a jewel of a round pearl. It can be simple stud earrings or slightly elongated "drops" string pearl necklace around her neck. Especially touching pearl shades pale skin tones with others, you can experiment in a jewelry store or supermarket.

Beautiful wedding rings are a major part to complement the image of the bride and groom. Their choice is very large and diverse, with its own idea of ​​this decoration can even refer to a jeweler, who make exclusive jewelry to order.

If you want to invest an additional romantic overtones in the process of betrothal, stop your choice on the claddagh ring. With their emergence and spread of connected a beautiful legend about the Irish jeweler Richard Joyce, who was captured by pirates and sold into slavery. Yearning separation from the bride, he created a ring in the form of two hands holding the heart, crowned. Over time, and the shape and meaning of wearing rings evolved a bit, but the legend is still alive.

Wedding rings prices and types which are very diverse, often commercially available in online stores, so it is necessary to bring them to his attention.

Additional decorations can serve as brooches, necklaces, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and even a wedding tiara.

If you have a brooch on her dress is desirable to eliminate the additional jewelry "decor", minimalism only emphasize the elegance and taste of the bride. Chains with massive pendants look good in the context of a deep neckline, but lost over a high corset. In such cases, you should choose a short necklace, slinky neck or do silk ribbon, just wrapped or tied in a bow.

 Selecting bridal jewelry

 Wedding hats with veils

At all times, a classic hat for the bride's wedding dress was a veil. Nowadays, wedding fashion is very capricious and changeable. But she has not changed, all modern and well-known brands and designers to create fashionable wedding accessories are trying to stick to the classics. This applies to the traditional veil, which still plays an important role in wedding ceremonies and traditions. Today, however, every modern woman marrying may be slightly transformed this traditional bridal headdress for a particular style or even replace it with a hat, a wreath or diadem. Bold and bright individuals, designers offer to try on the image of the bride in the new season of stylish and original wedding hat with a veil, which will become a kind of alternative to air wedding veil. About them today and we'll talk.

The fashion for hats came to us from France. Once this stylish accessory was considered a luxury and was not available to every woman. In Europe, the headdress, which could afford to appear in public only the chosen lady, attached great importance. Nowadays, everything is much simpler: every woman has the opportunity to buy a fashion accessory for every taste. The truth of daily life a few of the ladies adorn themselves with hats, but in vain! Fashionistas often resorted to the use of this stylish headgear solely for the sake of beauty and to give finality to a particular image.

Wedding headgear: photos of the most recent models of the season

 Wedding headgear

Today, not every bride dreams of a snow-white veil air. However, decorate hair is still necessary. Let us hats, which every year become more popular wedding accessories to replace the classical traditional veil.

Regarding the choice of the cap as a wedding headdress girl, on this special day, you can afford to shock and amaze others. If you want your wedding day to make to their families, friends and loved ones a lasting impression and not afraid of condemnation and lack of understanding on the part of the older generation, you can safely choose a wedding hat with veil, pictures of different styles of the new designer collections will help you to choose the most suitable model for your wedding dress. Veils are known from ancient times symbolized purity and chastity of the bride. Therefore, if a girl gets married a second time, or is pregnant, it is better to abandon the traditional bridal headdress in 2011 in favor of a sweet charming wedding hats.

So, what wedding hats 2011 offers us a world-famous brands? Looking at the photos, wedding headdresses in the collections of the year - is a huge variety of fashionable hats of various shapes and styles to suit every taste. Which of them give their preference depends on you. This can be a wedding bonnet tablet, and exquisite original model with a veil. In any case, to choose the most suitable option trendy bridal accessories that will blend harmoniously not only wedding dresses, but with the whole image of the bride, you have to try more than one, but at least a dozen different styles of hats.

Wedding headgear: choosing a fashion accessory

The familiar image of the bride's wedding - a wedding dress and veil air - today is not so urgent as ever. Brides are increasingly prefer modern and creative wedding accessories. The choice of such a universal wedding headdress as wedding hat with veil, it is not accidental: the strict and flirtatious, romantic and feminine at the same time, it is able to emphasize individuality and originality to give the image of the bride. Do not forget what is right and tasteful wedding accessory is able to turn any girl into a real queen of the ball.

How to choose bridal headdress girl? The issue before the wedding is relevant for each bride. And as practice shows, the choice of wedding accessories - a difficult task that can deceive even the most refined and confident fashionistas. To avoid this, listen to the advice of stylists. 2011 wedding hat should be selected based on several important factors: the height and age of a girl style wedding dress and even the shape of the face.

For example, tall brides are more than wide-wedding hat with a veil: photos of models from the catwalks but once again prove it . While tiny and fragile girl is better to opt for a cute hats with small fields. This style like hat tablet wedding is not for every woman. Avoid small caps should first owners of magnificent forms. Girls with a lean type of person most are flat hat with a wide brim. On the full-faced the female is very well looked wide-wedding hat photo also shows that the fields are often folded up.

 wedding hat photo

Wedding hats 2011: The fashion trends of the season

Choosing wedding headdresses 2011, be sure to pay attention to the decor and the materials from which they are made. Choice of finishes and fabrics today is very high. How not to get lost in all this splendor: mesh and lace, organza, taffeta and satin, ribbons, flowers, feathers and down, rhinestones, crystals, beads and pearls? First of all, we should not forget the season their wedding. If the marriage ceremony falls on the cold season, a better option than a luxury wedding fur hat and come up with is impossible. By the summer is better to try on the image of the bride's wedding hat with veil, photos of the most relevant for the current season styles stylish accessories can be found in catalogs and fashion magazines as well as on our website.

If the selected style wedding hat with veil, photos illustrate it will be perfectly in harmony with the overall image of the bride, you can even be sure - with its help you will make furor. The cap combined with a veil always look chic. Hat and veil are able to add a touch of hair, and at the same time give some mystery and romantic image of the bride. Moreover, wedding hats: a photo that you see on our website, fully integrated into the folk traditions of the person close bride on their wedding day.

Agree wedding hat - a photo to prove it - with a veil looks much more interesting than without it.

 Trendy bridal headwear for bride

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