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  • How to prepare for the deception of men
  • Gestures to seduce men

Seduction men - a great gift, and the ladies, that they possess, can only envy. Not only do these lucky surrounded by crowds of fans - for any of them so can still seductress and easily jump to marry! And this does not necessarily have a stunning appearance. Suffice it to apply his fatal gift and - up! A suitable candidate for a husband in the net. And stuck to you like a limpet, waving a box with a ring inside coveted.

Just magic, and more! Yes, the art of seduction singles - it's great, of course ... But what about those who are in his azah - any tooth foot? To stand on the sidelines and wait for the man will pay attention to you? Yes, at all! You just have to make all the zeal and master these very basics. At the end of it all, is not the same means goddess of seduction own! Quite a conventional earth girl. Hence, the rest of this science is available for development. Well, ready to begin her study? Then we begin!

 deceitfulness of men

How to prepare for the deception of men

So what are the issues we will look at seduction in the first place? Each lady is clear - to seduce a man, you must be the object of his attention. To do this, of course, it is imperative to put himself in order. How? First of all, will have to choose a suitable outfit. At the same time in any time should not be put on the frankly-sexy apparel! Many inexperienced person quite seriously believe that without brazenly exposed parts of the body can not be deception. Oh, how wrong they were! In the view of young people half-naked girl to get something gets, that's just it will cause the association is not quite the ones that you need. No, well, if that's what they need, then, well ...

Then we put on the semblance of a fig leaf - and more! That alone will not be called deception and seduction. What's the difference, we ask? First of all, that the lure just to drag someone into bed. You can flatter yourself with a variety of objectives: to make a person something to perform in something to help, somewhere to spend, and so on. And for this we need a man interested in not only sexual forms.

Therefore, we try not to dress provocatively. The main thing - that the outfit had to face, and remained as convenient as possible. Otherwise it will have to move as a cosmonaut, landed on the moon. We also need to flit lightly, at ease, and not turn into a statue of the Commendatore, Don Giovanni tries to defeat! Statue of Don Juan can achieve unless grin. But the relaxed, free in his movements can cause the creation of not only their lively interest and undisguised sympathy. So choose such clothes in which you can feel as if it was born. Then impose makeup. Quite a bit, as if the save on cosmetics! No need to make itself of vamp or lady is not quite decent behavior. The first scare, the second men's thoughts in the direction right. We also need to be cute, mysterious, alluring, not aggressively sexual.

Thus, the appearance of the talk. Everything is picked up, as it should - and make-up and clothes ... It seems you can go people. Nothing forgotten? Oh yes! Without graceful movements and moving smooth gait all these external ulovochki worthless. If pacing slowly waddling or walking put one foot knees to the ceiling, to whom we will be like? Correctly! In straying from the herd of elephants or crazed heron. Gait should be smooth, graceful as possible. We do not know how? Well, go learn to dance! Any - ballroom, folk, belly dance ... They will make it possible to control the body, make it pliable and obedient. And then we will not move duck or jump grasshopper. We will be swimming peahen, flying swallows, butterflies ... In general, this pace of work out - zashib!

Yeah. Outfit, make-up - there. Gait - too. What's next? And then zaymёmsya gestures, fought the stronger sex on the spot. Sign language, if they skillfully use - a stunning piece!

 right seduction men

Gestures to seduce men

Masterly command of the language of gestures in the seduction eliminates the need to have a good gift of gab. Yes Yes exactly! It is enough when dealing with a man to make some kind of wave of the hand, bend properly, look a little askance - and the need in question, in which you know nothing about or a witty remark mark disappears. Gestures in general can make a man lose his head without even talking to him. Only you know what fascinates the stronger sex to such a degree that he has brain skiff. The whole range of tricks, we will not discuss - he is quite wide. Let's talk only about the most popular of them. So, what is a gesture?

  • Titivation

    This is a very spectacular gesture of his murderous hit like a sniper shot. As soon as we are in sight of who intend to deceive, start shaking hair flirty strands wound on a finger, correct clothing, accidentally touching her waist, thighs, breasts. Touch should be light, involuntary, like spontaneous.

  • Demonstration of the wrist

    Beautiful wrist - perfect weapon of seduction. We put them graceful watch or bracelet and twist them gently, as if an afterthought. Laid bare with the wrist as much as possible. Turn the back of her hands to her, showing a charming and defenseless of the inner region. Any guy this gesture will charm;

  • Sight

    Young people just fantastic acts sidelong glance. A sort of rolling, cast furtive glance "up to the corner, to the object." Then he lowered his eyes shyly. Is it a man can remain indifferent, noticed that he was spying? If the young lady while still lift the shoulder and cast a look from under him, poor man certainly falls into a trance;

  • Crossing the legs

    It looks like this. She sits down, slowly throws one leg over the other, lightly holding his hand over his thigh, then it starts to shake a leg. If the throw shoe heel and play with her little toe - the man manage to forget his own name. In order not to introduce it to a screeching halt, you can just cross your legs, huddled next to each other. Then they become more elegant look and simply engage the views of the stronger sex;

  • The head

    The head should be from time to time slightly rotate and tilt slightly to the side, first raised his chin, and then put it down. If we have a beautiful profile, showing it as often. This can be done so. Barely leaning towards men seeking face to the right and left, as if we were curiously studying others.

In the process of seduction man can not forget the gesture with his hands. It can be anything, as long as the palms were always open. This situation shows the hands of sincerity and confidence and looks much more charming and flirtatious than fists or compressed into a tight lock arms. Cams inadvertently cause a sense of militancy, the castle from the hands will produce the impression of internal disorder. And then, and more alarming, and not very much has a free communication. It is necessary to us to a young man in conversation was tense and closed? No of course! Try here seduce this stone statue ... Even if his heart and tremble, certainly try to stay away. Why did he have extra problems?

To the one we intend to adhere to itself, not given dёru the first night dating to indulge in all their charm, trying to be as direct and frank. However, do not forget that man can seriously carried away some the lady only when it is sexy. Talk talk - it is, of course, great. But if they do not promise something more, then they get bored quickly and turn into a waste of time. To avoid this, it is necessary only reassure the sexual instinct interlocutor, sometimes holding his tongue on the lips, stroking his hand hips, chest, slightly opening her mouth. It is not necessary in this case with wide mouth, half put out language and did massage his mouthwatering forms! Interlocutor is likely to be scared at the sight of such a monster Muzzy lust. Gently everything lightly, lightly ...

Communicating with a man with a friendly smile, languid glances from time to time from beneath her lashes, touched her fingertips to his shoulders, his hand. Paced, a little shaking his hips, leans toward dear pal close gracefully sit down, get up. If possible, We reach the mirror, look into it, paint the lips. All actions and gestures must be as natural and fast. This will constantly keep the attention of the object of seduction and call it a desire to keep a restless creature. And a good look at him. So let trying! And we still fly.

Before you start seducing men, it is necessary to find a girl perfume, fragrance which blends in with the internal state, and emphasize its individuality. The smell - a powerful tool in this case. If it is chosen correctly, the stronger sex is attracted to the young lady, like nails to a magnet. Therefore you should not rely on fancy or expensive perfume scents girlfriend. It is necessary to find a private scent and use it to the extent that in the memory of men we have been associated with subtle fragrance rather than stifling obsessive perfume.

Finally. In order to deceive the stronger sex, you should always remain a bit mysterious. That is to find a middle way between the naive simpleton and unapproachable ladies. Sometimes it can be mysteriously silent and without explaining anything off. And then again to appear in society, men and deal with them very openly, showing sympathy and overall layout. This behavior causes the woman captures and watch her. As a result, the fish itself is swimming in a network willing seductress - a young man begins to think about the young lady to dream of meeting her.

The main issue in the seduction of the stronger sex - confidence and that everything will come out right. Will it be a flirtation or a serious novel - time will tell. Anyway, we priobretёm experience and become more perfect. So everything was done knowingly.

 Seduction men: learning to be stunning

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