which school to send their children

The question of which school to send their children, sooner or later, will face each parent. Your pipsqueak rose yesterday and here - that will go to school? Of course, all parents dream and do everything possible to ensure that their child was trained in the best school. However, few parents can clearly answer the simple question such as what is a good school in their understanding. This will be discussed in this article. Some of the parents believe that a good school - a school of the old Soviet "quenching", similar to the one in which when - something they learned.

For other parents model good school is expensive prestigious school where children learn the parents belonging to the so-called "high society." This school should be on the first lines of all ratings in the school building must necessarily be very expensive repairs, the latest textbooks, equipment of classrooms.

For others the parents good school is associated with security, swimming pool, several foreign languages, classes with a small number of children, individual approach to each of the students, but at the same time, with iron discipline. All teachers who teach in such a school should be the best and most qualified.

Based on the simple logical reasons, some idea of ​​a good school is almost completely eliminate the others. And that is ideal for a child, it will be completely unacceptable for another. For example, if your baby is quite shy and quiet, for a school with a homely atmosphere is just perfect fit. And if, on the contrary, requires strict discipline, this will weaken the child's school, which will reduce the performance or even to a loss of interest in learning.

So how do parents make choices and find a really good school for their future first-grader? After all, the choice of school for a child perhaps the most important choice. Of course, for this you have to work hard. However, do not neglect this process - because in your chosen school your child will be studying the long eleven years. And this school largely determines the future of the child and what kind of person he will become.

Indeed, despite the best efforts of family, school environment largely determines the character formation of the child's world view and values. School friends will also have a considerable influence on your child and will play an important role in his life for a very long time. If you live in a disadvantaged area, try to learn a little about the families of your future classmates. Children are very suggestible and easily influenced by someone else, so you need to try our best to protect it from the negative influence.

However, in no case do not explain its decision the child - because of his age, he still will not be able to correctly interpret the motives of your decision. And as a result, he may receive a false sense of their exclusivity and superiority over the rest of the mythical peers. A similar line of conduct of the child must sooner or later lead to complications in relations with classmates, resulting in him may lose the desire to attend.

Factors affecting the choice of school

There is a sequence of actions that must be performed to parents who choose a school for their child. Remember that only sequence and slowly will help you make the right choice really, about which you do not have to regret later. Keep in mind that the transfer to another school - always heavy emotional stress for the child.

The first thing you need to do - is to collect information on all the schools in the radius of the house that you consider acceptable. Keep in mind that very soon your baby will grow and he will travel to school and back. Once you are aware of the presence of all schools, begin to collect more detailed information about each of them taken separately. The source of information can serve as your acquaintances, friends, neighbors reviews on the Internet.

However, be sure to remember that all the collected information you provide is good only for the compilation of the first impression, because any information is subjective, even the official. For example, many schools publicly declare their co-operation with some - or universities. It is not necessary when choosing a school to rely on this factor - in fact the time when your first-grader After school, things can change more than once. And the information that you receive from other parents, often based on their personal preferences, or, on the contrary, dislikes. That is why very carefully evaluate all information, sifting do not need you.

Many parents when choosing a school for their child's use of various data relevant publications that are regularly published on the pages of the ratings of various schools. Typically, these publications publish rankings of schools in major metropolitan areas. At first glance, everything is simple and clear. However, there are certain pitfalls:

  1. First, not all schools provide their data in these publications for a variety of reasons: some schools save money, and the other without this measure has no shortage of students.
  2. Second, these rankings are often the most formal criteria - social conditions, technical equipment classes.
  3. All teaching staff are also often assessed only on general items, such as seniority, academic degree.

Nor should pay particular attention to such indicators as the winning students a - a school in various competitions, or any special services - or individual teachers. After all, it does not guarantee that all the students of this school - exceptionally gifted and talented children and teachers - brilliant.

When choosing a school is necessary to focus primarily on the capabilities and needs is your child. Specialization schools have to meet the inclinations and abilities of the baby. For example, the crumbs that three years deftly managed with numbers, will feel a lot more comfortable at school with mathematical bias. A child interested in sports, will be in their midst in a school with a sports bias.

A lot of parents in the pursuit of fashion are trying to send their child to school with a language bias and learning multiple languages. However, the school is not ideal for all children. In our time, a huge number of children, there are a range of speech therapy problems. Violation of the pronunciation of a certain group of sounds, small vocabulary, and other difficulties with speech. If your child is one of them - linguistic school can significantly worsen the situation.

It is also very important factor is how many people will be trained children in one class. For example, if your child is a so-called "home" kiddies who have not attended kindergarten and did not know how to communicate with children's groups, for it is much more acceptable will be a small class with a small number of children. If the social adaptation is no problem, he will enjoy a large and noisy group of classmates.

Remember, if your priority when choosing a school is the individual approach to your child, you should give preference to small class. It is the ideal teacher will not be given enough time individually for each student, if the children in the classroom more than 10 people. However, such small class often scare parents, who studied at one time surrounded by 20 - 3 classmates, his unusual and unfamiliar.

The next thing parents need to pay close attention to this on the workload, which is given to children in the selected schools. Remember the well-known song "Loading the more we began to reason ... Now in the first class school like institution"? So, this is not an exaggeration, and in fact often load in a school exceeds the maximum set by the WHO standards, five, or even six times. For example, children 7 years old do not need to spend at homework more than one hour per day. A first-graders enrolled in the prestigious elite schools often conduct lessons for at least 4 - 5 hours in a row every day.

That is why training in these schools, giving a tremendous burden on the child's body is strictly contraindicated in children, who are in poor health, often and long ill. Even a perfectly healthy child's body are often struggling to cope with such loads, not to mention the weakened children. If your pipsqueak has any - any chronic disease, think about what to choose for a school with a lower load.

Do not be upset, and assume that after the end of the school the child will be difficult to go to a prestigious university. Firstly, the first-year students are often happy graduates quite ordinary schools. And, besides, your baby may get stronger so that he could study at the prestigious school with enhanced curriculum.

If your family belongs to a family with a mean average statistical material wealth, rather an important issue for you will pay for school fees. So, if the public schools are considered to be free of charge, a private school is often a very tidy sum. This also do not forget that not always paid training guarantees high quality. Often ordinary state secondary school provides a much higher quality of education.

However, in the public school parents will still have to leave fairly regularly with different amounts of money. The money collected for school needs, for food or payment protection. In the last month, this amount can range from 300 rubles to the nth sum. As a rule, this amount is determined on the parents 'meetings parents' committee, composed of a few parents willing to pay a significant amount of time public school life.

As mentioned a little earlier, parents should pay special attention to the location of the school. The best option, of course, will be the school that is closest to home. After all, the longer the time a child spends on the way to school and back, the less time it will remain at complete rest. In addition, the carefully thought out and keep track of the route to the school - the presence of major highways, ground transportation, the location of surface and underground passages. Remember that the safety of the child must be at the top of your choice and, even more so, to prevail over your personal ambitions.

The first acquaintance with the school

 Documents for admission to the school
 Once, based on the information you have received, you have allocated to several schools that you think that accurately meets your requirements, you need to visit each of them. Private school attendance often provides a much more complete information about this institution than all other sources combined. Be sure to have a talk with the director, and the director of studies and a prospective teacher in your school. There you can chat with the parents of students who did not attend the first year at the school and know all about it thoroughly.

About the future teacher of your child is to talk separately. As a rule, parents have some experience, it is advised to carefully choose not the school itself, namely the teacher. After all, from the child's teacher to enter into a new long for a world - the world of school life, carries with it an enormous amount of time. And it was the first teacher in many ways determines whether the child will learn to be happy, or it will try in every way to avoid activities.

Pay attention to the temperament of the teacher. Supervisory person necessarily mark the style of communication, intonation, gestures teacher. Keep in mind that the more similar temperaments of your child and the teacher, the more productive will be a learning process of the baby. If your pipsqueak has an active temperament, he successfully will receive the information in the form in which it is presented to the teacher. But in the event that a pipsqueak quite sluggish, its perception of violent speech teacher with active gestures may be significantly hindered.

It is also advisable to pay attention to the school itself - the state of classrooms, the presence of a sports hall, computer classes, group day care, swimming pools and other things. Remember that many schools prefer not to spend money on equipment of their own gyms and rent premises in a sports complex. Similar lessons on their productivity does not concede studies conducted in its own gym.

No less necessary to examine very carefully the school grounds. Pay attention to the state of children's playgrounds, if any, the presence of shops, fences. Very carefully inspect the area, paying attention to what you do not roll her used syringes. Their presence is almost always, unfortunately, it indicates that this school is thriving drug addiction.

For first-graders should be an important aspect of the issue with the school cafeteria. Unfortunately, in too many schools do not have their own dining and catering services in schools is limited only by the presence in her cupboard. You understand that dry rations eaten muffin or chocolate can not replace a full meal. Continuing violation of normal power, sooner or later inevitably lead to the development of the child various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The most ideal situation would be to have the opportunity to try the food, which is prepared in the school cafeteria to see for themselves how well your child will eat.

Be sure to ask how many days a week training at the school in which you want to give your baby. Experienced pediatricians and child psychologists in one voice say, that for a child the best is a five-day training. In the "five-day" your child will have enough time for a rest from the educational process.

If your actual question of the organization of time after the child's lessons, you need to pay attention for the next few moments. First, be sure to find out if the school day care. If this group is to find out how to arrange the schedule in it - is there a hot meal, sleep Children afternoon. Be sure to find out what time works to day care.

It bears will also ask if there are any in the school - or extra classes and clubs. If your child will be able to attend the selected circle on the school grounds, it will help him save some time, which would otherwise be spent on the road to the section. And this, in turn, again means that your vacation time will have more crumbs.

A very important point that characterizes the prestige of the school, there is security. However, you can not calm down, just the sight of a man in the form of a security guard. Tragically often, despite the presence of security guards, alarm systems and surveillance cameras, security at the school only nominal. No one keeps track of who picks up the kids after school and take it at all. In other schools simply grandmother vahtersha stands out for the safety of children stronger than chicken - hen for her chicks. Be sure to observe the way the kids go home after school - it can tell you a lot, and to clarify your questions.

And the last thing you need to note is that, according to what kind of training program are classes in your school. Too many parents believe that the lessons are conducted in all schools on the same program, but in reality it does not. Today, there are several public training programs approved by the Ministry of Education. More details about each of them can be obtained from the principal.

Documents for enrollment

Once you finally choose the best suited to your child's school, the next action should be the submission of documents to the school. Be sure to check with the school principal or head teacher, what kind of documents are required for admission to the school.

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