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The great seducer of the legends and stories - Cleopatra, Eve, sirens - knew how to turn a head men that they refused to honor, dignity, family and even life itself, just to satisfy their desires. No one will dispute that they were all beautiful, but the beauty - not the most important weapon of famous temptresses. There were other factors, which have become the source of their victory over the opposite sex, and they were much more important. The main female seduction secrets of men - a knowledge of human psychology and a little trickery with which this knowledge is applied to win the hearts and minds of men.

Actually, what is seduction? This particular form of persuasion that uses a man's weakness (eg, his pride, sexual desire, susceptibility to flattery) to convince the guy to do that under other circumstances he would not have done. Just imagine what kind of a woman in love with a man, and he, for example, has already attracted some beauty or, for example, it is not interested in anything other than football. She would have to call for help abyss of feminine charm and exercise maximum ability in the arts to deceive, to draw attention to themselves interested in its subject.

If you want to learn the secrets of seduction of men, you will be faced with the need to persuade him to do something that may even be contrary to its principles. It may well be that you fell in love with a confirmed bachelor? This does not occur very rarely. And now you have to convince him that he must leave the camp and join the ranks of misogynist zhenatikov lovers! How to do it?

 Secrets of Seduction

How to seduce a man

First of all, be careful! You must clearly understand that the secrets of seduction have very little to do with the secrets of seduction. Men's interest in the woman seduced him focused only on lust. The guy could be in a state similar to drunkenness, and even be in love with you. But - only for a while. Passion is different from genuine love and seduction of a fascinating man for some time; as soon as it achieves the desired, the spell immediately melt.

If you want to seduce a man so that his attention was then turned to you in true love, then you first have to find all of his weaknesses. Perhaps he is ambitious and wants his achievements were noticed and appreciated? Or maybe he is a connoisseur of beauty and feminine charm, and prefers to appear in public with a well-groomed, sophisticated ladies? Or maybe he suffers from the fact that his girlfriend (can also be such that it has one, but we are better!) Constantly nags him? If you know it, all these "buttons" to seduce a man will be much easier.

Many men live in a constant state of stress, when they are on all sides there is pressure. Knowing this, you can successfully regain the object of his adoration, even floating some special women's tricks: it is enough to position itself as a girl who knows how to listen, nodding at the same time, understanding, and can comfort when he feels misunderstood by the whole world .

No one understood - and you know it and unreservedly support! You probably do not realize how valuable it seems men are feminine qualities, like the ability to understand, accept and be faithful to your partner. And it is these qualities - the main secrets of seduction of the women, the men are ready for them to get a star from the sky. We sometimes wonder: and found that such a handsome man in the gray mouse ?!

Listen to the man. Never interrupt him with their advice and do not criticize his behavior or what he says. Let him talk continuously. Silently express my sympathy to him, putting a hand on his shoulder; you can even lightly stroking his back. Reassure him that he is really smart, strong, capable. Carefully transfer the conversation to a more pleasant topic for him, apart from the heavy thoughts. This man will appreciate you for what you are the only one who understands him and who is able to make him smile when the mood is spoiled.

The success of your personal secrets of seduction will depend on how much will be able to convince the man that you are completely different from the other women surrounding him. You can listen to, you will never hassle notations, you try not to cut it. You respond to their needs, who are unable to meet all the other women, including his girlfriend or wife, if any. You are always glad to see him. You know how to make him smile. You take it out of everyday life and leads to the magical place where he - God and the king, who is never wrong and does everything better than anyone else.

This is a very important secrets of seduction; but there is, of course, and something else.

 Ladies Secrets of Seduction

Receptions, against which not stand any man

Of course, to be understanding and sympathetic - is very important. But if we limit ourselves only to these, it is possible for a man to become "mom" or just a good friend. We must not forget that the sexy woman is very important for men. Talking about the secrets of seduction, do not neglect the elements of seduction and men. Tempting, you can always warm up interest to the man himself.

The most famous way to seduce any man - is to leave him unsatisfied. If not all his desires are satisfied, it only further wants to see you again. What is the main task of a woman who wants to stir up interest in the man to his person? It is necessary to make him burst of adrenaline. And this must be done so that the man did not even notice that you undertake some attempts to interest him!

12 secrets of seduction men

There are some basic tips that can reveal major secrets of seduction and seduction of men, and the secrets of the absorbed centuries of experience of all women. Here are these secrets now and we'll talk.

  1. Be humble. You may be incredibly surprised, because we are talking about the secrets of seduction, is not it? Of course, the guys are very fond of visiting strip clubs or look at the pictures in the magazines with frivolous content. But in these cases because it is not about winning the semi-nude dancers. Interest in available at the man disappears very quickly. But lack of access - that's what it is able to really start!

    You can try to provoke a man in a situation where he can not act as he would have liked. For example, try this: sitting in a cafe or anywhere else in a public place, touch the thigh to the hip man. Or do something like that could razgoryachit his blood. But ... he is not able to do anything more, you will not be available for him at this moment. And you seem very tempting her boyfriend woman from everyone he ever met!

  2. Be unpredictable. There comes a time to surprise her man. Make something that would take him beyond the usual "comfort zone" and forced him to respond to you as something new. Who knows what can happen, for example, if you open the door for him, being dressed in pajamas sex?
  3. Feel their sexuality. If you do not feel sexy, then you are unlikely to be successful in seducing men. A sexuality not based on the size of the breast, for example, on the degree of bulk or lips. It - mental attitude. You should be able to achieve this mood when looking at yourself in the mirror, you will surely say, "I - the queen! "While you can not reach the point where you feel worthy of attention Man, it will be very difficult to convince the man that you are sexy and seductive.
  4. Take control of the situation. Men love to dominate and command, but they can make very much a situation where you take on the role of the dominant temptress. For example, it only comes to the door, and you have to tell him that you are now become to do with him ... He will be completely captivated by your initiative! Use this technique from time to time.
  5. Smile and laugh. Simply put, it is always cheerful. Laughter is extremely sexy!
  6. Stroking his tie .... This is a very powerful signal of an intimate, because almost all men think that the tie represents their sexual organ. So, play with a tie, admire them, and you will awaken the man is the thoughts that you are interested in.
  7. Look into his eyes. A look in the eye can be very intimate and exciting for him. Allow him to dive into the depths of your eyes. Your eyes can tell what is in your heart and what you do not say it out loud.
  8. Give it a look at your neck. At the sight of a woman's breasts hollows on any man feels a chill in the spine. For every man female breast is the most desirable attribute of female attractiveness, so that you can easily seduce a guy, drawing his gaze to the neckline. But do not overdo it, or he can take you for a lady, not burdened by the rules of decency.
  9. Show him your sexy legs. Men always come with saliva when he saw a pair of slender legs, so try to catch him by surprise. Give him the opportunity to see how beautiful your feet! Be bold: wear a short dress, and then another take, and so tempting to bend to his spirit when you look at your feet grab!
  10. Whisper of the ear - the ability to excite anyone! Leaned toward him so low that he could feel your breath. And then start something softly whisper. This is a very exciting and alluring at the same time. Most likely, he did not hold out and then you will enter into his arms.
  11. Pat his own hands. Spend lightly on his arm and enthralled by what he had muscles. Touch during a conversation the other parts of his body - shoulders, elbows and hands. You should use this well-known method of seduction - a sexy and very intimate.
  12. Do you want to wake up in a man unbridled fervor? Then ... suck anything. Oh, this is the most powerful technique of seduction! You can suck on a straw, fingers, lips. And you can lick the ice cream is very beautiful - also very good work!

And finally - the last secret. Be prepared to have fun seducing a man. Enjoy the process! Do not be afraid to feel sensual, allow yourself to play and even make a little folly. Remember the great seductress - and know that now is your time to be irresistible!

 Secrets of Seduction Men: How to become a single

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